A chat with Hatman Jack and Mitch Holthus

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

In a jam-packed segment our guests are Hatman Jack Kellogg and Mitch Holthus.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking US KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. The 48 o'clock Pacific tea business or if you receive a dead at ninety back into on. No shuts down federal government still running we've got the story. A busy time at Wichita Eisenhower airport trying to learn those details just ahead. Good morning a much colder air masses build them across south central Kansas this morning. Today's high only about 36. The city of our Kansas City employee who was critically injured in a workplace accident Thursday afternoon has died. Andrew Lawson in the public information officer for. Happened around 1:40 PM first responders were dispatched to a shop after report of a pedestrian being struck by a street sweeper. Caused the accident under investigation the identity of the employee has not been released. The federal government will continue functioning a senate vote provided a temporary fix ski country running. Hours after the house gave its okay to a short term spending bill averting a government shut down the senate followed suit voting 66 to 32 to concur with one day despair. The measure essentially move some key congressional work to the new year including national security and Health Care Reform. Immigration also not addressed in the measure leading one prominent Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois. To vote against it because provisions to support dreamers children of undocumented immigrants brought to the US were not tacked on. The bill does include money for missile defense upgrades to combat world threats colonel Scott Fox News. Two men wearing black hoodie is robbed oppressed a gas station in northeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Thursday at thirteenth and Oliver to. Unknown suspect that it entered the business. And one of the suspect was armed with a black handgun. Multiple cartons of Newport cigarettes were taken. By the suspects in the suspects fled the store on foot. And with a gun was wearing all black clothing and had a maroon scarf covering his face. Kansas bureau of investigation says it arrested the nest county sheriff after an investigation into misconduct. BK BI says 47 year old sheriff Brian Whipple a mess city. Was arrested on charges of perjury making false information criminal distribution of firearms to a felon and official misconduct. KBI's statement says no more information about the alleged misconduct will be released because the investigation is continuing. AAA has forecast 107 point three million Americans will be traveling from Christmas to New Year's. Valerie wise with which bows Eisenhower airport tells K Unisys news an estimated 2700 passengers were scheduled to fly out of the airport Thursday. Well I traffic it was up about 2% in November which is gonna that our lows have been really all we could sure use smaller capacity in our market. And sell or expecting pretty busy up Christmas travel eaten as well. AAA estimates six point four million people are traveling by air over Christmas here in the US. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Kate in SS news staffing is the biggest problem facing his department. Yes no doubt about it and primarily because one the expectations of police. Are changing. Mental health issues are falling on the shoulder over the shoulders of our police. Is more and more funding gets cut federally and at the state level gets pushed around us and our people are cops are the social workers. Of today. Chief Ramsey is our guest this weekend and issues 20:17. Sunday morning at eight on KM SS. Nearly all wildfire evacuation orders have been lifted in Southern California. A size one small area and then Turkey Connie all evacuation orders sneak Thomas fire has been lifted. This fire which burned into Santa Barbara County became the second largest in California history burning up 270000. Acres. It destroyed at least 750. Homes and two people died including a firefighter. It is now 60% contained wind had cause to deflect this week but now that Linda has moved south putting everyone back on alert. Thursday there was a fire start in a river bottom in Riverside County east of Los Angeles and that did result in evacuation orders. Death that Rosenthal Fox News. Kate and assist used time now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Coming up in about ten minutes it's our weekly chat with Mitt told us play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs previewing the decree game on Christmas Eve at the clock with Mitch and ten minutes. Okay gas prices around Kansas for the Christmas weekend that story coming up. Well McCain is a sporting news with Steven's dad that. There's just use time now. 8077. