The Chiefs are 5 - 0

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Monday, October 9th
Another Chiefs win, this time over a high scoring offense.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock this is the case there's a sporting news. Is Steven Jan nineteenth Macintosh. Wichita police say one person was in critical condition after a stabbing. In the 16100 block of south Broadway. A male and female and it. He's got a new domestic disturbance at a motel room. Police say the female and injuries from the altercation and the man had stabbed once. The female was abroad across the street to save a lot grocery for help he was hospitalized. The mail was arrested. The Kansas bureau of investigation is investigating that after a man died when he was hit by a bean bag around. Fired by officers during a confrontation in south central Kansas. The shooting Friday evening at barber county resulted in the death of 42 year old Stephen Myers the Sun City. The KBI says Barbara county sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a man threatening people with a gun outside a bore in Sun City about twenty miles northwest of medicine launched. When officers arrived the man had left but they later found him in a nearby shed. The KB I says when the man came out of the shed he didn't follow several orders given by deputies one deputy shot him with a bean bags Myers was pronounced dead at the scene. No officers were injured and no further information was released build global brand can get SS news. At least three tornadoes touched down in Kansas Friday according to the National Weather Service the first tornado briefly touched down before 7 PM one mile northwest of chase and rice county. And National Weather Service damage survey team raided a tornado as EF zero with estimated 85 mile per hour winds that tornado damaged a sheet metal rope on a chicken farm. The second tornado of the night occurred at 7:50 PM about eight miles north of Marquette and so Wayne county. The weather service says it was on the ground for four minutes and finally just after 10 PM a third tornado touchdown to miles north of goals per game pot a lot of me county. It toppled a building blew a tin roof off of a barn and sheered the tops off trees Roddy price KN SS news. Hurricane nature brought a burst of flooding and power outages in the US Gulf Coast before losing strength Sunday. Nate was the first hurricane to make landfall in Mississippi since Katrina in 2005. And weakened to a tropical depression as it moved northward into Alabama and Tennessee with heavy rain. David Moore is solvent wings rural Mississippi was heavily damaged by nature wind Saturday. I feel accolades. I really do. We look you know this Darren he it could have been worse. Now week after the deadly Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 people and there are still many questions. The motives still isn't clear but sources are telling ABC news a picture of Stephen panic is emerging showing a man who law enforcement believes had severe mental illness that likely went undiagnosed. After a week of interviewing those who knew warm police and the FBI believed attic had a real difficulty interacting with people. He's been described as standoffish disconnected any told a car salesman he was severely depressed. But the search remains for a trigger that constant act last week. Alex down ABC news. Davis has used time now six. 033 minutes past 6 o'clock. It's evident dirty thirty case and as soon as we are Stephen 10 in the morning here on a Monday morning it's. 610 now 10 minutes and 6 o'clock. And in traffic. Now the intersection should be opening at some point. And that is 1935. And Kellogg they actually had Kellogg Derek Kellogg and I 235 closed there at the interchange. For the entire weekend at. That energy supposed to be opened back up at 6:8 AM this morning so. Traffic should be moving through they're normally right now but they could still via working on something a little late may still be a slowdown in that area. Be good idea to watch that again that's tied to 35. And Kellogg nobody can traffic update from cape and SS radio I've yet fevers. Now look at the quartet McCain is his staff meteorologist Diana the holidays good morning again. Good morning we will gradually start to cloud up throughout today with a strong cold front moving in by early this afternoon and our high 74 with a gusty northeast wind later today. We'll see few scattered showers and thunderstorms develop. Or overnight low 44. And then Tuesday windy with morning showers and high only 52. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy sky any. We just fourteen miles per hour and 65 degrees. Here on Monday morning October 9. Hit a mild autumn weekend across Kansas which does high temperature yesterday was eighty degrees now the normal high today 73. And you may have heard Ian. A statement from the price of humans go tornadoes reported in parts of Kansas Friday. In north central north central Kansas. Hurricane Nate pretty much lost its punch once again on the ground but it is still pretty nasty storm heading north across the country and on this date in 1982 a record early season snow at the northern Black Hills of South Dakota. Where 41 inches buried Galena South Dakota. Hours on some areas for five duties. That's a little early for a snowstorm you know or even South Dakota. 