The Chiefs lose to Houston in preseason opener

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
KC Chiefs training camp update with Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on the 8 o'clock business dictate this morning is receiving dead and I'm Steve Macintosh. Don't block or remove himself from votes counting in gubernatorial primary we've got the story fire removes more joy from Wichita in toyland. I've been a meal. Wildfires still causing big problems in California kind that would work those details just ahead on ten assists meteorologist Dan Holliday. This afternoon we could see if you hit miss thunderstorms across south central Kansas. Dry tomorrow but more active weather pattern starting on Sunday or full forecast is coming. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency for northern California counties following the effects of the holy fire. The fast moving wildfire has burned more than 101000 acres and is only 5% can. Saying that. Firefighters now have wind is an obstacle. Volunteer fire chief Mike Milligan shares the plans for fighting the fires. It's the viral vector runup to the the boss Jack and that's it's gonna slow down and will be able to use a hose lines to the company's. 51 year old forest Gordon Clark has been charged with arson in connect through those fires. A woman was shot in south Wichita Thursday afternoon in the 100 block of west Mount Vernon police say the woman. Have been wounded twice her injuries were first described as critical. Later nonlife threatening police reported no suspect in custody immediately after the shooting. A fire on the grounds of the former joint land amusement park in south Wichita destroying an abandoned iconic structure. The fire broke out early Thursday morning in the wacky Shaq there were no injuries. Wichita City Council member James went down and tells can't send news the city has attempted to do something about the deteriorating structures but they are on private property. This city has had. Cases environmental court cases in the past on it. As a coming to colorful history there. There have been many people that are interest in buying the property they just hasn't worked out for one reason or the other. Officials say there still attempting to find someone to develop the property. Dan O'Neill came and SS news Kansas secretary of state Chris cope watches he will remove himself. From the further counting of votes in he is tight Republican primary race with governor Jeff collier but he says the move will be symbolic. Collier demanded that echo box stop advising county election officials facing questions from CNN host Chris Cuomo. Go bucks at coda wants him to remove himself from further accounting he says quote shall quote so I will unquote. Three women were arrested this after a disturbance in north of Wichita on Wednesday morning police responded outside the Family Dollar store at thirteenth and Guerrero. Officers arrived they made contact with a 26 year old female. She reported being physically battered by 23 year old female. Was then known acquaintance. The victim also reported. Eight point seven year old female pointing a hand gun at her during this disturbance. Officer Charlie Davidson says the suspects were located nearby. The woman with a gun was arrested for aggravated assault at 23 year old woman and a 22 year old woman were booked into jail on outstanding arrest warrants. And the younger woman also faces a charge of marijuana possession. Vice president paired has laid out his case for the creation of a space sports. But what would cost taxpayers the deputy secretary of defense says that apartment has not yet made an estimate for what space force will cost. Patrick Shanahan spoke to reporters late Thursday afternoon hours after the vice president spoke at the Pentagon. Shannon says she won't not have a cautious and until November. A year ago Defense Secretary Jim Mattis opposed the creation of space forced a separate branch of the military. Asked what change medicines deputies said getting bigger budget. To address the growing threat from Russia and China. At the Pentagon that he's Thomason Fox News. Aggression low approval is required to start a new branch of the armed forces. A seven year old boy from Independence, Missouri is in a hospital his face nearly unrecognizable. After an eight year old neighbor set him on fire. Ashley loved as the injured boy's mother. Had received a call when I got the court. I'm not my son was being rushed to children's mercy from a titles. I'm Girardi might sign in you know polish remover and laid him on fire on purpose. Police are investigating this case Dana says you time now 804 Foreman and spent 8 o'clock. We're about ten minutes away from our daily pre season chat with me told let's play by play voice the chiefs will give us a rundown last night pre season opener. Coming up about ten minutes Samsung releasing more information about its newest technology that's coming up. Even dead on king and assess. Okay this morning news receivers that now 808. 