Children of any age can hunt in Wisconsin

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 14th

New legislation allows toddlers and infants to legally hunt in the state.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. He could hit the mornings and Macintosh Ted Woodward. Wichita police need help locating three burglary suspects. Timothy Smith Elijah Martinez and Michael baker. Our water on burglary charges of three have act. Active warrants in reference to several burglaries in Wichita they were in custody two weeks ago but they were released at the time the burglaries were still under investigation. And the district attorney's office couldn't charge him in a reasonable period of time. And you know the whereabouts of the men call police or crime stoppers at 2672111. Now the forecast with K units are staffed meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morn. We didn't cooled down much overnight so temperatures are fairly mild drizzle and fog cloud cover sticks around today only a slight increase in temperature with a high 57. Scattered showers this evening with a low near fifty that we may get a brief look at the sun tomorrow sunny windy with a high 61 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday. Now fall to missed 55 degrees we've got a south wind at ten miles per hour. Prosecutors say a man has been acquitted in a deadly shooting in Wichita apartment. The Sedgwick county DA's office said in a statement Kirby Lewis was found not guilty last week in the December 29 death a 28 year old Robert Young. Whose body was found by officers and a hallway yet woodgate apartments he had been shot multiple times. Police said that a fight began won't young was drinking with Lewis and his roommate at their apartment. Young and Lewis is roommate left the apartment and returned a short time later and hit the door of the apartment. Police said that's when Lewis grabbed his firearm opened the front door and fired several shots at younger. Willis initially told officers that young tried to rob him Dan O'Neil Katie and SS. Snooze and endless shots Sunday night just south of downtown Wichita police officer Paul Cruz has officers responded to a location on to peak history for a 42 year old man had a gunshot wound to his cap the victim reported that a friend was at his apartment and dropping handgun on the floor. That this chart instruct his leg. He then left when I and one was called victim was treated and released from the hospital police classify this case as a whole accident. A fifth the woman has come forward to claim that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore sexually approached her when she was a teen. More is denying it Alabama State rules say his name can't be taken off the December 12 special election ballot. But Alabama secretary of state John Merrill says more could still drop out Merrill also tells Fox News the Alabama State Republican Party could just disconnect from more. They could disassociate themselves from judge Moore and his candidacy. And that indicate that he is no longer their nominee. That has to be done in a formal way. It would also indicate to us at that point in time that he would no longer be their representative even though his name would still be on the ballot. A suspected serial killer is indicted on murder charges in Louisiana a grand jury indicting 36 year old Brian sharp on murder charges after three members shot and killed in east police Siena parish. A rural area to the north of Baton Rouge. The victims were middle aged or older white man who were shot at their homes are on their property. Sharp is the owner of a plumbing company and is also white. At first he wasn't a suspect in the killings but an unidentified police sources saying shark called the local sheriff's office and said he was the killer. So far no response from sharp's attorney till NATO Fox News. A jury has acquitted a man accused of stealing equipment from an animal laboratory at the university Kansas. The Douglas County jury found 37 year old Matthew Reynard not guilty of one count of burglary and two counts of theft. The Lawrence journal world reports Reynard it was accused of taking thousands of dollars of equipment. Such as veterinary cameras from a lot Paul in June he was released from jail Thursday. 634 now Steven Ted here at 97 and thirteen thirty K in assets 634 and a today's Tuesday November 14. At Thanksgiving is nine days away yeah and in my mind I can taste. That Turkey right now the gravy. That the data is. Just like going to another zone we're getting close close up a lot Thanksgiving early Thanksgiving this year I've I think it's probably my favorite. Holiday. Even at a Christmas because you get four days off that's why you like it. Well you you need a point that out but pitcher. Children of any age can Hudson Wisconsin after governor Scott Walker signed a bill. That eliminates the State's minimum age. Walker signed the bill Saturday and it took effect yesterday up until now ten year old could cut with a mentor who's at least eighteen years old. Under that program there could only be one gun between the two. But the new lost his kids of any age can hunt with a mentor and each one and carry a weapon it's a little scary but. I'm just trying to think back to my childhood when them. Guess it was probably at least seminary when. When I was allowed to go hunting and carry firearms so well. They gotta be it better and that get well trained and telling us where you will train now once I tell you what my grandfather. Who was it was a gunman mean he had he knew what it was Dylan. My dad did Toobin by grandfather was worst. Tampa Smith. He's due he's even if you pointed that gun anywhere down the floor he was on you now might have you actually get man that gets you got skier. He into it again to do and I was not as well trade it at my brother and I and that ago. Good thank you thank you Chad take a a novice surfer measured approach move on his first try he punched a shark on the nose. To escape its jaws the attack yesterday off the Australian coast left Charlie Frye with superficial puncture wounds on his right shoulder and upper arm. Price is he had recently watching YouTube video in which Australian professional surfer Mick fanning. Describe his famous escape from a great white shark during a surfing competition and what he fifteenth so when Frye was attacked by a shark. He put it this way. I just punched in the face of my left hand and then managed to scramble back on my board shot at my friends and luckily away games or just sort of surfed the wave in lucky. Audiences would hand if a shark is fighting just punch him in the nose. It he'd better have a nice upper cut there. You don't want to outlaw. 