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Friday, August 18th
Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus talks about the Bengals very tough defense

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. 1:8 o'clock this is the case and it's just what he views even attended. Hi Steve thank you Canton police is being killed five people suspected terrorist attack we've got the story. Governor Brownback announces pay raises or Kansas prison workers time it would work with those details ahead I'm Dan O'Neill. One man is dead at Kansas deputy injured following a police chase. I'm KMS best meteorologist Dan Holliday right now the hottest thing in Wichita Earth's solar eclipse glasses we'll talk about how won the temperature will be. And our forecast for Monday it's coming up. Police in Spain killed five people suspected of ramming a car into a group of pedestrians at a town south of Barcelona. Police say the incident does linked to yesterday's vehicle attack on the busy Barcelona finished. In law that left thirteen dead and dozens injured ices has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack. FBI counterterrorism official and ABC contributor Steve Gomez says with vehicle attacks becoming more common there are steps cities can take to protect. Crowds city officials the government has to recognize that there are places. In various cities especially where there's a height tourism attraction. That there are crowds that are gonna be targets by these terrorists particularly using vehicles such as we saw here today. So they have to have the proper barriers ball or it's things that are in place so cars can't access areas where they're big crowds. A man is dead and upon any county deputy was injured following a police pursuit began in Edwards county in western Kansas according to the Kansas Highway Patrol the incident began around 1245 Thursday afternoon. Trooper attempted to stop a speedy empower law on US 56 and Edwards county. A man was driving the vehicle with a woman passenger during the pursuit that continued into the town of Garfield the man driving the impala began shooting at the trooper. And tape on east county patrol car. The deputy caused the suspect to drive into a ditch which disabled the suspect's vehicle. The company suffered minor injuries and the suspect died from a self inflicted gunshot. The condition of the woman passenger was not known the Kansas bureau of investigation was called in to investigate the case Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Kansas governor Sam Brownback held a news conference Thursday afternoon at the Eldorado correctional facility announcing changes to the Kansas department of corrections. A structure recruitment and retention has been a challenge for many years. But today we're taking. Steps towards making pay more competitive at the department of corrections and a very competitive job market Corrections Secretary Joseph Norwood. Joined the governor for the announcement. All uniformed staff in the department of corrections system wide will be receiving any 5%. Pay race and that's across all facilities. Here it elder radio uniformed staff will be receiving approximately 810%. Pay increase. Governor says this is an effort to retain experienced officers at the State's correctional facilities are vacancy rates have increased amid dwindling new officer recruitment. The annual you'd drink you drive you lose a safety campaign is under way all over Kansas. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says more than 150 local and state law enforcement agencies. Cracking down on impaired driving for the next two and a half weeks. This averages three people were injured every day and one person killed every three days in crashes were at least one drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol. You drink you drive you lose is sponsored by the Kansas department of transportation safety campaign runs through Labor Day. Lot of excitement over next to Monday's eclipse Tracy cal hall who is director of education. And which doesn't exploration place a century Tony science and discovery seder she tells K Unisys news a total eclipse is rare. We have not experienced the land. Eight mean though thanks to that meant that international opinion and won't we have not at one from coast to coast. And United States the ways that were traveling in 1918. Gallup says the Wichita area will see a 93%. Eclipse Monday. They assist you time now eightfold for 4 minutes past 8 o'clock. About ten minutes away from our daily chat with Mitch told us play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs would get a pre season. Talk with mixed this morning about the chiefs game tomorrow night in Cincinnati they told us coming up ten minutes big construction project on the way for senior services of Wichita. That story coming up on the case and as this morning news was Steven did this. Macinnis has sporting news Stevenson now 8077. Minutes after 8 o'clock on Friday morning. Senior services of Wichita is planning a big construction project at its facility west of downtown. Development director Chris highland tells K Unisys news it's a six million dollar project that involves a building that turns out as many as a thousand. Meals