Candidate Carl Brewer says Kansans want the right people in government

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Thursday, July 19th
Special Guest: Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Carl Brewer of Wichita

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Which talks number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the king and as a sporting news is Steven dead and Steve Macintosh. Bodies of which you talked couple found in northwest Arkansas we've got the story. Another big basketball tournament coming to Wichita offline it was worded those details just ahead twelve horses have been removed from a Kansas farm. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm payless has meteorologist Dan Holliday who looks like the air conditioning may be running on notch higher this afternoon. Our full forecast in what to expect is coming up. Another clarification from the White House a day after the president said he had simply misspoken. When he says that he saw no reason to believe Russia had interfered in the 4016 US election. The president at a cabinet meeting defending his record for dealing with Russia we're doing. Very well. Probably as well as anybody has ever done with the Russian. And there's been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia. President Chubb also join that cabinet meeting apparently said he does not believe Russia is still targeting the US. But that remark according to White House spokesperson cirrus Sanders. Was misunderstood. By the press. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. Lease are looking for suspects in a pair of armed robberies this morning on opposite sides of Wichita possibly pulled by the same two bandits. About 415 a couple of male suspects Phillip presto store at 515 north Seneca. In an hour later two armed bandits robbed a quick shop at George Washington boulevard and all over. Taking cash and cigarettes the suspects were goodies at least one wearing a black clown mask. Authorities say the bodies of a couple recently disappeared from a Kansas fair ground. Have been found in a shallow grave in northwest Arkansas the bodies were found early Wednesday near natural dam in Crawford county. They've been identified as sunny and Pauline carpenter of Wichita. Crawford county Arkansas sheriff Ron Brown says the couple may have been buried Monday his office received a tip about the site Wednesday. Those involved had moved a lot of debris on top of it. What took so long as we just methodically. Removed it. Vendor and Arkansas police took three men in the custody after the bodies were found. In Kansas Barton county attorney Amy Mello said the couple disappeared from the county fairgrounds. Western great bend in the last few days they were believed to be vendors at the fair. The NCAA division one women's basketball committee has awarded a regional round hosting duties for the 20/20 two women's tournament. Wichita in trust bank arena will serve as one of the four regional sites KS in news asked to Wichita State women's basketball coach Keith Adams. About the possibility of the shocker is playing essentially at home if they were to make the sweet sixteen in 20/20 two. Having this in 2002 when he had it for those things you look good plant a seed in people's minds about women's basketball in the area. That says Depp plays great golf for us we don't let happen on the board. And now we're gonna work really hard to build this thing. In trust bank arena will be hosting a women's regional championship action for the first time previously hosting the women's tournament seven years ago. In northeast Kansas Jackson County sheriff Tim Morse says twelve horses were removed from a farm this week after a veterinarian determined they were not receiving proper care. Sheriff Moore says the courses were taken Monday from a farm near hope medical staff is carried for the four stallions to colts and six mayors. He says some horses were not getting adequate water despite recent high temperatures and hail in the form was sold. But the Peking capital journal reports and other 35 horses were determined to be an adequate health. And remain on the farm but those horses will be checked daily but Jackson County attorney will determine if any charges are filed Dan O'Neill KM SS. News a massive fire continues to burn in organs Stefan Myers of the Oregon State fire marshal's office says that fires claimed at least one life. I can't confirm. Or through the Washington Watsco. County sheriff's office confirm that we do you have one civilian casualties. Unfortunately. As a result of exposure to the fire. That person was found in a burned out tractor. It's believed he was cutting fire line more than 18100 firefighters are battling that fire which now covers 27 square miles evacuation orders are in place. Since president trump summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin's progressives have been energized. Toward calling for the president's impeachment. But not all Democrats wanna send that message. Fox's Garrett tell me has more from Washington. Democratic leaders are facing growing pressure from those voters to call for president trumps impeachment. And we saw that again in front of the White House were protesters gathered for the third straight night after the president's summit with Vladimir prudent. And. Organizers originally planned fifty candlelight vigils across the country but following the president's controversial remarks in Helsinki. The number of rally skyrocketed. To roughly 200. Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill this week have really been pressuring their members to avoid talking about impeachment at a concern that it could hurt their chances of retaking the house in November. But with all of the energy in the progressive wing of the party that is becoming harder argument to make. Couple of democratic members of the house of already introduced a measure to impeach president trump. Kate is excused I'm now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Wichita wing nuts could they get a win in Nebraska it's been hard to do will have those details coming up in sports sports magazine has released their annual list of most valuable sports teams that. We'll tell you is that story coming up a McCain and his this morning near the Steven's dad that. This is more used to even do it now 8088. Minutes and 8 o'clock. Police are looking for a suspect in an armed robbery and self Wichita Tuesday night off his Harley-Davidson says this happened at Sony licorice or shot at pony and Saint Francis. Unknown suspect entered the business. Displayed a firearm handgun. And demanded money from the business. Money was given to the suspect couldn't let this business on foot. Male suspect at a blue bandanna covering his face there's a video surveillance image of the suspect accompanying the story on our web page and pianist his radio dot com. The latest report on congressional pork barrel spending shows a large jump in. Earmarks. Citizens Against Government Waste president Thomas shot says earmarks increase more than 42%. In FY Tony eighteen even in the drain the swamp the era. Earmarks are alive and well Washington DC included an attorney eighteen congressional pig book 663000. Dollars for brown tree snake eradication program. Republican senator Jeff flake he ended up at the pig book release taking a stealthy with the pot bellied pig in attendance. The group points out say the pig was borrowed not rented. In Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. Forbes magazine has released its annual list of most valuable sports teams the Dallas Cowboys are once again the most valuable team in the world Forbes magazine publishing their annual list Wednesday of most valuable sports franchises with the cowboys put at four point eight billion dollars up 14% from last year rounding out the top five soccer club Manchester United rail Madrid and FC Barcelona and then the New York Yankees of the fifty most valuable teams according to Forbes swing none of them are NFL teams with the Cincinnati dangles Detroit Lions in Buffalo Bills just missing out. The biggest Gainer in terms of ranking analyst with the Houston Rockets coming up fourteen spots to number forty the biggest fall was the New York Jets slipping eight spots to number 21 man Paul taught how Fox News. Can't assist you time now 81010 minute span stated luck with Stevenson. And I got to traffic tracker when our traffic records called and Marv was telling us that. A slow time going through 21 and Tyler traffic hazard there has reduced everything to. One lane pretty much every direction traffic was backed up the wind so again that's at 21. And Tyler traffic update on cake and as as radio I'm jet chambers the single forecast now with kaine is says Steffi Rodgers down holidays good morning Dan. Good morning it is already quite warm as we start today that we will be sunny and hot again this afternoon. This time around may get to 100 when you combine the temperature in the duke point it will feel more like 105. Clear overnight down to 75. Hot again tomorrow with Friday's high 98. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 76 degrees we have a southeast wind at six miles per hour. 811 seed in dead here on king in his sense end up earlier this morning. We had governor collier on no on the Republican side of the deaths. Do you like coming primary election on August 7 now we've got we've got the Democrat side represented with Carl brewer is running for governor course. Former mayor of Wichita good morning mr. bird activity was here on the on hot act Thursday morning. It. Definitely in Horry and it's like a OK so yea erotic propeller now. What what do you think he's the biggest issue that did they were facing here in Kansas. Well. Certainly bears there are a host of issues that are actually happened here and you know he's starting now when you start a month. Our financial position here in the state campus we're not financially stable. We borrow money from transportation aren't we are monitoring tapered we've borrowed money you're used to typically everybody you can possibly borrow. Are and it knuckles. But we certainly hope in the future generations. And so we're certainly much infrastructure in which our highways and we need to work. On improving that on not only that a replica of the first part of our economy. I create an environment where we can actually. Truly impressed and our schools. In the church and that the that the situation there that we can possibly provide them we owe it to. Of our children competing with. Border state are competing with the rest of world that were on America and if we have. And educated as guilt metallic or pork industry. It is. Technically easier question tracked other businesses and diversify won't reject it actually count they'll come to campus. And there won't be here because they have a mystery here. Well there is a big big challenge that we're seeing a new you're aware of it that is affected hey we've got some jobs here. Got a lot of jobs here but the we need people to come and Philip if they've not from in Kansas for the problem can't discriminate what you talked evident. Our cities and fill these jobs are there for the taking right. Yes we do have some jobs here and but you know the big challenge we have as it is is that the right. The right types of jobs and what the next generation is actually. And and you're going to result but we also do. Ripped apart the image and that's start at the very top you know in the governor's office where. The attitude is positive and that we have conclusion that we want individual and here we wanted to recruit. And can't be part of it was and available here and we have not done that. It can't dispute art track record at least demonstrating that the 1% per would be eight. What PowerPoint do something we want. Other victims to come here to be able to poke. And to participate and work we don't want you boys and they've missed the ball at like that we liked Adam. And that's created real challenge. You're up I know you're aware of the fact that this is take heat heavily Republican state you're running and it. It's not unusual we had seen it in my lifetime I can count and a number of Democrat. Democratic governors and these are going to be human we did talk about this blue wave coming up in you're gonna be a blue labor going to be a lot of Democrats elected to. Two offices across the country. Are what I would like they do that you know I think that there's going to be a lot of Democrats get elected because the fact that. You know the past administration has done some really. That means you know experiment didn't work and president initial experiment downwind and you to look at working. They continue to going. And so I feel I'm more people giving a ball and it's changing up their registered to vote. And and being involved when you look at the number of people that you director gonna crop and you're seeing that it dictate