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. Some football players are still needling him during the National Anthem the national instant debate officially entering year three. For the NFL last night as protests continued during the star spangled banner before pre season games over in Philadelphia and members of the reigning Super Bowl champs raising their fists in the air during the anthem Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins. Who protest in the same fashion last season. And defensive back Dovonte Busby Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Robert Quinn also opted to raise a fist in the name and social injustice during the anthem at the only member of his team to take part in protesting. As dolphins receivers Kenny stills and Albert Wilson continued their kneeling. This as the NFL and the players association continue their discussions over compromise on the National Anthem policy. Matt defaults on how Fox News. Samsung is releasing information about its newest technology. Fans converging in Brooklyn to check Santa's latest offering the galaxy note nine. It's not sheet asserts that a thousand dollars they get faster processing more memory. And a Bluetooth and not only did they announce new phone offering but they also. Announced a re branding of its wearable now public galaxy watched. But the announcement that got the tech world going crazy today is the announcement and it tease of a homeless speaker that will be available in November just in time for Christmas and that means that Sampson is going head to head for space your home against Google and Amazon in Brooklyn this season league for Fox News. Let's start he was founded in Wichita in 1930 director of communications Jamie Reid details can assist news start he serves more than 500 people with disabilities in the Wichita area. And we do without her Brady programs we have employment programs like enrichment case management we have a large residential program in Wichita. And we provide the supports Tony four hours a day 365. Days a year. Jamie reed is our guest this weekend on issues funny 18 Sunday morning at eight on KN SS. Eight or nine now 9 minutes past 8 o'clock success. And this morning up there in traffic we've got death. Well right now you're looking at a stalled out vehicle southbound I 235. Right around 25. Street. That's out there on which our roadways this time of gasoline prices and what stuff. Lots sold around 269 Gelman I am seen a couple of stations in the number 267. Traffic updates from cape and SS radio and hit James. And now the forecast refuses to meteorologist Dan holidays good morning and good morning it is a quiet start to this Friday but sunshine expected as we head into the afternoon at the once again by me before 5 o'clock we could see if you isolated thunderstorms for the high 94. Not everyone will see precipitation but we're storms to form we could have some brief heavy downpours through mid evening clearing 67 overnight. 92 for the high on Saturday and K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy at home and 69 degrees. K and it says whether is brought you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. The monarch offers a military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in Toledo. Eight to announce Stephen tit here on stage in incessant. They like to understand the difficulty with that there's certainly. Counties of these boats out there and some of the counties around the statement. Coming up a hundred Boyd hundred vote difference here hundred vote there. I should do state gonna get this accurate or not make you super confident what's gone on this day and age group you would think you would have. Massive computers doing all the counting and everything and apparently there are people there. Still. Now counting them by hand in London not doing a terrific job of an. Interesting. I'd 811 I was even Ted you've been talking we've been heard us talking this morning reporting about them. The vice president going in outlying by senate president of pants outlining plans or a new branch of the military called the space force. And we've got some more on that this morning with the Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland good morning Rachel. Hey good morning had a bye spider thing now the time that the base course right now. These. Activities are carried out by the air force. The protection of those tested its satellite pattern orbit there are computers. That and nation state like China or Russia has the capability to be able to knock on the ballot if that happens says that debt disaster. Far beyond just your usual cyber attack with your about two thirds bringing down the power grid up by pat did you imagine it GPS there's nothing that. Well and a lot of we depend on our satellites as yours beer pointing out there for so much especially in communication. As far as. The Internet in an hour I mean Internet conduct at our TV. Across everything. Right Matt and doctors hospital medications. Surgical procedure. I mean it's really I dire situation if that order curt out ever say ma Campbell what motivation. What China or Russia had to do something like that whether retaliate would be pretty much apocalypse. There's it would work well with Dominic and it being based there and exactly