Can $5000 change your life?

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

Moneytracker Don Grant talks about what to do with a windfall.


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7 Stevenson in the morning you're listening to 98713. 38 and as best money fractured Don Brandt will be here shortly. Now Steve instead it's time for three big things me. Emergency drought declaration here in the states with a moment wind is there's a red flag warning today seeing. A new rebuilt bridge has collapsed in Miami at least six people have died like. Thousands of people in downtown Wichita yesterday the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Kansas wins in which it's off. Now the soccer's and the Kansas State wildcats have first round games out of town today three big things feet instead on 987 and thirteen 38 and SS. And the traffic volume still left fairly light but starting to pick up out there on the guitar roadways this time ended gasoline prices in which stuff. Another coming down since five cents left bottom edge team 42 today traffic on K and assess brought to you by. Just a brother Charles Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman. In the east every street Moline on my neck growth are dot com your home for complete car care. And signaled that weather forecasts take into the weekend at. Sunny today at a high of 74 degrees. Once again leave it gusty wind out of the south. Much cooler tonight overnight low around 3700 clear skies and that you look at it over the weekend highs tomorrow 63. It was sunny and cooler day on Saturday. Then on Sunday it'll be partly sunny a high of 66 degrees there is a 40% chance for showers and thunderstorms Sunday afternoon. Currently in which it's not in the breeze out of the south were under clear sky 59. Degrees. On her way to a high of 74. The monarch offers military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in that delay no. Like high today of 74 what a great place to go hang out. Of course the place to be right now in Wichita eyes the 43 annual original Blarney breakfast in east Wichita. And will be checking in with Steve Macintosh shortly on that. As we as we get into it lustig a look at what happened on the stock market yesterday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average up a 115 points at 2400873. The NASDAQ down 157481. The S&P 500 down for the fourth in a row down two points. 2747. And for the week is down one point 1%. Markets got a little bit spent at one point when there were reports from the New York Times that special counsel Muller. Was to be in the trump organization for documents pertaining to rush out. The best performers included McDonald's UnitedHealth caterpillar attacks on while Intel without coupons and Disney came under pressure. Alibaba. Bob by the ticker symbol finished higher by 3.3 percent this after news that Alley Obama may be able to list in China. This summer. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange bullpen early eighties Fox News. Could 5000 dollars change your life as a question let's find out its money tracker Don grant CFP joining us in studio this morning Don no good morning new min. A level when you say that our he had said good morning I don't you get what you got to be fun to fantasize about stumbling upon an unexpected chunk of cash. It's surprising to me. How often that really happens. Perhaps you receive an inheritance or a bonus at work or mom's feeling generous one year and hand you a surprise checked. Maybe you discover a long lost bank account. The lottery had publisher's clearing house heard not the only ways to receive money let's say the chip likened to five grand is that enough. To be life changing. Well that depends. Before recommending what to do with the sudden infusion of five K it's important to take a financial snapshot for a college kid. Sock it away either and I in Iraq Ira if they have earned income. Or a long term investment account while they may have desires to travel and buy stuff with that. They really don't have any need for it. If they are already in college we might assume that their room board and tuition is pretty much covered from established sources. And with a focus on school. I would encourage them that's spending it would be a distraction. While putting that much away into a tax free retirement account can eventually be a life changer. Keep it invested for forty or fifty years and it could grow substantially. A young couple struggling with finances raising kids may. Put it to use for much needed vehicle repair order help with the kids' education. If they carry some consumer debt pay that off. And now days. Are free to invest for their retirement. Creating an emergency fund could insulate them from a future emergency. Life changing well maybe not but very helpful yes. A wealthy retired couple receiving five grand could could change their own lives but not by spending. They could change someone else's life gifting it to another retired couple that is striving to making ends meet. Could be alive changer or helping send. You know CD younger person's retirement account or their education account could also change alive. While it would be just you know fun to just blow 5000 bucks on expensive weekend or some expensive consumer goods. That's not a life changer. It takes a lot of thought to deploy that money in the right place. To change alive and of course if you have any questions yourself you give me a call number 6342222. Thank you Don. Let's let's check in with Steve Macintosh on how the he is live at the 43 annual original Blarney breakfast and Easter which it's not old Chicago hello Steve and all this morning and we have a guy shipped here to queries got a jacket that's got Oklahoma State. Logos all over active showed who they won't let anybody in here to. How loud bird you know go until 9:30 this morning proceeds benefit children with special needs a birth to age 21 it. Serve through rings both targeted policemen Chris cases flipping it takes to donuts coffee here. Hey and a Dunkin' Donuts available and doesn't for twenty dollars extra 52 for three pick up my picks them up when your way to work this. They're going to work today and it meant that if they unit and yet I'm grant is not gonna do any work from now on all day long right done. Via hardship that. A mind reader. And your wife's down your heat right next week no I'm gonna be working really hard and at a point that it got time to come by and and it all tickets are fifteen dollars for adults five dollars for children all military goes united. And it's a big party going on and on all it really get crowded now to turn up the air conditioning a little bit and then turned down a little bit so we Crennel and people in here. But pay. They got reported on them dancing to take advantage of this enhancement fund this morning here. The biggest event in town the original one he practiced etiquette vertical Chicago right here at the log in rock group. All right what kind of music jury hearing now Steve what's that that's that is original Irish music from my county court. While it's called it's acted that you know that its held it's kind of like it's that your version of Disco MacCulloch Crisco. Yeah. It's slippery it's a priest is now and a million please note by the way just nevermind. Did you idea are you having green beer yet no I do not to drink green beer. I don't know whether it's the year having regular beer. No I don't drink green beer or green it on the green sandwiches. I just rolling you know I don't drink beer before 9 o'clock so they yeah. Well he's already there I he's already spreading the Blarney the it's exactly what's going on right and at that tip what exactly is Marty's like yeah I mean you'd like baloney it's like movements every morning when your talk radio. Madonna and let you do. Spreading a lot of here on the day before that's like five. You bet we'll let that little let Steve get back to his green food items and an average aren't as Marty. 43 annual Blarney breakfast continues it'll Chicago east benefiting honoring those united will take you lose steam as the morning continues to 7 o'clock hour on the way on eight an SS.