Chinese study says an egg a day is good for you

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, May 22nd
The study says those who eat an egg a day have their heart disease risk decrease 18%.

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Do you have in their thirties and as. Morning feedback send over the 630 and 62 degrees California man accused of making a hoax call that they had to police shooting an unarmed man in which is off. Is returning to court where a judge is set to decide if there's enough evidence to put him on trial for involuntary manslaughter. If I'd year old Tyler bears is accused of calling police from Los Angeles December 28 two reported shooting and kidnapping of which I'll all. A police officer fatally shot 28 year old Andrew bench after he opened its door. Is as preliminary hearing is today in Wichita barest also faces charges of giving a false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer shooting. Drew attention to swapping them practice in which a person makes a false report to get emergency responders to dissent on address. The University of Kansas has fired athletic director Shane singer chancellor Douglas Jerod has probably is progress has been elusive in some areas of the program. Iran is named deputy director Shawn Lester interim athletic director while university searches for a replacement. And native Kansan died over the weekend after being attacked by a cougar. While on a bike ride through rural Washington State. ST Brooks and a friend were riding on a gravel road with a cougar approached them. Both writers immediately hopped off the bikes and attempted to scare the animal away this is initially successful but soon in the cougar came back. Within minutes the cougar had attacked Brooks his friend was violently shaking him back and forth at that point books attempted to distract the cougar by running away. The cougar immediately followed knocking him down and eventually killing him. The other rider was able to get up from right away he told authorities that when you look back the cougar was attacking Brooks. Washington fish and wildlife officials have only seen one other cougar attack in the last 100 years and believe that the animal attacked because it was starving. Amy web K and SS news. The family and a California man who died after being repeatedly pays by police is now suing the Los Angeles police department for wrongful death they claimed 29 year old Jose Chavez died after police chased him and use bean bag rounds when he resisted arrest. Attorney Louis Dario says there was another way police can handle that. If these police officers had used a different tactic. The escalating. Or call the and you use the mental evaluation and if they have to use the situation we would that be here today. The cause of death for Chavez is still unclear at the LAPD says it is investigating the incident. As a group farmers are not known to be people who like to ask for help especially. When it comes to mental health but. As suicide rates rise to alarming levels in the industry Minnesota is offering free counseling. Fox is eighty hawker report from Minneapolis. There's a solitude in these fields that suits most farmers just fine it's a way of life values less talking more U. There are no cities no excuses and these days you'll cash for. All right of the small dairy farm near Hutchinson. We go every day knowing that work not making a profit. According to the CDC farming it's not the most suicides of any profession instead Matthews is a psychologist whose job is to travel the state providing counseling to farmers they don't consider him a therapist and then he's just ten people. We'll say like trust Ted let's talk to tell you know more about this aren't you. A boy who had been reported missing turns out. After hitting a police car a ten year old boy from Harrington Maine reported missing and police say that report mention he may be driving a car. Turns out he was when he was pulled over by a police car the officer who spotted me inside that car tried to box the vehicle and but before the cup continued at the kids started to drive away and struck the side of the police car. It was then that the officer managed to detain the bullion remove him from the vehicle. Police also saying the vehicle had been stolen till NATO Fox News. And the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday and mourning 10 good morning it looks like today is going to be almost ten degrees warmer than yesterday it would temperatures soaring above average. A few high clouds this morning sunny and 88 later on this afternoon mostly clear and 67 tonight. And assist them off to the west could spark a thunderstorm tomorrow Wednesday 89 I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holidays and now partly cloudy 62 degrees we have a south wind at eight. Miles per hour. Residents of Florida city who receive alerts about power outage were also warned to look out for the Sundays. That's a zombies. The Palm Beach post reports Lake Worth residents receive the message during a power outage Sunday. The alert warned that more than 7000 customers lost power due to extreme zombie activity. City spokesman Ben curry later posted a FaceBook message thing officials were investigating the bogus alert. And if you wanted to reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently. There's a 7900. Customers lost power but it was restored within about thirty minutes he did not mention what really caused the outage. Apparently someone India. In the heat utilities utilities officer thought that would be a good show pretty funny. I don't know maybe didn't over so well this is as harmless but on the other hand. But to somebody's in trouble of which they're big which is one of those state agencies here in Kansas that does that zombie alert here as a tongue in cheek. Preparedness thing. That every year OK. Peter it's. Is it. It's one of the State Department okay. And they all encouraging you know in cases army and it's a deal worried it's to have the bodies of the get unit of get appointed to have a preparedness kit for any thing that I'm okay or even mostly for severe weather or emergency reason is obvious and they you know is and also in these zombies okay five animal rights activists are facing decades in prison over allegations they took piglets from a farm in southern you talk. The talk attorney's general office. Filed charges against members of the California based direct action everywhere. Accusing them of stealing a pair of three week old page from a Smithfield Foods barn. Activist released a video of them the incident on line investigators say the use that video to identify the men. He's the same five men were previously charged with stealing turkeys from a different units off personally. Activists called practice open rescue would say it exposes poor conditions animals but he said farms but