attacking the International Space Station or anything like that though. But and people can change a nation state contains is at bat. Part of that is errant arrow or a nation state can develop the capability like that that at our best interest declined to read in the best interest the debate their satellite. Aliens. But the question is. How much salt content. And if their recent is that out from under the wing of the air force. And intent the first step would be to create its own combatant command ones like we even diaper. And then be used to ethnic branch of the armed forces which happened in 1940 that is creation of the US air force. Right so this question of do we want duplication. And how much is gonna cost and this all has to go through congress right Rachel. That's right they control the purse strings that we don't have they estimate on how much that the cot death senior official of the Pentagon's hiding millions of teaching. Billions of dollars and you would even be not only Democrats may be opposed if that fiscal conservative but members of the house freedom cock. Over the Bennett Republican Rand Paul east and no and filibuster something that's rightly. So I don't think it is that a Q and I think it's just that it the president wants and what have to be extended on over to congress that he that they do it that. Rachel thanks for spending some time were those this morning Fox News reveals rituals Sutherland talking about. Space force a fourteen Stephen dead and it's that time of the day. When we check in with play by play voice for the kids between. Mitch hopeless. If you buy American I credit related. I didn't go get a lot of sleep last night didn't call the game right here in Vienna says here is back with this early in the morning good morning mr. Bolton. Good morning yeah author of Cheney and help Gregory note chores morning Borg here to go to America their credit I'm back here so. Yup and threw it around those short tonight. With the person receiving it what it takes some books revert to their credit. Talk about a lot but there really outspent him and what they do have to speak to keep getting better. If what they do to help and agriculture to receive money for agriculture but I know little or. The Dutch recommended Agilent dot com it was a short right. And Tim was talking earlier about that you. You wanna test people out drive people out of you don't want anybody to get her to the Tutsis and you wanna do right. Rice and bloopers enough injuries go on and he didn't want particularly respect. At a certain position like that you saw right now at safety and stacking up some injuries. But this game last night it was kind of likes beat Uga. You and me have a lot in common but it was our a member of the current record copper. There's a mirror my dad and housing bill and the future kind of work and and so. In this game that is similar or Hispanic I don't worrying. Any pre season games and it ought to talk plus minus bird that first democracy in a particular cancer for the third in the overall pick in the end. It was that kind of part touchdown pass was a pretty when Nolan. You know it surrogate can have it that because job I didn't know that eleven the year you really have acquired or listening to the game. There are you know quick recap of his career. With three games in four years that he's there and really very consistent and then we'll talk to market province's dominant feature the next couple weeks. A receiver people talked about a lot of that what you saw what out in another catch. As well is what every bit camp he's been very consistent. Saturday Andy Reid in the coaching staff couldn't get a lot of boxes checked off last night what they wanted to get accomplishment pre season opener. There in. Response. I think. Yes you know. There's there's there was a lot of positives and and they wanted to hear some young guys in the position that could really start to evaluate it closely Armani want to sixty. The star of the night was their demon who's climbing went up the border Spector chased him down. The next recorders group will try to feature him in the next couple weeks from the start Richardson rookies or guys that. People don't think about it could have an impact on the street and he's one of rookie creation of Iowa where a lot of popular in his start last night he get a chance to win. In the to play an important one where it used to Madonna essentially seal the day. That he's got to stop and have a chance to win or or are but neither did a good job so. There are checking out some doctors summer left blank the opposite liners is too big electorate now that. This group's got to cut the plot and last I ever get handle. But Texans did that played a bigger player of the year what are some of the so that was that's a concern beyond. What position is even play what would Barca we look for him on the field. Which one would even even yes yes I like my neck okay. Repaired yet that he's six silently and please he's in digital number that's the toughest thing you start seeing 91 and fifty sixes and they're like. I took you know regrettable Gillard right and look at pictures literal good it'll burst on bit. This