Butler Grizzlies vs. Neosho Panthers 2-24-18

Saturday, February 24th

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It's time for the Butler grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating air conditioning plumbing for. For convenient locations to sir review including an opposite end over could better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a call and I heating air conditioning and embryonic or check us out on the web at hand in his dot com now let's get out of the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. Hello everybody and welcome vigorously pregame show at another brother grizzlies basketball radio broadcast. We re cue from our planet word elder radio on the campus. Of Butler community college for a jail respectively for the grizzlies. BO show yeah blurs. You know the grizzlies more than likely more than likely played their final home game of the season. He arrived this one tonight thirteen and fourteen overall and fourteen in conference play. It's that is the regular season would erode the Colby on Monday night. And it looks like they'll start the playoffs with a road game next Thursday night. We don't know where I don't you right now it looks like it could be either sorority Hitler world it could you independence against independence pirates or could possibly been. Art city now there is really just an outside chance grizzlies still could host a home game in the first round playoff game next Thursday night. But they trails and word you placed in Stewart county seat like teams. With two games to go into some words today. At home. Stewardess at home. And they're hosting Dodge City newspapers that game tips off at 8 o'clock so. It's an hour winds that hit the grizzlies will be on the road for the first round playoff game which begins next Thursday march. First go round of these regions it playoffs the top eight. Conference at the home court advantage in that first round game in the winners of those please move on the Hartman arena on Sunday march 4 that is the core. All around I read six tournament and yet it's an apartment. In Park City on Sunday. March for. Meanwhile they don't show Panthers equipment is here tonight. Nine and nineteen overall evidence seventies and AJ hawk the pantries over effective they will open with a road game on the opening game of the playoffs next. Thursday night. Hello once again everybody gets it gives with the department elder radars data according to deceive his Simon's under is always great to have Weathers hot 97. In thirteen thirty K and assess. Home of the Butler grizzlies. You know aside from tonight's game likely immigrants these final home game of the season. It's also solved more night in a little bit earlier via video women's game for the start this game here at our plant. The grizzlies four sophomores on the next team recognized Carlin it's bad. Jared Armstrong you're curious Spock and Kati and have been very recognized for their contributions of other program for the past two years in. It was nice to see that presentation on center court of the men and women sophomore players record. Coach Michael. The grizzlies in the lady received by the way but it rousing victory of the opening. Video shortly after my final score of 82. 55 now the lady grizzlies by the wind will be hosting a playoff game here next Thursday we don't go to start time for the opponent. If were captured leader but today will host a home game. Here in the power plant next Thursday night lady grizzlies while demand more than likely will open the playoffs on the road. And allow the grizzlies have won five of the last seven. But coming off Leo loss it copy go Thursday night at Dallas hall in 9177. Setback. A loss for the red ravens beat green or the sophomore out of Conway Arkansas. We're best nineteen points and that carries pocket here and our problem. Offices sixteen points in the beginning grizzlies lose that game by fourteen points to a very very. I'll go by the way. The red ribbons that are playing of the race and I wasn't here but maybe there is profit built on the road against the mark cougars and that is a battle for first place. Those two teams are flat footed tie into that game tonight it's a great bend. It Barton junior starts at 730 deceit timer game tips off here policy we keep yet you have scores this year. The winner of that to be more likely will win the conference regular season have a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Well for the ocean it's been in a down year that's put it lightly here in 1997. And seventeen in conference play they've dropped for the last five. Including a 6850. Lawsuit Garden City on Wednesday night. However you can't take these guys lightly the grizzlies beat the Panthers. He also mentioned that. In January and all only by three that was a real battle that night he and they do have some very good players. In the Joba dimensions Austin downing Downey is averaging sixteen and A half points a game. Nearly five assists and he. In almost four rebounds per game Austin downing incidents BP. It also another player worth mentioning all the way from Adelaide Australia. Well me being 667. Sophomore he's averaging twelve and half points a game seven rebounds per contest. Few weeks ago here at 839. Point performance. He scored 39 points in the sport to read and Hutchinson. For the Panthers lost it in total 595. But that he. Games thirteen of fifteen from the war. From three point range great genuineness on 97 and thirteen thirty SS we'll take five under par putt. Back to visit there as a head coach Bryant Miller and we can you want you assess right after this. 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Oh George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm PMS. Pregame show continues tonight from the power plant as the grizzlies host the new show Panthers the final home game of the regular season for the other grizzlies and if you do before every game we can chip now with the Butler head coach Bryant Miller and a coach this is an auto in the final home game of the season that sophomore always a special night we bid adieu to the players have been here for years to the sophomores and along those lines you've got four. Sophomores tonight be recognized for their contributions of other program. Curious Wacom parliament's baton. Kevin Berry and also cheer our structure just play in the one year here's sophomore season but. Just kind of he can speak a little by each one and a a begin with can Terry spot commend guy and here he's really near injured your heart. We I love KT he's he's given me everything knees he's got. These these last two years. But it on balloon unbelievable. Assets or program you know both on and off accord and just. Gonna ruin this and next year so. Auction and that the game becomes the mines 33 point performance in the quarterfinals last year it Hartman reading the press beavers. Yeah U special again he. That's kind of his breakout game and in you know so hopefully we we continue that on in through tonight and in the post season. Harlem it's bad guy who's played through broken nose job this year it's war jaw wired shut missed seven games come back. Averaged nearly twelve points a game he's been here two years. This came back has been just a kid that's this is grown and grown and grown as he's been in our program you know as a freshman early on in play much you know use rules struggled. Canada's with the pace in the physique reality game in this adams' time years went on he's just matured and grown up and in turned into a tremendous basketball player he's just face the most adversity this year and independent system to good job of handling adversity and just being positive and just being in espionage could spark for our team. In state kid just down the road from Newton. Have been very three point shooting specialist who's been here for two years forward. Yet problem you know. Arguably one of our toughest kids. You know one of those guys some doubt on the Florida would ever yes to whom never gonna give you any flack. Excellent in the classroom excellent on the in you know out of public and and there are obviously the specials for us tonight perform from buy and Oregon does a great job defensively. Rumors. And he's just does low maintenance the kids and and just an outstanding kid didn't come from just great family. Scant evidence he would four point oh yeah it is absolutely. He secured Armstrong kind of a guy they came in from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is transfer from Central Florida community college. And I remember after the loss here against the Garden City welcome conference season. You specifically kind of called him out on here in the post keep trees that he needs he needs to score more force. Coach or since that game he really has them nice job he's averaging over thirteen points he injured Armstrong. Manager has been great for us he's been in the stability that we needed at the point guards. He's done a good job you know again and on and off the classroom he's you know he's a guy that's on the dean's list and takes care of business and in the justice a consummate. Staple in our program was flowers that stability that we needed just. Being able to to spark is that until I thought he was really the the important Qaeda you know him and Adrian two. A confident game kind of brings back in the game and and you know he eased policies he's undersized for Christopher's position at any position. Com but he just got a huge heart located east. He's taken everything up thrown at them and in good heart and and he's just been an absolute warrior for a us. Grizzlies and he Ochoa panthers' final home game of the regular season for the dollar grizzlies and also soft porn in here. In that we as it would Bryant Miller head coach is about grizzlies coach even though not in the definition. Term definitions sophomore. You've got two guys more than likely will not be back for next year and wanna be embarrassed about Russell Smith and also Adrian orbit. We begin Russell Smith this guy transfer from Oral Roberts University where Richard last year. And men don't why would it what does season he's had. Lead the team in rebounds seven plus rebounds a game and and right around. Fourteen points. There he's been great he's been everything that he's you know advertised to be. And again another kid it's just you know struggled early on probably with my personality coaching style and just. Put their guard down a trusted me trusted them trying to just you know look out for him and want the very best for him. He's just been great for us he's he's really been that guy that she's been. Night in that out that foundation piece for us and he provides that toughness he provides accurate and you know he's so versatile he can guard one through five it simply want to file and so. We're really a miserable. Proud of cinema probably what he's gotten accomplished here in his year we'll learn. And hopefully it doesn't end a couple of games. I understand he's cuts some division one offers Russell Smith for next year and yeah he's on media cover the Indy program her tonight he was interviewed for that and he said he and other schools choose from but he came to Butler because there's a brotherhood here is a real family atmosphere. And he said he really feels he's among Brothers. No question that's that's the so here man is that it's family it's all of news really is we work hard and we get after each other really hard court. But off the court and we love on each other and Lou would do anything for each other and you know we will look we say Brothers fame million. And it's a cliche we mean it and you know even from the players past or still talk to love those guys we've coach to keep in contact with those guys and and I'm sure that'll continue with this group as well. Finally Adrian Mora a guy from Conway Arkansas has transferred last year and spreading. For a huge step in and what he's really come on and Utley and a career best nineteen points tonight. It Copperfield coach I'm not sure lose any more athletic player on your team an even more. Now he's great here back to you he's he's kind of cute that you put your daughter date. Very respectful just. Positive energy all the time got a great smile and he's just got an infectious personality he's that guy that just released. Provides us with the energy and practiced and guys are coming down. And he's just another woman's distrusted and believes in whatever I'm asked that would've rubbed on. Whatever adjustments that we had to make taken him in and out of the starting lineup he's just roll with the punches. You know he's woman has a chance to possibly be back next year depending on how is recruiting goes I'd love to have them back. You know he could really be. Hue Jackson for us next here and obviously role growing more into that leadership spot. But you know again and hopefully he you know the promise upon which we recruit those guys are urging them. That is stiff for those guys to get out here after one year how that three to place so we're all work hard to try to get him what he wants but. I love room and I do he's from day one he's just been. He's been original. And he's been who he is in his character loses his own flaws and in the I can't speak highly enough ability and on and off the court. Coaching great run down your sophomores and also two other guys who may believe that this season. Also tonight and have to have a very special night to late. Brian Jackson the most inspirational work will be given out we'll talk about that in the post game show as always thanks to visit the instance. Equity thwarted pregame show the power plant right after this. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever but if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. 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Braves get they would aside 987 and thirteen thirty give us us both teams that returned to the floor where does that mean minutes away from introduction to the players are starting lineups. In the department of slippery so stay with us we're coming back with JR conference basketball. The father Chris pleased that we don't show Pampers and author of the best right here on in the sense. Welcome. The phrase I feel so under dressed what's the occasion clear at the annual fund raiser and now that the banquet is over it's time actually eat how about the time fishing trips to an internal send them. Hopefully it's this. And we understand it. He's going to be bad and it better be dead you know when satisfy your craving for better than Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the experience that puts a smile in your face. I'm a tasteful brings you back for a limited time tried pretty special chips basket or salmon to stop by any Freddy's in Wichita elderly go to Bihac and McPherson today. 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Finished they can't just move into the future would do now let's head out to the arena full brother grizzlies basketball. And welcome back to the power plant here and Eldorado Owens gets at Virginia our conference action about a grizzlies in the Coachella handlers. It was hard line as far as for the visiting you know show you heard her head coach Jeremy Holmes in his eleventh year coach Combs and 179. 165. Losses overall. In this year India Packers are nine emergency. It is evident seventeen in conference play and here's how they'll lineup tonight started a one guard but he also didn't downing downing a six foot. Sophomore year player for the Panthers he's a good one. He's got a activities in the end easy way to get Norah high school is last year's prices which have heard from actions that you Eudora. Handed down and is averaging sixteen point four points a game. 3.4 rebounds per contest in nearly five assists for games ago when Austin doubting. The other guard another in state guys blatant Larkin market for her fight Rica in eureka high school just down the road he's here to Alter ego. He's averaging six point three points a game in December 2 rebounds per contest. You have to guard three forward don't line up in the forwards are kept down. To solve part of took me. Us handed down and is averaging seven point three points in game 2.2 rebounds per contest and the others. Words are dancing moment. How to play Kansas and Brad high school it's just under five points and at just under three rebounds per game for a moment. Any other forward is Montreal Dixon is out of Chicago Illinois. The only out of state guys in the lineup starting tonight Montreal exodus at seven. And six rebounds answers our lineup we'll kill him there. Now the starting five but the problem is. On their final home game of the season on sophomore knife in the head coach Bryant Miller in his third season in charge of the program. At least 51 and 37 overall. And in mr. thirteen and fourteen. And Ken and fourteen in conference play these two in the first your assistance or have a vote in Cameron Parker. The quiet for the grizzlies they'll start all well actually fortified sophomore. Let's talk Miller genuine sophomores on the team this year Carlin mixed baton sixty software's on Omaha Nebraska and south high school but Staten. We'll start at one guard positions would you allow. Just under four rebounds for me the other of starting guard is the point guard Joseph Armstrong fired him sophomore transfer out of Central Florida. College while Hawkins out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he's averaging thirteen points and nearly. Brigade of the three sports an aggressive tonight notre senate starting line up at various clock it was 66 sophomore junior starter for the. Grizzlies Dallas Texas in Madison night school. Just under fifteen points a game he's aggressive ladies wore five rebounds and retreat to deter his pocket. The other two tortured Teddy bear the sophomore junior player. Newton. And Newton no real rotor news I can't do high school at the very warning half points a game in just under. Through rebounds per contest in the run up the line of it is Russell Smith redshirt freshman. Brussels that spot in the city it is believed that North High School he's out of fines and Richard Lester or. Roberts university when he fired Scott says longtime coach decided to leave. Roberts is injured at Butler that this is why did. Pizza averaging fourteen point lead that team in rebounds seven point three rebounds a game break to let us. If we get them you know it took off the grizzlies picked up their biggest school home uniforms in the ocean and all orange uniforms and black lettering in new rules. He's got purple letters and girls than did white. It'll be sniffed jumping setter against Nixon in the opening tip control my radio show the show. Will be moving right to left here to start the ball even the power plant yours downing has goes over the right elbow to Dixon Dixon gives it back to Downey. Definitely this course now once it. That worked around outside mrs. Seven downing and left me newscast goes to honest guy makes it three and rightly tries to basket scooping it but it is no good. Rebound by Dixon at any put it back up top. To Kevin downing community doesn't. The other got them neo Russert tonight and it is leveling jump from twelve by Kevin Downey he's so good. Russell Smith is its arms around quickly in the front court. Here go back about people rightly rightly or broadcast it to your house press website to get that underway with five seconds of power plant notes or Butler you know show. That spot them but his final home to your record Butler. That as the top two. Armstrong seven shot spot at left wing swamps by lard them. Only four seconds on the shot clock Marcum. On them on the troubled you on a lovely meals on the grizzlies. Since he does yours that was twenty seconds up one shot clock. Girl asked to write notes that's right quarters which that it looked at three days it's off the market definitely gonna come down to. Austin Downey. Now the six foot Opel guys the list in the 205 and loves to drive him he was only sixty. Successful. It's a lot of his points that way here's an argument loads right wing three it's off the market rebound in my pocket on the weak side. The child was laid out by march 33 point shooter. Still don't score one minute and here's our plan here. Left side to that he drops it. The Russians on the left baseline Smith. That's right April visit three and the ways Armstrong is off the Mark Green on volleyball for the part silent run down by moment. It off to. Coming in front court costs down use optical moments which side is stepping down. He tries to drive instead there appeared to be missed by very back up top to execute our. Well on the shot clock lark that dot com three puts on the floor isolate split two defenders shot note that it. Let me out rebounded by rocket reached the front court gives it to expand it tries to snorkel. It's bad news still on the floor flat out as you them or are they could lay it out hard. And expect it says it is obviously so finally. It's taken off the Damascus the grizzlies right burst attractively at Miami's. He's the free throw line for a chance at three point ploy. XP and is averaging eleven point four points soft warriors. So high school in Omaha Nebraska. Right of free throws jobs in and out. He misses the free throw it it's definitely the grizzlies. You know studios it was loss for the last five proceeds of one finalized seventh there's a privately after crossover story. I'll sit down and Roscoe power in the process. We're counting I don't walk the vols Malia scored a little bit better Armstrong this week. Quick crossing route through on the left wing guy has gone through veterans were news now with the body. On the way is no good so he misses a chance of three point play. They're tied to two. Minutes here full court pressure brokered by the receipt that's about double the Russians that props up the box but those and its. Doubled off the right baseline and mocked him. What is first point its final home game here after two years others. As we've got a moment on the right side it don't do it happened out. Where's she's here on the field. Except at the top of the accident left without talking Larkin quick left wing jumper. Please note that read about Russell Smith Smith that we it's when he countered it's Friday that double double 23 points and twenty rebounds. Lock him excellently Reagan's let foreigners have been there with a three these out of my Dixon accidents or seven holes on the rebound. We wanted to do. I've been laid up with a left him scooped it does not have a politic buffeted by Dixon often missed layup attempt by Kevin Downey. So credit to addiction it is for which average eleven point two games this is notable for a court Wright is like yours it's bad. That's goes up the left wing tip from a throttling it back politically very best of the three as was inside Russell's man. He tries to pass it to approximately the past it's not been announced here. You know you know announce it soon. Which he has not outside the bounds while money shot on these girls basketball pros and it was right corner spots of the three atop the bar. Three weeks now by Russell Smith goes up from. Companies slam. Spent his first point it was completed six to four over you kill. Sixty minutes ago here in the first twenty minutes after the power plants that it would us today and 9713. Thirty K process. That is that is courtside inside suffers through the coordinator Donnie gives it to downfield and rightly as opposed to Dixon Dixon threw the plane passes left Warner beat. Warner to Austin down in Mexico sits on the shot clock I'm responsible long leveling three it's no good battle the rebound walking inside position gets a rebound. Before the grizzlies past the right corner entry by Barry off the Mark Evans Barry over three from three point range but it seems shoot. Here I'm tossing down with the rebound quickly the front right mourners at three art Marcum got he's a left handed shot. Great market. Rica just down the road to spell it ray Marcum on the season as soon be 41% of the story so it's his first one tonight. 76 lead for the visiting Panthers. That's Armstrong announcements web site that linked to extend back a hot topic. Three is confident Armstrong. Point 3% of his threes coming into it tonight makes its first 111 from beyond argument is taken separately. Now. Up front where it Writely gives them time to market these senseless acts happened. Happening spots open three left it up the backcourt Marbury was detected in the lane and puts up a writer's note that rebounded by. Pocket for the grizzlies on the front court quickly left. As these games here as opposed Russia's. It's bad. Right border those two Kevin Berry kept topics that makes a tree right away. There's a banker for chances. All of knocked it topic but very long without those the pocket for us there and shot clock. Expand its use obviously the Russians at your club Writely is off the mark out of the race buttons on what. They're gonna wave it off. The call of college week on Montreal Dixon. Wave off the block here. Knows. Authorities agree with that I'm curious. How India element to war before with back three calls now rodeo show. Well today considerable personal success. I'll definitely industrial at our onkyo. All there was old news or that your assessment as bloody border right wing ribs out. Out of the rebound on read on after the rightly those Armstrong. Built in Toronto and we lost it. It's obviously done. Right now by Taylor is it won't pass bounce. Off the foot clock about to turn over by the grizzlies. Thirteen forty odor you know that our plan. The group accurately. Emotional theaters deceptive and whether it's on to assess yours. In the front court level. News or use the standard Internet three point shooter that's what he's getting up as rightward Taylor back side. Just goes to you manual no object model. Enters the Oval Office passes puts up a banker from the -- as it is politics of the and all of my pocket. Up to the rim and finish at the Olympics patently cuts off as the three top to keep my pocket short of reform program out of the Ripa comes out today. The floor goes to Austin Downey right wing blow up three on the way. It's the runners aren't on the floor at the numbers back rightly gives up top there. Circles. To Russell Smith let me those critics. Though the first please please are plan nineties. He slowed a little bit here as these games start. He left Armstrong a stock market out there Bok rate mortgage that prize right eggs in the basket mrs. allegedly got that are. Too short rebounded by opt out front or goes to yours and we'll jump right wing tip to rent out out of my pocket. Hitting it 39 point performance flexibility and Hutchinson sports. News thirteen 53. Russell's best. It rails again. Time now. Yeah so there hit. Oh. And almost seven days ago so Russell Smith whose more than capable of hitting threes berries when there. Russell's got five of the night with time out on the floor of the grizzlies have a twelve. Suddenly covered they don't show. Opening tip off tonight and everything right by Freddy's frozen counter snipers. Ready for us. Catching today as return. To blaze a premium while the last group no commander in chief there classic Red Sox. Money perfectly closed on or all about it for a traditional relationship with Brady's famous shoestring Fries. Sure it was malt vinegar or take each Carter's box only Freddy's frozen hazardous vapors it takes to bring you back with the six locations in Wichita want to enter and went right here in Calgary the night less central ratings frozen custard steak burgers. Open until 10 AM. Well wolf I've been overseas fleeting notion of twelve step in that department on the radio of yours right Taylor. Wichita south Iceland your videos and luckily. It he picks up his dribble pass goes up back to. Austin county downing lovable hands a lot tonight he drives right baseline Agassi double team forces up. Run of about fifteen are about ten feet and banks off the program but he draws a crowd. This guy Austin doubting his cousins. Played football here for the Butler grizzlies. Few years back. Frequently is up and invite down Downey now has a three points on the night. Whereas in Ryan played football for the grizzlies very good solution should expose. That's free throw his goods sold him to make vote. These leaders twelve denied. 