on wheels a day. The planning that's to tear down the church building. And rebuild new. We will triple the size of our meals on wheels kitchen it'll be a brand new kitchen facility. A second building the senior center will be renovated Chris Simon is our guest this weekend on issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight and came in a sense. Police in Concord, New Hampshire are trying to figure out who spray painted Nazi graffiti on headquarters of the state Republican Party. A window was also broken. Vandalism discovered yesterday morning just days after GOP leaders in the granite state publicly condemned white supremacist violence. State party chair. Jeannie Forester is banking democratic leaders in New Hampshire for speaking out against the vandalism. Well there's a kkk or anyone else we do not condone violence and war vandalism this is there's just no place for it. And it is disappointing that somebody and would vandalized our building when we speak out against things like. Police are hoping surveillance video how to make an arrest the navy has completed its investigation into the deadly collision of a guided missile destroyer. And the cargo ship off Japan in June the USS Fitzgerald's team senior officers and senior enlisted sailor will be relieved for mistakes in the deadly collision off the coast of Japan the trounced seven sailors. They are among a dozen of the ship's crew who will face administrative action for their role in the collision. While investigation into that collision continues. A top navy admiral said there was enough evidence to warrant their removal a Nader report also described heroic efforts of the ship's crew to save themselves and their ship from sinking. We Martinez ABC news the Pentagon in his has news time now eight. 10:10 minutes after 8 o'clock Stephen Ted in the morning. Those gasoline prices this morning unsettled. Out there because I'm still seeing prices in some places as I used to nineteen. A gallon some places have even gone up that around 219 gallon puck. Still leaves you have to find a way better gasoline prices. Looking around I saw. 207. Ridge in central. 205 near Tyler and maple itself a better gasoline prices up their traffic update from cape and SF radio on. Achievers and now the forecast means he and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning dance and good morning cloud cover spreading in the south central Kansas we're seeing a few showers mainly to more west it will be sliding east and south. And as we go throughout today we warm up to 91. Another chance of a thunderstorm developing this afternoon along and ahead of a cold front. A few of those could be strong any precipitation ends by mid evening nor lose 68 sunny and 95 tomorrow and KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now. Cloudy 71 degrees southeast winds at five miles per hour. And Jack has a great selection of some perhaps still available. Mentioned you heard this sandals even dead and received 45% off any straw hat through August 19. At men's next 601 west Douglas at the clock tower in Toledo they tend now 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. And the KC NC chief training camp update with Mitchell was just minutes away. Here was Stephen Ted an animal welfare organization says it has rescued more than 1000. Llamas horses cows goats chickens and other animals from an illegal boarding facility in northern California. Where many of them were being mistreated. A caf at a steer had to be euthanized in another camp died later at the asked piece a year and a SP CA. In Monterey California. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where it had been taken to be treated for a makes each and Monterey county officials ordered the owner of mets' road ranch in Soledad two. Shut down his facility the unidentified donors being find a thousand dollars a day by individuals until he complies. He has also been ordered to provide food water and medical care for the remaining animals wildly are still on the property. Thousand animals. Kind of animals like the New York State. Court systems longtime communications chief has been fired. After inadvertently telling a reporter that he barely went to work. The office of court administration says David bush taper. Was terminated Thursday. Chief court's spokesman Lucien shaft often says officials take abuses of office extremely seriously. Is firing came a day after the New York Post reported he unwittingly dialed the reporter's voice maple. Which captured him conversing with someone else. Books neighbors said he was not doing anything and barely showed up at his 166000. Dollar a year communication's director job now. He planned to retire in October. Why aren't you investigate. Well because he's he's pretty solid company a billion as he's 58 years old time retire. At the had been for the courts since 1996. Apparently for most of his long career at the courts there are New York he had been pretty much lacking you pride. Not doing much selling tuchman personal responses what you do candidate well. You know working harder partly orchid. Probably the latter that is is that accurate but a pal around it radiates stationed in. Don't have anybody like under 66 grant it can get a sit there and nobody can make that much money and nobody Y all making it much but he doing absolutely nothing. So Monday the solar eclipse gonna happen it's gonna last two and a half minutes it could cost employers. 