The Chiefs looking to snap a losing streak in New York vs the Jets

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Friday, December 1st

Guest: Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitch Holthus


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should toss number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the case there's there's forty years ms. Stevens says the nineteenth Macintosh. Murder suspects captured after police chase in north Wichita we got this story but judge rules Wichita officer shooting a hook that with the TS speed was reasonable. I mean don't you find KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. We finished out the month of November warmer than average in that trend continues today are complete forecast is coming up. Senior US officials say president trump is considering ousting secretary of state Rex Tillerson and replacing him with CIA director and. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not deny that's what trump has been thinking of doing but she suggested that no move was imminent. Saying the president and Tillerson planned to work together to close out the year. A murder suspect arrested after a police pursued an off switch atop the chase ended with the driver crashing into another car and knocking down a utility pole. Officer Charlie Davidson says the chase began their 25 of our Kansas Thursday morning and ended about thirty minutes later at 24 and market. After the suspect vehicle had struck the black pitcher be chic traveling north the vehicle then struck a guide wire guideline connected to the power poles here. Causing damage to the power lines and also the power poles which it has cost some on traffic lights go out in this area so we outs you have what started jagr now. The 24 year old female a 27 year old female driver of one of the cars taken to a hospital with minor injuries. An eighteen year old male not injured the police say he is a suspect in the murder earlier this summer in the 500 block of south what plead. He was arrested on a felony warrant on an unrelated incidents. An eleven year old girl is home safe after reporting that she had been followed by a man and woman in a white SUV and and over. The incident happened Thursday afternoon at the crest of the late edition. Near the park at Westchester and wood stone in Andover police are asking if anyone has any information please contact the Andover police department. And you can read the full police release. In our news story at K and SS radio dot com. A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Wichita saying police officer's actions in the fatal shooting of an Iraq War veteran with post traumatic stress disorder were reasonable. Wichita eagle reports police fatally shot 26 year old Chris Randolph. In front of his family and 2014. When he came toward officers with a knife and after a taser did not stop him family members say they were attempting to get Randolph taken to a hospital. So he could be treated for a mental health crisis. Family's lawsuit says officers to not follow proper procedure on dealing with metal health crisis what approach he Randolph who had PT SD. So every county district court judge Bruce brown ruled Wednesday that the officer's actions were reasonable. And says police procedure on dealing with mental health crisis allows officers to use their discretion. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. On Capitol Hill Republicans are hoping to finish tax reform by the end of this week Republicans say failure is not an option on tax reform South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham says the consequences of blowing this opportunity. Would be devastating. I based fractures people put up for signs people can write checks. The party will collapse of its own weight Steve and then we'll have. We're very argument with the Gasol and and. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is hammering Republicans for what he calls a lack of outreach the way this tax bill is being rammed through is exactly why the American. Why the American people believe our politics is so broken on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News vice president Mike Pence spoke with a Christian broadcast network. About tax reform the vice president says he and president trump. Believe tax reform will not end to the deficit. We're not only not concede deficits from these tax cuts but. Oh when they're all fully implement what we think you're gonna see not only incomes rise in this country our economy grow the Charleston SC the federal government. Have even more resources. To provide for our military to meet the obligations that we've made. K Unisys news time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock we Stephen dead. For the first time W issue is hosting an NCAA volleyball regional. That is coming up today and we'll talk about that coming up towards the salvation army's bell ringers are out in force instead recounted that story coming up. On the K and us this morning news was even dead. The came as a sporting news is Steven Pitt now 8088. Minutes past 8 o'clock. The salvation army's red kettles can be seen outside retailers throughout Cedric county has always. During the Christmas season which of our commander major Joseph Wheeler tells K Unisys news. Holding fund raising supports Salvation Army programs throughout the year yet any estimates on how many lives are touched by the Salvation Army. In Sedgwick county. But I can tell you last year 53300. People received emergency assistance and that could be anything from a food basket. To assistance with utility man. He sent. Major readers are against this weekend and issues when he 17 Sunday morning at 801 K in incest. Number of kids in Foster care is on the O'Brien is for the fourth year in a row of the Department of Health and Human Services says substance abuse by parents is a major factor in the increase of kids in Foster care the HHS says it counted 437500. Children as of September 30 when he sixteen parental substance abuse a factor in 34%. Of the 2016 cases where a child was or move my home up from 32%. A year earlier about 92000 children removed from homes because at least one parent had a drug abuse issue. The 524000. Children in 2002. Least Seles Sarah fox news' Kate. As an excuse I'm now 8099. Minutes past 8 o'clock receipt and says that. Stalled out vehicle westbound K 96 at Webb road watch great potential slowdown here again that's. Westbound K 96 at web broad traffic on Kate and as test brought to you by. Joseph the brother and Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown market in Waterman in the east every street small and unlike pro star dot com. Your own for complete dark hair and now the forecast we've king and his says staff meteorologist Dan the holidays good morning then. Good morning with a few high clouds to start today looks like a breezy and warm afternoon forests will be in the mid fifties around lunchtime. 