Chicken & Waffle Pizza at the Florida State Fair

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 23rd

A custard & banana funnel cake and corn on the cob covered in queso and rolled in spicy cheese puffs are also newcomers to the fair.


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Is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. 6:30 skating the morning he. Just look forward to. The US senate is moving toward a vote on Kansas governor Sam Brownback nomination for an ambassador's post. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell filed a motion Monday to cut off debate on president comes nomination of Republican governor to serve as US ambassador at large for international. Religious freedom. The senate will vote on the motion by Friday ten approval would clear the way for a vote on brown backs nomination. Now the forecast with K UNICEF staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning and the good morning the strong gusty wind we dealt with yesterday has died down and the clearing skies this morning we should be sunny today temperatures. In the upper thirties near forty by the time we had the lunch 46 later on today it's clear overnight down to 25 and then sunny and 54 on Wednesday and I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly to 125 degrees northwest wind at nine miles per hour. The family of a Kansas man fatally shot by police at the door at his home after a hoax emergency call. Has sued the city of Wichita and the undetermined officers involved. The federal lawsuit seeks unspecified damages related to the December 28 debt of Andrew finch. Shooting drew national attention the practice of slaughtering. Someone makes up a false report to get emergency responders to descend on an address. The Wichita City Council will hold a workshop today and one of the topics will be jobs for young people. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells Cain SS news. He knew used employment project that we've been focusing on and that's. You know giving me tight schools students an opportunity to experience work. Below more typical and today in my arm or our schools students to find some summer ornament. While well commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve attend the morning show here on KE NN sense. A former Kansas high school biology teachers and sentenced to three years probation or having sex with a student. Before year old Gabriel Bauman of purview was sentenced Monday she will have to register as a sex offender for 25 years. Baumann was arrested in September after Hiawatha police investigative report made to the school district in mid June. At the time she taught anatomy and biology at Hiawatha high school. The Saint Joseph news press reports a criminal complaint indicated the student was sixteen or older and enrolled at the school. The victim and the victim's family asked that she received probation. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. It's local schools are taking precaution. Four flew this so this flu season and can't send news spoke with Kemper cassettes. Coordinator for health services with UST 259 now. Wind keep a child home from school and they're sick and having any signs and symptoms. Something that's communicable especially something like the flu. UST 259 policy is for a child to stay home if they have a fever of 100 point four or higher. And stay home until the fever has abated for 24 hours that sound like a whole lot of fever. Doesn't Ted 633 now Steven Ted but that's enough to to get things going 98 point six as I recall is normal. The right. Ninety point six bully so. I think it's 633 now with Stephen dead and dead here we are on. A Tuesday morning January 23 two it. Weather's looking pretty good story to looking pretty good we're off to a flying start he was Stephen did you. A New Mexico man he's facing charges. After police say he pulled a convincing toy gun on a man littering outside and Albuquerque convenience store. Nobody likes a litter bug right. Police say John Jewell Robinson was arrested last week. Following a frantic call about a man with a gun and a circle K. According to a criminal complaint the 35 year old Robinson pulled his block style handgun. On a man he saw throwing trash on the ground. Officers and it was a very real looking toy guns need. Opposite was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon. How many. Ways is that dumb first of all. First of Paul. The person who pulled the gun on might be armed with a real gun and now you know could be in if you get a toy again and issued LO real gun that's not good the bad things content. There. Anyways. Eight and people who litter they annoying it is but did I'm Lithia not to that extent. You may have overlooked squirrel appreciation day yesterday we talked about it and it we cannot overlook it now we had beat but belatedly it was Sunday. But we talked about it yesterday the police force in Clovis California did not forget. Sunday the Clovis police department posted a video on its FaceBook page showing up or John McCrory given not to a squirrel that scampered over to him now. The squirrel call only to the net and bounced back to a tree as McCrory left. Twirl appreciation is celebrated every. January 21 grocery celebrated yesterday we talked about. We have one of our in depth discussions about what else squirrels I got squirrels all over my front yard looking for those. Hundreds and hundreds of knots that they did back in the fall now I mean that it pushed rivers haven't gotten me yet. We have what I don't know if he's still the same wondered we. Columns of Vince is my dog was just alive lucky putt three or four years something like that rat terrier who we would put him out. On up a long cord so that he be outside by himself right not run off even. But there was a squirrel would come world are on the telephone wire up there you know yep and suggested just talk give him a bit sat. Mark