694. Million dollars again. That's that's the amount outplacement company challenger and gray and Christmas came up with a after crunching the numbers. US information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics a firm predicts that roughly 87 million workers out of a 123 million in the US will be at work. Come eclipse time right it's right during the day goes on like 1130 to two. Here in which goes on to project that employees will need about twenty minutes to find a viewing spot and watch the show unfold. For these workers the average hourly wage were shot to 23 dollars and 86 cents an hour. Which means by Freddie to wait twenty minutes each viewer cost his or her employers seven dollars and 95 cents. Multiply that by 87 million and you get 694. Million dollars in lost productivity. Monday. For the yeah. The eclipse. So you know that's like company should embrace the sentences were mandatory. Eclipse meeting really make the workers show up port. You mean during the meeting had the meeting during the clay yes. Do you think that would be a good idea at least you're on the company dime now. There people you know we just -- it's a terrible you know we just stuff. Talked about did two people you know people there who don't go to work and get paid the bill much okay. It was interesting this big story coming out of the of Belgrade where they've had some incidents recently. With the inmates over there and and you know the guards being in danger what they finally decided that maybe we could come up some money. The give these people pay rates. And the governor basically said but we're gonna pay but it our gonna pay for a get some if found some money somewhere in the budget to pay for it and the legislature will that it. You know when they come back in session in January so. That's not a job that frankly. I would ever want to do would be like the last stop for me about it and and a huge turnover rate yeah no yeah. We can't keep it won't admit the turn overrated Telerate a like a close to fifty or 4050% and they're talking about people have been arrested have been asked him to put in sixteen hour workdays. Well I believe in that job too had very little you know at the pace that very good and sixteen hours today and fascinating that with us and you're dealing with you know the dregs of the socket. Day why are all that's got to be it's two I mean. The eagle in there and their people having taken today we're gonna have a nice you know is is blue jeans Monday or anything. That's a tough tough job and we wish them well all of you people who were working in the incarceration industry. It's 815 Stephen did Kansas City Chiefs training camp update now with Mitch alters. Of the dead city chiefs and of course that American anchor it helps with that we didn't get morning bitch nice to have you with us is going to do. Good morning even more avid and fanatic this morning. I think we're matching avert connect credit. The dramatic act alone dot com. They can do more for oaks and later realized check them out and electric and duties that are gone on the Cincinnati. Heading to the queen city for the game two of the pre season among four that the chiefs play first time. You've taken the big show on the road this season meant. And that's always been another or less. Because some guys can handle it some guys stand the younger guys. Lot of them like college football out of plated at eye level so it's not a complete. Shock but. How much can they they've boats because they're Imus basically. Accounted for. But the time now believe the time we come back stance about one or 2 hours in the evening. It and exit so it was based focused you can handle being on the road where. The other teams against it yeah it creates a dynamic do you wanna beat out guys and guys will prevent some guys brought. Who is who showed up boot in last weaker solid practice. But who you see who's standing at a manual watching the practice is Mitch you know who's who's donated job who's not. Yeah I'm back he regarded. We're gonna talk about a lot were on your air now games. Marat not that Chris Connelly wide receiver Chris sent to get to 46 yards against San Francisco. In 83 yard touchdown reception called back because they called a crop and pass an appearance. But he got as best we can practice and St. Joe this week's BP. Basically tore up but he did it on a consistent base using key part of that she's being. Going to the next level is winning and execute pitches and getting their wedding it. But I don't see how does an extensive genetic got a really good secondary. Or go to their physical and bill warrants are gonna play all out conflict could be out there breed of horse series he can he be as productive especially on third down to big part of Tuesday. Yes they're different does their different dynamic from the coaching staff heading into week two of the pre season that we saw last week. Yeah and I and after this game when it starts to turn towards that New England but this game. Things are looking for the offensive line