61 for our high this afternoon. Partly cloudy and not his cool tonight Carlos 39 Saturday size 62 and we may get close to seventy by Sunday I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy south wind at three miles per hour 36 degrees. Kate and assess whether brought you by the monarch open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon on Sunday. And you can be found at monarch Wichita dot com and the monarch in delay don't speak 10 Stevenson in the morning on K in his says it was a time when we all felt like he would. We're pretty pretty dog unsafe go to church. One place in the world where you are safe from all kinds of violence on armed. Not necessarily the case anymore as you know if you've been paying attention to a headlines the united Methodist great plains conference. Will present and active shooter training at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church Sunday. At 3 PM. And bit us this morning is Robert holly happily. Deacon in residence at Chapel Hill UNC and disaster response coordinator. And great plains particularly the session good morning you're currently aren't you gonna lead the session that writes yeah now where's Chapel Hill located. Chapel Hill offer thirteen. Or capital of straight okay that. That northeast northwest oh god and you enter a kid. Out. I did your longtime an unfamiliar with a for for a double slide all right it's like the fat part it. Well Susan what's a little way how did you become. Disaster response coordinator. Add that to about. I had been too mean disaster are. Mission marks since the early seventies. And three years so being in the ministry and effort for a month thirty years belly. Took volunteers have responded plan. There has been a passion and certainly upped it became several years and did this. As a full time and focus instead of being a local church setting I just catch. So bud but specifically though. Shooter computer training but tell me about them how that come about. And this. Unfortunately. As our world has changed. Part of our training this disaster response. Coordinators and professional. We have to look at all all areas all walks of life often means that. That are could prevent disastrous. Year and a half but we will. Same amount offered this act consider training alone with. Homeland Security information. And I went to that trading again. Has. Gag about a dozen training. Tool that. Not knowing. That we and I took that training a year and a half but added that it was going to be it's a prominent. Topic. If she did leave I have to face that Turkey today. They need to de reference for your name is it or you Methodist minister. Okay. So where are you on this whole issue of but should we bring guns and of his church. And birds at Churchill Methodist church on that. Well the Methodist Church. Passed a resolution Tony fourteen that are united Methodist churches and the very plain conference which is Kansas Nebraska. Our weapon freeze well. To that is that conference stay. Personally my stance. I've Larry I did not believe ten. Our places of worship are places where we need to carry gun. Take a woman mine that could come here is active shooter aware now. Mom I'm really happy the Wii is is people. Regardless of our state. And if we have no faith that we need to build a more excellent life was an Intel or a more excellent way. I think we need to live and a spirit of confident. And not the year yet. And fortunately we have to be aware of actually counting today. So EJ can the approach that and you would if let's say what we do if you know about a tornado hits a sore. Is is it morals like that approach or what specific things you wanted to do of course. Exactly an idiot it's it's making people aware it's giving it is helping people to have option. To know me every irks pill for. Then yes you are prepared any you know what to gain if you have a plan of action in your memory spot and in a positive way we read it in freezing. And panic happening now that's still couldn't get by some people. But. You don't mind my focus is we learn what to do and we learn to respond at a high display immediately. We don't that this can preparation is done no preschools now or any place where people frankly people are gathered in numbers. It makes sense to at least. Go into a church or at church setting and know what we would do or think about what we would do if something likes this comes up. Exactly it. You know at at many people pretty churches or stuff. And unfortunately. You know. Our doors are open if not imports of what he acted as a racist it's a you know our doors are open to all people and and that's what we're about it. Is inviting people to replace the portion and making industrial namely in Macon and so secure. Still by no means am now warning to heighten our insecurity. But I want to know and can be prepared and the typical little thing like a. Observing surrounded rights you know and that's the most important thing with the way church soil our court even when the ball. To try to help people to have a a different view to their eyes were delicate but not the foray. Right but over top. Reverend Kelly thank you for being with this union are never reference holly happily deacon new resident Chapel Hill UNC in the United Methodist Church chapel is located off thirteenth and channel it in the eastern part of our city. And Sunday they're going to have. A seminar. In on disasters and being prepared for the possibility of an active shooter. At 3 o'clock there at Chapel Hill. All right 816 now Stephen did it is that time of the date time of the week that's right. They came to a city chiefs update with mr. mayor told us this morning good morning and it's nice to have you with a surf. Hey good morning students to do. He was viewed. Is interested in your last guest about them at all possible. That were brought you buy American act credit a lot of books listen to us. That are either indirect or direct the direct quibble with video. Tech industry of course I integrate their capital but. You know whether it's financing there's a lot of folks that have two jobs. They figured out that. They're they're great resource ninth circuit or credits or trick America back on a year ago you'll treatment cart or their current arena. So as a council from the Olympics. But anyway so what you put go to bank. Shall surely knew what