Chiefs start the season with a W

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Monday, September 10th
Kansas City Chiefs 38 - Los Angles Chargers 28

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Watch this is the case and this morning news even dead. Nineteenth Macintosh a fatal shooting in Dallas a police officer now arrested them. Northeast Kansas woman killed in crash and Harvey county I'm it would work those details just ahead. I'm tennis us meteorologist Dan Holliday the average high temperature for this time of year is 85. Will be a little bit cooler than that today what to expect this week is in the forecast coming up. Charges have been filed against the white police officer in Dallas accused of shooting her black neighbors. Thirty year old Dallas police officer amber Geiger arrested Sunday night in the fatal shooting of her neighbor both from John tiger was taken into custody on a manslaughter warrants and bonded out of jail a short time later according to police Geiger was returning from work last Thursday still in uniform when she shot John and his apartment Geiger told responding officers she mistook John's apartment for her own lawyers for John's family in the community were calling for tiger's arrest since the shooting happened singer freedom showed favorable treatment for the officer. This police officer should not be given created preferential treatment. The Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation they're trying to determine whether drugs or alcohol may have been involved where fatigue was a factor might cancer Fox News. A man is dead after being hit by a car in north Wichita according to the Wichita police department a pedestrian was walking in the road at 53 north and meridian. About 9 o'clock last night when that. Man was hit. Male pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene the driver of the vehicle was not injured. The US Geological Survey recorded three small earthquakes in northwestern Oklahoma during the weekend. The US GS reports that all three occurred Saturday about ten miles southeast of window cut about a hundred miles northwest of Oklahoma City. The largest was a magnitude three point seven quake with the others measuring a magnitude 3.3 and 2.4. No injuries or damage are reported geologists say damages they'll likely quakes below a magnitude four point zero. Thousands of quakes have been recorded in Oklahoma in recent years with many linked to the underground injection of waste water from oil and natural gas production. State regulators have directed several oil and gas producers in the state to close injection wells or reduce the volume of waste water and inject beneath the surface. Said Campbell Cano SS news. A woman from vermilion Kansas is dead after a two vehicle accident this was Saturday morning on US highway fifty near Halstead in Harvey county. Highway Patrol reports an eastbound semi truck crossed into the westbound lane colliding with a SUV a female passenger in the SUV. 73 year old Darlene Turnbull was killed the male driver of the suvs 77 year old Max turned bill of vermilion. Was hospitalized in critical condition. A driver and passenger in the semi or not. Injured one person is in critical condition after a traffic accident in Riverside in north Wichita. Crash happened around 630 Sunday night in the 12100 block of north river boulevard. The vehicle hit a tree in the driver was thrown from the car. One person taken to a hospital in critical condition. Republican representative Kevin Yoder and his democratic challenger Sharif's Davids are having a tough time keeping their political footing on immigration issues. It's complicating their efforts to win a competitive swing house districting Kansas that president Tron barely lost. You voters under pressure from the right despite an endorsement from trump. And he backed away this week from supporting a democratic proposal to ensure that immigrants fleeing domestic and gang violence can claim asylum. Democrats should Reese David's continues to battle GOP ads that say she supports abolishing nice. She did say that during many liberal podcast interview in July. But has disavowed deposition including any reason television that. Davidson Yoder. Rodney price KN SS news as hurricane Florence gains strength the US East Coast is bracing for the worst in wind and rain later this week. Florence is predicted to be a major hurricane bringing danger not only to the coast but well timlin South Carolina governor Henry McMaster is warning residents to prepare now. If you pay prescriptions you need failed and get infield. If you have relatives who need to be alerted to what you might go where you can go. Tell them take care you hips he showed a lot things could you may not become you may not be coming home for several things. Landfall is an expected until later this week states of emergency are in effect for North Carolina and Virginia that is well. Colonel Scott Fox News. It's K Unisys used time now 8055. Minutes after 8 o'clock. Rather explosive start of the season for the Kansas City Chiefs we'll have highlights just few minutes in sports. Still trying to figure out who wrote that to probably op Ed piece. That story coming up for McCain and assist warning is receiving death. Producers warning users to even sit down 8088 minutes vented plot. Wichita girl has become the fastest nine year old in the country. The Wichita you reporting yulia Boldon won the 10200 meter national championships in the nine year old division last month that the 88 you do your Olympic Games. Nearly above the national record in both races a year before in the eighth and under division. Furious father Jimmie Bolden says his daughter is building yourself a little dynasty right now Fulton says. When Julius stepped on the track everyone knows who he is. The search continues for the writer of the inflammatory anonymous New York Times piece with some pundits speculating vice president Mike Pence. Was the author does include language that he's been known to use Spencer denied the accusation on FOX News Sunday. Foxes Alison barber with more. Initially when people saw this