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Gasoline prices are in a good place is Kansan is prepared travel for the Christmas holiday. Jennifer hall is we Tripoli Kansas it has dropped in the last month so that's promising thing that's a little gift for us right now it's 224 that's really not all that terrible considering you know not too many years ago we were above three dollars. Oz says the reason prices are still okay is because supplies are stable gasoline prices in Wichita Thursday came down to an average of 215 a gallon. The State's solicitor general will become kansas' top federal prosecutor. The US senate has unanimously confirmed Stephen McAllister is nomination to be US attorney in Kansas McAllister a University of Kansas law professor. Was dean at K use law school from 2002005. He previously clerked for US Supreme Court justices Byron white and Clarence Thomas. He was nominated in September by president trump McAllister will succeed. Acting US attorney Tom Beale who was appointed 2016. Emails made public from the CEO of Miss America. Sam Haskell reveal a culture of abuse. A report states that the top brass to Miss America including the organization's. Half a million dollar CEO was engaged in a system of name calling. Fat shaming and insidious behavior according to a new report. The Huffington Post at the head the CEO of the organization Sam Haskell who sent an email to the lead writer of the pageant telecast. Louis Friedman where they collectively tossed around calling the former Miss America as the C word. The X Thursday ousted details emails that show how schools behavior behind closed stores. Where he regularly maligned fat gene and what changed performance America's shelf Leno Fox News. Stay in business news I'm now eight or 9:9 minutes past 8 o'clock. And so far this morning at the heaviest traffic has appeared to be this morning around 1996. At close to the north junction. We're also starting to get some heavy traffic right now on Kellogg just in places. For the most part though traffic volumes art. Don't seem to be as high as they usually are this time of day and the gasoline prices here in Wichita current 215 gallon traffic update. On tape and assets radio I'm Janet chambers. Now look at the forecast with Cain is a step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning wanna grab the heavy coat on the way out the door a big difference from where we were yesterday at this time with temperatures starting below freezing only getting to 36 with a gusty north wind this afternoon partly cloudy tonight are Lou 21 if we get to 39 or forty foot high tomorrow and then on Christmas Eve sunny and 35 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now clout. The 26 degrees north wind at thirteen miles per hour the wind chill is fifteen net. At a cloudy and cooler day across Kansas Thursday which does high temperature yesterday was 58 degrees. That's before the temperature plunged in the after note that. I'm went for a might run about 330 in the afternoon and started out. Nice involving about her and hit a bridge about a half mile from my house. A button. Get cold out it. That north wind started to blow and it came in three days till Christmas this is the first full day of winter. And this week it was Stephen Ted we've been having special guests on to talk about Christmas cheer. At this time of her morning at 810 we have had a we had city manager Robert Leighton was business. The fire chief Tammy snow was with us Bonnie bank. Columnist was with this and then possibly hit it. And amid obvious she volleyball at F Chris slammer slam was witness yesterday yesterday. And this morning we have Jack Kellogg he is better on that as hat and Jack good morning Jack. I did a great company thanks for Collins or isn't it great to be on the radio lies in the morning. It's a month or. Other this in your story is unique comedic here in Wichita and do you you've been there. In net delay no net at that location yet. Allocation and 87. Started and Lendl in 81. Remember yours obviously what got you started in in Indian in hand man Jack in the pistons well I would work. About fifteen minute man you eat that. Boy just an accurate do it yourself that's premature start. And I've been courts have been a new job Brazilian times in there in the back. I was like the backed currencies you've got some equipment that looks like it's pretty old stuff like antique stuff but I think you still use them to. Yeah they expect about 1890s. It in the rebuke. Are there pretty much to avoid. Technology in regards to hack equipment because the old stuff works there past. So we preservative in uses on a daily basis. You know much a's hitters to be an Eric Eminem and by I don't buy that many that I come in every down and and you'll you'll what you do if you you do shape conforming and you you don't usually unaware so I looked the best you know. Which I like that because you know my face is not that great but that helps you know. You know it's all about attitude and you could work hatton beat either. Completed a duke or you can be the most sophisticated gentlemen you ever decided to be. It's not at an angle and it's early on you know it. People were on the back there at. He and a lot of that he's the straw between Turkey. Or that vote on the supermodels little strings down around their necks of it and way. That's exactly right they got stickers that he is so good. Like meeting retailer may give the blast because. People come in from out and out and likable only well people here a minute