Cargill Protein headquarters now under construction at 825 E. Douglas

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 19th

A local business update with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal


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H. Three main things free digital closed today for location of Amazon's second headquarters. In the state university decaf budget after enrollment dropped. Plus save recounting reported a finalist for a Tyson Foods chicken processing plant in big things even dead on Kate and a sense. Traffic updates here on the Thursday morning commute we do you have a report of some smoke outside in near hairy in Seneca and crews checking on that report. And we do you have a forgery in progress we have police heading to the scene in the 6100 block of west Kellogg at Wal-Mart there check on that report. Traffic updates from Kate in SS. Here with Steve instead. And that. Traffic update is brought to you by Joseph Bravo and Carl's Goodyear tire it's located downtown at market and Waterman. And in the east cherry street mall or online at Carl's tired dot com. Your home for complete car care of children Brahma and Carl's Goodyear tires. Sunny today with a high of eighty degrees mostly clear tonight the overnight low 57 bright and sunny and windy tomorrow's high 76. Now partly cloudy fifty degrees a southeast wind at seven miles per hour. Stephen 10 in the morning it was an odd day earlier this week for one Alaska animal control officer who took a call about an alligator. Drawing an outgoing its best of this is in Alaska. I'll Wasilla resident called I'm on one after realizing the more than four foot long alligator named Alley couldn't live in the tub anymore. Rescue group Bally acquire extra Alley and Sheridan Perkins older of the rescue group says Alley is a three year old American alligator. Perdue says she has thought about re holding Alley in Florida at the alligators. While still a second run in this year with a large reptiles. In May a seventeen foot python named its I am. Went missing for several days. Before reappearing in his home's living room of the lower left the door open for him that's a nice friendly pet to have a seventeen foot. I thought. A community advocate in Michigan. Has been ordered not to attend open casket funerals as part of a plea deal reached in a theft case. Art wins last. Was accused of taking a Detroit Pistons hat. A Timex watch and to bowling Alley range from a casket. During a funeral service for his coworkers father in Monday two outs. The Flint journal reports he was sentenced Monday to one day in jail and five years probation. As part of his sentence was left also was ordered to pay a 5000 dollar fine to the humane society. As requested. By the victims of the guy goes to an open casket funeral. For one of his co workers on others and he seals pistons as I mix watched and to bowling Alley ring highly inappropriate. Very inappropriate. That needs to be it. Punished update 851 now Stephen Ted on KE NN assessing new building in downtown Wichita under construction. Let's find out more over the editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal the morning bill. Good morning Steve intend the act constructionist officially started on the new Cargile protein headquarters in downtown. The opus group is building the 190000. Square foot building at 825 east Douglas. It'll include a parking garage with room for about 800 vehicles construction is expected to last about a year. Cargill were relocate from its headquarters of 151 north main mirror trust credit union. We'll take its place in that building. Expansion also for what to buy health care provider the Wichita and a prodigy group is building an ambulatory surgery center. In northeast Wichita and is it's expanding its main clinic. At 818 north Emporia. President Danny Moussa says that ten physician practices running out of space. The two projects estimated cost roughly 3.2 million dollars. And there are eight million people in the United States who call themselves vegetarians or begin. Wallets have as a released its list of the cities with the best options for vegetarians and begins. Wichita was not in the top ten New York number one problem by Portland at Orlando San Francisco and Los Angeles. Wichita came in 84. And that's right behind Detroit. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess it Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm new role. He's got a flashback to that film that was out several years ago my big fat Greek wedding. Right. Hall where the women overseas to gain Greek women which up I know lot about this as you know degree Miller saying that the young man these the groom he don't meet meet. Represent the but you're only out on meet that again. We don't eat meat will serve him lamb. Yeah I. Thought I guess it did begin to I it's probably good for it and you can lose weight and all of that but you know. Somethings in life you gotta have been down and got him big cheese burger rib I don't think. Well that's that's my deal I can't I can't do the vegetarian vegan thing I am definitely a carnivore you know but you can go to slice it to motto on your backhand than your your okay right UB. Sort of begin to waive your right. Well nominal pass on the tomato past let us. Need to now you may have a solid not wanna salad that's that's what that's for him maybe what you're demos and sort of all meat salad for you guys with lower interest at that. Okay I I go for that this is national get Smart about credit day mystified that much you know it's not that gets marked the militant. You know any people from time to time I know people I'm not gonna get too personal about it and hope people have gotten a little over there and don't. On credit because you know it's really easy to charge stuff. And not think about that the exorbitant interest rates you have to make up. A many of the banks and and financial companies around the country are helping try to help young people cannot be responsible about their credit habits. Now I'm just really have to watch it it's easy to slide. But man if you don't. Take care of it you know if you don't monitor important near at hand drew where he can be should give very simple like Ian never buy anything. Like her luck she. Exactly you know and you know you have lunch did you did fuel to take you out to lunch sometime. I've looked that OK I got a few days off coming up here and I'm just to take you to watch. We can go to we you'd anyplace you wanna go. The Indy candlelight if you wanna have and what time does gestures open and a yeah. By the way you'll be limited to three dollars and think it out there you go that that they are now we're back to normal and you pick up the tip as well. Think that we can build up of what a Smart about credit day guys coming up here at 9 o'clock McCain is as news at nine. Deadline for bids for that Amazon's second headquarters that story in more news all the way seated at the morning on K and a sense.