1145 ago or in the first half of media timeout but denied minute mark. All the front court this these words are being schooled on the uniforms of purple letters and numerals from that whites. The lawyers need to morning game the first time as a left and other working on right right side in the Staten expect for the shot clock. But for backward cutter moralist and they're now Armstrong as a topic feet below fatally chopper from stuck in the left wing is often written note every other vote bulldoze. Here comes in the front court Kevin downing downing has left quarter two that are that are most shoots the three ball. Gives them enough time left wing goes to Devin Downey has impacted dating game drives the baseline he worked as a living as a shop but he was published. He shot actually hit below the rim. But city officials seem was pushed from behind. So lower bing is going to be on the free throw line for two shots. Dating is averaging twelve point five points a game seven rebounds in age from Adelaide Australia. City 7295. Pound sophomore. Return on the way is good perfect form his first points of the night. 1103 to go during the first half of the grizzlies lead is twelve to ten with a lot of free throw coming up for big. There's some division one coach user tonight including one coach from Sam Houston State is looking able to change. Rodeo show Russell Smith for the grizzlies. Frequently is good mix of both these guys soon. But my children tonight it. Thought it was division one offers a degree he's met in the front court with apps on the baseline knocked out of bounds by hustling market. It was it was a great season point three seconds on the shot clock grizzlies. In the ball game just in cradled the Korean War. Also. Yet but he brat in the big million residents promote long in the audience for. Disease and other critical as a little. Right whales. That was his way to fix that drove you expect now more leveling back to an extent that largely. It honors the right corner three by Steffi Reynolds and bit Russell Smith. Shaq realize that ain't it. Obviously it's 5211 back getaway driver left Taylor but it almost blocked parts block them around us. There's a pass inside for a credible to flatten it went up or down but the balls. He's fouled removable did not fall through cylinder that let you went up strong. Often nice to prepare instantly cripple. There was so little old thing is 67 defender Fabio Ochoa who were contested at the remedy thousand. But kept him from Duncan it. An entity Bratz who have earned a point to the free throw line. 1026 to go first half here at the power plant grizzlies played their final home game of the season. More than likely deal in the playoffs next Thursday night on the road somewhere. Normally. Britain is equally real that when it. That one sharp line drive right in. Beauty brands succeed freshmen. Omaha Nebraska over high school averaging seven point eight points gained little over five rebounds that's free throws it now makes that they do. The grizzlies lead sixteen to eleven. In the front were witnesses have been doubting accepted drug use now to do feel though. Those two are good drives domestic expect a tough today. Being at nine threes a game this he tries to basket throws a floater that's an air ball and subject of the year by the grizzlies. All different court let warn this is it more mores coming off his career best nineteen points at night it copy bill. That's was left although there's a turnaround jumper by Brett is opposite side of the rim and off the top of accorded all through this calendar. How about. Yet the side of the rim came out there that top of the back toward the south Vietnam fell back through down the cylinder for a market. Please speak to be allowed. In the heart silent for a record home field studio show. 940 to go here's our team has timeout so slid 940 to go in the first half here. Antioch conference basketball tonight on 97 and thirteen thirty years in excess. With 940 developers capital Butler eighteen and you know show eleven were back in one minute. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really. Highly of Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build muscle plus is god vitamins and it's packed with electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones. So there you have it that you didn't know science could taste so good learn more at highland area dot com. Most oil changes or this. Old oil out new filtered new oil and it's a routine but chore on the to do list and what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was a life changing PG cup lead you will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you find shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's BG find shot. Team. This is Michael's. Join me wayside today are okay. Dennis Higgins says courtside and Simon some art studio coordinator. The grizzlies are seven of eighteen shooting at 38 point 9% in the auto show there just three of eighteen shooting for sixteen point 7%. You know show is one of six from three point range and grizzlies are three of ten from the on the art. Here's his religion this 118 to eleven over the radio show hampers your apartment final hole. Game of the season for the grizzlies. Start Thursday night on the roads bridges also have one more game in the regular season Monday night it's called. Maybe you'll near downtown called good pass hit by the grizzlies. Would only nine seconds on the shot clock radio show. So we'll put twenty up on the shot clock up there that care. Lucy's little I have to carry his pocket check back in the audience for Carlin Staten. He's trying to close out the regular season with a a win here at home Christie's. Just war in. Others at some tips in road games in conference games with a 48 home there's Devin Downey hesitation dribble through the leg kicks are right corner three and away by paying dissolves his side of the rim. It gets off the top of the backward and get the shot clock so that's a good ball. Mention that all human and 31 January sports Hutchinson well today. And of eleven from three point range he was third at 53 overall. 39 points against dragons. He said up front we're left wing bock who thinks that three tries to back atop the cruelties surprisingly kitchen I. More wide open left quarter three. Shot in the rails and it. Or at 337. Night atop built and nineteen point performance and show it more and more confidence every week. Richard freshman whose transfer him to accurately test. Outing for the driver right wing and he banks sitting close off the written notice that he's going to line he's bow. The third minute ago. Obviously jobs where it happened down anymore. Well 21 to eleven aggressively in the grizzlies want he had seen and should suit against the shore home floor. On January 10 a weeknight. Receives one day it was hard fought at 6764. Over the Panthers. In a ball game. Russell's been at a double Mobley had twenty points ten rebounds one was five double doubles you're free throws. Kevin downing. Download did not play that meeting on January 10 it should do so our first look at him he's a sophomore at Topeka. Outings averaging seven point three points a game to 2.2 rebounds. Use because of Austin downing. When an athletic nearly pulled it out into the actions and it's free throws good. And grizzlies lead is 21 to twelve. It'll. Be 3040 note here all right front court pocket and it. Austin dummies and a more toward the ball goes on top secret. Journalist it was the right side Adrian war back to riddled riddled confident he tried to drive left side cut off their vigilance is the pocket pull up in order got a what that was a tough shot but on. You fall in Ottawa may don't anybody think very aggressively this morning for the twelfth. Populous God's work visit played well here I'm gonna police turn a lot of people realized as a sophomore he missed chances. These men and women grizzlies awful. Art as it left more than it is now left wing to scouting. Thursday with a deep right wing is no good rebound rebound in my pocket. It's not a critical bridges the work quickly races all the way to the basket and lose the ball out of bounds. And try to see it recently granted wrist along the way that he's not immediately called an official right there 740 wanted to go to 23. To twelve the grizzlies leading. In the first capital our players here comes down in the front court gives the top two well staying. Things effortlessly goes to Austin down again and try secret life was to play a lot of games against each other high school but he can't sit here. Google says the vast difference you know offseason workout together. It as a quick moves delaying any lace it up with a finger roll lay up point 67 that was lightning quick break he shot top of the key. And then sliced the lead late in the afternoon. That's what's got division one schools. Look at her job for next year now blocker turned the ball over a Larkin in the front court mark him past the front court goes to Coleman Coleman tried to laugh from the right wing messed it. To be strong rebound my criminal past before those two more and more through the when he is fouled. Him. Let's students probably gives us. Goes against Austin downing it at all image should do it on January 10. It's a critical and down in Austin the only difference been locked on your policies they were really going at each other verbally and some. Should do first free throws up an invite him more I was talking to a question cradled in the locker is earlier today's at all it's all in good fun of we're buddies everybody's played against each other high school would work out together in the off season. That's free throw his good sleep in mortgage at five points here. Three and two free throws 654 to go. Grizzlies or at least 25 to fourteen over the emotional answers here. Our plan. In the front court. That is left wrist tape. And left wrist rest of that toughness gives back the ball against us publicly news broke up. Mostly just including. Seventy on the shot clock usually. Yeah. And likely in the world's. Biggest gold color program. Right now riddle it out. Partnered. Great news wrist and arm on downs maps are pulling. Him down the ball to stop. It. So I've worked for office agreed. Ghana gets the ball back into law and there are definitely puts up a quarter of the about the fact that we are strong or stronger back twice reached the front court. As goes apocalypse quarters and three particular areas off the mark three by Taylor Taylor's best support goes to. Austin downy downy drives to the corner market within three in N out. Re gonna bite Dixon had no look pass goes to tepid I mean he lost the ball gets it back into the basket case out right cornered the market. As of right wing sprint away by counting on us and I know it rebounded by. Armstrong your commitment to articles ago there leaving 25 to fourteen. Missiles and skip as those that or be lovely if the ball Motley ratchet back Armstrong's around writes I got a little. Brittle as was back Armstrong left for us to pocket recklessly those two four freshmen Chicago vote high school. Rightfully yours and away by Crennel got it up and catch. Point three points a game against the grizzlies one to fourteen lead with 531 to go the first half. As those that conference were suggested actions which are on the right way to market. If it. You can write Warner's news Devin Downey downing it definitely. The top of water left and water note that we've got to buy this index goes up strong outlook pamphlets about it and so at Dixon. It's got one. And aggressive and shoot twenty to sixty was finally to go your power play and there's granola and it's a broad as the top two. Armstrong right the pocket he gets it right is slightly Rusty Smith as the that would cripple an exit three point left elbow jumpers up an incredible. All the banks and I'm not call Coachella but yeah now what it is treated. The grizzlies played well tonight early on their leading thirty this sixteen over the Panthers at BO show. The grizzlies will close out the regular season on Monday night at Colby. We will not have a broadcast that he will have the Internet only we'll make sure that our fans get there. I was in the game on Monday night. The procedures that right now that are played three games in five nights and evidently person had a copy they'll after the game was postponed on Wednesday the weather. So we played Thursday tonight. That game Colby. O'clock tipoff that we'll have the pregame show the Internet only 745. On Monday night. Any it will definitely Judea. Social media put up on the website. And it will follow the game. And residual those first. The playoffs every. Playoffs on Thursday