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Monday, September 11th

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Now let's go live to age age sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth in greens mature and and with your most might activity. Good evening and welcome to the show we're glad to have you with this in depth probably even more glad this is our third show of the year it for the first time will be talking about. The shocker is being at home this coming weekend as Wichita State finished a series of three trips to other locales the play and turn it over this past weekend the last what was in Eugene Oregon checkers. Defeated McCain lost to Oregon and lost a heartbreaker to cal poly. And coach Chris level alongside going into the cal poly that's the final match turner and I've I've probably put. Too much emphasis on the relative importance of the match to come out of the weekend to the line get a win against the very cal poly team and he said the time. It in terms of results yes but. There there at this stage of the season. There are things that are more on your mind just developing the team and what it needs to be for the long run them and so I guess is mixed results there as well. Well I can't hear you pick. You know only the good out of things is it real well I've been through via the deal. RPI. These matches mean of course I know. No beating the team and I think you in the big west media and other top fifty. Team perhaps European allies they can creep up and it is the scheduled Corey. In the non com also maybe chances top 25 when it. You know advocate take this lightly these were serving twice to win and that's rumor but it two's wings. When maps. And we did it and it reminds you know way of us doing the same thing or hit a week earlier it. When something you lose them but you know big picture. I learn a lot this weekend. Pleaded please get exposed. You just something you think you can get exposed by the great teams used to run run within her right out your conference. I think you look at things though that that needs to break. You make an adjustment and you know on that. That note of it all closely. You know how how long can we afford to. Keep Michaela hate to say on the left one productions blow at any time she's played it in her career. You know we plot was to measure from one of homes. Two percentage and scoring is never been below thirty right one when it happened. It's it's been an issue and to me things have to go right when you have senators don't score put put it in perspective. It just that last match I don't mean to make you big field as we just shows to Iraq. Yeah it in their last match tablet and the pin number eleven for cal poly in 72 of the men and women sisters. And tab in the hall had more killed in that match in the Kayla hat on the weekend. In fact quite a bit more and since game since game game 345 if you let people killed since his. Just got to figure out what what's going on nothing relations she scores practice. Console with suits you know the backup team isn't our our our best players certainly am capable of stopping. Michaela has good division one starters and so that's part of it but you know you always have that you were you went through it and just don't know right now. We're put my finger on this thing. You know we're we're look at it. We could maybe her. Playing on the right side. Looking elsewhere and we'll we'll we'll run through some rules and trying to. Try to find a way that last thing for a she's reflective question on an is. You know I cavium have you thought that it days they just. Some girls are just ready for some consistency. You know an election where we'd be playing on routes of hero wanna be ready for period. You know I'll be ready at home and all these things and we'll take him right there with know hoping that I. Don't want to fight but I think I have always trust my instincts and something tells me that hey this isn't this isn't right even when you are winning was telling myself that I write these things that you. It certainly did. I don't want to make this into an oversimplification. And and certainly not all of your your most consistent and best players played it may be their highest level this past weekend either but. Through the first three weekends and night matches. Certainly it appears you have four players who is. At their respective positions skinhead with a but anybody that you're gonna play all year of the issue now is. Getting more consistency out of other people getting more contributors so kind of an overall depth thing to making it more difficult to handle. Yeah that's the key ends you know we've we've. Liked which is Jackson started playing. There. How is the first weekend. That case was literally carrying a practice which. Freshman jitters at all what you want hasn't been there are more heinrichs has been doing pretty good job scoring rhetoric that we put and so far it hasn't been there. You know we're just. Hoping to find it somewhere alaskans did government care killed percentage was 45 plus letters were low as though his arms of that. That's a very viable option for us. And maybe on the right side you certainly super. That opportunity and and so the next couple days of practice. You know eventually lose your. Night games in if I was to be seven to. This. Maybe you would sit back and organs if you could have it be anyway you want but this isn't a bad 72 because if you were to say well maybe the