Catching Up With Dan Stockemer & Krista Sanderson

The Good Life
Saturday, July 14th
Guy's old friend Dan Stockemer checks in to talk about the "Movie Night Under The Stars" coming up at  Prairie Hill Vineyards in Colwich. And Krista Sanderson joins Guy to talk bout her new book "Eat Real" cookbook.

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Daniel what about the program last view usually we do give way around that time and we were gonna give away a week for two. And Tuscany courtesy of stuff that woman cook. And they'll. Which we decided that Max would of one met no matter what you would have been on all non does it custom woman cook chicken out. On the public is Dan's talk where you've heard me talk about. Perino vineyards a beautiful place to grow grapes. Here in Kansas yes you and birds here and Dan has built what I think is probably one of the coolest. Event venues. Paradise or even a honeymoon suite and you don't have to get Mary stated you're just a department head. And neck he puts on some great events of one of them is. A long time ago I set up a deal through our chapter red India where. The producer husband and wife team of bottle shock. Came to town and turned they met Dan and when it amounts to the vineyard and it is. I gave in my Cadillac legal Lou the countryside at a big time and Dan's been carrying on that tradition of bottle shock for many years damn what with a program. Thank god that. That's true it was the beginning of my interest and ultra. Yeah and what a great movie and it doesn't matter how many times you've seen it. It's still a great movie tell us about the event and how folks can be a part of it. It's OK I agree kerosene at seven times and I want it again so we scheduled for next Friday that we from last night from. Well we're gonna start date thirty probably get dark about nine and so wait dirty and hot dogs burgers and a team. People can come out if they bring a lawn chair they can get in the grass will have a future around tables available as well. And the idea just a great time watching a movie will have about current available are I think we've got a question and dollars. For the whole car of people coming in and then. Part yeah that's ten dollars and then what we're going to do for kids under two under. Well like dollars though bring the kid that too because it's Sam and. Boy you can again. And the pavilion is so cool and you're investing a lot of money and having that technology set up so it's not just going to be like an inflatable screen and a home movie thing of this is a pretty big deal. Yeah I got it got Cameron out and make it mostly a well worked and we were getting people like ever so. We did I am looking out now 300 teachers that out over the lawn as beautiful. Wedding that being prepared and it's it's really tough guy having to go to weddings every weekend in such a great time out here. A wedding for all the wonderful young people. Amendment is great so how does somebody get involved do I need reservations to come out on Friday the twentieth. 830 to eleven. This. Should go up it's like going to the movies I'm not gonna require him but it will have enough hot dogs we run short will. Go get some more we're basically thinking maybe I don't know hundred people were see how many shot what if who if we had 25 people have a great time we have heard it like a code birders out. Well while much you can do is go to FaceBook. Eight in in the event section and then cruise up movie night under the stars July 20. At least mark whether your interests that are going and can be a partner at. That be great we we've got a whole budget interest I mean war under some I mean it's. But I think we'll see how many show up I'm excited to either move got cold so many people about it that. He could never seeing bottle like I don't like it's earth like. Wind 101 to understand that accounting and am what happened and why in the world you know 3040 years ago to create. This amazing. Industry that bought them from them. 21 of opening Dan stock of where burial vineyards the event is next Friday July 28301130. Atop the call which do you think college where that. These go west on Kellogg was it to fifteen unit and the. Right if it came right at Goddard and it turned north and next thing you know you're there about 37 treat north than. What fun Dan have a great weekend my friend. I wanna go to Italy. I'll keep you posted so you. Are I would take a more quick break the old. We have with. Yeah let's do that. OK so I get a book a press release about a book and to make it more fun and more interesting it's a local go. Crist are you there. Christen. Are you are how. I'm fat Nobel Internet pretty good thanks for the book. Of course this is so cool we're gonna talk about the book in a separate. Shows some time. But let's talk about what you're doing in the Kansas grown farmer's market on July 21. Yet since Saturday lightly hurt and ninety M. We're gonna do a cooking demonstration highlighting an impression and even ingredient right now and were indeed you let it. Crummy route could. Inland and Andy. Are available and we're gonna do but they'll. If you like the iBook and have it fine I mean I would be happy but if you wrap it needs one highlight bikinis and communal. It's called you know gone Mediterranean. And it. Quick and easy meal we're gonna add some local passage. To it but it could be an grad degree army and the other recipe is using. Fresh. Court on the top. Telling people a couple quick kept it cut off the cot at opt them around and Al. That funds such as this coming year when you get some really great karma like made. Lobster corn chowder last week. And it is speed at a year and yes corn has some. Some health things that are may be less desirable depending on your dive but the reality of it is. It's good for you and it makes such as in the soup with almost sweet because the corn with. But this ballot all that work and cucumber. And it got to honey I'm Democrat. And it worked and some other veggie though. And great balance of flavored or you're not just eating corn. Well I like it in the book that it is going to be available to get autographed copy is called eat real cookbook twentieth date kick start. Gain real health eating real food. I love the way it's laid out because anybody who has. Used a cookbook and assemble the recipe no matter what your skills are. And you do all your miss some clouds and you get ready in a cookbook page keeps flop and in my life as yellow sticky uses. You know to put back and forth and this gives you recipes that are all on one page with the beautiful picture and its spiral bound. And that in Arab. And it has been people that popped out and the act that up on your counter that. Make it seem pretty handy. And look at you flavored popcorn. Three ways. And Obama. Everything from light sweet treats snacks appetizers. But not at cricket being ill but it doesn't give you an idea or or weeks. How do you parent on Terry and I gather they can indeed be a possible to just eat healthy and make it pink at the. And pictures and birth I talk about. Tuscan food in Nam look him through all of your spouse weak pathetic Alfred top. Newton I mean. So it is it is really. Pretty healthy stuff but but don't don't look at that is a bad thing their so. So magnate recipes. Oh right that is focusing on real stated that it's showing people that early can be simple Egypt are unreal and organ hawkish option adamant it. Folks it's at the Kansas grow farmer's market and I think earlier. I might have misspoken said the you'll come farmer's market. That's notable on the ground yet there are red area in its July 21 what time you go on on. 9 o'clock in their demonstrations at and which would be battered like that. Out west corner of the market you may have an outdoor demonstration kitchen. And 9 o'clock. Which can be there but. Library you know. I now. It well you know I might be able to make it started at nine you read them Bataan in. At port and a with a tree well I look forward to media. One where the other animal talk more about the book and and you can introduce beaten on new your partner. At her and weaken. Will have some fun talking about the book and in what you guys of that you've got a great website. They ill will share all that next time we talk will be our analysts. Found. Have a beautiful weekend thanks a lot. Again the real cookbook. And it's right around the corner July 21. Next week next Saturday at 9 AM at the Kansas room. You can cooking demo. You can support a local gal who's done some great work. And you can learn more real America dot com website. That will more break we come back my favorite. Time of the show normally I would start that segment with a full of the work that beautiful popping sound that make sure live smack. Now that way. If you hear about this one and its own though. Less than eleven dollars. I know about it right after this quick though.