CBS's Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special on Sunday evening

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 4th

We also discuss the 'King of the Moon'; it's entertainment news in "The Blur"...


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This kid SS which could cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's 30 Stevens on the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. A slave processing plant in Hutchinson has closed costing 77 people their jobs CHS ink. Announced Friday that the Hutchinson plant was one of three it was closing. As it moves out of soybean protein production the others were in crashed in Iowa and its innovation and technology center at Eagan Minnesota. Another forecast with Candace has stepped meteorologist Dan Holliday can mornings and the. Morning a strong cold front is going to be sweeping across Wichita today but not for a nice warmup this morning. Will certainly want to savor this because much colder air will move in this afternoon with strong gusty northwest winds. Low humidity is and the strong winds will create a fire danger throughout especially this afternoon and overnight our temperature drops in the upper twenties. Clearing by tomorrow in fifty I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays it is when you know south been gusting to 37 miles per hour and cloudy sky and. 63 degrees. A special Kansas legislative committee on public school funding is having its first meeting today. To start working a response to a State Supreme Court order to boost funding the committee's daylong session at the state health includes a briefing from the attorney general's office. The Supreme Court ruled in October of that state aid to public schools remains constitutionally an adequate. Even with a new law phasing in a 293. Million dollar increase over two years to make it four point three billion dollars annually. The court directed lawmakers to enacting new law before July. The committee's chairman is Republican representative Blaine finch of Ottawa he also as the house judiciary committee's chairman. The panel's eleven members include the senate majority and minority leaders and the chairs of the house and senate budget committees. Phil Noble brand KE SS news Kansas maybe. In closer to adding another memorial for president Dwight Eisenhower at the Statehouse in Topeka the State's capital preservation committee is set to meet Thursday its agenda includes a presentation from the state department of administration about a statue honoring Eisenhower on the Statehouse grounds. Governor Sam Brownback has advocated honorary Knight with the statue outside and his administration has been working on the idea for about four years. The state added a plaque for the president and supreme allied commander during World War II. To the statehouses sidewalk walk of honor in 2015. Eisenhower grew up an Abilene the visitor center also has a small statue of like in front of a sign with his photo and a quote from him about statesmanship. Rodney prize Canadian assets. News hundreds of aircraft including two dozen stealth jets begin training as United States and South Korea. Launched a massive combined air force exercise. The war games come a week after North Korea test fired its most powerful missile ever. And ICBM that may be able to target the eastern seaboard of the United States the Supreme Court will hear a case tomorrow about a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding. And the bigger Jack Phillips of masterpiece cake shop in Lakewood Colorado is citing his First Amendment right to exercise his religious freedom. Adding he should not be forced to make a case for a ceremony that goes against his beliefs. At issue Colorado as an anti discrimination act dating back to 1885 meant to protect black Americans. That law has expanded over the years to now include sexual orientation. Lawyers for Phillips will argue the First Amendment trumps any state law. Similar arguments were made by businesses in the segregation era south to deny service to blacks. And those arguments went nowhere Tom Graham Fox News. The office holiday party is getting shaken up as reports of sexual misconduct by famous and powerful men. And many companies thinking harder about how to stop bad behavior in the workplace. A survey shows fewer companies will serve alcohol this year than last year but. Human resources experts say that's stuff. A man who says the earth is flat is once again going to try to fire himself often is rocket to see how high you can ago. Mikey uses a 61 year old former limo driver turned at rocket builder after his launch is postponing California's Mojave Desert because you don't have the proper permits to launch. He says he's going to attempt another launch today on private property. The goal is to just get into the air and withstand a 500 mile an hour speeds at some point his life he does hope to get into space to prove the earth is flat. Carlos what a risky. Okay which turned up edges now the edge which keeps all the oceans Ian is a hundred BT put ice wall which is an larnaca. The Bureau of Land Management which had stopped his last attempt said this time he's doing it on private property so Beilein has no role anymore. Jack skip Rosenthal Fox News. 835 now Stephen did in the morning here on a Monday December of fort bend attacked the player entertainment news it's Edward Woodward this morning. Talking about the changing. Sound off country music. And it it might be morphing into some different territory use them let's take a look at fox chats with some country artists about that topic. Country music is constantly evolving these days lots of artists tap into their pop and rock influences at the steamy is the guys from low cash spoke about how does help genre grow and gave them credit to Taylor Swift. She's still my okay and the fans keep pouring in from I tell us your right. Hold another genre fans. We thank everybody for their tickets for many younger kids and and that's as you want us to let facility I don't know the guys are better. Yeah you still have your your traditional. So have you your home country so your rock country. Chris lane agrees that country encompassing a variety of sounds brings more listeners