night more than likely on the road. That's up top to drive Taylor gets fouled migrant in this article are still battling the body. Proceeds from this candidate thirteen and fourteen overall 1014 in conference play is currently in a nice place in the standings. If we were to start the playoffs to date receipts would be on the road at Sewart on Thursday night. It likely to be at Stewart viewed in this regard city. Comfort today that'll you know playoff game on the road. Little party and Austin down. Mean it's mark Rebecca talked to him down when dribble offense goes inside Dixon Dixon drives past listed bank shot as an air ball. An outlet that's rebel commercials that there's still like Taylor's. Russell Smith got a little careless on a rebound on it and it shot. He tried to fire paso before it was stolen by Ryan Taylor. Right jailers expired for Wichita south high school. Averaging just under four points a game video games it's steel but he's one of the line legitimately want. 415 to go wrong. So it over and round playoff team will be on Thursday night next Thursday night while the broadcast for gun. 9713. Thirty can't assess Taylor makes. A three point play the grizzlies. Lead his thirties and nineteen. And now these next next. Assignment today the finals and playoffs round matchups. Football game tonight agreed bid battle for first place copy build parts. There's a right wing three Armstrong up any appointee was left wide open and Armstrong is. And that upsets. I don't know cricket coach journey home Combs. In the Indian market monitored prisoners it is 33 team. Standards makes me rightly gives them talk about it Taylor. Taylor in the Lane Bryant kicked out lately to Austen got crossover dribble drives right is kind of stayed away from ten updated via shot. He was cut off with a double and in the days months ago probably should've stayed away in these words daddy's got six. Right or left athletes that has it had a top Armstrong makes it gets out of thrilled you are right when. That got by Taylor often screened by Smith brutal crossover dribble that's what's left corner Kevin Berry. The three business that tries to basket shot partially. Redirected was blocked by moment. Here comes the ocean on the floor Costa counties insulate layup confident voice their lives after he sold. You have six foot 205 pounds is not afraid particular revenues numbers just knew there. Spending lately it receives leaders 33 point three years. Little privately puts up the backside of that politics are Russell Smith puppets that get on this goes all the way up at best bit. It stands up please bow. I mentioned earlier that there is an enemy personal battle going on with the very good friends. Just in critical in Austin downing. And moments ago doubting me dad driving lay it being crippled Intel. He took it as a personal challenge he came back the other way trust the tribunal play a ghost of good. Good hustle rebound there by Russell Smith he's going line for two. Brussels Gatti points in the ball game. 240 portico here at the power plant. Receives lead is 103323. Jim gonna have times where it began when Burton Jimmie great bend but listen you're about to be there tonight. Heartening coffee go tie for first place in the conference standings more than likely the winner that he will win the conference. And get a bye in the first round. Arsenals have been Disney's free throws a good real solid. Russell a fairly good free throw shooters up 2% covenant makes his first one that I got nine points and other free throw coming up. Receives lead now is 304023. Smith and his knees free throw on the way it is. In and out rimmed out actually makes one of two and he's got nine points risen so it is 304043. So Austin Downey quickly find were picked up by mixed bag. On the bench. We're talking circles as was right corner market here's a quick three and a way no good rebound and Russell Smith. Or mark him as the real quick release left handed shot you should low point. Of the shoulders were shot. Old six shots he gets up quickly. As those low block rights Russell's been turnaround and a little floaters talkative. And Russell Smith has got to eleven points to lead all scorers aggressive in his 3623. Players are aware of their division quote your battery pretty well it's so awesome definitely. Honestly get it back here's Taylor atop the early on culminating in pocket tied up in a whistle blows it's a tie up in the position of real news. Taylor. At 323 point range report tonight was well off the mark three atop the key for show. I have this year favored grizzlies 140 wanna go 36 accurately about her that our plan. For a court rightly so Russell's nephew lots of. Story this morning dream. Did you see that develop the right in front of misty put it rightly that law passes of the Rivet pocket guide. Drive the basketball when he falls down and travels and call. Good defense by Kevin Berry gets. A high fives teammates and defensive effort. Turns the ball over and travel. 38 to 23 grizzlies leading. Final 117 in the first half here at the powerful that it would have shot you assess tonight on this Saturday night. She's been warming up a little bits of the ice and snow thought LT. Went right ways. Not that there is outside the ward outlook one spot equipment on the baseline it's not right Warner now series isn't likely they might vary though. We've got at least not by Russell Smith is the very Elaine gets wet yeah. Closest I Russell Smith it's forty to twenty. Yeah resolute. Its final 39 seconds of the first half. Austin down has the way up top being. Part of my very. Hesitation dribble through the lane into the ball slipped away but knocked out of announced last touched by the grizzlies. That's where Austin that is most efficient and effective offensively. He's driving the ball is only six foot. He's got a solid build it 205 he really knows how to drive in the rib muscle in his view audience. Numbers defensively. There's massive problems to tailor his back and cut it right side lost in counting. It on the shot clock 25 in the first half clock down and tries to basket let Buffy just blew past him. That is now past oh I'd better get that left wingers have three by Downey gets off the side aren't twice not everybody buys. Kevin Berry final ten seconds. 25. Top of the key industries that rightfully puts up perhaps. Ice that is not okay. But listen afoul of one point six seconds ago. Yeah. Wow I thought it's bad news on the Paula and career in desperation was shot clock. It was kind of pass. About two feet in front everything and it fossils there Skype nobody has tried to slam in one handy and get a new modem company was now. Two shots here for Russell Smith at one point six ago particularly is good and at first half Russell Smith you know. Honest WellPoint is a free throw them enough. Receives leaders 41 to 25. Tuesday's right handed shot on the way it is good. So this season it is 42251. Point six seconds go to inbound the ball. Twenty minutes and have fun here at our plant. After twenty minutes the final home game of the season for the buck a minute on sophomore and I. After twenty minutes it's Butler 42. You know it felt Panthers 25 were about what halftime show evidence. 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I was asked for Europe coming up momentarily but they're very special presentation here at halftime every year on sophomore night the final home game. Christie's have via an annual Brian Jackson and most inspirational award. Presented in the Bryant now late Brian Jackson and his family is here. His. Father there's. Children. Is. Why do. Looks like maybe one of the Brothers. And the winner of this year's Bryant and Jackson most inspirational award for the grizzlies this is quite an honor. Lot of folks. It's precarious spot in the sophomore junior player here for the grizzlies. And right now it's it's always emotional because that brine Jackson's Agee unfortunate story. He passed away in October 2008 it is much too young age of 34. On the other suspect heart attack in. Jackson a former player here for a two seasons with the grizzlies were very successful like who's here to attend a conference titles. He wanted to play division one basketball and a his junior year he led the nation in three point shooting. But today it's always agree disease namely children come back. Every year. Sophomore at night. Room thought it's better partner it's part of what we're eager to get that award. He's out at center court being honored along with his coach Bryant Miller is taken a photograph that. It's just great to see Brian Jackson news that is namely whose children act in his wife in again. Former player here and it's just great way to by the college athletic department has honored. Ajax in every year with the most inspirational award indebtedness breaker arts on to see these children come back losing their father much too early each thirty war. He got to coaching after his playing days and a by every account I've told this deal all around great guy Brian Jackson and the most inspirational award winner. 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Where do you find it trying to sharpen your neighborhood and Fiji's find a shopping dot com. That's VG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. This is didn't intend to join this morning right here on KNS and. Did in tonight's game is that our US Marines player of the game you think you know what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com. That's Marines. Dot com. Here at halftime of the car plant about a residence in their final home game of the season. In the early. He'll show panthers' 42. To 25. Well played first after the grizzlies. Try to pick up would be only their fifth. Conference home when in the procedurally war and he he conference teams here at the power plant this season. Six and six in conference road games this year. But so let's be the first half staffs. Now for the visiting you know joking at first they're shooting kids 25%. There are nine of 36 shooting one of thirteen. From three point range one at thirteen winners six of eight they're free throw line. And again to 25%. From the floor let's take a break here give you some scores. At Seward. Stewart is hosting guys idiot the saints relating to cookies good or is it dark city seventeen to seven with fourteen minutes ago there. First half out in liberals. Meanwhile. Plowed his hosting Allen. In the cloud has a 43 lead with that manages about two minutes into that ball in their right to me to concordia. Into this game that were anxious to follow. With 859 to go on the first half to cartridge immigration and a battle for first place and copy bill is out to a 29 to seventeen lead over the Barton cougars cougars at home tonight the content bill. Coming off that rousing fourteen point win over the grizzlies on Thursday night at home. They are off to a great start tonight that battle for first place those two teams are tied it twenty in poor. In the conference standings copies they'll hagee 29 to seventeen lead will be 59 to go in the first half. Also Hutchinson the night here at home it's independence with 519 eagle on the first after the sports arena. It is touched leading to independence. 22. To thirteen. And that's a look at the scoreboard will get back to the. Yeah. First steps that's here. We've mentioned it you don't show real cold first half just 45% nine of 36. Shooting one of thirteen from three point range and leading the way for them in scoring is so Austin downing Downey is ten points. These forward to cure people or three point range and fortunately the it was exploring. Couple of players would. Or points on twelve Dixon Dixon has four points but he also had six rebounds. Four points or well. Anything is one of my shooting. Owed to report arranged to give free throw line he's got four point and a three point experts are right fielder. Point where it privately free throw. Out in also three points or break mark tomorrow at three he's one of five people stood in front. Three point range in one point words Kevin downing. Downey was one point. It's. Oh of course shooting wanted to. 01 report rate the grizzlies. Are shooting the ball much better you might imagine they're fifteen to thirty that's. It was into the first half the grizzlies. They are six of fifteen from three point range. Six of nine from the free throw line. And the grizzlies out rebounding BO show when he 48 team other Christians have five turnovers in the other show killing just one. Turnover in the first half. Individual members of the grizzlies lead the way for the grizzlies. It is Russell Smith. Smith has thirteen points a game high thirteen laws without a double. W.s got five of this year. He's got thirteen points and seven rebounds in the first half Russell as of five shooting Tutu from three point range three of four from the free throw line. Seven rebounds. Three offensive rebounds. Among seven. So we thought we would double double thirteen point seven rebounds. Which one we can go to night tracker power plants and getting their. Almighty at 23 points in morning. Rebounds. And broadcast receives fast ball games for a distant twelfth here right I can't recall a grisly ever having twenty rebounds in the game. In my twelve years as a broadcaster. Also for the grizzlies everybody else in single digits Carlin expands this two points here Armstrong had six. Runners in a couple of threes he's to a fourth three point range six points for the curious bock bock also wood nine. Rebound so he's on a week ago the thing. So it points and nine rebounds two points for Kevin Barry the driving layup abuse. From Russell Smith five point adjusted critical in five point 38. 