is that a popular 56 and your peace he could be a factor that would be maybe the last cut to make the team or not make it. But right now he's it is the parent teacher conference would be a lot better than mine. What does the results of last night's effort how does that get incorporated into training camp going forward from here. I'm curious what the opposite lines we'll get government exporters. We go right back up their tomorrow aren't tobacco because on Monday and we'll look at Saturday and Sunday in parents concerned he. To reviewed so monitor quarterly interest at bankers. I wanna watch it offensive line is specific they're the lagging on. The train left the station checking now on the track. The next group is still looking for its luggage. In so they were disappointing last night the first unit after Holmes are the 733 yards. And a couple passed the help in that regard but mainly he just didn't have time to get much done and so doubt that is concerned. Even a concern for awhile hasn't it Mitch. Then offensively weren't. You know in. Okay just go right now maligned pitcher and fortunate to play better articles about torches spinners or fifth year. And pitchers in the sixth gear but they're they were making mistakes or are they were American in the U. The left guard position has been a revolving door Mitch mortal okay etc. he's coming on the back from the leader or foot injury. And then the right guard with an agent doctor Margaret related parties. Is their best offensive lineman but even got beat once last night some curious suspect recruit an apparent both their neck. In the next reporters who covered it after they meet is going to be better. As you mentioned training camp continues in Saint Joseph, Missouri and then as we talked about mitts on the show a nice chance for. Cease fans in the area whether they be from Wichita are from anywhere and she's in an area to come on in and and take advantage of having training camp right here in our backyard in saint Jones easily as accessible to get up close these players another weekend. Especially the regions yeah we get a lot of which starter of folks on the weekend great easy drive. The turn part this is gonna go on a changeover to you know thirty minutes north of PCR. And so what's the basic kind of suburban just on the way Norton. But yes it's another chance in this weekend. Could have a crowd will be as big as last weekend but it is such a great setup one of these days we're gonna do remote you guys abductor what you actually. It's a perfect setup for the it's going to be accessible and of course. Efficient for the team but it also has been friendly this is really one of the more than friendly for campaign news in the national football attention you know. Be careful inviting us up we just my take yeah something like that. Yes that's right well there's a thing that we bring back Earl teachers and so is. If you're gonna come up there that people don't know that should do parent teacher conference at this breakfast. And of course you how did you do last night you know what what how they. You have on that on your on your game chart not a 160. At least. RO. CO 150 Hillary shoot 388180. Humans. I cannot work and I try to match because of well the other yeah. So I mentioned Dylan coalesce earnings from Logan Rutgers Bill White school and in the Springfield played in every state. In which he was the star of the game for Houston last night. Some so if there's a local time and especially bill dimension but yeah it's that simple. Maddening. But that's okay I also know there's no spring to this is only developmentally get a right. In Seoul that these games her icu and the value them maybe more than just Joe Camel there because I know how important they are for many players. Your broadcast is always so smooth and I got to this I'm Beatrice was very professional very smooth if folks even understood what kind of stuff goes on the currency could unite. Our big blue we're big proponents of preparation and I know you do autonomous yep. Yeah probably do too much our big guys. You know you're too much of a cooker. But that's a pit road have been happening dream I wake up in the morning where. You know yes there. In a Speedo and brokering an adult would shock and you don't want the change right and you don't have any information and people laughed and that you etc. and so. Always enjoy your call last night out good weekend it will be glad to check in with you for two more weeks with the daily pre season camp reports courtesy of American and credit we appreciated Mitch separate. Well thank you Theodore thank you Steven and have this image of mr. champs or current teacher guard. Men in order it. Well things don't work on as she's in the hole right now wondering what ever happened that bitch at. What are under era it. Aren't. At a weekend that's an insult us play by Playboy is the Kansas City Chiefs will chat with him every weekday morning at 815 the next couple weeks Monty by American at credit deeply you know keep your foot Hannity Hannity not earning minutes. What is really behind those California wildfires. That's coming up receiving 10 in the morning on K and assess the.