edited and likely get its hind legs you know configuring in this city where this Arthur that was entertaining it's scurrilous. All is given lucky a hard time. Being the first the country. On the affair going cal ordered the Florida state fair also first to roll out the outrageous deep fried bacon wrapped cheese covered foods on a stick that perfume the midway. While cotton candy corn dogs and funnel cake once ruled. Fair goers these days look for something that's exotic or logic defying like. Last year's cheesy Friday age a lot of funnel cake. Or twenty all ansari count me out how Tony sixteenths cheeseburger with fried ice trick eaten the all right I'm guiding goal of that and deal for the direct this year's line up at the fair there in Florida which runs February 8 to nineteen. Brings a chicken and waffles pizza called a syrup based pie. Corn on the cob covered in case of oh and rolled in spicy each. Cops off and it catfish Sunday a French Fries fried catfish and spicy sauce. Wow. The fares also bringing in some winners from other state fairs. But new this year is deep fried strawberry shortcake cocaine and a huge creation called a banana Frankel funnel cake. Those of funnel cake topped with a ring of bananas and custard and then drizzle with chocolate or camel. Yikes I think I can go that. All pretty exotic. Make mixing all these different flavors yeah that's a Florida state fair Florida state fair what did you tell police along yeah. If there's out of the way before spring training even begin or trend setters down in Florida. The Steven and Ted Richard Toppert dot com polled. You can find it on our web page K and SS radio dot com. The question is Wichita City Council has approved an ordinance to allow consumption of alcoholic beverages. In designated outdoor areas so you within an area you can walk around with your with your. Your drink. Three choices here I oppose this change because of so many proposed restrictions at it would be impossible to enforce 47%. The cash at a quarter I oppose this change because it encourages alcohol consumption 27% all right in. I support this change to allow adults mobility in their party gained 46%. About half. They're as a result that's again on a note about half supported half don't support right. Stephen did which perch dot com poll. Don't know right now the web page in other divisive issue and violate the trust in a bitter about people just can't agree on anything can. We've been on walking around and drinking and all right it's 638 now Stephen dead time for our Kate SS commodities update at mr. Tom Loeffler of left or commodities point Tom. Good morning Steve to get accomplishments include all of them put the largest gain in the live cattle futures. I've cattle traded above last week ties refused experience inside trading session yesterday. Last week case cattle prices and Pedro told that the 123 area about three dollar higher than the previous week but little room attendant. The government in general slaughter as we only killed 88 at minicamp yesterday. Dog screwed up big yesterday after a mixed trading on the closed just couldn't they have kept the dollar 65 I won 23 could decide. What Peter took only ten cent to 14582. A police dog 37 cent slowed 7512. Corn and soybean futures traded above last week high yesterday. Source and then so be real all close partly bullpen help maybe money buying but Delk scored another new. Record high Monday for the eleventh time have a past fourteen sessions. In the US dollar traded back new work contract closed at the moment mark can you don't put any into recorders were awarded four point six and three quarter. At Cornell opinion of ordered 315 and three quarters once gleaming streaming can still tired 1986 and a quarter. March crude oil plume could items wouldn't think he created by February gold would vote doesn't include other Latino 13660. Want to compete appointment quota lower 2830. Or more dollar index nines so tied at ninety dollars 20%. The more expensive and futures seven point tired 26000 too little too. Commodity trading meg marketing advisory contact with the commodity on the photo on the web by using it 662. I mean had to go way up in the corner of the state of Kansas to get 61014. Inches of snow up there that that the other corner of the state. Northwest of a Colby and good and then we get state Kansas and Nebraska and Colorado all coming together. Up that Cory got some pretty good snowfall. But then as you go west to drops off the 26 inches in the net to her for the course here what you Don and over there and dusted forget. Nothing really just what did you ever see any flakes during the morning yesterday. About three different times slogan bring you more of what's coming down but they weren't very shortly. I didn't take it when did last long and it was got a spotty so I would say moisture wise we didn't. Total but I don't yesterday then with. We gave up on the short side one could have not. It's a wherever right now I'll order how far behind we are normal. In moisture this time the of course every city would Dane County would have different greedy on that but it's he's been it's pretty dry out there and it. It's significant that we knew would get developed called drought monitor. That we are unified throughout the area now AM south central Kansas susceptible while local brew works well Roddick also be Israel. Yeah and I saw a story the APN story of the day that. And down northern Oklahoma they aren't there and very very dry conditions in the fire danger is really really high down there. It's exactly right and I think right now we're battling a big stars are everywhere in the Dallas area. Oh there it doesn't well all right well that these arraigned or maybe some don't barn I can search X 41 mills Steven says it. Don't have done grant GFT dumb bunny tracker dogs gonna talk about retirement changes scored 2018. Net. Given here's David's head in the morning on CNN Santa.