3.4. Int he ran the big names that have risen to 50%. In here at halftime they leave. You know show the answers 42. To 25 we'll take a break here is back with more halftime that are planned in there's more coming up. I'm 9713. Thirty give him access welcomed friends. I feel so under dressed what's the occasion clear at the annual fundraiser and now that the banquet is over it's time actually eat how about the time fishing trips to an internal send them. Oh please that we understand it. He's going to be bad and better be dead you know when satisfy your craving for better than Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the experiences with a smile in your face. And the taste that brings you back for a limited time right ladies this is expected or salmon should stop by any Freddy's in Wichita older widowed derby college and McPherson today. It's. Took place but just struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the marine cooler yeah it's. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement under and didn't. It's a promise. To our mission. Promise kept it for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Yeah. I Glenn Beck joins me begin mourning tonight right here right here. Moment. 87 and thirteen thirty it is as great at it what is on this Saturday night it looked a little bit. The warm enough wanna remind you of other baseball tomorrow 8:12 o'clock start this book grizzlies at McDonald's in an algorithm maker plans to. She's your college baseball league baseball and the other grizzlies dropped to a six into the start. In this tomorrow they'll be hosting southeast Nebraska at noon and after that game and southeast Nebraska is simply independence. Because it was started 2:30 and at 5 o'clock the grizzlies are scheduled to take on. Hire so was the if baseball tomorrow and to McDonald's they came here to greet old ballpark by the Whitner vineyards in downtown Calgary though that's worthy Eldorado park was. Played forever and their personal ballpark you recently renovated press boxes are really nice ballpark to watch a game and again the Vargas he's baseball tomorrow is 12 o'clock. As the grizzlies host south east Nebraska beef there. Our next. Received basketball team will be on Monday night is we make them long trek out to western Kansas in Colby will be it to Colby community building in downtown Colby into it receives a take on the Kobe trojans in the final game of the regular season again. We will not have a radio broadcast on Monday but we will have the Internet only. Broadcast if you don't and do what he's a monopoly on social media for Monday night. Suddenly the grizzlies will kick off at six and then go to the clock again I would Internet only on Monday night. But then the first round of the playoffs will be on Thursday night this coming Thursday night. In more than likely more than likely the grizzlies will you know ground game on the road looking like Google. Or defeated dependence against the hearts and independence or could be at Garden City Rockland but more likely. Things if there are utopian liberal against the sort of these entities to grizzlies what would it. This year they've lost here one there one degree house. But that while the broadcast on 9713. There in the playoffs on Thursday night coming effort tonight. Countdown has started media center at one reminder a lot of great sponsors they keep broadcast possible. And Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers it basically came back was it locations in Wichita. Wanted derby wanna know their ability to other. In west central and killed him. Steak burgers VG products automotive maintenance of the highest quality. The quantity shot near you visit BG body shop dot com that's BG might be shot dot com. Also any heated air conditioning plumbing here comforted our business little taste and over better serve other county. It's been plotting highland Gary. Your hometown Gary and US Marines the few the proud the Marines that they can't just move into the future would you spinach. In many many thanks for the great sponsors of our broadcasts. Of other athletics on. And access our second half as always brought you by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. He's frozen custard sabres went back another classic. Freddy's been in Oreo concrete work to increase the frozen custard like it was cool man. Reggie Oreo Cookies talk whipped cream sprinkled with a Oreo. Looking Brahms and only at Freddy's frozen custard sabres take to bring you back six locations in Wichita wanted derby. A night when central. Oakland Hills and beat him. Freddy's frozen country's great burgers. Here we go to put up a fresh twenty minutes on the clock here to power plant. Receives playing their final home game of the season. Earlier today we recognized for sophomores. For the team. The final game there but this season holds the power plant. It hurts us you know so it's able to start second half he front left exhausted down against it today it gets it right quarters of threw him away by Kevin got his okay. Rebounded by. It's very populous crowd support those arms race in the front court gives the right corner Kevin Berry. Starting five were sophomores in Russell Smith. Literature prisoners if you guys that your second chances to start the ball game. There's pitcher's spot deep on the right wingers a backdoor lob for Russell Smith the overthrow it goes today. Then the big match except for the ball across that time might center court loss if he gets it back. Is it left me now to Boston down and got a drops down low and strong move the left hand. It's a good look at all those guys that's what's gonna Chicago and only. This easily it's 42 to 27. This apple topped Armstrong. When it was mocked him on which it was supposed to have a top Armstrong he takes right quarters at three that way by Teva Perry got it Kevin Barry. Three points. It specialist. It's notorious person not result for four from beyond the arc in the first half sophomore. In high school. Here's Marcum left wing three left hander he carries one. If that's got open great market which is second street at night he's got six points victory threes resupplied just 45 to thirty. Proceeds of her biggest gold uniforms tonight new uniforms broke out this year the players were a lot of homes to the white of moments in war. You know right corners and other three was locked Kevin Barry Katz office it was locked. And then Barry trying to get the ball back after the block shots fouls. Have been down. He team nineteen to go here in the second half. Grizzlies leading radio show panthers' 45 to thirty. Prisons which halftime with a seventeen point lead 42 to 25. Here comes Austin Downey who had ten points to lead the notion in the first yeah. Now the whistle on our way to play deficits have there. It is Kevin Berry another foul too quick fouls for seven. Those were ordinances person but he does call for the phone the other and maybe. Are you stepped out of bounds student valves. So at first he fell Thursday and rightfully. Digital abuse now right elbow jumper in the late night Kevin now it is not good enough to rattle off the revenue and touched by counting. That's his first basket got three points. This is it is 42%. To 45 to 32 over you know show. Over two minutes suitable second Ethier up top left. Armstrong. Is appointed Kevin Berry gets it now roughly two arms obviously right sided war. Or five points that's those inside Russell's nephew takes it up again. Dixon was kind of flat footed there and Russell Smith Dow's got fourteen to lead all scorers. So we're like that. In his Penske as a grizzly yours Dixon with a driving layup off the left swing nicely done nice soft touch with a left handed bankers fortunately enough. They acted in ways Armstrong Writely gives back and talk of war more drives and basket left handed. And anchors not good enough now. It has been it always gets it. I don't know featuring more would it be that aggressive drive to the rim. Earlier this c.'s use look more activity is really. More more confidently this season here at nineteen points a career best Thursday copy bill. Dixon with a driving layup moments ago as many points frequently buy more it's no good left handed shot. He really was five point she's now to a tree in the lineup tonight. So the team twelve to go receives the it is 47. To 34. And a free throw for more. More bounced the ball three times four times visible as he has been Disney's frequently it is good it's one of two feet it's got six. Obviously it is forty eighths to 34. On the front court Karzai services of Austin Downey's. Downing. Some of the past rights activists now rightly goes to. Kevin downing downing top you can pass goes inside and but Mike Armstrong had a clean steely knocked it away from Dixon but it seemed to reach him were. Armstrong would his third personal. He's two team tells one team fell for the Panthers here in the second half. If you five eagle theaters in them are right if your own basket Austin let's get ousted downy does to ditch the rightly. As the ball knocked away by popular jobs to save it throws it back on the court it goes to pitch and now the ball knock the weight bench and it goes Armstrong's what a great hustle play by popular. On the front court. War has left mortgage thing to bear eighties era top. Company that deserves our song that mourners buried six preakness and said Russell Smith it is too. You ignorant or try to driving dunk it but he can't get it done kuwaitis now. Or kind of lost in all the royalties oracle would look to the left handed dunk it and that he had a ball too because you filed. 1613 point ago. There's these leaders 48 to 34 over to you know show. You shots here for Adrian more on the way it is way. Your ball and believing. Just barely hit the front of the original. More today Ellis. Three of five malign other free throw coming up. Toronto it is it's gonna show. Got seven grizzlies. 49. 49 to 34. Grizzlies have it back to a the leader had at halftime fifteens. Seventy. Part right now is off today on the front or else this is right below them. Which was shot music right it's like sixty pitches that you shot Eisley did you talk to your 38 John. Well things got a nice. Nice shot sticks out it. And that's beings first everybody's got to. On the 31 and report. It. It eleventh. Tonight you know sure it T 310. Point loss that night. And yours I'll keep it away five or. That's his second three sides have a night. Acted way left elbow picked up his dribble so Austin Downey gets back now from Dixon. He works its war drive the lane but scoop plant buffeted right and it looks like a full backing. He lowered his right shoulder Clinton defenders. And lays it up again that's the strength of his game he's got hello since it was fifty to thirty. What it really takes recipe to you read yours that miscommunication. In Brussels that people endlessly try to throw a lot to grad but he throws it away rat did not see it coming. Chris he's got to be careful it's a lot of time to go 1517. To go. Receives lead is 52 to thirty. Though he did you not conferences several over some might argue. Tell me all the time there isn't a lot of possessions. Junior college basketball's. Seven. You know as a people to look we picked a fight that war crimes that. But I base my business was right corner of Martin skit that's good tactic today left wing he tries to baskets which have been shot itself locked. Police also found was blocked by. It's guided. Aren't ready to answer three plays and liver Davis he's quit for 67 he's he's pencil thin. On the news that room in Adelaide Australia. Think it's going alliance for two with 1451. To go. Show is moving left to your second average on the way is good. Being down as I needless. Perfectly able and I three for three took the free throw coming up. We'll do is averaging twelve point five points a game. It's free throw is good home network he's got back. Tennessee's lead just 52 before you. Right. That makes history goes in reverse if that was partially blocked. About seven. Right now. But fortunately yeah. Box but it volatile and it's. See you hit the backboard for. So credits. Haven't down with a bucket he's got five of the disease that now has been pretty. 