63060 and did you know for many people giving and receiving gift is a big part of the holidays for most people would say however. And your survey shows that 69%. Of Americans. Would skip exchanging gifts if their family and friends agreed to a belief that. I do believe that survey conducted by Harris poll on behalf of the suntrust bank. Also showed that 60% of those surveyed said they would spend more time with friends and family if they didn't have to worry about buying or making gifts. It's pretty interesting. It is interesting because it's sometimes it does get out of hand and it's bad it's not inexpensive. Now. Which isn't to say that people just wanna spend less survey found 25% said they would use that money on activities with friends and thing right maybe a big dinner or something right. Conversely 37%. Said they would pay down debt. 47% would choose to save the money or invest it so interesting. He later when your kid it's all about the present Ilia yeah like the older you get the more you get into that philosophy of its wanna spend. The quality time with people I'll love. And and how do you petty teach kids. The giving part of Christmas do I think that you know first time access to make a prisoner its like that they begin to understand that the you know. Most. Those kids still the presence when their 4550 years result. It. A Massachusetts Maritime Academy student no longer cadet at the school. This comes after wearing a Nazi uniform to campus breakfast on Halloween. Officials say the student who they didn't identify wore the uniform a holiday traditionally considered addressed now Monday. What students at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Several other students notified staff and school officials told to get it to remove his costume. And they opened a formal investigation. The Cape Cod Times reported that a school spokesman didn't say at the student left. On his own or was expelled he no longer is a cadet that's all. Wednesday. Wearing a Nazi uniforms. Don't ever attempted to do that what you did and mountain. And maybe a World War II Italian for not. Not the best choice there. 638 Stephen dead time for the cayenne SS commodity update what does mister Tom leveler of the commodities or Tom. Well good morning Steve. Monday that they don't like continued fertilized cattle feeder cattle futures they all get lower on the opening include negative but the closing the world will opposition load. The lack of placement on the scale complex yesterday. But this Friday afternoon at the monthly cable upbeat report. In only about futures traded too excited just they closed mostly on the positive side December between the bulk of negative for the ninth straight session. On the closure different number like cattle were unchanged at 127. Keyon Peter failed when he sent a 15697. Be totally out of seventeen that 6230. The wheat corn and soybean futures closed negative yesterday January soybeans added lows in the past 22 session and closed below the 200 day moving average. Brazil's soybean planting is that 57% complete in line with the pod your airport. Corn harvest in the US from the 83%. Soybean harvest 93% bad. And we've emergence of that 95%. In the good that according to that we get to keep 4%. At the moment December Casey we stale opinionated at 426. December according up to a quarter of a penny 341 and I have. January soybeans up three quarter a penny. At 975. People look at global sporting down thirty cents at 5646. December gold down by a dollar and 1217390. December if some people have five point that we 577. December dollar index point 7% lower body for twelve. December veterans teachers to have 33 point support to 300373. Commodity trading like marketing advisory contact up for commodities on the front on the web by using. 866 due to tell. A party and fog and mist here and Sedgwick county we are of course here in Wichita you are located on the other hand in Augusta. In Butler county just to our east. Yeah I'm gonna think it's you know it's I can be one of those you know from one block to the next going to be different so you probably had a hard time finding your your office today didn't you and you're office in your whole business. That's. Don't you head to negotiate that long pass from the toilet this morning dump over to your office and a but it by steps may. Right now it's definitely went that don't look if you. Ausmus is left there today by the way. He she. She's probably still in the currently there. All but don't we all. You don't you we have to get up earlier than our wives because their big catch up the so quick they're so far ahead of us on every level. That we need a little bit of a head start to stay up for the right. Yeah well to explain to me and it's. Due to a little bossy that way and I thought. Just look at the ides or you have a good day and make sure you drive carefully out there to get out in the thick piece who we have this morning Tom left there. Olympic about a 641 now Stephen did not grant the FB the bunny tracker on the way. The retirement taxes bombshell she's gonna tell us about it C into the morning on KN SA us.