topic there was a word in it the word load start on common word in today's rubble when vice president and had used. In the past more than once is off this quickly came out and pushed back. Once speculation that a rose on the Internet because all of the use of that word they said mr. and did not have anything to do with it obviously. That's something the vice president has now set for himself as well but some say that if it was not paints and perhaps the author used the work load star on purpose pink says he is a 100% confident that no one on his staff wrote. That op Ed. A couple of news set up a goal and beat campaign for homeless man. It in order to show up in court today a judge has ordered Kate McClure and mark Demeco to appear in court for a deposition in a lawsuit filed by Johnny Bobbitt. Other it is a homeless man who helped McClure last year when she ran out of gas near Philadelphia. McClure and her boyfriend started a go fund to me account for him which raised 400000. Dollars but mothers' lawyers say he only saw about 75 grand of that. A criminal investigation is underway to find out what happens to the actual donations and the couple's home has been searched by police. Go fund B says it will make sure Bobby gets the rest of the money but it's not yet clear how that will be done. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. Unisys news time now 81010 minutes past 2 o'clock. Funny funny happening in traffic out there right now we can't several things going on though first off. There in traffic at the number we've got eastbound central east of ridge road traffic accident there. He's done Kellogg at Tyler several vehicles involved in a traffic accident there. So work. An eastbound Kellogg things not looking too good right now in fact death even further along there eastbound Kellogg had to peak everything in the central business district. Style that vehicle caused traffic and it there. So traffic updates from Kate and as as radio lunge at chambers welcome to Monday morning in your commute today listing a look at the forecast now. McCain is his staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning and he patchy areas of fog and low clouds will make their way out. Mostly sunny beautiful weather today with temperatures in the low seventies by lunchtime in 78. This afternoon we will be clear in 61 tonight. Sunny warmer tomorrow with Tuesday's high 81 that wins they breezy and 83000. KM SS meteorologist Dan the holidays now part. A cloudy coma 59. Degrees 59. Qaeda says weather brought you by the monarch voted one of America's 100 best suburban barged. For the second year in a row by the whiskey review located at 579 west Douglas in his story delays know the monarch. Eleven now 11 minutes past 8 o'clock Steven did here on this Monday morning. September 10 28 teams and it was on the stage in 1987 the Pope John Paul the second. Arrived in Miami where he was welcomed by president Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan. As you begin a ten day tour of the United States and the place I mean is it that the country a little crazy there but it. Really excited about and I mean not just Catholics either mean a Protestant just. They were excited about this everybody knows about hope governor artists and art our our country. Pretty big deal Pope John Paul the second one of the most. Charismatic asthmatic here up people on the planet in guys TDs. The guy who literally I think in some ways read by analyzing entire Catholic Church in a lot of refrigerated. They quite quite a personality that are coming down there in 1987. Well it wasn't the Tour de France more like the toward a topless and bottomless hundreds of bikers. Pedal for ten miles from the streets of Philadelphia for the annual Philly naked by Ankara and miles. Then a banana Seton. Not achieving you know spectators got to view of the nude bikers as they pedal as more traditional sites like. The liberty bell the US mint and independents all. Speaking of independence of bikers could be as bears they dared some opted for no clothing at all. While others wore underwear or masks. The bike rightist protest dependence on fossil fuels advocates for the safety of cyclists on the road and promote positive body image. Those three things like yes. When an electric Green River but mature revenue riding my bicycle naked in front of strangers. Now that's something a lot talcum powder that in Philadelphia. Certainly wouldn't wanna be the seat cleaner after that and justice yet. Watch out for years. I guess. That's the city of brotherly love it. And again you know. I don't know if anybody lined the streets there. The curiosity seekers were there is cease strangers naked in just. Doesn't have that much fascination for me I mean either. Some of those strangers making her estranged naked nonsense. He's helping era noticing it's like roll the dice all eyes that I CNET. And it's permanently seared into your memory. Viewing Nagin tried completely naked except for they got that little helmet on. You've got to have a little while ago by an island on an accident out there for trying to. I'm yet. Beautiful aidid does presumably this year the Cedric county zoo with their biggest fundraiser of the year. A sign of auctioned a auction off animals that you can care for an adopted and it's just a a terrific deal Andy you win it. And I win it but we went in different card at different times. And you and I did not. Even see each other now the place is so massive and so many people walked around for hours and didn't see each thousands of people and it's. The people beauty come by and they look at me and they the don't ask for an autograph via. A one I got on it at one request OK you know the wagon masters have real neat place over the now they've got that state that was. A large area where guests at a tables and they get a great place because of I was there we Shelley and I looked at them should IC but Susan. UST 25 and a she's a woman we talked you know that she handles yes I think I spotted her media on later rounds as well yes so weak. Stop and have chat with Susan and about that time Metallica there's there's a mayor