particularly the number two and number prayed and I know you're goal in Modesto respects beat. Well they determine gains in all just going to be up at all Burke order especially against the Cincinnati and it is one of about most physical most penalized teams. Release its Marvin Lewis has been a coach this such as kind of their MO. People are excited about my homes lying they're not going to be excited about arm's been honest backer being injured that second offensive line. Right now personally wanted to prove that they can make the team that at least the weather playing its rage on in the preceding game thus far they've got to step up big. When the chiefs travel a game like this is it exactly the same as you would traveled any road game during the regular season as far as the as far as the itinerary goes things like that. Oh well that's an area that generated the size Wednesday that. Annika told her district board now I'm not heroic government's secret any readers like built smarter. I mean there are spec or skirt. Andy Reid demands that we walk industry. Opponent hotel in the opponents said he worked here of whatever time that is specific mountain central or eastern. Figure out the time packet out. It's got to guard Mitch Reynolds whose brilliant dude he's the tragedy. In a pitch or almost seven. Registered but you. It just got to calculate all the Alice. And Indy in corporate world wants to walk in the lobby of the hotel in Cincinnati today at work in Central Park or send out short thirty. Or via. It's worked PM it's denigrate permit rentals and they've got a bunch. Listen in on a preparation for game like this. Pre season game. How about the video aspect are you looking in any. Video do you region scouting reports very much or did does that matter on something like this where you. You don't know who's going to be the question. Not a question it because. Videos such a part of all preparation and repute. But in this game. I didn't against separatist northern they've looked at very little videos and very little tiny bit. 82%. To 98% of the video all in perspective. And it review every practice revealed every practice. Bill reputed revealed Tuesday that changes dramatically once the regular season starts. Because it turns into about it 28. Twenty refute your plate reviewer on Monday. The rest of the week is preparation via. And so next week against Seattle I think Andy because another lap. Probably treated more like regular season. Watching Seattle Seattle's personnel so far this year they're trends. So that. Even younger guys by Karim on the rookie running back at Toledo. To get used to what it's like the entry. Real world during September October November December along a street this game is still more retrospective and outside the war. And once again how many players all the cheese be taken to Cincinnati. 99 should allow trip by older though I'm told that there's. You know that's the charter businesses. How to change a lot. And that's what what's going on here or not the team is chartering but it's much much much smaller line. Then we normally etiquette so the rest of us are scrambling to get their commercial. Who and you've gotten ninety players on your spreadsheet to it's bigger than normal. Under donated to an accountant and right. Even even the even though I don't span. As much time on Cincinnati but this game I would submit to regular write in game because my week parallels order. All update our team every week a more mostly look at give out. This is Canada. 2080 the other way. Villa to deal underrated players that I look for. Elect last last week Blake bell plays the same impetus. I mention you know he played at which operation went through his high school career of bill goes through though you that's. Part of the game last week the next to come alive especially for your listeners in Wichita. In always mention the kingdom player on the other game Jordan Willis in this game as in Kansas City getting what the rocker bicycle. And it was a great player all American at K state a lot of he changed and what about the draft are pass and you know in the second round Jordan's seven a good game he will be a focus of my discussion. On tomorrow night because he tight end to that she's kingdom even replace for the unity. All of that information and get it comes out of your mouth send such a smooth. And informative way I don't know how you do it. You know it'll. Be right. You forgot to do what. About Norton well a block here. All the pregame coverage begins at 5 PM tomorrow night in Cincinnati admits will be looking forward to hearing you on the call tomorrow night right here on TN SA yes. And so on there's so much speed backed by Ayman what you thought. People are eleven on your station in this just started an interview a lot of exciting things we do insular around it so. You guys are in on this now just bigger and awaited they don't next year. All right you got it thanks Mitch kept yet Hank exiting team's training camp update with Mitchell does brought you by rusty tech or heard about that yet the chiefs. This weekend that the 24 lefty particularly if they Hannity morning minutes. Politicians don't appreciate average American says Sean Stevens head of the morning on things in a sense.