count quality. And not Marquette went don't forget mark that is valid place in our region. New conference the region and we've got to know. A leg up on on regional opponent regional ranking factors so. You know that if you asked me if I would think that the conservative it's nicer in the summer I've taken a heartbeat you have and what have you looked like. We'll Marquette went wouldn't have known tough on about we got them. And you know it's something that that I what people understand. Is. Your sport is in some ways they injury some support in your chart everything you. You mentioned this stat to me that I don't know that we've ever discussed before on the bus coming back Eugene and Portland firm and that is currently. It one of the things I've learned over the years being involved with this word is it's one where. So often it's it's what it's what leads to something else serve being. He's not all of that is hitting aces it could not serve being tough and taking teams out of rhythm and making it difficult for them to get their offense other. Eight good tough served it doesn't get an ace can be even more valuable sometimes emanates. Too bad hand that he chart and I didn't know this you char. Percentage. Of times. That each player whoever takes the first swing whoever you set and they take the first swing not a particular point. What percentage of the time he then get the point when they take the first swing and that's one of those you're looking at it. And it get a war first ball or through. His early. Right well and he could he doesn't just out there you can see how the ballot everywhere and where you did take instantly you make it to every kid on the roster before rally ended here. Sort of on the clock once you. Participated. In that rally you know it like Lincoln baseball you might say well what else presented this time we score. When someone gets on base. Or and or another one is you know there's there's all kinds of ways to make out and baseball but loud out there better than. Strikeouts. Ride in the to put the ball in play there's something to be said for that so. Yeah when you break down volleyball and just really dive into it there's a lot of things that just me. Seem identical to the late fan. You pay close attention. And those things add up like you heard me say release Johnson was that was very valiant VP. Last year but I could present a heck of an argument. And I don't leave to coach conference that was it is through the Jody. Pretty much based on us that. Name the fact that when Jodie when Jodie touched the ball offensively. That the percentage of rallies one word the highest confidence. In play there were six patient room. You know that's that's as well so. I'm glad you brought that up certainly if it is very revealed. We made good baseball reference and it's all about percentages. I was struck a little it's been quite a few years now that I learned this debt that. Leadoff walks in innings will lead to runs more off by Anna at a very high percentage in any level of baseball from high school right after the major leagues. And and so it's all about percentages and putting yourself in it in a position where you have the best opportunity to make something good. Yes and so is that we would. Just curious is that better than a leadoff single mean is it something to be said for the psyche of the pitcher for athlete and well market that is the part. Part of that is hits only comes so often and and so if you have a walk. That lower percentage of hits that you typically going to get you have movie reviewers feel the leadoff single you still lead a couple of more hits. To get that guy around and get a walk or hit batter. It takes fewer hits now to get that run across and I'm sure you have similar. Comparison while it. Yeah well and I and I could talk about this stuff pulpit but we do break things down. That way and the players are very aware. You know sort of how to keep a rally alive. How not to keep the round alive and we we think you'd trash bag rational time. One thing to hit it in the courtroom totally different thing is they are there or there. Just in terms of what it presents to the opponent and that turns in the points on the scoreboard pressure. And I was gonna those leads to my next question because this isn't just something you keep yourself that the coaching staff he shared the percentages of gruesome things with your players that I know you're about to. Started to present to them some of those things this week about what you've done so far they'll have some understanding about why you think this needs to happen and we need to change this. We'll Missouri valley we're double around run up and sort of at the halfway point it was called the turn to turn the conference. And I've always sat down in burn out of tires on day. Crunching the numbers and but that would have already had a head start. Belong before an action takes more than data compiled. And we have got a packet of the staff tour player. Where it's ranked order recorded by a team record by position and every single skill. So everybody in the conference that does that role you view unit ranks quarter social rank order which on the standard so it's like. Think one thing to get a letter Greivis that they the degrade and occur that you both. And we just did a little beavers that. Based on the first three weeks of play because. I think it is revealing and I think I think that there's some things out there that. That that this team