Cessna announcing a new airplane

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 28th

FedEx Express is the first customer for Cessna's new SkyCourier.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. 6 o'clock Pacific data this morning news was Stevens that. Nineteenth back inside. Fighter crews were called to a large cotton they don't fire at harper county early Monday firefighters found about the 300. Fails in flames. Captain Brenden Foster is the Anthony fire department tells KS in news they quickly called for heavy equipment to assist worked at a for Carlyle decided it was a losing battle. Call it heavy equipment to help us live around. They decided to allow the field to burn into Monday afternoon cause of the fire remains under investigation. Once the fire burned out they were working to bury the ashes from the fire. Investigators are trying to determine why cant his man entered a suburban Kansas City cost though with a handgun. And against screaming prompting an off duty police officer to fatally shoot it. Police identified the man shot to death Sunday at Costco and Lomax as 58 year old Ronald Honda Edwards bill. Witnesses and police said he was yelling and threatening customers where in Kansas City, Kansas police captain Michael Howell shot him or customers and employees fled. Howell who was shopping at the time has 22 years of law enforcement experience. The police department said Monday Howell fired his weapon after being confronted with a deadly situation. No one else was injured. On smolder van why he was in the store remain under investigation. Johnson county police unity is leading the investigation. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Wichita police were called to 815 north Litchfield in Riverside Sunday morning on the report of an unresponsive woman. Authors found that 25 year old woman who was not breathing and had signs of trauma she was declared dead at the scene. It's an entitled trial says her boyfriend and her roommate were taken into custody. During the investigation it was learned that the female and her boyfriend. I come home. In the early morning hours. Of Sunday. There was a loud brutal argument. Sometime either during this argument or shortly thereafter. You know as assaulted and killed. By the boyfriend. Victim identified is Rihanna at my acquitee the 33 year old boyfriend has been booked into jail on charges of second degree murder. A Pizza Hut delivery driver was found dead from a gunshot wound in the trunk of his cars Sunday just before known. Police were called to 7801 east pageant well reported a suspicious person in the car. Lieutenant title Giles says officers arrived they found the owner of the car 26 year old Hassan Al Rahman in the trunk. He had been reported missing after a Saturday night delivery. Mr. Rama and this vehicle were both. Reported as missing late Saturday night. He had delivered. 2 orders in 11 o'clock in the thirteen hundred block of north Williamsburg. But he did not return back to the restaurants after these deliveries. Coworkers percent of the location of his latest delay his last delivery where they found property belonging to Pizza Hut in the yard he returned to the store. Return this to the store and called 911 police ask anyone with information. Double homicide division at 2684182. Allegations of sexual misconduct continue. To come out of Capitol Hill. Fox's Chad program explains that some women on the hill were given a grade based on their looks and attitude. A former senior congressional aide tells fox this is someone with a lengthy career here on Capitol Hill that members of congress. Used to quote grade. Female members on the house floor there was not an official scorecard or anything written down or anything like that that they would Def. Sometimes comment on the demeanor and their attire. Whether or not they smiled and they would tell the female staffers that they could improve their grade if they smiled or maybe Wear their hair differently or so on. The former aide tells me quote they felt like they had the power to treat young women a certain way. A number of women within congress have shared their stories of being sexually harassed while at work. Tensions ran high as an event for Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. Remembers both Fox News crew were confronted by members of the more campaign. It happened when more was trying to get into a community center in panic or Alabama. Fox's doesn't series is there. Organizers initially inform the media that more would be parking at the front entrance walking into the front entrance and so that's where the cameras. We're station will then when his car arrived and actually full around. To a side entrance so camera started running to the side entrance to get a shot of the candidate emerging from his car. And that's when these two individuals who would Reagan who's affiliated with the DeKalb County. Alabama GOP the other being told the schools be. The DeKalb County chairperson for the win more campaign decided to push the cameras back and physically. Manhandled to Fox News photographers pushing them away and grabbing their cameras. Moore's been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women the Monday night appearance was the first one he's made since November 16. Kagan has excused I'm now 6055. Minutes past 6 o'clock. 