get this Ted. The new charges include four felonies each with a maximum penalty of fifteen years in prison. These guys could face dependent on the judge up to sixty years behind bars. Because it messed with some pigments. That would seem a bit harsh and nobody will do that nobody given thanks so that the potential winners this is a felony in Utah. Ticket takes its two days throw that pick stories up pocketed big story no doubt about it. But it begs story OK maybe some folks there right now distanced in an air by the sort of a ruffled my fill up and anger to. Oleg egg a day might just reduce your risk of heart disease. A new study shows that people get an egg a day seem to have a lower risk of heart disease this is yesterday was done in China. They found that adults who had at least one egg every day's other rich dropped by 18%. Right. So that eight could be for you there. And they also had a lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke. And so now. And that's why you know support putting Hillary go on them or no on their way to two or three years from now some other study you'll come out that'll say it was a bad ones are bad and then you'll have to stop eating right but then you can story in the and he does what we do we have. We spent all his money on these reports. Coffee's good for it copies bad Korea that the president is Chinese he's gotten. The Chinese always something I don't care chocolates and a four HR was bad for obvious our I had interest. 637 Stephenson of interest in story about the men from who who's it from Kansas who killed by that a cougar. Up and Washington State obviously a I'm one of the things I've heard about it that was in the daylight cookers vision is very not very good game. And in person on the bike could be looked like a dear to them. And obviously one of the parts of the stories is this it cougar was apparently very very hungry starving. And needle wasn't really it was somewhere route to get access to. Both peoples of habitat was probably shrinking in net. These things all came together and apparently these two guys what a bicycle at the thing and took off running and took off for it was a bad don't know and a that's actually you heard the story. A few minutes ago. And once you take off running news pray as those people up there in Washington State say we've had one attack like this and a hundred years. It doesn't happen burial opponents of repeal. 638 now Stevens at time for the cape and it's as commodities update with Tom Loeffler of what the commodities Gil Morgan Tom. Good morning team. After trading in the contract lows last week likely MP hotel traded and closed positive when you were triple digit gain. I have traded with a combination of technical buying it was quite the role and so technical provision. And positive side deals by the last week's slaughter of 660 definitely cattle. The largest in the excellent if we signed with the success you have your time period only mode and traded lower score big yesterday but off of session lows. Yeah my adrenaline to boasted to include iron yesterday wanna include nineteen. On instead used to go to any sympathize at 14050. G modem from different sets of four dollars that. So I didn't look forward to open ripped from the upside and include new behind professional. Pardon doubt that US China trade relations were very important can soybean. And also been improved improved one thing. A short game long and short and the long corn split according planning any 1% complete food blamed 56%. In the we noticed pick them up 12% doesn't Edwards like you can ignite the court's entire trip and a five dollar 352 record since the likelihood that concerns that go toward toward quarter. I don't think that any higher at 1026 and a quarter like who wrote send them their entire community to have continued. You broke through those who couldn't sense either 12109430. That you missed some time for the quarter point has claimed some 37 and one quarter. The dollar index could confide some forward mind through those who have turned them into bedrooms kitchens that the nine point. The 25051. But commodity trading Greg Martin who buys a gun that took Monday dumped them on the web you think it took six Big Ten twelve. How much unit in a couple of network stories this morning and something good I have never even thought or are realized in ads about the high suicide rate. Among farmers and people involved in agriculture and you heard about that. Oh yes and there have been several articles. Can tell you L about they have to and guys who have broken so now there's news and the problem. Well and it took me it would take just a right. How Tennessee type of person. To thrive on a farm even with with the risk and all its involved you know if it doesn't rain it gets pretty depressing. But you know certain take certain brand of person who. Will risk everything and doesn't mind you and Anthony and some people are not going to be that can be built with our day. But decided that they get special individual but quite obviously. In my mind that. I am and render them dozens are pretty much in the same goes straight from all the time also. Yeah now if you're a behavior for profit and net you know it the businesses build off that month or whatever you've to got to pay the bills and and do what it takes is a lot of responsibility and small business and know that. And yeah did he shame and it's it was a problem but it's like when there are solutions investment boom years. You know and talk about it don't hold within yourself. Which is another good point because you know I'm. I'm McCain's senior Kenzie know what we're like is basically you know people who were the and it's especially farmers that among farmers. They wanna admit they've got a problem Tuesday. And so that would be tough for them to say you know I need some help on this. And the move they move may have probably a lot of people live good risk I have to get a bad move. Well I don't think we'd be. I'll Wear you know who are terrible to Albert. All right today eight deals that cheer up we could see some rain market that'll make you felt like salt. Yeah I have the we will talk embedded I love very. Yes how do you like to be that was good credit and s's question at you like gigs Mina Eli do you look prepared. Cried scrambled bonnet. Remember my favorite ways but I would bet if gold anyway. Yeah I will do a lack of Allah dad that's why Europe's. I would get a runaway and I'm a big promoter yeah. It's one less chicken survived. Looks. Now aren't you yards. And they'll tell the people object blatant lies and advertising. Yeah. All right. That's an expert I've been teasing news eggs good for you or bad everywhere say they're good for it's that X 43 Stevens head coming up Don grants the FB thumb on a tracker. Housing is finally catching up says Don we'll find out more Steve than the morning on Kate and SS.