The Chiefs are back at training camp after the first pre-season game.

Steve & Ted mornings
Monday, August 14th
Steve and Ted get a training camp update from Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking 82 KN SS. We just cause number one yeah. News talk and weather station depend on. Good morning it's like this is the case and assists for you to Stephen says ninety thank you so much. Pedestrian hit by a vehicle on west Kellogg in Wichita we've got the story. One person injured in shooting in southeast Wichita to footwork those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday it is a quiet start the morning across south central Kansas but we have rain and thunderstorm chances just about every day this week. Our complete forecast is. On the way. Can assess breaking news authorities say the bodies of a man and a three year old girl have been found it. In a wetlands area near Lawrence and a woman who is believed to be the girl's mother was fatally shot about ten miles away. The Douglas county sheriff's office says and usually said the woman was discovered first. Deputies found her about 130 Sunday peep 1:30 PM Sunday in the driveway of residents she had no connection to southwest. Southwest of Lawrence. The L Lawrence journal world reports that she died at the scene. Law enforcement officials later found the girl on the man thought to be her father near the woman's vehicle at the baker wetlands the release says the 41 year old man is suspected of shooting the woman authorities have not determined. How he and the girl died. One man in his fifty's reported in critical condition after he was struck by a vehicle while walking along Kellogg Saturday night in west Wichita near the meridian on ramp. Police Sargent Mike Linehan. An emergency. Crews arrived on scene. They located male victim believed to be this fifties. Had serious injuries he was transported to a local hospital but his condition is critical we don't know why investors up until this point. The driver of the vehicle and struck the victims stop to end to render aid the victim was taken to a local hospital. Westbound lanes of Kellogg were shut down for a few hours as police in crews were on the scene. Police are investigating a shooting in southeast Wichita Saturday afternoon and left one person injured. It happened around 1 PM of the 2300 block of south Oliver on the corner of east Connie. Police said a man wanted to purchase a gun and a pawn shop the man tried to leave the store with a gun and a struggle ensued between a man and an employee of the shop. The employee fired a gun at the band then fled the store. That man later showed up at an area hospital for treatment police have been interviewing witnesses to the crime but have not talked to the suspect yet. Roddy prize KN OSS news. Police in union grove Wisconsin are looking for a gunman who killed three people at the great legs dragway. League Great Lakes drag away Sunday evening the track was hosting an annual cook out. Attracts about 5000 people from the area south of Milwaukee. Kenosha county sheriff David Beth says the victims were in front of the vendors stand when they were approached by the suspect. Black male in his twenties. Cut off blue Jean shorts. Black hoodie sweatshirt in his twenties with the shaved head and decide in and hear a bunch up. Came up and shot three people here. Virginia's governor is defending police response to white nationalist demonstrations. That led to the death of a woman who. The leader of the white supremacist demonstration blames police for not doing enough to protect the people following Friday's on rowly demonstration. This Charlottesville resident agrees. The local police state police the National Guard. There's thousands of people here yes. No anything. Yeah they didn't walk us history. The man says they blocked the side streets before for big events the governor has said police had done great work in a very delicate situation. Adding not one shot was fired Bryan Burrough ABC news Charlottesville Virginia. Which Darman has been ordered to spend more than thirteen years in prison in connection with a sexual attack of a woman last year. 19 year old Maurice Hostin was sentenced Friday in Sedgwick county where he pleading guilty in June. District attorney mark Bennett says Hostin was armed with a knife last November 20 when he forces weigh in twit 37 year old woman's apartment in maize and attacked our. Austin was arrested two days later and the knife used to threaten the victim was found in his car filled cult brand can get SS news in assist used on now. 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. And we're just about ten minutes away from our daily chat with the -- told to us play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs live from training camp in saint Joseph's Missouri. We'll get a full rundown on the first of pre season game for the chiefs couple nights ago coming up what Mitch and ten minutes Taylor Swift groping trial nearing conclusion in Denver. That story coming up on the case and assist morning news was Stevens. Okay as a sporting news received it is now 8088 village and 8 o'clock. The local teenager who believed to be old enough to vote in running for governor. Sixteen year old Jack Ferguson of Wichita has officially filed to run. As a Democrat for governor of Kansas in the 2018 election. Kansas City Star reports that Ryan cast he. The record refer of the elections for the secretary of State's office says Kansas doesn't set any qualifications to run for governor such as age. Residency or experienced person is a junior. At the independent school today's a big day in the Taylor Swift. Groping to trial it's time for closing arguments Taylor Swift steam will lay up their case to the jury about how former Denver radio personality David Neal reached under Swede skirt and grabbed her but at a photo op for years ago Mueller's team will deny that ever happened and try to prove swift's mom and a radio promoter unjustly gotten him fired from his well paid radio gate the judge on Friday remove Taylor Swift from that claim so she's not on the hook for any money she's suing Mueller symbolically for a dollar. Chase anything as an increase in this Hollywood. Powerball jackpot will continue to grow above 400 million dollars this week no one matched all the numbers in Saturday's drawing. Lottery officials estimate jackpot the next powerball drawing on Wednesday will be 430. Million dollars selling. You