97 and thirteen thirty K and as as weird thing to do in the morning now. 61111. Minutes past 6 o'clock and accuse this morning. And this morning and traffic already gets them into the I'll avoid or just watch for slowdown in the area trash fire reported near 47 street south and Broadway. Fire crews investigate trash fire reported there's a potential slowdown in the area traffic updates from pianist his radio on Jeno James. And all the forecasts we can't insist that you don't just then holidays good morning and through. Morning we have a cold front to our west still low pressure system the will be moving into central Kansas by deceiving. And that will increase our chance of rain this afternoon at our high today near sixteenth with gusty north winds at fifteen to thirty miles per hour. The best chance of rain this evening are low 41 of the and a few morning showers Wednesday tomorrow 52. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 57 degrees and yes the wind is it guessing but now from the south. Gusting up to thirty miles per hour north good south wins it for Dan's talk about the north wind later on today. It would Dunleavy had to unusual for the wind to switch your actions in Kansas during the course of the day of course. And half not generally don't see it happen anytime effect as you get north went right down great been indicted city sell stories which are out there. The unseasonable weather continued across Kansas Monday which does high temperature yesterday. Was 74 degrees that is a record please earlier record record time and on this date in 1952. Is Salina set their all time record low for November. When the Mercury plunged to five below zero what to expect quite a country. That was 1952. A police in Massachusetts. In a Massachusetts town are showing residents how not to transport their holiday trees. Sudbury police posted a photo. Sound as good a with a large tree on top of that you've seen it yet almost the entire. Our earth to be isn't just some some. We'll see another bombers them yeah it looked like retreat just suck it up to treat another aspect birdie. Police say an officer stopped the vehicle and route twenty in the town located about 25 miles west of Boston. Police on FaceBook remind people to transport holiday trees responsible. Yes. They see Al. Arafat but I imagine they can see it wouldn't be able to I have to be able to see something through those branches and yes it Clark greeted Katrina there. On top. An eight year old boy accidentally locked himself in its I think unsafe. At a farm supply store in West Virginia. Fire and rescue group crews were called to the rural kings store in the Mercer mall in Bloomfield and they in turn some of the locksmith who made it cut around the law. Allowing the fire department pulled a lockout of the door. The boy was inside the safe for about thirty minutes and was physically fine after his rescue apparently. And of air in there still not clear how the boy who was under the supervision of his parents. Deadlock in the safe in the first place. He just nosing around in. Items of locked in said again case. At 614 announced even Ted and after a few days off on back and I'm back in the chair here thank you Ted and yet for. Tillman had some things to do over the Thanksgiving weekend now not all of us happy and joyful stuff but. And a convoluted weekend. Yeah the last 45 days or for my family. My wife went and got both her knees replaced last Wednesday. She is home and keys to a better than anybody thought when you're expected that's excellent news arrived empty and more popular to. Nobody knows too well there are people who have done both on the ones. And she's you're into rehab and starting to Rihanna apparently. He's going better than expected so. Thank you thank you. Thanksgiving or Christmas is next. She we've got to. We've got to poll question Christmas coming up we'll talk about that few minutes here which are intent. I just got a call from our traffic to a no brainer the traffic tracker catcher apotheker Eric said that there is that trucks outbound and I want 35 fretted about Kellogg at. Looks to be like on a shoulder in one lane but it's facing the wrong direction things are stopped there he sent an accident at work. Looking into trying to figure it out but that's up and I want 35 watch up that went off in the wrong direction and a story coming up this morning and this is a from the Associated Press. It's also being carried a front page by the Wichita eagle and put to you that. Textron. Aviation announced its new twin engine I wing large utility turboprop assessed this guy courier for 08. FedEx Express