Celebrate National Kitchen Klutzes Day

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Are you any good in the kitchen?

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And good deeds and there's an unknown just for a game. Eight minutes says. Stephen in the morning here at 845 of for the Wednesday morning three big things me. Which about Wesley medical center planning for a multimillion. Dollar renovations and citizens and City Council debate location of a youth swimming pool. And did take woman's wedding ring at gunpoint in northeast Wichita. Craving things Steven's dead 01 K and SAS. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning. And a little bit unsettled at some price size T 72 a gallon but down around to 169. As well traffic on K and aunts passed. Brought to you by just province Carlos Goodyear tire hit it down down at market and Waterman. In the east every street Paul and online Carl's tired dot com your home we'll complete starts here. Partly cloudy with a 20% chance for rain today and a high near 89 degrees. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight lows 71 Thursday mostly sunny and breezy. With a high of 96 scoring back up tomorrow. Now partly cloudy 74 degrees near the northeast wind at nine miles per hour I think and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Voted one of the best urban bars in America by the verve and every youth. Located at 579 west Douglas and his story to lay know the monarch. Stevenson in the morning here on K and. Assess coming of the 9 o'clock hour Glenn Beck. He's going to be talking about the trumpeted agree that the in the agreement signed between president trump and Kim Jong and also. Shawn Hopwood associate professor Georgetown law is going to be talking about the topic will be. Can't commute to commuting what would you say you commute a sentence right. Ari competes Ahmanson's and a presidents and and a tricky commute certain people can look at. That's coming up with a Glenn Beck coming here at 9 o'clock this morning or pardon him or pardons yet Stephen Ted here on K units at. Hey there Stephen Ted poll question. Is right there on our web page came Unisys radio not come easy to find right there and into it. Father's Day is June 17 how will use celebrates. And 9% say take dad out for me. 9% say fire up the grill gas LO. 18% say a nice card. And as simple quality time together get 64%. Rate go the majority of folks who are taking part in the poll. Sais just spend some quality time would year old anti I would dear old brat. Stephen temple question right there on our web page K and SS radio dot com. US wholesale prices last month. Posted the biggest twelve month gain since January of 2012 a sign that the strong economy is beginning to browse inflation. Labor Department said the Producer Price Index which measures inflation before it reaches consumers. Rose three point 1% from may of 2017. The index rose by 10% from April biggest one month increase since January tango. And April producer prices rose just 110 of 1%. Core wholesale prices which excludes the volatile food and energy sectors rose three tenths percent. From April 2.4 percent from may have won 72 there are some signs. Tidbit of you know we could to. Could see some inflation. Raising its head and investors don't like them very much or at all. Stocks mostly rose and a quiet this session Tuesday as investors reacted calmly to the outcome of the meeting between president trumpet and Kim Jong movement and turn their attention to this week's trio of Central Bank meetings. The Dow fell just under two points the S&P rose four points and the NASDAQ ended 43 points today. FBI agent who unintentionally shot someone old dancing in a Denver ball arguably turned himself into police Tuesday and he's awaiting charges 29 year old chase bishop. Is being held at a Denver detention center for investigation of second degree assault. Pending formal charges from the district attorney's office looks like an accident to me but Ottawa you know bishop was showing off his moves in the center of a dance circle at mile high. Spirits bar on June 2. When he launched into a back and spraying bullets and during the mobile firearm fell out of his waist band holster and a little floor will corset and then he moved to pick it up. And an intentionally fired shots. One person struck in the lower leg then gonna recover and be all right but here's an FBI agent who's the brilliance of hot water. Not to answer that danger that firearm very rich horrible Orly conceived. Well a responsibility not on. Brazilian. I never dance in public and very very seldom will I do it trying to do a back flip. What you did was eat. Dance on stage July FBI agent in a bar of you know doing dance smooth business. Opened up the best thing. Ace 51 now Steve intent on K and SS and the latest on Boeing and Airbus sales competition with. Gilroy editor of the which opposition good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted in the race between Boeing and Airbus board deliveries and orders Boeing remains in the only Boeing says that ended may wood 296. Commercial aircraft deliveries. Airbus finished the same period with 223. When it comes to net orders Boeing is reporting 306 that's nearly triple Airbus's 111. Both companies of forecast more than 800 deliveries by the end of the year. President trumps lumber tariffs may be causing home prices to rise to trump administration imposed lumber tariffs on Canada. Long before the G-7 summit the tariffs are part of the reason that US homebuilders saw lumber prices increase. The cost of a thousand board feet of western Canadian lumber up nearly 80% over the past year. Kansas is the final state to start work on an alzheimer's disease plan on June 1 got a call you're signed a bill to form a task force. That will create create a plan the plan is to prepare for a rising number of patients for the alzheimer's disease and dementia. Every other state has developed a plan or is in the process of developing a plan. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess Sander which atop business journal dot com but the Wichita business journal I'm new rule that interest. About the alzheimer's. That is I don't know most important moment many people touched by this site I had. On to this several putts and I say several. People I know pretty well who there's succumbed to alzheimer's just passed the eight or ten years. And I meant to mention it as you probably know somebody yourself who is. So I went from her or has suffered from. Right and you know like to see is skewed ornament that's it's up and get something solved. We can when you think the the aging population. Baby boomers are. Just continue to aid and that's a large part of our our population design it's a problem that's going to continue to increase. OK today is national. Kitchen clutches of America today. If honors those who would like to cook and be in the kitchen but it just doesn't seem to work out well for them maybe there. A collapse a clumsy person when it comes to coaching. I myself would have to say. I do pretty well around the kitchen when called upon fact this week I rustle up meal for my wife and I. And as my children were growing up in worked out on Shelley's work schedule in mind. It worked out for a few would be gone till 6 o'clock at night and the kids would be ready to line I can I did supper for for years. The regular guy that was it was fluffy apron and had a little apron there you know and did came up was all kinds of interesting that your hair demand on your hands and I think you know can whip up -- tuna helper and it's. It's something in the microwave or anything like dead did what they -- can you do well we kitchens well I think the word I would say is capable capable now okay. You don't go to the gourmet nine get it down after bill how about yourself. Yeah I'm same way I yeah I don't pick a very often Gretchen does most attacking me in some time you talk with workers or whatever and Yemen out trying to try to get it done imminent as sometimes I'm clumsy I'll lose a worker. Via you know it's obvious factual wind up somewhere it shouldn't be or something like that right now. A my late father won a million my late father didn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen but look at the he is extent with the and it's usually. Tribal police troops about as far as he could go play well so those can be pretty good delicately to be tasty I did national. Kitchen clutches of America days celebrate. Bellas owner and dot. 855 Stephen. Stevens in the morning on tape and assess. Get to Wichita business journal updates.