A cafe in downtown Wichita is closing its doors...

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 5th

Details from editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal with a local business update...


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It is a six 749749. Stephen Ted in the morning here on KE NSS. And yet still 31 degrees in opera still holding steady in the low thirties but will Lola. Willow be in the to 49 in the skies there opposites so willow looked forward to that. Gray skies are gonna clear up. We're going to. Send it to us Steve Boyer or his take on the world what she gets these every ever wondered about the big Christmas trees at Rockefeller Center in what they do with them when they're down with them. Well they don't just die they get that built into wall frames and Froyo supports a forum affordable homes actually this is a and program that goes along with the habitat for humanity. The past decades those trees and loaded up with grit songs in the dancing rock cats but then I go on to be milled in the number Houston habitat for humanity homes. Of basically clear across the country want to count fifty miles north of Rockefeller Center in Newburgh New York has gotten woods. Three times in the past twelve years. Interesting thing in the he had news here about. A judge judge has rescheduled a hearing for guilty plea in the case of a man accused of harassing. A county sheriff and Ohio for nearly twenty years some good publicity years via letters emails and web sites the criminal affidavit filed earlier this year said the harassment began in 1999. When Columbus resident William Young was arrested by Delaware County officer on a minister in charge. Federal magistrate judge Norma can't king has rescheduled hearing and young's lead the charge of cyber stalking. To later this month a lot of harassing and he has year and a half block he'll hold a grudge. And I was an ex wives it could Kafka. Well. Anyway. 750 was Stevenson in the morning and Kate and SS did you see a birthday today no load we were talking about it before the show ST boy or Little Richard literature. Is 85. Today with a pencil thin mustache. He says he and a huge influence on Paul McCartney. Yes yeah honestly does. If all the love DePaul stole that right from Little Richard. Literature I mean I'd say you know he always you know you Soliai man nowadays with then back that he would always come out and talked about how he you know we kind of rocket world you know can I mean these. Yeah right there and now but he was there he was there any was really ahead of his time with his act yeah he sent on the piano and played. Down between his well I think so let's I think he's on the did that very talented guy yes. Already a birthday today happy birthday to Little Richard he is he 85. Today he's 5751. We Stevens head on KNS as we do have a downtown eatery. It appears to be close and up let's get the details it's time to check in with bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journal of the local business update mr. Roy yeah. Good morning to head the downtown cafe closing its doors of the downtown cafe Mediterranean style restaurants last day of business last Friday. And operated at the corner of William and market and the Sutton place buildings open for breakfast and lunch. Owner inland Monty says it's looking he's looking to see if he can reopen in a new location. They eat reopened in 2015. Meanwhile which does getting a new chicken restaurant paired up with pickle ball chicken empirical will be going into the plans CO at least Wichita looks like. They expect the restaurant be open and about a year. It includes six outdoor and six indoor pickle ball courts. Think of pic of all the smaller than tennis but larger than ping pong. Which I aerospace stocks surged Monday they saw Johnson took the near or over all time highs. Well Boeing set a new record at 281 dollars 83 cents a share. Spirit Aerosystems was approached in new high on Monday trading at one point the 84 dollars 91 cents. The high is 8496. Textron hit a new 52 week high of 56 dollars 45 cents a share. Look at breaking business news everyday on can't SS in Wichita business journal dot com but to the business journal I'm bill Roy. Will bill did the downtown cafe. Closing did GeMS as a downtown worker did you ever get over there. I didn't I didn't get over there I get over here to the office that are added about 7715. Yourself. I haven't had a chance to go over there and maybe I'm part of the problem I didn't get as instability there. Well speaking of eats. We were just talking about Christmas candy. And the most popular Christmas candy supposedly in the state of Kansas cattlemen's bark. I know that's that's kind of my clock the thing. You have. No it's not bad. And the man that's hard hard to be. You know that it Pina brutal war its markets worsen its bike units brutal it's true that. And that it is open anywhere on to tell you what they like poppy darn. The image Snickers bar or something was on the list Ohio I think on the Snickers brand new yellow heavier yeah dancing with the people high tail it outright. I was Pennsylvania when it Christmas candy. Well it will get a star now what does it how are things are things gone on this Tuesday downtown. Well we didn't things get things started the traffic is a little bit heavier today it was interest thing I'm I'm not sure what the deal was that there was little have heavier coming in. Through zoo boulevard and down over my 21 Maria and so not sure which one on whether. I know he'll like this cheap eats or back at McDonald's greenback the dollar menu and her two years now know who's not everything is Ibaka some will be two or three dollars. But McDonald's has done well with they reduced cost menu of trying to hold off gains my other chains that do offer dollar value menus. Andy grabs some to grab some quick growth for a bunker to you know that's that's that's America right there that's all we want. That's that's exactly I'd give fast thing getting here and then you announce its the high dollar stuff business stuff that's better for. Then click vigils for a couple of bucks at the half that I'm still waiting protestors chop house dollar menu there waiting should. Maybe it didn't hold my breath on that that's that men may be an ice Q percent. Thank you bill yeah. Coach catlett. Bill Raleigh editor of the Wichita business journal again one hour from now on yet another local business update from them which it's all business journal. We'll tell you about some national violent crime trends that. Pertinent to the Wichita area coming up the case and as this morning news you're listening to Stevenson.