Catching Up With Dr. Dennis Ross

The Good Life
Saturday, June 24th
Dr. Dennis Ross is Guy's guest in the wrap up of this weeks adventure in "Food, Wine, & Fun" for your ears. Dr. Ross & Guy discuss Dr. Ross's event on the second of July, which is free to the first 1,500 people. The free event includes a BBQ and more. Additional info is available at

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Good afternoon welcome back to the program while he caught those first three segments with Allen being there if you didn't you know you can always. McCain has a radio dot com start drilling down the upon the good life and listed by date and net and segment and you can learn more about the theater wineries beautiful red wine it's not. It's not your school might read that it it's a little pricey it's not available here we have added year. But it was a while back and now pretty much everything goes direct from the winery to you're. To your doorstep and actually were able to do. Soviet air dot com the Hampshire joining me now is doctor Dennis Ross Dennis is and his wife and have spearheaded this. Wonderful event that's coming up to celebrate my birthday July 2 in holy cross Lutheran Church you know that's that. Beautiful building on the east side of a Greenwich is north of controller by the airfield. Doctor Roth welcomed the program. Thank you as great career man that sounds like so much fun and then. You attack on the fact that it's tree. They're not going to be great I I think it's going to be a great event for the community and we're looking forward to having people come to Europe. This is you don't there's a lot of things going on give us a start to finish start time. And what folks need to do if they wanna be a participant. Well first of all you mention it's free it'll start at 630. We have a barbecue meal all that we're providing. Will be for the first 15100 guests over a period of 15110. Concern gonna miss out probably but is pulled pork. Hot links being cookie in the drink. That's at 630 or old German band will be playing poker is around seven there's 745. SM 45 we have applied over with there's Sturm and pipelines. At 8 o'clock our church schoolchildren. Are gonna leave the crowd. And singing some familiar tunes like Yankee Doodle Dandy take me out the ball game. This is violent. And then at 830 it was sky divers and there are going to be bringing in the flag. At 840 we have the color guard from McConnell. Aren't deliberate colors and then a concert starts. We have an eighty member choir 45 piece orchestra out by the late. Will be singing an hourlong concert mixture of Americana type music can patriotic music. So that is going to be 1812 overture by the orchestra and I did get the cannons from the Kansas National Guard for that. And then following that fire works display it well it's going to be a grip and a great opportunity to. Celebrate our our country's freedom and independence and great time I think for everyone. Oh. I. Am saddened and I'm not going to be there probably haven't fund on Florida but. And man 6:30 PM on July 2 Sunday. Bring chairs and blankets. What a treat and what a great entertainment and gets. We certainly showed not only you and and thank you but Alan Galloway chairman Sander diamond and security first title and of course the Coke family. Perot. That's a great supporters and and our church we have got a hundred volunteers that help with us. Because it does take a lot of effort to spur crowd decides yeah so. You know it it's going to be a great time probably need to bring a little sunscreen if it's early in the evening and maybe some water rule out water bottle water for sale. But the rest of things are really for. Well when a great event I Eric congratulations. I hope it goes well I hope the weather cooperates in. And you just have a lot of fun. Thank you very much happier at thanks a lot of going in different wheels via. Again July 2 holy cross Lutheran Church it just north of central on Greenwich on the east side of the road. Beautiful so a lot of grass space lot of grounds. But you wanna get their shortly before 630 and researcher of blankets and you know bring him a little cooler. A chill bag with some water and it would probably appropriate as well. On other things going on that and I did mention this the beginning the commodity drove block party. This is at all things barbecue it is part of their world tour goes to 0:3 PM today. At shepherd Gephardt is there doing cooking demos food samplings. They've got some great sales uncle moderate joked. Cookers you can read it and don't forget if you go to AT BBQ dot com. Check out the cooking classes they've got. Both July and August and there and they fill up so fast. AT BBQ dot com sign up for the email lists the follow some of the stuff the goes on the Schumer and educational. Things that is going to be a part of and then also finally this other thing. I can't wait there's so many fun things going on this when goes both seven it started at noon and it's the first ever which is talk talk go fast. And so my favorite restaurant for participating. It's five dollars to get in kids under fiber free. Dollar per sample pot samples us talk they got shipments also margaritas beer. Patrol in particular Booth on the idea that went well. And a great food vendors. Be a lot of fun and that's right there Union Station seminal monies Douglas and again it goes to 7 PM open have great success I think we couldn't ask for better weather data have an up or bill. There's a lot of boy next week this was so cool I had the opportunity. To visit with. The VP of marketing on one education for royal warrant company. The biggest producer. And importer of Kosher one. From all over the globe including California. And he was such an hour ago we have so much fun but every record as well because. They observed Saturday as the holy day of course and they couldn't do but it worked out good of them to be in Florida. On a boat with the poor Fuller shot manei. And some. Mac. And get ready that the birth. So IOC you live from the studio in two weeks put student next week it's really. An interesting show the government soap on the popular could've been could've talked for two hours excellence. More than that every weekend enjoy the outside whether we'll see here on Cain assessments we've.