can't win if you don't play is so if you do play and you win. What do you need to do there may be a new Mega Millions winner but nobody gets Saturday's big powerball jackpot. And just in case you match all the right numbers next time it happens. Here's some advice and real estate mogul. Barbara Corcoran if you only spend the money that the principal generates he'll be rich pro life but most people go right out by the ot. By the plane and lived the high life and that's where they get in trouble. And then make sure you hire financial gatekeeper and make sure you tell this to everyone is gonna want you to invest in something have to pass through like cat yours is our number stereo holding their ABC news is is used time now 8099 minutes past 8 o'clock. Police still on the scene we've got a traffic accidents. Out there this is didn't run capped exit 16100 block of south edge more. Watch for a traffic slowed down there. Traffic updates on case and as esque front but should Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman of the east every street mall and on money grows tired dot com. You're home for complete car care. And it's a look at the forecast now with key indices staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning and. Good morning a strong trough of low pressure is developed in the western part of the US. They'll bring in moisture in the chance of thunderstorms often on just about each day this week the high this afternoon 87. Rain and thunderstorm chances increase overnight are loose 72 and a few storms again Tuesday and ninety I'm Taylor assessed meteorologist Dan holidays. And in right now partly cloudy seventy degrees south wounded five miles per hour and you could see it paying no way you are around which sponsored entity. You could see falling into even a little mist and did soon. He's looking for them. The American workplace is brewing stressful and surprisingly high style. A new study from Harvard Medical School and you. CLA found that nearly one in five workers. Say they face a harsh style or threatening environment and work. Which can include sexual harassment and bullying. Nearly a 55%. Say they face unpleasant that potentially hazardous conditions. Nearly three quarters say they spend at least the fourth of their time on the job in intense and repetitive physical labor. About half say they have to work on their own time to meet the demands of their job. And only 38% say their job offer good prospects. For advancement so not a very positive. Report their dinner a lot of negatives and medical school and UCLA. They can find something wrong with the every job yeah it's and says that just comes with the territory the perfect job. Usually is an out there yeah at least what's perfect in your brain via its you can't because it's totally happy all the time course. You try to beat that's one of the new things about work you like to do work that that's pleasing to feel some. Satisfaction some achievement and so forth and in our minds we all that I'll like be paid six figures don't like to only work four days a week and 91. Eight months vacationers. I can't seem to get that anywhere that they automatically have dissatisfaction with there are wrong with us what our market share of the gut darn near full employment according to the labor. Department you don't like 4% is pretty close to full. Those who anchors are the people just given up working. On our about their business. Yeah the work place here we are on a Monday morning hope you're workplaces is a pleasant place ago. We also don't sing that we don't get bullied much around here. Think it. You're having to endure that it work that's just not give it means on Google it you can't eat your job done. You're battling those battles on the side who. At that makes going in or miserable. Nevada game wardens who spend most of their time hunting down big game poachers. Are focusing on a serious threat to nature it'll leak and invasive fish species. The northern pike can grow longer than four feet and can devour all the other fish. State spent 250000 dollars and Tony fifteen to get rid of it in comments late. Popular fishing spot surrounded by mountains near great basin national park we hate the northern pike currently a beautiful place to fish. But a fisherman caught on there again a month ago this is actually settle there million dollars. And since then five more being confirmed now are dollars that are hanging out northern pike are back they are survivors and able beat everybody else. And now the Nevada department of wildlife is offering a 101000 dollar reward. To help nab the culprit who apparently dumped the northern pike. Into Nevada waters about waters well good luck with that dot though northern pike is I wonder pitch he can only that in strangers something about lights. That's what the no I don't know that judgement vision I don't I don't think you either but apparently this fish is not good for the late in Nevada. Now I know mrs. Paul's gorton's fisherman and you know that's that's where much is known to proceed any northern pike there in the in the frozen in the Rosie out. And mrs. Paul's frozen northern pike that's ridiculous apnea and the the cot at. Now and are there are now. 814 now with Stephen dead and a Ted we had a a big weekend in sports in that. Well the royals did well as a White Sox but also the chiefs played Friday night and as I understand they didn't win but they showed some good stuff. And wanna see some of those positive things happening in any pre season game others if there's room for for some good here this morning about that course. We're very excited about the fact that day. Here it is 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS we are the new. Radio voice of the Kansas City Chiefs attitude in front and I'm excited and Mitch alters. Wanna guy when that very I didn't have a lot of times says listen but it bitch does a great call and we loved animal. We should be hearing from him just a minute right here in in assessed the tone about the powerball winner of that advice that I thought was interesting a moment ago you heard that report. Even 200 million dollars the outspend bunny live off the principal or the doubts the interest. Is going to be a tough a lot of money to be pretty easy to do is the web starts spitting it frivolously and fifty united. We don't spend our money frivolously anyway and so we you ever win. The powerball. Ticket and. We hopes needs some you know it