Buying a flipped house

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 29th

Moneytracker Don Grant says check out repairs on a "flipped" home before buying


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The fuel. And I do except the thirty K and as as Steven 10 in the morning now. 647. Here on Wednesday. Three big things three NBC today show host Matt Lauer fired for inappropriate sexual behaviors news. Suspect arrested in fourth killings in Tampa Florida line. It's a City Council considers changes in fireworks policy. Great big things even dead on in a sense. Taking a look now at the Wichita roadways as the area is starting to. Traffic through you a little heavy in the usual areas that southbound I won 35 ranked 37 street north between there and pay 96. Traffic is pretty heavy right there doesn't get some very heavy traffic deaths. This is east and westbound Kellogg at. SS southwest boulevard towards the meridian edwards' exit traffic update from state and has this radio on jet chambers mostly. Ali today with a high of 52 degrees yesterday's high 61 the partly cloudy tonight the overnight lows 37. Thursday sunny tomorrow's high 56. Now cloudy skies 42 degrees. We have little wind at ten miles per hour pet and Jackson is unique holiday gift ideas that can work for anyone including gift certificates. And it's always make great gifts now opens Sunday from one to 5 PM until Christmas hats and dec 601 less Douglas by the clock tower in delay no. 640 HD content in the morning Don Branson have been the money factor that is when done more to insert Matt Lauer might get. Decide that was surprising when the tipping point where we say and hear the guys who have not an excuse to control. Good luck that there's an item out there news. I'm kidding you know it's it yet she's a little bit but seems like it. Well of what it's like they're generally men of power. You know it seems like they're in their leveraging it's it's it's the power to exceed it extortion sexual extortion yes via and of course. The united Ted will never be in a situation where revenue authority if that's good point to keep us that are good point. That maybe. I'd Stephen Ted but shoppers dot com poll how early do you finish your Christmas gift shopping. By the time December rolls around I'm almost done by 8% while. I'll be by the time December rolls around haven't started yet. Rushing I'll be rushing around. Right up until Christmas Eve 43% valujet. Yeah pretty much else finish for the couple weeks despair 52%. I don't know what the immune to this year like the laid up with two bad knees and a lot of it you're gonna do at all do exactly that could be a he man. And do the appropriate when it went is the we'll see Stephen Walgreens when is the negotiations. Day for you guys when you go ocean each. I got to get these guess now when it becomes like real reversed once you let December sometime go to an ATM insert you know pumping out five dollar bills for people and then you just where they need to start thinking and Annie did it to sink in empties my wall and you mean so it's really balances balances. Tony's question should the Mexico City Council changed the buyer for Christians and city limits. The choices are yes restrictions on fireworks sales and use. Need to be increased yes sales of any fireworks legal in the state should be legal inside the city limits no. But the city needs to start enforcing regulations we have or no things are fine the way they are. It's Steven did which diapers dot com poll of our web page and it might discussion about this at their workshop yesterday it is now. It would not sure they came to any conclusions now again put our leader major talked about it they get heated. He did yesterday's alert everyone's using with an explosive conversation fireworks yeah. They had a sponsor was that sparks were just cartridges sparkling good conversation. Worth flute and banks led a broad rally in US stocks on Wall Street Tuesday lifting the market to a milestone shattering finished. Miles yeah shattering your excitement is out today finished up 2550 points Standard and Poor's 500 index up twenty fun. NASDAQ rose by 33. You know my bitcoin double and a I'm happy and it coins at the quarter of an analytical Retief. And rarely is a bit on I I'd buy a small amount OK you know three weeks ago and it's like double. Millennia. It's a one feud that one time I've done it right in Richmond is being credited with Steve Cohen and I highly dubious loans gone was made out of wood. Americans by most measures appear ready to shock this holy season consumer confidence at a seventeen year high. While while unemployment is that a seventeen year low. The economy appears to be humming with growth of 3% at last measure an initial numbers shall millions more Americans shopped over the long holiday weekend than last year. Spending an estimated 335. Dollars on average on gifts and other items according to National Retail Federation. And I and YouTube did not spend that much. Now not grant CFP the money tracker. Yeah. Buying. A flip outs one on. That's who we're gonna talk about buying a flip out now. Well you know flipped over like in the wizard watched ES upside down with a basement in the ceiling in. Well let's all the rage and appreciating real estate market flipping houses -- scores of Auburn doors are buying houses that are often in distress they fix him up enough to. Make it attractive to buy and then they Seles for a tidy profit in many cases. Many clippers can make money by just Bershard up with some cosmetic changes they they buy the health well another which inexpensively. Apply some new pain make some minor repairs landscaped may be added apply answer to that's. Is back on the market. In other cases flippers will make major structural changes moving walls adding square footage and re figured configuring the footprint of the house. If you're not into the flipping game. You may be on the buying side that means there are several things that you should look out for before you buy it first of all learned the history of the house. You can search online to learn how long that house that was listed for sale. The last two times its old check. Check this sellers flipping history by asking the addresses and contact information of new owners of previously redone homes. Talk with those buyers about their experience any any bumper who's worth their salt should give you that information because they should be proud of the work they do. Asked for a detailed list of what was changed in the house check that list against city permits if they tell you that it's all new. Check out that all the work was permit it looked under the kitchen sink in the bathroom vanities even. If you're not a pro when houses you'll be able to see some stuff that may be el reg irregular. Does that mean sink. Hook into an old plumbing. Check the attic is their new installation. Are there any stains or leaks. Does the wiring look neat and compliant. You know those are things you can see and if somebody says all new. Stickam duet. Hire your own inspector don't take a referral from either the seller or the realtor as they both have a vested interest in the home selling and and people are dishonest that. But it's not mar. Do your own research and vet and inspector who will report to you alone and don't be seduced by new cabinets and appliances alone there may be. They they be hiding major defects turn on all the faucets check all the water pressure leaks. Leaks were hot water and trust trust your intuition good craftsmanship. Is. An indicator of course of Yemeni questions she'd give me a call number 634. 2220. And you have a lot of personal experience with rental property don't I do I'm not a flipper I mean I fix them up when I'm mountain when random you know I don't easily hang on to them one for the income fair and then some appreciation down aligned but I'll do generally a lot of work over the years to open it won't fix it just flip today is national package protection day the Wednesday after Thanksgiving encourages. So the joke in there to stay alert and protect their homes against package backed wanna protect my package you know what you're package but it had to do was being a baseball catcher non OK Republicans it. Becomes more more prevalent during all of tax. Package will be stolen. This year's package protection date all's. On the 29. Below its. Well that's what we have cameras on firmer out stuff on your fortunately you know on your allegedly taking your packet. Without pants. Now you're specifically I'm taking it's 655 Stephen did engage in a system of some snicker and somewhere it is this morning is Stevenson map are not left this morning. Now hosts he has lost his job on or did you see on eight or wouldn't he about that coming up seven times already here that he's lost a job that pays him twenty million dollars a year really feel that you'll probably be all right financial. That's coming up at 7 statement of the morning on Kate and assess.