41 inches while. Today is Columbus Day and United States is Wallace Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I guess to thankful that Columbus. Came here course a lot of people say that a bus in Columbus discovered America anyways. Leif Ericsson or somebody like well technically Columbus generally set foot on the granite into Canada. And in the Caribbean and camera. There's a lot of controversy today in New York City tea. Italians are upset these people who wanna have it in honor a person who has they think Columbus was bad character and and a two week responsible for genocide and another that I Abbott to not think of any more deserving Italians. It is Columbus really the top of the list in that and and I'm not Italian but you better watch the fifth that. One of the surest signs of fall a smell of pumpkin laced spice. Featured in drinks pies in just about everything it seems. In Baltimore the smell that emanated from a pumpkin spice air freshener. Prompted an evacuation and Hazmat response and high school. School was about committed Thursday after students and teachers detected a strong smell on the third floor. Five people were taken to a hospital and give upset stomach and breathing trouble. The problem was traced to. A pumpkin spice air assault plug into a classroom out. That's resumes following today. And a much care for those scented. Since that scented candles and of that step Ann Compton a little boat that goes along way yeah I'll save my pumpkin popularized or. Pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. And that's it well enough whipped cream dipped this guys a flavor of the puck. You don't you don't enjoy the pumpkin flavored combat alert and all that stuff yeah always and a okay. What do we memorized the river kids on the news. On 1492. Columbus sailed the ocean but yeah fourteen. Yeah. Well it was a messy slaughter but a Virginia couple reaps the rewards of cash and beer in the North American wife carrying championship. Jake and Kirsten Barney from Lexington Virginia finished first Saturday on an Alpine course. Made all the more difficult because Jake was carrying his wife on his back at the Alpine poker when he trudged through water and jumped over logs. The couple placed second last year. You that is based on the Finland legends of rock and in the robber hey who's gang pillage villages and took the women. These days men usually carry moment and don't have to be married the couple can't choose who carries on in other words the Y can carry the man. And easing over the guys. Got one hand up Amir like Dan and his wife and so so lightweight she just corals around his hand or machine and that this is a different deal as a this guy of and his wife on his back the athlete that you kind of have to judge that the bitterest and root the reward there and has apparently the prize. Is the wife's weight like in ninety our times written Barney's waiting cash 630 dollars via plus her weight in beer while cases appear right. 630 to 5 X 5 so she was. But some 806 pounds I'm like that yeah. She's at she's away at the at the big deal not exactly Barney's. They are spending and it was an Alpine course or I guess who's up and down through the trees is the Alpine ports. The annual wife carrying contest that was in the Nouri main. You remain over the weekend. I did that pretty pretty weekend. What otherwise there was a little entries at a little bit of a some storms in north north of here in west appeared east of here but not men in the which does remember Friday night. We were talking about the possibility of storms and that they can about past switched on. I was at a football game Friday night and a it was beautiful absolutely beautiful evening. Very little wind not to warm not too cold. And so then Saturday went to another football game my grandkids play. And Saturday morning was gorgeous and and the weather yesterday it was so nice the afternoon that after things dried out I got out. Mode and from the grass and think how many more times and and do that before. Winter sets in. I still need to panic problem at least a couple I'm almost out of gasoline and try to time it out every year. The you don't have any gets a liar or gasoline. In astronomy left in the left that little container out there in the garage right. But. Or yesterday did Dick Gordon Johnson's garden center with a with a sample of a bind that has been growing into spots in my yard okay. This thing it's the little has built tiny needles on. They are so sharp you can't even handle with loves. And driver up a big towel around even transport that. Eight foot eight since eighty inch sample. They looked at