Can the current health care system be ruined?

Steve & Ted mornings
Tuesday, February 13th
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about the future of U.S. healthcare.

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Are you benefiting with the new tax law yes because I'm going to get paid more. East at least temporarily. Ladies sitting at thirteen thirty K and as soon as sweeteners Stevens hid in the morning on Kate in the as at 647. Now. Three big things. President cut your budget has a four trillion dollar price tag. For the big increase in the federal debt seeing police arrested one suspect in which both latest suicide case looking for three more lie. Which of those snowboard changes calendar for next fall shorter last days and a longer school years. Very big things keep it dead on K innocence. Those traffic volume is really picking up now on which. Watch out eastbound on Kellogg at duke and rode it. Heavy traffic there right now pistons kept me from Kate and as as radio and get chambers sent these briefs. And warmer today with a high of 52 degrees yesterday's high 44. Partly cloudy tonight field but those 39 minutes. Wednesday partly sunny breezy and warmer Valentine's Day high in Wichita. 69. Degrees now part of the bloody 25 degrees in the southeast winds at eight miles per hour. 6:48 Stevenson in the morning the Coen Brothers are spending millions to attack too vulnerable Democrats. For voting against a Republican tax overhaul. The Coke. Backed group Americans for prosperity plan to launch a four million dollar advertising campaign against Missouri senator Claire McCaskill. And Indiana senator Joseph Donnelly. And AFP spokesman said Tuesday the ad campaign run on TV and the Internet for three weeks beginning Thursday trying to scope of these trying to. Get rid of a couple of those three senators. TV and the Internet Coen Brothers don't believe in the power rating today do not. Don't think they even have a radio said they're building. The stock market has regained more of its massive losses from the previous two weeks apple jumped 4% and led a rally in technology companies. Well industrial companies banks and consumer focused companies like retailers also rose. The Dow gained 410 points NASDAQ closed 17107. Points higher. And the S&P closed up 36. MGM resorts opening a lavish multi billion dollar casino resort and mark Howell. In the lives of the ways it did McConnell in the field that you can make a big bet by foreign gambling companies in the southern Chinese gambling even. The 3.5 billion dollar resort. As a high stakes wager on the casino market's future in the former Portuguese colony now. General Motors says it will close and under utilized factory and goose and South Korea by the end of may as part of a restructuring of its operations. And Barnes & Noble but the nation's largest bookseller says it's laying off staff after a week holiday shopping season baloney. The company declined to give the number of jobs cut the cut. The cuts come after New York based Barnes & Noble said last month that its sales and establish stores would six point 4%. During the crucial nine week period ending December 30. I just based on personal experience. My idea shopping at arsenal was up by about 2530%. Well you did your part I did my part but. And the they're cooking the books I think you're just trying to get the good excuse oil they're workers. Why did you save a few jobs. I did drive a best of us did all right. 615 now Steve into the morning Doug grant Ciampi the money tracker mourners and the current health care system be ruined. After a candy or horror Willie and he handed batter I guess that I Wear and they have been about a checkered particularly well in the very recent. Past we've watched several institutions began to crumble under the free market sort of gig. Economy all well how many homes still have dedicated home phones to Jersey are probably still I don't yeah bet. Well the New York Post reported in 2017. That just 46%. Of American households still have land lines. Cable companies are scrambling to combat the exit as of streaming server to yep customers are streaming services. And his she's taxis anymore with Cooper and Lipton mean they're still there a bit. Sort of hanging in. This same may happen with. Health care with the recent announcement when that retail giant Amazon is partnering with Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan. To privatize their own employees health care. The three entities have more than a million employees worldwide. Combine. They have massive size and customer experience to find economies of scale that. Could allow them to essentially self insure. Watching out Jeff bees as the owner of Amazon has X there or the creator of Amazon has exploded the retail markets with a Amazon. I imagine that their companies are testing the waters with self insurance in their own companies. Before taking the program to the masses I don't think he'd settle for just helping a million people he wants to control the world. Well as a certified for mantra of financial planner practitioner and challenge. With how to plan for the cost of health care in retirement. The Affordable Care Act is being dismantled at the expense of small businesses that don't have business volume by and that bulk so we're left a full retail that are rising costs lowering of services environment. A good system could bring down costs possibly. For example before a drug reaches a patient it passes through control of the drug maker the insurer. If pharmacy or army bit of pharma benefit manager and wholesaler. Each taking a cut. We wonder what the real cost it well there's a similar story for medical devices. These three companies. Be Berkshire Hathaway and Amazon and JPMorgan. Rival on the efficiency. And they believe that costs can be brought down. A dramatically. If they control the processes go directly at drugmaker and buy it from them. Well one may argue that Madison is not the core competency of Berkshire Amazon JPMorgan. So they'll have to you know they'll have a tough go out it while I have faith that they have the resources and the smarts. The higher hire the people who do and of course if you have any questions you'd give me called number 6342220. Twos just. Just out of it a question while you were talking about that when you controlling entire pipeline. Do you not get tendon in trouble antitrust lot of trust laws is not say well I'm not saying they're gonna you injured in control the pipeline what they're gonna do is they're gonna. Cut out a lot of the middle imminent now unfortunately there are a lot of people who thrive and that's their business. But you know I mean it's like that the cost of strawberries have buyout bought off the farm is 13 the cost of buying him an a grocery store you know because he got the middlemen with their hands out thirty years ago it took about eight to ten air talents to radio. The Woody Allen station so look at it guys. It's well you know that that that differences automation better introduce you guys are not on mated and the level of Steve's talent yes yes I am I'm a scary imagine people that you shall be matched by artificial single handedly I am leaked slides deal local wreck at the yeah they idolize the those votes today is world radio day. Wow about celebrating radio wish you guys slip. Why we look at why we needed to end more than ever I hate remembered the unique power of radioed a touch lives. And bring people together across every corner of the globe it was proclaimed. Back into play eleven by Yunus goes 36 general conference after originally being sponsored by the Kingdom of Spain. The kingdom and Spain one of our radio did not US. While either way Kenny well are you Tony aged ladies that's part of world anyone can you get silly what they unit still stands for. United united Asian business ESCO educate us you know. Scientific and cultural organization I'll never remember them no that's why we should have people. Using that new app right now Ted. Collison tells what they love about radio I think that's a great idea. I have asked houses and got to bring instant party hats or something download the three K initiatives app from the App Store quiet on. They'll. Every indicator radio shaped can't leave us a comment by going to menu and click talkback Telus which the outrageous these banners and streamer Isaac cholera cake shaped radio play and coming out in the heat o'clock I don't know that means. We will try to play the comments back in the o'clock hour. And the reason is viewed suit could be justice talkie is dominant and over time that have a good conversation on our guys merely talking about I won't interrupt your conversation by that I use your party like Barack started today rated what does that mean. Party like Barack star had one as a rock throughout the furniture and a poll that. Come arrived here that's special hotel room Tropicana. They have breath happier radio day ever sorry 650s or. Who was the trash that property everybody's era. Yeah I know there are all here bands were planted on Sunset Boulevard there that they are in West Hollywood lately you know the Tropicana and agents really they're good. The furniture and inevitable like two it was very man wounded him to death of his life. Suspect arrested in which have honestly is designed to date we've got the story Steven dead on tape and assess.