52. Ugly fifty to 43 to scoreboards got 5241. It's forty. Officials stopped play with a whistle. Did not up the scoreboard that was you it. Gold tendencies 5243. Official notice that when he got to the front court 1433 to go for the grizzlies lead is now the nine points. Driven back in the water. Right now left corner that says Beckham talking. Little odd points percentage. It definitely the way atop the board. And there Austin. The weak side and it looks to run. Front court crossover dribble pops up let's work of art it definitely got. How was forced to call a timeout it's adios to. I'm here has pulled back to within fifty and 46 with fourteen know six to go. It didn't take long. Great Lorca who it's from near by you Rica eureka high school and it's just about 2530 miles east eager. And that is hit his third three tonight he's got nine points. He spent 48 threes on a year ago. You show loves to shoot the three ball so looking here at the stats speak China under fourteen more three intensity grizzlies that your company in. 663. Attempts to point out before tonight aggressive with 549. Yet the grizzlies. Have only thirteen fewer threes that you don't show. Before tonight 214. Video showed 201 for the grizzlies. Our church lady papers easily it's him the fifty two's 46. There's a six point lead but they. Chris he's got a little bit so it kind of carefree and careless in the last couple sessions. Lot of all the way. A lot them could him. Receives slimmed down or gets in the cradle. The network news Camden county. Right or it's those little back over the right side front court it's war now that one of those things that spent one of them adopted little. That corner and expand dries up it's like an out there are actually goes to war or try to look slingshot vault stripped because the last half his life. We're almost there but agreed Tuesday that it looked like the let him for more that something was quick hands reached sooner deflected it off the plate. Out of bounds turn over my Butler. There's this front court is it's tough right side stepping down. I'm still the Red Cross over rebels that are now looks like those today Leslie goes to Austin downy downy. It's a double team that's in the lower right corner threw in the way. Now it's 350. To about forty minutes after that fifteen point lead. Resembled front or more gives it a right to cradle. Little right corner was Russell's bit stiffness of them ornaments I admit that rightly gives secretly to isolate. That. Actually right quarter's net back wingers and three by an expansion got a quick three there. They've moved the ball out well there the grizzlies opened three Staten urges 5540. Well there's one big owner department right corner of our commitment and away. He's got fifty points. For creature second half. That factories here. This is if 52. Russell Smith the announcement that Warner did little while I think that outlook word anyway good rebound Bartlett weak side. Those strong bankers know Henry Hyde Nixon. Weird jobs you know show you a chance to tie the game three. For fifteen point. Moments ago. Mark to your attitude towards users and partners to damage right Melanie kicked out right quarter. This has to happen in Italy twelve footer rightly note that we. I'm Russell Smith knows that talk shot by Devin Downey fatally. Well we're currently well that it is right or. It borders more industry town. One. Had worn out is not thirteen Boise played with confidence received distribute it needs. Injuries to 1140 your second. He actually left and it's been shot of every. And it snapped. It's that. Double team pass was right or two more left me. He tried to freeze crippled right wing shot it right Warner Russell's definitely. Good rebound Bartlett on the weak side pregnant is back at Tom riddle they're rebounder by rat. Let wars expert at three in the way not a hard. He's got eight and aggressive leaders back to 61 pit and it's been. Here comes down in the front court dribbles past credible as it left scores. All the way to the basket out that it got past grip on the winning kitchen for a lot of Ortiz points now for Austin Downey. Won't talk a little real nicely as goes. When he hears it in the way by more it's no good rebound by Russell Smith was put back. Let instantly got excited he's now trying to put backup. Programs. It was a weak side. You know. 1030 minute ago there's got to be. A free for all shoot out here. That is the bench get some high fives were also aboard were. My goodness he called a foul him right. Receiving threat was over the back outside threat. I was third visit to the minute. 1030 pretty go to prison it is 6154. Posted down in the front court that it might expect. He tries to write these losses and sentences that. Those groups which treatment but it isn't yours. Fight aggressively right baseline. Won't turn notable Russell's it frequently. Pops up. We expect here comes in a way out. The grizzlies lead us back. On the front court. You know it's whose cousin Kevin rightly that it is true masters back Leslie Austin now. Having tried to obviously companies that crossover dribble as recently as president have been buried because I don't protect the capital. What went about doing another in Japan now he could not finish the program. On the front court headquarters is have been very active topped Armstrong. Apparently. It was the Wacom Wacom is obviously cut out there like Nixon. Novelty at NASA back at top dogs in the backcourt and chuck Armstrong had a ball when it all Kevin down. Region. 91 piece of ego problem at the time of year. Got a good warriors tonight 98713. Thirty minutes as the group's final long. Don't show is having dinner with 927 ago media time out on the border department it's butler's six people. You don't show that forward back in one minute. Okay Freddy is I don't I'm parents some important man beats you don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it and you mentioned Iran. 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We have selected our US Marines player of the think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's Marines dot com. US Marines the few the proud the Marines. Sponsors of the Butler athletic this year. Honored to have memories witnesses sponsor. Announcement yet this. Ten point lead at 921 voters left corner three it's that soft Saturn no good pockets actually put Pakistan Lebanese. Like pocket got a weak side read go to Vegas home. Great effort here by pocket. Up at that time out there grizzlies. Want me to a 44 shooting over 50% for the night in. Frequently by a pocket it's good. Ochoa won it 51 for 39 point 2% remember they were shooting just 25%. To 36 in the first half. Pocket seven points at night at a free throw coming up just needs. It from Dallas in Madison heights we'll exactly. He's had a great senior career here for the grizzlies Tearrius box that actually knows me he. 47 point performance in the grizzlies win it liberal in Stewart second conference game of the year this year. As we look forward to a Devin Downey driver is on laughter hell look also gets bailed out I listen prevention doubts about. Just wanted to ask along the baseline was able to see them. 858 the office of fast moving ball game tonight hosted here yeah. 6654. Grizzlies leading. One seconds on the shot clock speed cellular cylinder under the. That's tomorrow right don't best possibility yes that your network partners to pass right side and evidently. Definitely surprisingly. Thank god it's not that did I hit one shot there right now. He's got seven. And Russell Smith. Front fortress is expected to 6656. So. As. Rightly ask who's inside Brussels that the accident and was extended to. Our where he shot clock. On the front left of the topics that back to arms bunkers that he left wing ray. No good rebound might have been very active Armstrong tries to play puts up a shot was partially blocked by a moment. On this bodies that's the end. It back getaway driving layup attempt by Austin down a left handed it's not that it rolled off. He'll programming note great effort you know the group because of the nature of the group not expect rightly makes him three tries. Lake drops a pass deflected he gets it back on the left Warner. Governor hasn't left me to admit that. As a free throw line democracy lies in a world class quality try. Free throw line at the top of the key was to have him buried. Crockett just turned his brother right there on the senator Elaine and finger rolled it and it was foul. Its own pocket now. Now's got it doesn't. Again these guys played their final game is grizzlies here at the power plant the home floor. 744 to go box with a chance to complete the three point play the grizzlies it is seventy to 56. Rhetorically is all met. Hawkins got thirteen degrees Tuesday to back up to 71. To 56. Just moments ago. You know she'll cut a fifteen point deficit down to six yours Tony drives the baseline is a whistle blows. This guy. Says he's like fullback. It appears throat and solid build six foot two and five pounds. Austin downing. He will give it teeth on the winning it is to lower the shoulder into the rim these numbers here in all the Coleman's. Well it back over to be publicly. And expect. But tries easily. Travel. I can put all of query the yield on the aussies are beginning to the defenders in the official gets for travel. Wounded out and sit Austin down he's talking. To be official trying to get an explanation for the travel at all. On the front Cortland Warner's governor used a top Armstrong right side now and expect them with three victories here and it happened. This was low block right side Russell Smith answered back he gets it act gives up top and a arms bunkers are rightly. But it's bad it's not the program and their three I was Russell Smith is put back is good though women authors of foul on the floor. Gonna call with Alan Dixon Montreal Vincent and that's going to be sixteen valves now for multi touch four fouls not personal foul someone throw bits of fixes her primary rebounder at 67. There's an element not should be obligated to hot commodity stock goes up strong it'll jump up scores and up fifteen points. Receives that is 7356. And it blew the lead back up. Seventeenth. Biggest in the night sleepless night today the Baghdad surprisingly smooth he left in Atlanta is not that left it short. Rebound by Smith passed on the Florida bock a box of Fries and this shot is definitely gonna charge pocket charges in. Austin county boy I don't look it right now winnable littler. This team down by 7080 races that are running out it took charge you Spock. It seemed that no quit in these guys 635 ago. Try to win their final season. We'll talk regular season with a game on the road Colby. The playoffs start on Thursday night or life in prison on the road it'll open up game speedily elect its nuclear weapons short. Was down in Austin downing second time in a row he's just let him live at the rim. Does all the work environment in the political. For example for a tour right now. On news and talk to us to Russell Smith got a couple of threes tonight. We work around and expand deepen rightly skip this quarter due Kevin Berry gives flatley yours accurately by Armstrong office I know. Now over the back at least not Russell Smith. It all up now on Austin downing. It looks like yeah. Russell's been on the and shorter player but Downey gets called for the foul he can't believe it. He's going to be official give her. Conversation serious so conversation. Now he walks away with a smile on his face them by the explanation. Here comes official talking to Jeremy coombs right in front of us here being. Head coach of your show's eleventh season. About Russell Smith is good news is that 11 bowl teams down the bonus was seventy Phelps. Russell Smith with fifteen points list so it was a grisly. We're likely to be departing for division one program next year frequently is that short. Long rebound tip to the top they keep us right now Miles Austin. Coming down the front court surprisingly. Throws a wild past today nobody can ready gets it act right Warner. That's definitely Downey. Downey skipped past right corner partners in the way god help. That's 26. Lead. Five of the second half. 536 ago Vietnam as Monica was like seven county. Residual key possessions. By 36 to go to received news that before the fifteen minute somebody's gonna make guys great Larkin spent six threes tonight. Your body. Eureka eureka high school. That's was inside topic either Russell Smith drops doctors right wing three Armstrong got wide open. Yeah. It's past Armstrong Armstrong converts on his third three of the night that's nine points. There's usually it is 7759. On the front court did the right corner and expand bowels. Austin county. So we'll have a look at the scoreboard. And Miller. It coaches about it grizzlies. Full time out called my radio show. Wanna remind you we've got to. Great fundraisers coming up our biggest athletic federation here on April 6. That's a Friday night it is the fifteenth annual mountain oyster that he. Only five dollars for tickets all the mountain oysters all the fixed you can be funny if beverages to go it's good to real finite a lot of great silent auction item it's the biggest fund raiser in your brother athletics we'll see you there on Friday. April 6. Fifty in the mountain oysters. Meanwhile. At the scoreboard and big game but plays one on tonight. Who has played a part. We're please copy you know. All the sudden it's showing us or. The website and sport owner got bigger part profitability leading 53 to 3953. It's great that it part you. Wanna remind you also the other night at halftime with a real conversation with the air he had offered to copy bill Robinson Morgan with the other grizzlies. And Aron is that going through some real serious health issues he's looking for a double. Loan. He needs. That means long transplant. He's holding out hope that he can get that in they have vehicle fund BP's scope on me dot com we'll tell you about that word just a moment. Trying to reason funds forward. And floors. And it is family it's free throws no good guys. Austin down down with fourteen points at least that was the one and one rebound them by Russell's as the grizzlies. Front court right side. Armstrong is absolutely rightly to block them presently 7759. Under five minutes ago under the prior plan. Others extends right at these Olympics a miserable passage of topped the box and he drives the lane driving cliff detectives know at least on the line for two. But if you voted no Fuzzy dot com Oakland. On the dot com and type in the name fearing that floors that hey are owed him or no or yes. Here and his wife Kristen was too beautiful daughters that he needs it double lone tree it's a plan. Re throws up bit by o'clock o'clock and seven another great night as the grizzlies sixteen points. But looking for a to raise money for that that lung transplant. So funny dot com hearing for tax free throw it is no. If it would help increase over 50000. Dollars already there's a lot of expenses. There's a deep topped 63 by hitting it out rebounded by pocket. You can and that's a lot of expenses of surgery. In this world you know agree Geithner powers have