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Friday, May 18th
It must be entertainment news in "The Blur"

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Seated at a memorial and taking an existing Macintosh said look we're now at 8:30 here on Friday morning. President Trump's choice to lead the CIA. Has won the job becoming the first woman to lead the spy agency. Gina hassles nomination renewed the debate over the CIA's post 9/11 enhanced interrogation program we'll do this or is nothing less of a referendum. On torture. Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy before that vote that did confirm fastball would support of six senate Democrats. She is by many accounts the most qualified person. The president could have chosen to lead the CIA. Intelligence committee chairman Richard Burr and the committee's top Democrat Mark Warner supported castle. Hassell has said in hindsight the CIA's interrogation program should not have happened on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. The City Council recently approved changes in which a toss fireworks ordinance. Fire chief Tammy snow tells Kate and as says news of the law why is almost the same as in the past. That's the portion that has changed is enforcement's part on July 3 an on July 4. The there will be enforcement by which off our department and also teamed up with the law enforcement officer. And we will patrol areas from 8 o'clock at night at 2 in the morning. In world actually have right fireworks. Violation tickets. Find a four violation 250 dollars chief snow is our guest this weekend on issues 20:18. Sunday morning at eight on CNN assessed as his breaking news we're getting you know report set an active shooter. Situation in Santa Fe Texas. There's a lockdown in place but we have and no more information right now they're just to the report of an active. Shooter situation in Santa Fe Texas. Registration is now open for which because annual neighborhood night out. Which role play take place on the evening of Tuesday August 14. You can start registering now if it's something that you know you wanted to be of all with us. You're still thinking about gives them time to talk your neighbors and get a plan together to be involved in this year's which stop. Neighborhood night out. It's officer Charlie Davidson says neighborhoods and registering make it possible for the police fire and other city staff to stop by these events. Neighborhoods may register online at Wichita dot the city of San Diego is held accountable for the disease outbreak that killed almost two dozen people. A grand jury finds the city and county did not coordinate well enough to slow down the spread of hepatitis a that left twenty people dead. It was the worst outbreak of that disease in two decades in the country and spread through that city promised a year the report found the city did not do enough to keep the city clean. And slow its spread among homeless people. The mayor Kevin Falconer agrees saying it correctly points out that there was no playbook to deal with it and says they'll expand homeless services to build these shelters and restroom facilities. Can Duffy Fox News final preparations. The bill went underway today that feverish speculation behind making Markel issued a statement that are out it will not becoming to her wedding to Prince Harry. They can't help it suit. He reportedly had them then inserted on blocks and then the arteries. Markel mother -- Iraq and arrived in London on Wednesday she had met Prince Charles and his wife Camilla the dutchess of Cornwall. And that meeting has instead you have been quote jolly. The bride to be mother often met Prince William IK and their small children. This is the bridal party courses the truth than others involved in the wedding carry out rehearsal on Thursday in winter in winter England Amy Kellogg Fox News. Now the forecast with Kagan as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday did morning Dan good morning an area of high pressure over the central part of the country is going to give us more warm and dry weather heading into this afternoon in fact temperatures running well above average for this time in May or high 87. Tonight our chance of thunderstorms increases says the system moves in from the west. Down to sanity and storms possible on Saturday afternoon. Our high tomorrow night he won and are better chance of thunderstorms on Saturday night I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. NS has used I now 834. Here on a Friday morning with Stephen Ted in the morning in days of Ridder chain accused of ten or bird day has supporters his right to it yes sir of one of the host of the popular MTV show catfish being accused of misconduct. MTV has halted production on its popular series catfish. Because of sexual misconduct allegations against its host need Sony. Details of the allegations were not revealed but the accusations surfaced earlier this week into YouTube videos. Posted by a woman who appeared on the show three years ago. And CDS releases statement saying they're taking the allegations very seriously and a working with a third party production company to conduct a thorough investigation and for his part need showman has denied the charges. I'm Mike God's name Fox News. It has now been announced which National Football League team will be the subject of this year's edition of HBO's got you series hard knocks has her own sixteen season the cameras will be on the Cleveland Browns this off season. That's part of the trailer for the HBO series hard knocks which this year old document the browns and their effort to rebound after going winless last season the footage in the trailer appeared to focus on the transition with the team's first round draft picks in baker mayfield and Denzel war. As well as with new general manager John Dorsey hard knocks has followed the priest he's not an NFL team since its inception in 2001. Covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season the series is set to premiere in August on HBO Matt Paul taught how Fox News. It continues royal wedding mania. 600 invited guests will be inside saint George's chapel at Windsor Castle to witnessed Prince Harry and meg and Markel become husband and wife. Prince William will be prince Harry's side as his best man Megan Markel will not have a maid of honor. But the couple's god children including princess Charlene and prince George. And the children of their close friends will make a crew of six bridesmaids and four page voice after the hour long ceremony both families will stand on the steps and waved to the newlyweds. As they leave their ceremony in the asked Scotland's isle carriage. Pulled my Windsor great horses for procession through Windsor in Windsor Lorne plants or Fox News. There could be a new complex taking the title of largest mall in North America the Miami Dade county commission voting in favor of American dream Miami. Take a look at says Jessica holly is 7 NEWS Miami has the story. The American dream Miami a mega complex packed with shopping and entertainment and even an amusement park. Set to be the biggest of its kind in the nation but the biggest deal was yet to be done the developer triple five making its case before the county commission. It's about jobs first and foremost. It's about