as are all up and as they went to get back an expert gets there expert Google to. So don't duck it's a briar. It's a green briar. And they gave you some stuff on guns do one of these days is cut the vine off at the ground level and paint it with this. Paint this stuff with this stuff who spoke to kill. I've tried Terry poured gasoline on an added didn't stop at. This thing is very bureau would you left out a step on the pouring gasoline on it then Lional prior to cook I thought maybe the neighbor's house at explosive book. They'll order a closely other neighbor over here and Nicklaus and neighbor over there up again in. The current house downplayed the trying to be irresponsible person. I suppose so indistinct injury isn't gasoline and she's been here for several years and I have you know there's not much you can do them except. Ignore them and China to touch him it's just it's a nasty nasty little lines. But they'll want to Johnson's and I guess I guess the answer I think we'll work we'll see what happens jerk. We will cut it off at the base. Pain with that stuff. And maybe that'll be the end. 618 here Stephen Ted in the morning on Cain and assessed corset. And the chiefs on the radio last night the track we are the new home of the Kansas City Chiefs on the radio here at 97 and post and Joseph withstand a sense still going on while like I got a yeah all of which is started about 730 our time. Went yeah and it it came up pretty good I understand. That's find out more about beat up sports now with Ted Woodward here on a Monday on debt. You know game on Sunday night sit down listened to. Wire to wire coverage and pianist says Mitchell with Phil on listening to games and pitch had a good call last night a lot of good things to report on as the chiefs are in Houston last night taking on the Texans Kansas City trying to remain the only undefeated team remaining in the National Football League. And they put up a pretty entertaining game last night she's got another big game quarterback Alex Smith. And little help from a lot of folks all over the field as the chiefs remain undefeated. You heard it right here on KE NSA. I refill back to take this month. And another boomer in the middle of the field field we'll take it at the eighteenth first man misses going to the right side needs a block it's by that guy's got thirty. Look at forty yard. Feel that's about right 33 and did what he did you have. Touched. It's. You ask the Jada went left to right Byrd and 82 yards on a punt return. Error and that guy is actress Terry Gilliam is asked first special teams score for the chiefs all season long Tyreke killed gives it to him. Chiefs kept Texans at arm's length throughout most of the game final score ended up being chiefs' 42. Texans 34. Although it wasn't. Really that close the chiefs usually had two or three score lead once in awhile Houston we cut it to one score but the chiefs usually responded every time. And that's kind of what happened at the end there chiefs had a lead Texans scored on the last play of the game to make it an eight point game chiefs. Be another when they are now five and oh on the season today there were a lot of crew chiefs fans in that crowd last night she answered picking up a lot of fans nationwide. Fans. They travel well man we're sure glad to have him here Needham and look forward to they have to play the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming up in a week and we know arrowhead will be rocket that. Because she said coach Andy Reid chiefs now five and oh on the season. Tees and leave the NFL in points scored in the fourth quarter. They've put up some big fourth quarter numbers they did it last night scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Won the game 4234. Or five and oh for the chiefs. We'll talk college football tonight it's KU football hawk talk with head coach David Beatty that'll begin at 6 o'clock tonight one talk jayhawks LB 6 o'clock on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM after that it's Monday Night Football to wrap up the week in the NFL the Minnesota Vikings are in Chicago taking on the bears tonight that's on KFH. Tonight here on KN SA that's we'll talk shocker volleyball. It's the WSU volleyball coaches show with head coach Chris slam at 630 tonight right here on KM SN's joined coach lamb and the play by play voice the shocker is Mike Kennedy. They talk soccer volleyball two more shocker wins on the road this weekend in their new conference the American winning. At Tulane and at Houston. Doctors atop the conference standings still haven't been beaten in the news conference yet. So go join a coach slam and Mike Kennedy they'll be broadcasting live tonight at AJ is sports grill at the Alley at thirteenth and green which. 630 tonight here on K in assets. At a sports with Stephen dead 621 known Peter for Fox News commentator Todd star's news. Happy Columbus Day or. Happy indigenous people's day. We'll find out more time sirens. Even though the morning on CNN sense.