offered support for teenagers music coached and cop daughter's soccer driving. I couldn't do it could finish because of a defender. Bodies foul. Worked wanted to go to grizzlies. Leading 7859. Once again that's no fun to me dot com. Arteries of monies were tremendous odds for a former Butler as a coach current head coach at a popular ravens. Here in floors it RO NF OO RES. Up and end. It's various pocket he now has seventeen points. The free throw coming up. Coach floors halftime shows him tonight two beautiful daughters. Preacher on the way news of note that reports about the redemptive. Analysts liberals are up seventy points for approximately 7859. With 415 ago. Kevin downing left wingers have a look at the latest but we have a list of Powell and effectively align for three. The grizzlies with the win here tonight we'll be back to 500 for the year fourteen and fourteen. Eleventh hour on average life. One thing we know for sure this'll secure. Remain. At least one game at a craft for ninth place free throws good. My seven down. That they know the points in the games that are free throw coming up. As it stands right now but receives would open up the first round playoff game and liberal the greenhouse consumer pictures tonight free throws good side. Kevin now he's got nine points grizzlies lead at seven in 61 for a way to go. So backcourt pressure applied by Martin fuel prices on the court. Armstrong announced that it is circles to more back to Armstrong leveling goes to pocket pocketbook and backdoor cutter more but he was party. That's a cop who's Armstrong went and shot clock. Armstrong to his right corner and I drive right isn't as he looked up to Warren left wingers haven't carried a three inch rims out and it actually. And it's a tie up between market and pocket. It was a risk. Market gives a about foot in height some. The bottom tied up the boy rebounds. Three to ninety goes 7961. Grisly video show. That is what about their past the first thirty or look to get it. Good time out called EC could get a I'm home by Bryant Miller. So we've got to the other Christie's biggest fund raiser for the year. Department coming up on Friday April 06 mark your calendar for that that's a lot of fun. And I can tell you this much and I know a couple of times. Couple Paula in baseball player's autograph please holes former. Student cardinals in his city were. It hurts dogs and show. About this one tennis great quality catcher on right reasons. Two autographed baseballs and will be on display silent auction. To them. But very athletic and 45 dollars per person it's all about choices. All the victims. In a hush puppies and captives should just a great night in all the averages that you can drink. Lot of fun to be a lot of people there and look forward to everybody on Friday April 6. Fifteenth in the mountain oyster Peters an inbound pass goes to Russell Smith he referred dunk but he stopped behind by day. They got a little bit lackadaisical defensively. He allowed wrestles me to get beat inside on them and you know that's me you're more bouncer. Smith went up strong winds felt from behind it don't keep him he's got two shots 337 ago. Throw the way it is good. Suppose it is not sixteen. Points. Averaging fourteen points a gain at least grizzlies rebounds and be free throws. He's got seventy. Once once it forty point spread for the grizzlies. But he does that you know show. Are not on the list when it. Directing traffic whose legs were executed in war that's what rights are prepared him away he got. This is seven. 36. Of them in the second half alone. On the front court people that Writely is Kevin Berry gives it top Armstrong. 1643060. Armstrong takes less important rebels. Now drives that died instantly dropped it right quarters possibly three at short and rebound by Kevin Downey. Pass in the front court was today today president today expose him for. Life. Nicely done there and fix it's got to. It's from Chicago Illinois will be back at. This year. Grisly crime sweep the season series that you know show. On the front 4166. Grizzlies leading Armstrong's. To box him right now what was the war more drive to right it rebel losses out of bounds. It's often it's fun out of an external. 220 that no longer the power plant. All the good night of the great and that's the first place at three coffee Dolan are cougars who hold 24. Such incidents sitting. One game back to both of them. It's it the basket and I think that's right quarter 2007. His way to Nixon's visit to defend it puts a definite wow. WellPoint now predicts it. I don't know which yet 8168156. To go hear them Armstrong in the front court left side your side. That's ruthless side to having your back Armstrong. Fraudulently motivator picked up by Austin county. There is still in the works about that topped off screen right noble by Russell Smith rightly it's a miserable and I thought about it. There that corner pocket bock. Shifted his feet travels off the left wing. 133 days ago on the outcome of the game well doubt. But right now going on at prudent ways teams finish in this when he calls time out. 133 to go here at the power plant great Devin what is tonight at 97 and thirteen thirty can't assess. Once again grisly little close out the regular season on Monday night and pulled me. Trip out west here. The longest road trip in Crawford chuck Colby. Internet. In the first round playoff game will be next Thursday night. And again. And it could also be independent suppliers or possibly Garden City as the front office. The lady grizzlies we'll have a whole. Once there he treated ago. Here at the power plant. Hard to believe it it's it's been picked up only your fifth. Win conference win at home eat five in conference play six and six on the road to another conference road game coming up on Monday night. Never mind while street. Whose feet. It won't be treated at nine losses fights the good news conference please five them. And vineyard owners say up right corner three up there by 6 o'clock this guy's pitching has got fifty. Obviously it is you want seventy. What it wanted to go for the front court case of the triple and double team bounce back up topped Armstrong. Our funding bird of haven't Downey gives over the rightly. Various bumps that double team is that's Downey's. Yeah it was a team that went for a steal and it's. Well is going to be on seven doubters. You've got Austin donated seven doubting their presence. Evans from Topeka Austin for. Acheson. Rhetorically divides have a very tough and quality right incident happens. Kevin Berry had a Newt he's got six points. As a three dealing. Sophomore played his last home game three throws good. Got seven. And the grizzlies lead it is 8371. Final minute your guns and down. Right answer you right side of high street by then it's up his dribble. That's not a part of so it's. It's six in the senate hackers getting stiff test. Yes because of there by Russell Smith. Crosscourt pass block announcements that 39 point six feet on the ball game eleven seconds on the shot clock. Residents have this when an air eaten three to 71. Rigidly back to 514. Overall eleven. Play there's profitable privately that reluctantly have buffeted by Austin doubted that he crashes into the path we bass lines slow to get up. Continue on without notice of low whistle stopped play. Let's go Austin building is a winner. He's got sixteen points. It in his two previous lefty lib she's a right handed shooters have to Bolivia Tuesday's stopped it. Played for it is injury. Point five point nine seconds ago. Hostage. Yeah. Officials explain right front stretched out before it's he's got to come out so it's not hurt but so he slammed into the padded wall. Factors to look at perspiration. Mark on the path we're here. A baseline. Trying to figure this out of the. Austin wanna develop all you. Now he's talking to Russell Smith those are all guys it's an. In the city area playing togethers into each other high school and officially to explain that he's got to come up this stop the game more. Bring it to riot Taylor. Tuesday it cut him. Great effort tonight by Austin's. Downing. It's gonna get yourself back in the ball game is just drenched in relation. At sixteen points that he does not want to see the final point five seconds. Now what officials tell me he could back him. Neatly displayed on the other officials is no he can't come back here this and think it's. Phenomenal inbound the ball it receives Linda. Can down the backcourt went down by Armstrong. From being burned across timeline by great partner. That's good it's lovely to Russell's death into the prisons wanna run up to clockers and 12 differential. Austin delegates at the unexpected events realise not your back in the ball game. Prisons have a shot clock violations. About a second half difference results on Friday to easily lose a lot of bounce it'll stay the grizzlies the only two seconds on the shot clock for the game Clark. What are Costa going to be wanna check back into the two seconds. Grizzlies will inbound and here's days. They just leave from the left corner Russell Smith gave up a 3COM. Suited. Shot clock violation when one point seven seconds ago. You've got the ball today and. On the other Presley's home gonna be you know joke. The final score of 83 to seventy. And grizzlies went out their final home game of the regular season. And with this right now that really is a group of fourteen to fourteen overall and eleven and fourteen in conference play. Video show falls to and I didn't want it over. Seven EDT. Conference Floyd final score Butler 83 you know shows that it would stay whether it's the postage outcomes that networks. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty K and SS. 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And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly of Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with the electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention that calcium you need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. Oh it's time for the but the grizzlies post game show put comments from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller. A recap of tonight's game I don't look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. And Dennis Higgins back here at the par Plantronics campus about a community college you're an older Adolor tonight's GR conference matchup Indy moments ago had a great turn out there tonight. A lot of folks realizing that at all. It says is necessarily an opportunity here for the grizzlies at least not to this point but they realize this is the last time it's a Siena and ours and he sophomores guys that have been here for two years and there were four sophomores honor tonight. And then they were out in numbers tonight to watch his team receives responded when it by a final score. ED three to 73 were going to be joined now by the grizzlies. Head coach Bryant Miller. In again with this win the other grizzlies. Improved to fourteen and fourteen overall eleven and fourteen in conference play. They will remain in ninth place a game ahead of the Pratt beavers and hopefully we'll have a look at the scoreboard here coming up a little bit. But. Grizzlies hold on the witness 18373. A coach you guys get the job done tonight. There were few moments here in the second half were in the little. It's nice that you guys to pull away late in that you win this game Sula. Only her fifth conference when it home to get the job done tonight great job. Pick up the way and not not pleased with the win though that not gonna lie I don't like the way we finished the game didn't like that are. Or concentration and our defensive effort in the second half. What was night and day from the first we just played like we were up fifteen in the to come out start the game. We'll the them to get back in it. And it was nothing crazy that they did is they just came out at the same thing and we just didn't have the same effort and attitude we take that approach into. On the road Monday it's called we we knew we won't be very very happy and pleased with fitness of the of the regular season so. We we've got to do better job of of playing two halves of basketball. Oh and playing a full forty minutes. Could switch gears here a little bit too to have time this is always one of the great moments for me every season is via. Brian Jackson most inspirational award handed out and what a great two winner tonight to carry Spock and to your starter for you hear that. It's always an emotional I think footnote right jacksons a family come back he's got to children here use his wife his dad. Into their audit center court you've presented the award Brian Jackson most inspirational award to picture is spot commodities kind of talked about the various network. They key embodies that award he. He just takes whatever comes his way and whatever is given in. You know and he just this is a fighter. He's an inspiration to me. In the way that he's progressed and grown over his knees to your career here so. He's he's. He's aware of very worthy recipient as you know Brian Jackson. Was an outstanding person the Indian player. And a winner. And that's what that's all of them. It just breaks your heart to see is young children here he passed away in October 2008. Each of 34. I believe they if there's beef up the cause was heart attack which is obviously much too sudden too short life that. And it's wonderful way to the basketball program here at Butler is a continued honoring him with a terrific reward every year. Yeah it's it's a good award not I don't you know I I don't think these guys fully understand how how important in how. For much of an honor it is to be the recipient of felt