the team's doing and I mean it's like we've hit the low point after that loss last week that there are not there's nothing good you can think about I look at it the course is atom may announce they can opt aren't that aren't in the interior line is that the secret doors is is said the quarterback he's in Smith just one bad you know there's so many things. I it heavy hands and he got his finger on what's wrong here that's basket that's. Well 2000 billion billion dollar question now it's like you and Ireland which are current sort of deterioration treaty. We just thrilled and all of on all right. Pretzel could do here and get a good score. In a difficult situation that it's all of and yes and he's trying to figure out and expressed his whole life and figuring things out. That's what he so successful. Other than Belichick he's the most successful. Current NFL coach. This one's gonna perplexed he views trying to figure out what's going wrong now I think it's fiction that's they're what's the deal here. And we're going right back to New York reduced their two weeks ago. If you don't go to the back to play the jets. It really starts without even thinking about the jets from the first after the first quarter it really starts with tightening in the first group. Although it just screws that are what you. I mean did it. On the nut type commitment and you move on and it does start off and so line but he and one of the worst games. In recent memory card or a pencil line game and remain here reached coach cheeks to him and that's where it's gonna start. Well when you do that deal. What was going on I think in Guatemala video review yet. It is that particular line of scrimmage and make their pick up the play call the linemen make our call. The dramatic changes the sort of like basic retrieval takes very true. And sometimes that'll drive you crazy. Where they wait so long in the defense wait for the snapped because they're running at a time like clock changes. They're look right before the or whatever inning off and it right to vote right occurring on. It's a cream up the great running back doesn't even have any chance you gonna have this spring. So this starts repertoire but also make starts we're getting opera on speeding things. And you don't do that before that the talks over the chicken house. Or move the chickens and it would for the fox gets their hypocrisy and ideas to shoot at them but anyone that's that's where. We can Jiri he got a good point that's that's a great point that they can you know. What these guys start colleagues are doubles of their Dino all the baloney at the last second think they meant the lineup run of play block tackling me do what to do in a. Go go go and and that's. You know letting what's there and many many times and sometimes you just get up and ago. It's so it's almost a bang you know trial because they're just right now while lowering what there's there's going to be some countermeasures to what everybody's Dolan. To screw the office that it would play better that they haven't quite certain offenses in this jetstream actually has a couple guys in run by you can be in the perfect call. The immigration except on and they just the truck in person or their number eleven. The two run by everybody in dark brown. It was pretty. He might be the only plot priorities and actually stole right now and I'll discuss on the a team mean so he just he's playing great but he. It use throws it up there that do grunting or. Charter rate what. Chuck Tucker regular Cuba. As repugnant Hank she still did email me this last week thanking for thank you for all the publicity. Yeah you know it. Maybe would get hurt particularly offseason but. You know let's get all the all the boys you know. It's great to have it does the games here on an 87 and thirteen thirty K units has all the chiefs game we're looking forward to turning things around this weekend if that's. Maybe just put a little more moved into our cheering section in and make dip things turn around you go to. To New York to play the jets and Mitch. Count as the chiefs game at New York against the jets I think I know but some how or why it was shocker football. In the any plop a Kansas EG shocker football update L howl. Well you would remain open humane non adult did you ever go back to a same place one freeway it's. Yes long trips. Oh no no governor mark on Waco in the Marconi award murder but you're you're do you wore them in your right tactic notably. I don't and other Academy Award you're residue that you know. I'll stay in the same room. Same hotel ol' same spot but about what that do not disturb up on my door right taken to give much stuff here over the arc must go out and get on it right back. There's doctors. At a very similar circumstance. It and nobody got up this morning respecting 1956. 1956. A year ago but 1956. Doctors and I've talked about of course there. It was a trucker I think is shocker quarterback or running backs on the this is he sixteen was a little bit of a unique group they had nine different guys that attempted pass. But here's what they had that was truly good. They had to go on September the cricket Detroit 1956. On now and September are no November that tent they played at Cincinnati. The next week on November the seventeenth. They had to play a date. It's not exactly the same place. But it's 53 point six miles apart I've been to date and have been the Cincinnati marathon since two. In. You know what's going what are I don't know but I. The cigarette the sharp football team that is six program that there. They played it since then the next week if the player patent they just stay out there. Well to come all the way practical or. If you and the sharks lost to Cincinnati Washington but. They did rally to come back and beat Dayton in the next week. So which he lost to the giants are gonna go right back this time beat the jets like the particular job. Now all four all retained interest in this year's Cincinnati Dayton which are. All one's organs. They'll be each other Dayton beat Cincinnati Cincinnati bewitched on which be dignity and you like you can go back to the same things. Pretty far away two weeks ago you don't have the games to bring it back. The speed Greer deja Vu all over again. Minutes ago were recorded a record that are that are. They have a great call on Sunday we'll look forward to right here of 97 and thirteen thirty K and assessed. And we'll talk to you next week Mitch opus play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs now 824 was even dead. Even here for the Hannity morning minute media attack on the White House Christmas decorations. Seem intent on Kate and assess.