the world's largest express transportation company. Long time Textron aviation Castro has signed on as the launch customer for up to 100 aircraft. The initial fleet order a fifty cargo aircraft and options for fifty more. Entry into service for the clean sheet design its fastest guy courier is planned for 20/20. Built for high utilization operations Zia for 08 will be offered in cargo and passenger variants. To nineteen passenger various. We'll include crew and passenger doors as well as large cabinet and is going to be great great aircraft. And according to the eagle what you eat this morning quoting. Sources as saying hey it's coming to just. Get the race craft jabs covenant which to offer extra and so I thank you extra. At a big orders start things off via the good news that a good news here the weekend after Thanksgiving. Itself. Did have the opportunity to have the yard and rake four bags of leaves and needles this week. I'm contemplating just mowing it well. That's why did it. At first I notable. Most up just as much is a good yeah and couldn't get all of course leaves rough around the bush is all that stuff. So yeah others are raking in you know did did go ahead to do it to. I invited as several grandchildren to over help and nobody should nobody Skoda of course. Yeah. Letting mess with the backyard and that's where the leaves are and it's going to be much of a problem but I get a couple great is I think Munich over. And they might get paid for their efforts. Really. Nobody knew that it came a little Mulally bit of pride but I have one. But married in marry my eleven year old. Heat he called. A couple and when you're ready to help. I'll be awesome a lot of words you teach it wanted to make some bank. There's been money in this instance in. With the exit at back at. But she's in marries expressed an interest in them and should be a good worker you do it through Fallujah. So if you lose backyard. Leaves rates about in Riverside. It's hit and miss most and most 99 presented below haven't even touched their leaves added to do. Letter bore out from up there to like that but the weather's actually bid. Now this kind of weather after. After Thanksgiving. Meal. I think when you punch probably about but December 10 or eleventh aboard and there are 10618. Now we Stephen did tiger announced. Portraits yet but we're we got shocker basketball tonight make him guess we did those shocks and the jayhawks both playing tonight. And both are ranked in the top ten of course new polls coming out yesterday Kansas remains ranked number two in the nation both. The associated press and coaches' polls which costs they dropped a couple spots after the loss to Notre Dame last week shocks still ranked in the top ten number eight in the nation. In both polls. Doctors are playing tonight eighth ranked Wichita State hosting Savannah State. Coke arena. Savannah State is touring the nation this year just picking up big checks and taking a loss every time that it does the they're owners and they already and already been to Cincinnati in Lubbock in the visiting Wichita and also going to. He'll lose that Virginia and they've already played at Baylor. As. Run around picking up big money and other shocks are hosting Savannah State tonight. Mike Kennedy and Dave dull will be on the air with pregame show at 6 o'clock tonight in tip off at 7 o'clock tonight it's all 103 point seven KEY in a join me after the game I'll be taking your phone calls on the soccer locker room show. Live at twin peaks and east which you talked when he first and rock wrote a and he is tonight after the game shocks in Savannah State. Meanwhile in Lawrence tonight it's number two ranked Kansas hosting Toledo. As the rockets and the jayhawks go at it. And also begins a pregame show at 6 o'clock tip off at 7 o'clock in Lawrence K you basketball on. We're for UK at H 12:40 AM 975. FM jayhawks RE 24 and a half point favorites at home tonight over Toledo. And will be talking some. Pro football tonight right here on K and assesses the weekly chiefs kingdom show host tonight the voice of the chiefs and told us. Hockey team's football chiefs still in first place although there and not winning very regularly right now achieves all of by the figured it pretty much a five weeks to go. They'll discuss it tonight on the chiefs kingdom shows 7 o'clock tonight right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and as and it shows yet though is of interest in show W a lot of topics for an hour. Every week. And though last night Monday Night Football all the the of Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans getting some playing time for the ravens last night inside linebacker former Kansas Jayhawks Stephen Johnson. That ravens' win at sports with Stevens head case and asked that 621 now keep it here for Fox News commentator Todd Stern's. Please don't talk about Canadian teachers and almost gender matters there's a little. That's coming up Stevens in the morning on tape and assess.