like. You know I'm glad this thing we've still able to calm and and you can tell that still means someone accidentally they really mourn the loss of unity in this the you know ten years later. Their dad was here enough. And you know so my heart goes out to the cause I know there's probably not a day goes by that they don't they don't think him in this thing. You know mine project that's that you greets career here he was here for two seasons in two years he was here and grizzlies. He wanted entry are par for twelve years undefeated in Heatley on he went on and and let the nation shooting threes you at the next level yeah needs you know believe led Evansville unbelievable player. Now your good chance of me I did not men ports and but you do a great job keep in his honor his memory in every year with the it was inspirational award and could go to better ideas to Terry's bucket by the way coach I'm looking forward to another item of business take care of the US Marines player of the game I gotta go with. Well it's a tough one Turkish talk of seventeen points fourteen rebounds and you. Russell Smith eighteen points in thirteen rebounds but some of the factors that Brian Jackson most inspirational work months ago o'clock so dude. It congratulations to. Tearrius bock abuse or US Marines player of the game if you think it would take to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com. Right so you guys pick up the win here tonight and I've not seen scores yet it does Stewart was leading early at home against dodge. Looking more and more likely recognize him play a rural whom playoff game week well next Thursday probably level. Yup a consumer can just about this game coming up on Monday night. And there could be major implications not only for you guys but more likely for Colby. Yeah that's going to be huge game for them they dropped wanna get Garden City the other night. Tonight. They can and it was that he very very lopsided loss for them so. I imagine there will be. Very fired up to come in there and out of either soft or nice they'll be playing hard and again. We have to have a way better effort than we did here tonight especially the second half first off we were good. Talk and communicate ball's movement flying around. But defensively we just got straight line drove way too much in just fell sleep almost that's that we knew were common in the elevator screen. About Torre got Lucy you know tool office like and I that that can't happen. On in coach I'm really impressed either I looked the other side you know show I was very press last year measures Austin. Executed often when no tough and he just try to point six foot two and 5000 full back towards him. Yeah he does he just put that down he goes to. No we wanted to try to get charged that you want to but I just you know I don't know oh for guys scared to get run over by him or what was with them. But we got a better job. Let me ask you describe a general question I know you were very very disappointed with the way the team played their genetics are very good team coffee hoosiers lost a game at fourteen. But so you come back tonight and I noted that happened way to keep ended but how you feel about your team now we're getting set to one more important. So good as we talked about. Nowhere in the winnable games. And try to fight and stay close you know we lost the touch game we lost the comfortable game taking care of all the other games so pleased with we just found ways to win. And we've gotten better. Wouldn't. You know. Six of the last eight. But we got to finish it Colby that's that's a huge game for us and we got to take that momentum into. In two. Into the into the playoffs and in the end you know like I say they're gonna be. You know they're going to be really fired up ready to play. And we just we've got to go out there not be lethargic that's what I worry about the quick turn around a long drive. He and just not have enough pop that we shouldn't. You guys are played three games in five days suggested. That I actually know that that's what it's sort of it's all about so really you're kind of get a good look for the tournament but. Know you'll go to practice tomorrow watch all go home watch films and all day tomorrow watching film on called me and then we'll. We'll practice tomorrow night and and hope we. Hopefully have a good game plan you know. Again just a final question this was soft porn I didn't know we become very close to the sophomores Kevin Gary Carlin it's bad news features Wacom. And this year having your arm stronger for his one season but it. Just kind of your thoughts on the final teams here it to the power plants. So happy to see them get a win and we wrote of all the way through the game finished with a starter with the finish with a supplemental play huge minutes tonight and they didn't. And I was probably five and they kept it you know on the winning side of things. You know Kevin bears got a younger brother. He's what a sophomore at school you know. Highly touted I think he's being recruited are ready buys division one teams are rumors maybe he even the other you know you was a tough states offered in any way we swing voters seriously doubt that. Coach. Smile I know you want but this time of the year ma'am I had his his right out of the next game and you know me I wanna win you don't lose this game. Obviously you wanna win and that's when means a lot. The I just wanna get better as a team that I I'm not sure that we do that tonight to finish and we obviously want to. These guys don't understand how hard this pre season is in how how how difficult this next game will be in the and you know we're locked into Stewart and Stewart playing unbelievable. Basketball right now they are the number one defensive team in the league. That is a hard place to win. And that we were fair but for the first time the but if you don't come in there with fires grew at you go along we'll throw home from. Well Lou but we still don't know for sure it should be sort that don't do that he'll do an excellent and I figured out there on the guys that don't do. Coach take your word but take. Your families here in up to address tonight guy's gonna win back to work tomorrow but. Congratulations on the win we close out the home you have scheduled your department with a win and a look forward to Monday night thanks to visit thank you didn't regular head coach today about the grizzlies were taking a final break here we'll come back in have a look at the stats. See if I can corral somebody with a with a phone he would get some scores we come back right after this. Okay Freddy is I think anyone parents some important mandates I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it every once in Iran. Cheney's Cheney amid Gloria country please. 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Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's PG climbed shot. Team. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as. The wingers and three by an expansion got it. They've put the ball around well there the grizzlies you know that it's bad records and 5540. Left wars means that at three in the way not a hard. He's got eight aggressively attacked him 61 it's been. Yeah that was a key moment again tonight were. Your show you raced at fifteen point deficit in mere moments ago pulled back to within six in parliament spent a couple of big threes. Expand finished the game was only eleven points at three threes in those were two big ones here. To get the criticism really really wanted to win this game by a final score 83 to 73. I want folks who don't know me I'm not very technologically inclined I've got a yeah flip phone. Which is not allow me to get scores off the website so on barring one of the Butler students broadcasters so iPhone here. So obligated to scores before this phone dies out I'm here does whatever does that. The game we've been following this for first place in my goodness copy bill looks like you're gonna win it there at 7760. Want it or that's what I was surprised. Mark on her home floor Barton gym. In a battle for place those two teams going to tonight's game tied twenty in four in conference play. In coffee bill is about to win her thirteenth straight game. Way about it cheaper equipment in his 23 year as head coach is confident that's going to be career win number 599. It's also probably more than likely to clinch. The kid JR conference regular season title which will give them up by the first round. For 4040 though they're part jamming profit bill as he 7761. Lead in support cougars. Also tonight. With a thirteen thirty to go in the game it right she needs him up at in Korea cloud is trailing Allen county 56 to 52. Now Allen has been playing better down the stretch Lehman not. Allen has won two games in a row. It moved up to twelfth place in the conference standings. He had been mired in last place that Allen is leading McLeod 5652. Still fifteen or actually thirteen 32 to go on that one. Also the sports arena and hutch Hutchinson is leading independent 6651. With 52040. Though in the second half there and Hutchinson. A Texans got a fifteen point lead over the independence pirates' Ian. Privacy your Seward. Stewart at home today oh boy they've got a big lead us later it yet the rightly perceives. Belong gravity opportunity to host a playoff pianist unofficially here tonight Seward is the greenhouse sixty to 37. Over Dodge City our city has just really done in the tank. It's a Dodge City has lost LB six losses in a row. They're gonna fall to eat in 21 overall the columns. In a not to seat in the envisions 6537. With eight minutes to go there to greenhouse in several into the C Vivian scores them that's it. Are right. Stevie via final box were quickly via. You know show Panthers. 27 of 62 from the floor 43. Point 5% remember they should just 25% at halftime. On nine of 36. In the second half. These shoots is that right 69%. I'll be eighteen to 26. So they were 27 of 62 on the night nine of 23 from three point range and how about. Great marketing on him from nearby U Rica high schools seven of eleven from three point range six threes alone in the second half. He finished with 21 points. To lead the Panthers in swore. Also fifteen points per month throw this early like that guy who will be back he's from Chicago who's a freshman. 67%. Chicago Illinois fifteen points eight rebounds. For Montreal Dixon. Nine points for Kevin downing into sixteen points in five rebounds six assists for Austin down. Nine points for low dating thing was two of eight shooting one of four from three point range for fourth line nine points in three points forward to rise particular. A three point play the first effort brightly at the free throw a close up scoring for the ocean immigrant leaves cute 47 point 3% for the night. They were 26 of 55 shooting. So there exit seven less sharp tonight. The neo show Chris is go thirteen. Of 33. From three point range 333. Attempts while. Thirteen of them good receives eighteen to 26 frequently stepped out of that 60%. 39 point 4% from three point range 47 point 3% shooting for the night. Grizzlies haven't seen 1234 players in double figures. They were led in scoring by Russell Smith Smith was his sixth double double of the season the scene points and thirteen. Rebounds. Also a double double for precarious pocket his thirty year seventeen points in fourteen rebounds. More precarious spot eleven points six assists. Barack Harlem expands that was for eleven shooting three of seven from three point range all three of those three coming in the second. Seven points for Kevin beer in two of eight shooting one of 73 point range into thirteen points for the Korean War. Work continues to get bigger better more and more confident down the stretch here five points for just a critical 3.4. Entity Bratton. And then that rounds up the scoring for the grizzlies grizzlies. Outrebounded. You know shall 48 to 2540. To 25. Into. She four tournaments news at four turnovers for video shows and a thirteen turnovers for the grizzlies. Have a look at the final stats saturated it's a good case it did not do it again or a US Marines player in the game tonight is precarious spot him. Pocket was seventeen points fourteen rebounds he was also the recipient of the upper stages grind Jackson most inspirational award granted every year to a most inspirational player the grizzlies awarded on sophomore night. Great guy that would net dollars and here's tonight's US Marines player of the game. You think yeah what it takes to join the world's lightest visit Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com. Our writers studio recording its eyes and Simon's sucker wanna remind you. On Monday night we will not happy radio broadcast we've got Wichita State in case you played so knows these available. But we will have an Internet only webcast and will be yet did that word out on social media the web site. We'll let you know before Monday you know what the audio link will be for that today Internet. Only on Monday night Christie's so will be called to take on the Colby trojans and we'll have via webcast where it again at 745 on Monday night. The grizzlies in the Colby approaches that we all Europe for the effort from the playoffs which are coming up on next Thursday night. On March 1 looks like grizzlies will be played in liberal at the green house against the Seward county saints. All right grizzlies close out. Via regular season home portion of their scheduling when it I've final score over the radio show. He enters the final score 83. To 73 this is devastated scene so long and good night from the car plant in older Hedo. Jason hey join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm taking.