ends. Deadly the most brought us everything and they that I guess a good thing because it brings so many people. Everywhere else independent whether they like country music or maybe they hear a song about. From certain artist whether the new cars over us and we've been around for awhile that brings them over to country music experience. Perhaps live or again Fox News. The Kennedy Center honors took place last night recognizes some Hollywood's most legendary art this one person who was not at the ceremony president Donald Trump. Who announced few months ago that he would not be attending. Gloria as the font and honoree for the night says it was probably better that trump stayed away. I think the president very much for taking the high road and allowing. Them performers to enjoy. Very hired plot thing because neither can Norman Lear 95 this is a lifetime. Career you know. Reference in their Norman Lear and honoree who stated that if trump did come he would boycott. From stayed away in Norman earlier was there. Let's take a look at the weekend box office what are we going to see at the movies. I'm Steve Rappaport the top five remained the same thanks to a sleepy post Thanksgiving weekend with no new major releases easily leading the way. Yes yes. The animated musical cocoa grossing an estimated 26 point one million dollars superheroes hold on to second place there's. Forward. It's only hair Justice League taking in sixteen point six million the family friendly drama wonder finished third. This case there's any in out of me I eat I would like him I swear I don't have a MySpace. Followed by four rag in Iraq and daddy's home to the most successful new release like Cotts that is. Right it's real active rock around but the dress you'll before your shoes ultimately your friends. James Franco's the disaster artist coming in at number twelve collecting one point two million that's fox some film. Entered your movies for the weekend. Birthday today happy birthday to game show host wake Martin dale 84 years old today agreeing. Legendary host of the game show. Tick tack clue. Love that. It was fifteen years ago on this day actor comedian Burt. Lar passed away horse he played cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. I'd fifty years ago on this day at the age of 72. Tonight is well. Tonight it. Something that. Is great for Broadway or maybe some people would say is not so great for broad public should be the judge tonight Steve it's opening night on Broadway for the huge musical spectacular. Sponge Bob square dance. To be good. I'm sure Helen Hayes and Mary Martin are rolling over in their graves and Ethel Merman and this is the kids for the live with the Broadway has changed. By my grandkids watch this and they think it's nothing that I never heard any of them ever. Ever laugh out loud anything in this and bombs that. The big opening number and an ethical as bikini bottom day. Opening night tonight on broad base and Bob square pants last night on CBS. The Carol Burnett fiftieth anniversary special. As the CBS honored Carol for all the things he's done over the years she talks about how CBS agreed to give her a one hour variety ship. The network would have to give me 31. Hour. Comedy variety shows and they sent me all I know all of the comedy variety shows there posted by mid and you know since Caesar. Jackie Gleason Milton Berle Dean Martin this when he said. This is not really for you gals. Hot. Comedy variety is a man's game well. Here we are at fifty years later and we're having one hell was well. Carroll also talks about her longtime friend and costume designer Bob Mackie. And character. Mrs. Munis. Many times I didn't know how I was going to do it character. Until I saw what Bob who's going to put me and hit back I mean I'd I didn't know I was gonna do occur so the night. Let's show the this (%expletive) this is what Bob suggested OK I just one I hope will play you play chip maker into one of those ten girls. You see here at CBS Digisette indeed yes he did their nails and Wesley Clark that. And so actually mrs. Wiggins with somebody the puck IQ ferry never visited again. I love that this is a big enough great characters. Martin shorts. Adding the appearance on the show last night and I call you market. Think that comes across little pushy. I don't call me what my kids call me mister short don't be fun. I'm my god look at that worrying if yet someone's made money then. Do the best. And there's a discussion about Harvey Korman Bill Hader was thought you would care about that you know the thing I love that are needed who has them. To learn that the wolf man Soliai I've got that timing of the wolf yeah and it broke assistance so much talk about where some users. That alms and do you man sending into DC and then she did in those things is then you. Some excitement PBS last night that Carol Burnett fiftieth anniversary special. And we'll finish with a birthday today how about Jethro Bodine. Yes actor Max Bayard junior from the Beverly Hillbillies. Is eighty years old today. And railroads AD this rope belts and rubio wanted to be king of the moon. Yeah. Thank plays god thank. You can go to that market but many would you tell her wasn't hundred pounds I gave no deliberate bought an astronaut and. This tournament Red Cross the W pick it up a kind of slipped a little bit below what could probably ought to move. The police permit acres and acres of green cheese so warm and beautiful women. And in this back and I don't wanna be real bit and I don't you come in not who's coming back. All you thought I you know did among the at bat opposed. Yeah. Aging of the moon and yeah and grow is it was gimme busy all the time beckoned and smacks against that three times in women men. Energy. The news in the blurred crop they are good friends at speeds of John's and dirt and it. There there Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM as you head on down to 815 you stop in at 208 cell Baltimore. And you have yourself a tasty pizza fire right there at pizza Johnson didn't turn me 43 down Stevenson. He's been here before which is a business journal editor bill Roy talking about that new Cargill plant plan would stop. That's all the way Stevens did in the morning on tape and assess asks.