of the which dominate your paradise. Chatted with him and his wife pearl while. A talk with the Gary squires who's been a basketball coach and in town for many many years yes he was last at North High School if she's retired now or left the left the coaching business. And he it's interesting because his this cousin. Was a guy by the name John Bakley who. Played basketball west and I was Plavix John for about three years were teammates in bodies and west now I understand. That John Bell John it's died he died a couple of years ago a friend of mine I understand that he and another teammate of mine Dennis Richardson. And some other guys who were on the French university team. In 6869. They're going to be inducted into the friends sports all the things about the in October so nine cents a Indian army all kinds of people out there. And did you see anybody any big big wigs were in in your travels around the the civilly maybe I was traveling in the fringe areas and didn't didn't see in him a whole lot of famous people now on the line. And it's one fellow on our way out. I carry Dixon and Dick securities and now another. Carries and Mary theories. Mother and father were real good friends. Of hours and in fact his mother Phyllis baby set my son Scott when he was little. And the thing is Shelly babysit Terry picks. Well carries it east now in charge of the school bus company here and and if for a long time and he exit. Basketball official and it was who can talk now work with him for Iberia. Realized god and I compliment and said yeah I know little about basketball my senior officiate carry. And and he he was pretty good he's given up now. But he is good. Anyway it it's it's a big deal we see a lot of people you know he seemed to people you don't know if you're never don't know but it's it's an annual event in this town that she's getting bigger seems like. Every year I thought maybe them the threat of rain would. Dampen the crowd didn't seem to Saturday night in there as it did not occur in Q a lot of people there. Better that than those they've had a couple times they got really Scioscia that are. And it's kind of that of any good night out is fantastic. Raised thousands and thousands of dollars that we don't count him raise a lot of money and help up is news good cause aren't there. So 818 now Stephen did and it says sports diamond tips delivered. Talk about don't look at it she football there first. Actual game of the season. These yes season opener he's an outcry against city chiefs on the West Coast in LA taking on the chargers opened things up against the division opponent. Beginning of the Patrick Holmes era as the starting quarterback for the chiefs. Help Casey did not waste any time getting points on the scoreboard yesterday and they would meet a lot of points to win that game. You heard the game on special teams got things going retiree kill right away Mitch holds us in Kendall Gammon with the call right here on tape and assess. MacKey used high refuel for Kansas City back pedals takes an additional ten and wants a left return. It's blocks its after the fifteenth attacks that left all right and yeah. Yeah. Sleep there it didn't take long for the cheetah to unleash. Most dangerous offensive and returning weapon end. NFL. The other get a needed because Philip Rivers put the ball right his receivers hands about five times division dropped. They got an retarded I dropped two touchdown passes yeah in the first half hour. San Diego did put up its points in the with 28 points but the chiefs outscored at. 38 points chiefs when it 3828. The chiefs get their ninth straight win against the chargers about the numbers Tyreke he'll put up three touchdowns 268. All purpose yards. Quarterback Patrick my homes. In his first season as the full time starter for the chiefs for a touchdown passes yesterday. Thanks redundancy chiefs when it 3828. And get the season off to a one and oh start. Monday Night Football on opening week daily to a doubleheader on Monday Night Football we got two games for you tonight we'll start out with a New York Jets in Detroit taking on the lions. And follow that with a game on the West Coast as the Los Angeles rams that Oakland and take on the raiders. Live coverage of all that begins at 6 o'clock tonight Monday Night Football doubleheader and that's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Major League Baseball yesterday to Kansas City Royals finishing up the road trip in Minnesota against the twins. This game was won not one minute in the bottom of the ninth inning the royals were looking for one more pitch to get it into extra innings you've heard the game Monday at age. Hammel who looks at second and now pictures. Hi guys. Sitting. Now the. Royals dropped two out of three in Minnesota. And that finished up a road trip for the royals we've got a special evening of sports right here on tape and assess this evening. We'll started off at 6 o'clock tonight the WSU volleyball coaches show that coach Chris slam the inaugural edition of the season with coach lamb at 6 o'clock tonight. That's right here on 97 and thirteen 38 and SS. That's broadcasting live at a AJ sports grill of the Alley. Thirteenth green went so you'll have dinner tonight coach slam in my community out there at the Alley. And then we're going to follow that with the live with a special live broadcast the royals baseball tonight here on CNN assesses the royals begin homestand hosting Chicago White Sox. At the right here 9713. Thirty KM SS volleyball coach until coach lamb at 6 o'clock we'll follow that with the royals White Sox. Game tonight hey 97 and thirteen thirty K and as so like fun hey it's time for the very fire coffee break on K and SS. Very tired copies of precious coffee in the which dot area because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. Or you can get very far or coffee cure all for just like Stevenson. Like going to 6737. So the people all online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight when he do Stevenson coming up the Hannity morning minutes who takes credit for a strong economy. Do you into the morning on Kate and as dance.