helping small businesses and working men and women in this community. This enormous complex of four billion dollar development northwest Miami Dade would creating an estimated 141000 jobs but not everyone is convinced the public strongly divided stop. Yeah. She is jobs jobs jobs and in the end. Version verses eleven to one no vote on the re zoning is next and if all goes as expected this project will move forward with an opening day. And the year 20/20 two. This is expected to be a four billion dollar retail and entertainment complex while new in the Miami area. A stake a look at the sitcom. Last man standing the actors. Fans from bringing the last man standing back to TV it was canceled by ABC last year but was revived by thoughts and season seven will air this. All all of us it didn't show of course we look good crew Leo look at. But the fact this is O'Brien back and his people out there. As for theories politics had something to do with its original cancellation as the central character is conservative and. No I had ABC music class organization that. The layers of how things are made money is that I find so hot rods all the build on the right driver and that's fun getting the money everybody is on. How much is it worth the box this is their show and they build and show and this there's this studio now it's back with the studio that made it. He says it was also a matter of having more stories to tell their visit yeah. Here's a good. Around six years it's just look over into your body of the scene feel. Ashley you've. Mark and Fox News that was actor Tim Allen you are hearing from in that story about the sitcom last man standing. What is that big model list and turn off that computer now and yes it's an old classic. In the movies it looks like it's gonna be re released. 2001 a space Odyssey is being re released in seventy millimeter print by Warner Bros. Pictures in select theaters across the country today. This year marks fifty years since the groundbreaking science fiction film by director Stanley Kubrick first came out director Christopher Nolan was tasked with on restoring the movie stripping it down to its original camera negative. So no digital edits were effects of Hal 9000 the computer or astronaut Dave Bowman. It goes well. I'm sorry days. I'm afraid I can't do that Warner Bros. is also planning home entertainment released later this year in four K resolution this conversation and so there's no purpose anymore. The bond Tania Jack powers Fox News. You know. Elizabeth a look at the the movies coming out this weekend at the box office dead pool two will certainly be featured it. I'm Jacqueline Carl a documentary called Whitney premiered at Cannes Film Festival there. Always my sixth body was jealous I must do better. It's about late singer Whitney Houston and brings to light things about the singer's life such as being molested as a child. Houston died in 2012. From what was ruled an accidental drowning in a bathtub. Whitney Al July 7. We'll have to form a super duper. Group to give Beckham Linkedin. That's a look at 20th Century Fox is dead pool to starring Ryan Reynolds whose character recruits mutants to help save a young boy from a villain. Industry analysts predicting it'll taken about 130. Million in its debut weekend. The first dead pool broke box office records when it opened in February 2016. Dead pool two out this weekend. That's fox filmed on Fox News. And we have a birthday today actor bill Macy. Isn't 96 today. And bill me girls. Mauled husband hit on the mall at Lamar rocket was it isn't sure Steve Martin he had a key role in my favorite year. Bill Macy. Waited my favorite year you were there were you as well Ryder and but yeah yeah yeah really good Carriker. It's funny and in ninety played later on history played one of the old people that know sign built parents moved in with in Florida. Sign up. Bill Macy funny guys ninety silks today don't Boca Vista I believe they'll look at this dress up a see live view anniversary today you. Forty years ago tonight was the final episode of the sitcom fish. Fish or fish spin off of Barney Miller you know they've been gilded they don't let detective Phil fish. And they did a spin off within the course that didn't pan. Character played maybe you and I don't like and after the godfather I couldn't I couldn't have him anymore is that yeah. So I the end had his own children earlier U fish them that that's finale was 240 years ago tonight. It was also forty years ago on this day at the movie the Buddy Holly story had its world premiere in Houston. Starring Gary Busey as Buddy Holly. And this only get pretty good reviews for its pretty entertaining movie because it KEY at the time and we actually had a screening for the for the announcers and jacks that are special screening. And he was very convinced I liked it and then look. A few years ago you and I got to go to an event at the orpheum theatre downtown. Where they had a screening of the movie and Gary Busey was there and Buddy Holly is widow of the man. And if we don't nice which is obviously very that Gary Busey had fallen off his motorcycle one too many times now. He figured in fact Gary Busey got nominated for an Oscar for after you do that movie that the other nominees that a year lower were. Robert De Niro Warren Beatty Laurence Olivier and Jon Voight. Good luck out and Jon Voight won that year for coming home. But Gary Busey got an Oscar nomination for the Buddy Holly story came out forty years ago today it seems you Gary BC played football copy well. You held that was wanted to stops along the line. And he got nominated for an Oscar how about another again absolutely Ugandan guiding Dawes and Butler that passed away it. Thirty years ago today. When you know done well OK you know don't believe that he was the voice of Wally Gator Yogi Bear. Bill Roy Jackson quit drama draw huddled close huckleberry down hey doggy doggy. Captain Crunch chilly Willy and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of others. The voices that you've heard throughout your lifetime cartoon voices there Butler here's an old Gaza Butler when he introduced a product enters the voice of Captain Crunch. Funds followed by. This is well low though when film white whale and beautiful and she's good at helping introduce them Burrell and no Captain Crunch cereal. Well well well I well wrong and I. There is gotten gradually been really grinds. Could speak when he got I'm gonna look good news and about Friday. I play very. Dogs Butler what a great voice he passed away thirty years ago today. And let's finish up with a with joke from last night the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon on NB. See I feel less lever is going to be at the royal wedding this weekend like Serena Williams The Spice Girls. Yeah but Yani how do ours keep you know he's set I think I got in Dayton by mistake this envelope was addressed to laurel. And I can't get hurdles laurel in the on more day. Entertainment news in the bowlers multi legged friends at pizza Johns and Dana located right off at 8158208. Self Baltimore they're closed on Sunday to get down there today. And tomorrow pizza Johns in her feet 844 now Stephen did. Coming up Vanderbilt law in which the business journal. Recognizing the best in business and keep them morning on Kate and SS.