these but I'm not a democratic or so I think there's an opportunity to bring about we don't change. But. Primitive for the right people I think candidate but the right people. That Warren can work with every one Republican Democrat independent. But not only that but it. In critical support giving everybody an opportunity to have a point. And to be hurt and that devalue. One of the questions I like to ask because you are you a candid you're out there could be going to the forums in the meetings in the town halls and and getting to know the people from all across the state and what what are they saying it is error is there a theme that crops up entered. A common theme that hey here's the spot we're most concerned about. As I travel from western Kansas all the way to chairs brings it to too weird Kansas. Which has gone up at that exist when Patrick there's our city. It's. A tightly. Berry we don't typically have not had a gubernatorial candidate or governor ever comes well permitting New Year's ants but what we talked to them. And find out what they're out there interceded. And economic development coordinator there at least making sure that the next generation willing to stay there. And and they wanna pay their pressure taxes. But they want health care. There's the issue of health care that they wanted to grow their business as education is very important of them. It was structured allowed him to be able to rule in this out of partly due to Kurtz to market to be able to trade it is. They wanted to know more about exporting. But they have been forgotten about individuals have not been. Been working with Hampton and help them to you grow your economy they just built that you. You aren't that good co written a book market. And and they want exact same things that people in urban can discern one point they want the schools of walker wrote almost a unity. And the list goes on and on and on so. When you're talking to them the only thing different about urban communities and rural communities in the location other Nat. They want exact same thing and they want somebody to listen to me in the pit region and tuba rebellion. All right Melissa thank you for spending some time what is this morning appreciate your time this or units as a Carl brewer running for governor on the democrats' idea primary election coming up on him quickest number. Is a former mayor of here in Wichita. And brought his head and bring their for governor on the Democrat side today is set Thursday. July 19 2018 it was on this date in 1954 the young man named Elvis Presley's first single. Was released by sun records it was a that's all right mama. And that was backed by O'Neal asylum label would be blue moon of Kentucky. Oleg Presley getting a little exposure there and then the rest as they say is history. Sure is here mr. presidential under heavy fine musical career but yeah thank you now boy that's a really good as say the least they'll. It's 818 now honestly is that records put out a lot of great stuff they were back in the fifties they realize it but now all kinds of stuff and that was just think they had young kids show on up on the doorstep. By the names of Elvis Presley. Carl Perkins Johnny Cash Roy Orbison means just. You re are the legends were all young kids are all recording it Jerry Lee Terry Lewis overall just young kids recording it. Some records in Memphis and what we amazing and what we hear about that as they head. They had an influence in the next generation which could be. The Beatles Rolling Stone people like Ben the polls people in the sixty's yeah. I'm eighty Tina Stephen did it is sports fan would dent bombardier and a at least one Major League Baseball game. Today or tonight as we go back and a full schedule tomorrow after the all star break right to get. The all star break continues for almost everybody except fourteen teams which for some reason plate tonight. The first place Chicago Cubs host the St. Louis Cardinals won game only in the major leagues tonight that's. In the five game series in Wrigley Field 6 o'clock tonight. Cardinals cubs you can listen live at 6 o'clock this evening in Sports Radio eight at H. 12:40 AM 975 FM the cubs. 16 today cardinals are four games back for a playoff spot right now. Pro baseball last night the Wichita wing nuts. Working on an eight game losing streak in Nebraska hadn't won in Lincoln in a long time finally got that. Streak broken last night when nets beat Lincoln five to. Snapping at eight games did. In Lincoln against assault dogs roaming minutes remained two games behind for a playoff spot. The wing nuts are now home for the next four days it's a brief four game homestand. Against the cleaver and railroad murders today through Sunday. After that the wing nuts will be gone from Lawrence Dumont for more than three weeks during the national baseball congress World Series site the next four days. Chance to go see the wing nuts. Lawrence Dumont stadium for the leave town for a bit. Where's this last hour gave away four tickets to go to the willingness to agree listener and giveaway to the four back tomorrow. Okay suited for your chance tomorrow here on Stevenson and we know it's tickets season nuts. The we had golf action to 147. Version of the British Open is underway in Scotland at Carnoustie. Current leader at five under par in the clubhouse is American Kevin prisoner. He competed here in Wichita at the Wichita open a couple times while you're past decade and now he's current. Leader at the British Open which is still. Lot of golfers on the course that you talked about them before and many great young golfers we saw we've seen here Nardelli comes in your area and then they end up doing amazing things on the on the PGA tour that's. So yes we'll be watching the British Open is that continues. Get a Minor League Baseball update on a former Wichita State pitcher AJ elaborate wig. He's in double A with the Detroit Tigers right now when the eerie scene wolves. Flatly yesterday went five and a third beings only gave up a couple of runs and picked up the wins his sixth win of the season. The former shocker AJ Latin way he has forty wins now in the minor leagues. Yet he still trying to get up the latter and former shoppers in double layer right now with the tigers. Sports was Stephen Ted KN NS I did eight funny one now keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. He's gonna talk about co Reid and the Democrats vote that's coming up Stephen Ted in the morning on K and the ants ants.