break you know you've been around here for a long time and it. It kind of a gift and it feels so good. Bring gambling issues of the economy and in Britain Italy at the holidays. OK Wilbur it was a new grew up would you go up north Wichita and Riverside area. Did you how well a little bit nor did that in Denver reciting it. And how did you have do you have a special memory years something about it Christmas when you were brought to lecture this morning. Hoosier. The there's going to be a snowstorm. Like you that your you've got this historical perspective it. You tell stories about things happen and what should that you know. Which are radio and Ari but that was that I did head as they'd probably like a good like that and it. Oh you know I'll give you another okay that are about you guys that are like this doctors were perspective is. Is you'd be so much resist town. There I think a lot of people appreciate. And my gosh you know all that you know humorous chipper ever along the way. Way to put you on and you get what you want every morning just keep our egos but today. It's a Labor Day Christmas song Jack. Yeah although. That's down anybody's list of what a beautiful song and love and you know by easily here. You know my daughter and he's twenty we you know kinda go a couple of churches sometimes it's Catholics sometimes is Chris Terry and but the presbyterian. Per grant were the central on broadly viewed at best rendition. Of O holy night. It's just delightful. Do you love about Chris. This movie we've been Ashton Christmas on interest is movies got a favorite Christmas movie. Core you know is it this Jimmy cured if it's a wonderful life one. He can. Yen could not get emotional you don't get emotional. I don't watch it with my family because they make sodomy crying at the end. In a way out now I think we should start a club. It's it's a manly guys together over the big box at a news yeah I have a beer and have a beard just just describe our eyes out. Brooke Burke go another awaits him for that what does city be like if he'd ever been born owner Jack Kellogg. Oh you know because one what patter. And these angles of the around about its. At workers union. Jacqui listen do we appreciate you Debian on this and procedure. Your help to lessen our show every day in the and he he's best to you and you are you still open this weekend that he and be open to Oprah's house today nine Saturday. Nine to five Sunday one for it yeah outward there at retail and it indeed your local your local re small business guy and you guys are on the front line at the air. And take you we appreciate everything you do that then I use thanks gentlemen I'm. That's an area that was Jack Merry Christmas happy man Jack now about that. Teddy succeed that was I knew Jack could be that good on the radio he's always. Helpful to me and friendly when I come down to see him dead and jacket killer you know I was talking about this. Make it those cookies and Chelsea chilies and and in the cookies today boom and put a mask. Last what 715 he puts about account and here. And they didn't last enough. But he always got Mitch cabs I've been talking earlier I think we're getting about Mitchell to seize this morning that. And chief you don't get a quick quick quick as memory my son was about what 23 years old my wife but I go to this year's over twin lakes. And we go to buy a ia Kansas City chief jacket in my life says. Don't they count on any other color. Well you know she was ahead of her time now at these alternate uniforms right you don't know what colors teams are wearing. The first place Kansas City Chiefs president or Miami Dolphins Christmas Steve Sunday at noon you can listen to it live right here on tape and assess Mitch holes as we'll have the call. And it's time for our weekly chat with mr. holt as good morning Mitch. Good morning he would target morning's Stephen yet pac man Jack. Ass and Jack. Hackman Jack and while well this has brought you by Jean and her way. Reno American credit. In the actually have met. Steve dispute Gregory you know the legend early true Gregg had to see it. It was actually human so but direct result. Is that. Greg you give me a nice Christmas present this year open and leave you out. Well yeah he did it that and other matters so you ever been a salary cap. Connect credit. You know you gotta make decisions. Though are got left out. I got a hole but it doesn't quite a lot book all of feels more like you know the harder manure from the blood stream. Just a quick note before I get into the chief here Dick and bird passing away what do what a great play by play. Data Goodman. Though for. Four years I was president the national sportscasters and sportswriters association. Which is. I look sounds but anyway I got it worked well beating people in the industry including despite Chris Berman last week you. Poetry. And and I got to work respect and a couple projects. And the commitment. So. Very metallic there's. This column let others all the stops. Chiefs in the dolphins on Sunday capped Kansas City anybody in the NFL it's rare to get a three game homestand but the chiefs got one late in the season. They have completed the first two legs of that homestand with the