what it was that surveyed people who won the powerball. And the majority say that. There line they're not any happier in the word that it might be more less happier than they have more than it will live to be pretty darn hole. Ton of problems. All of a sudden you got some problems are fixed immediately other problems there are thrown on your plate all those idiots that we feel that a million people needed for her friends that I know they were friends. And there they are now trying to help you spend that money so. I don't know again. Wouldn't mind him anecdote that could make it more secure in light yeah now that's a hundred million help some of that now it is 815 gusty but it here on Monday morning. August 14. And it is time for the Kansas City Chiefs training camp update with mr. Mitchell this with the us this morning there. Good morning and supporting. Good morning and welcome back to you know game on Friday night and then of back to the training camp on Sunday and here on Monday Mitch our things Gillen. Well Sunday it was a spirited effort. I went out on the big read any treatment or let it be like and practiced because. I mean he started out via. Individual drills being pretty active Michael's school. Are blocking and tackling. And I think he would. It loose he was ambivalent like I was about Friday night's game. A lot of good things but he did not look like the way it ended even though the threes. In the I was gonna let it be known. In these are correct answers that that they don't have you're spending money market or to go again. Are are the most difficult of a year because the guys that speaker gave you get back in mode and and it is not gonna let him black commute Dinara for. Their problem with Travis skills he's needs that I hear about that. Yeah it it's blared out but the good news is he was packed yesterday. Doing some work and I'm trying to dispute these here is that it's more so that period also Chris Jones was better for the first time. The current climate record here. A certain mr. stated could be a probe or not that much talent. And then Benny Logan who's there are outscored in the deep into line at the missile sometime it is back. That was all positive and then the other big news yesterday. Was the depth chart altered the biggest meeting at my home what to number two behind Alex methods that are on our. Brett being when they're okay. Mitch is Ernie overarching. Storyline we take away after Friday's game. I just think we might over estimated the depth with a roster. I think the first group remember two weeks ago we talked readily players you lastly I talked about. The little guys. That's on that opener the younger guys this week all of either Kareem on the brand new rookies. Are. There's concern would be. That guys are gonna count on. Special teams are throughout the season. May not be as good if you bank it in play that way on Friday night she should've won and they're in control it and then. Those guys basically let everybody down and that's the overriding thing. I sure enjoyed that stretch in the second quarter when none of the 49ers had what do lit seven great plays inside the ten yard line didn't score I nine's I enjoyed the chiefs defense prowess on that era. Nine gold could go opportunities. For the 49ers retouched it's kind of been the modus operandi of bots dot. And it's a political problem and that she's kind of a microcosm sixteen. And the law. They did down there other couples switched on Hispanics. Breakthrough yeah. They're alleging injury that there. At the way they do bring in one of the best red zone scoring defense is in the NFL. Or your record. Under Bob so. After you play that first game does the does the tenor changed it all and in that training camp or does it or you start. Getting in a more of that business as usual type mode. I would tell you yes most of the time but that's that the other big story here now. This is this as good rows of dampening mistreating. There's no backing off. And it yesterday and individuals that were all all all right Oreo. Individual drills at practice on form tackling and block it I think there's some things he sees. Concern yeah. Even with the ones. Mainly trying to trying to recruit or a bill 53 man roster in. Bill block in the back to basics. Iannetta Rosser and went went to the first cuts come. There are no first cut this year everybody it's that Labor Day when it brand new rule change. So you make many guys away all the late in games Labor Day week and will be great artist on for Gregory now. Gregory doesn't American Akron and had him checked out there on dot com art is on the garrido house be aware of bill. Labor Day weekend that will be 1000. Players now cut. And move it around the national well no burst out so I think it's all one way and Labor Day week it will be. I. A thousand guys a different job and how many openings roller derby for those that housing guys. Well that's that's evident speed will thank you made it to remember roster. In 2013 seven guys at dinner still operating on Saturday night in Kansas City to invade Iraq Sunday morning. They went to work and found out they were cut you of those thousand players are may take the place of others. On people who have made it thought they made between what you made that big tree doesn't mean you're made of 53 that need to get that Lipper and night. Meant to say is that a change that was made by the spur of the players' union or the leader why did why did that come about. A great question and I really think it's one of the view consensus. Issues in the National Football League. Yeah its its route. Players want to be is the veterans don't tax Indian yeah. There's more of violations I'm younger. Coaches want it because those same reason. Let me tell and don't know there's a development only moderately eat and and you get basically we can you evaluate players made up baker seventeen roster but they may make your. So players. League coaches role. Interesting all right back to training camp today in Saint Joseph, Missouri and we'll talk with you again tomorrow managed ninety macho. Thank you guys don't but Gregory note are you trip dull moment at the. Oh my gosh I'm right. Kansas City Chiefs training camp up David Mitchell is brought to you by rusty X or. Chat with Mitch again tomorrow at 815 and 22 down he did you for the Hannity morning minutes. Former Obama security advisor Susan Rice is offering advice on North Korea. Stevens in the morning on K innocence.