winds. Now trying to get the trifecta though. The dolphins on Sunday afternoon. The sea say a whopping ten and a half point favorite. Almost unheard in the you know bill. You know well all the stake when I want sacrifice bunt them on the web once not going to be good for me because. You know history is on the line tomorrow or Sunday. In the fact that. She should never won the division back to back. You've got to change is something that hasn't been done at 58 years that's that's one that gives you an accomplishment and equity ounces and the following week in and injured while on. The hawk games in December and respect we got that three of the last forty years. I got periodic art season ticket base is one of the best definitely. Well this season ticket to somewhere sixty by the XP it out. Try to help these other teams that struggle. Give them little more warm weather games there's an outlook Kansas City should they'll show up on the Saturday night that. That beat the chargers now let everybody there Arctic great show. Sometimes it could have been a blessing this year you need those things and call it. Sometimes electrocuted spread out maybe get another game in October. Or November. And of course when the chiefs and the dolphins meet. At Christmas time we go back to Christmas Day. 1971. The longest NFL game ever played the last football game ever played it municipal stadium. People say it's one of those things are everybody knows we're. I'm actually side by side with these state champion quarterback. Nuts that are Redmond opens. They let the Redmond panic as they Butler vs the book was written are all nice right. It is phenomenal almost 600 snaps I've bought all of that cooperate in any level. Alex Smith like Brendan so that being said I remember or Iowa of one burial. Hospital it's better aunt who's. Remember losing a game of Arabia this Christmas they're right yes it's a community college better all the people other than it had knocked out Mike doesn't let it. And ought legalism of our minute I'm back in the game go and get government at all I got trouble for theories want to achieve law. You won't dump our court by our. She's in the dolphins have that and a battery Yule tide of history going back to the early seventies. But this revival low coming up on Sunday to chiefs. Wanna get to nine in six and get the job done like you said keep things moving on towards that towards that ten Glynn. Kestre a big deal as. Not only do all the you make history. And that bounces here and 1819. And on by doing and accomplish entered. You've been dominant your division the unit junior division and you. Do business. It's a big deal as what Steve appreciate and understand talent. What Vegas has taken out of that and point being ever. You know the quarterback but the bulk of credit. Jay Cutler Jay Cutler. He's the Bobby lane of art go based mass. But it and on and figure out the other that it took the ball to present for forty yards about the way. Alternate step that is done early about it. In EPS its audit and it came at a perfect as. Matt Forte is the quarterback better banners do you consider. Steve has the biggest problem. Gartner well out. You know the home town object. And make I don't have a clue. Santa Claus India doll. Well no quarterback on or it's a moment. Or what are cornerback Chris Christie is on saint Claude. India and while. It is the only counter action. People noticed that or artist anywhere. And it. Eddie Edwards deal I'd need to web mammal fish are so. Understand there's a there's a little bit out of much of an amateur and coach three's delay was Rudolph's let's you'll. And it happened paralyzed the city so. On iconic. The chiefs and the dolphins Sunday afternoon on Christmas Eve Mitch I must ask UConn how chiefs dolphins matchup somehow relate to Wichita State shocker football as far or any pop soccer football didn't that he sees updates. I apologize if that's so obvious. Understand it's obvious our guys probably. Guard them all. Eric art and at all as the league eight years but in Arizona what Nancy's day. Open Florida. But it disputed. It is. Are starting art Miami don't. But port. Play more. The shocks aren't they put all our. Wow he. 197370. Or Letterman. The suspect gold fever. Pretty it is Jim Wright this Sam had been. Okur and Williams running the ball right behind at large and so you've got a shocker football legacy in the game on Sunday. That large and it shot this is Gregory no results Willie has got a lot alone in this area that America. Granada. Group but his other dolphins. Is in big nick Jordan a Elena is brought. Along the Kansas now. So. Wanda circled thunderbirds. There also represented the Balkans but backed the large and you can't ever got by the dolphins' despair well at the start to veto any eight so bring it back. Steven and a Merry Christmas to your body refused to. Very Christmas you enjoyed it just Gregory and I graduated in May well. It's night and another matter thanks Mitch had a great call on Sunday Christmas Eve with managed kick off at noon Sunday right here on KMS. Is when he five Stephens and given her for the head. Hannity morning minutes shot looks quiet is an idea that's on the way Stephen dead on CNN's sense.