has been comfortable with humidity at spring is team as you know opposite those are. There are 72. Feeling pretty good and you can see them panic on. You know why are we make him lose you know the result we want it. I'm here to tell you that I know what's lurking and I I deserve to have that responsibility. And I deserve and should be critical. So we got some things to show them that. Has been revealed good and the bad and they will some authority got them the numbers than others who will read from Poland. It will probably be good segue into next couple days practice. What we need to bit basically by his city and opportunities. We know what's broken let's figure out how. How many ways can we repair without having that trade one thing for keep what we guy but go find another piece and that's over. We'll continue this afternoon volleyball coach Chris slant for agencies courts look the only benefit. 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You can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort. Sims is keeping what's Josh Beckett is cool call today 2657831. Or visit their website at Comfort Systems that now. Comfort Systems proud partner of shocker athletics. You're listening to the Chris slam show with Mike Kennedy lied it AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Welcome back to Chris left shows that talk shocker volleyball and an underdog Monday night we do that every week period AJ at the Alley. The shocker at home this weekend for the first time we'll talk about that very soon that cuts when the players you mentioned you had a good weekend bit. Alex could Richards or Williamsburg Virginia got a chance to play extended time against cal poly. And I compliment they're after the matches she says thank you it was unexpected. But thank you and it was. And I Hampshire. One thing I've learned about coaches over the years is that. What your players to have that feeling that there could always be an opportunity you never know when it may. I hope that you that nobody paid attention to things and doing everything he can't do work on your own game and when that opportunity con and you need to show that you're ready to take advantage of the answer she did. Talk about it plus human being. I think she. Really put something together for herself and her brain this summer when Alex. Put yourself in the weight room work harder than ever got yourself the question her life and right from the start we saw different athlete. Out there. There that you think you think about Alex's. She actually. Her her game more resembles the one of the little when all of those who are serving past game backroom. I'll play has been great we just we just got to figure out how to get her on the scoreboard. And you you saw or if he saw six capable. Point scorers. On the floor that night and indices 20 here we are 51 and I'm. I'm feeling at times though I have two scores and you're trying to take on things like that so this thing does come down to. You know physical. Attackers took the ball on the ground and you know she's just was struggling to do that well this summer she put yourself in position to have a good pre season. And she did end. We just started out of the system without agreement as I think players. We are saying at all that that's not we're gonna play as these young middles development we can get to that it. It just seems to be maybe right thing for Abby. But it doesn't seem to be right thing for us to the other holes were grabbing goes back and middle albeit at different position in the middle. That the suckers are searching for someone put some points on the board on the right side and the first thing my that we would say is well what would you get on ballots if the ball control. And you get the you know low here Paul you keep them won't play maybe a couple pills we'll look at some very good defensive team. She walked out there 45% kills. And that's the I would say I think for him to do. You know I didn't run with a so. That was a pleasant surprise then that it is part of the discussion going on in my office right now and that's street in Iraq. And thank you for putting her up because. She deserves it she's really right. I also wanted to mention that you you face kind of the unique situation. On in that match on Saturday because. I think people following programming note that cal poly has been very good times in recent years but they are. The beneficiary. Of the transfer murder. That gives them the players that you would merely have cal poly or Wichita State or accurately in those schools Torre then we ended. Is a high high high. Profile recruit went to UCLA had for whatever reason they talked about her sister you count quality she could've gone there right now at a price. Obama is an all American Vito hauler don't go calling her aunt also planned a Vermont. And if you've seen already some very good attackers I I would have to think we will see anybody better at Torrey in Linden you. Well you got the outside hitter and very few tally editor who's. Standing. There on that list. I would barker music live in the lower right and in just an Oregon couple what is. So yeah that's as good in a complete player's season also exposed through backroom. Yeah what what a difference it is for a program because they were always sort of mired in that you know we we can just come in second in the big lesson. You know beat out Santa Barbara or reviews from site lobby for senate in Hawaii and we'll now on I think they're gonna. News when one player on the roster. Certainly changes lots of well she was alone and I was just happy that we captured two. The same numbers that Washington. Others. Kept for an organ Washington did better against. We did it was just enough for us was surpassed him really. Kostis and in. Yeah yeah you're talking about all American Hampshire. Soccer volleyball fans have a very special opportunity this weekend three really outstanding college volleyball team's going to edited Coker and we'll talk about the upcoming shocker volleyball classical we continue with coach slam front pages at the end. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as an hour. 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Go to should be dot com slash equinox compare important limitations and what questions we gigabyte for three months which comes first. 21 century has found media getting social so much lots aren't yet when millions of choice is bend dolls. Stages you only need one KMS ask little local news that's important to me joining us. An active with the exclusive news contests contests and more like local news find out what's happening. Great then they're just click on the links and chain SS three on. Gone you're listening to the Chris Lance show with Mike Kennedy lied it AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which road. Welcome back to our shocker volleyball show before we get into the specific discussion of this weekend in the shocker volleyball classic. It's been an interesting first three weekends in college volleyball because. Not only. Have a number of teams in the top 25. Played each other but. Teams in that next group of ten to fifteen are in that mix also playing each other and those teams ranked in the top 25 have been a lot of people the other people. So with Wichita State losing twice a thought it might take up a fairly big drop out of the top 2523. Last week they are tied for 26. In the voting today with. Cal poly team that beat them 32 on Saturday Oregon group fourteen 211. And to achieve the factors at play this weekend also moved up Creighton in that same pattern. Lost to number thirteen Purdue that beat number seven K used in three in Lawrence. And I was stay undefeated and is now moved up to nineteenth so we've got three really top flight teams future. And there is shot and I just don't know when Iowa State is the wrong about it. You have beaten. Good teams and I'm sitting or all of what they need to do to beat a top fifty ish. Team kind of those players are out of they are. And I just I go back to the meetings I've had with no commissioner of the valley Greg Olsen had a good read over the you know I've Mike you know I. Looking around a conference in all horse who was who's done a better job soccer volleyball and executing these teams on the schedule and getting them in our own camp. I don't know I had to survive and not afraid to say. Two really good that have been able to put teams in front of mind. Players and we're going to learn to do it but we've also it is as many. From a mid major standpoint. Getting those teams. To Wichita and I hope the soccer fans appreciated we're trying. To says lose or draw I think it's great for us and other girls appreciated that's when number one goal. And certainly. Relationship with Creighton. I think he is especially significant because you were both members of the Missouri Valley Conference great left of course before which cuts state did. It's it was a pretty strong fan rivalry there between the two schools and even have a coaching rivalry to some extent and yet you both see the good in. Playing need other strong team from your area not conference's of that relationship with him. As it should that is to me it's just threw them out that does it go much. Flown out of I'm glad you brought up the fact the top teams were planted so that was a good decade there and I thought everybody stayed away from each other and it just. You know look at conference season play out and protected what they had. You know committee stop giving them high seeds were not happening in nonconference schedule. Once they got punished for that. They woke up and started playing it and so now the top ten is getting after it has issues. Last year you played these same two teams in Ames it was the first tournament first matches of the season. Really struggled against Iowa State lost to them got off to a slow start against great and then kinda. Thousand things and end up with a big comeback win against Creighton. How much are these two opponents similar to the ones who finished last year. I need but I'll bet both those coaches think they're better than they were last year. I. There's been a little bit of turnover put them both those schools are sort of and I recruiting. Top spot and pages. For beauty here you're viewed at the top ten top fifteen. Recruits those schools and I know that they've reloaded and they're very very good as as indicated by the results so far for three weeks. The other thing that's kind of unique end to be really nice about this weekend that is. We've talked about the the schedules in tournaments and you get up to four teams you. He gets some funky schedules we might have to play two matches back to back it the home school home school kind of manipulate that a little bit. This is three teams each playing once today you played great Friday night Greek plays Iowa State Saturday pulling out of state Sunday and and that's about as ideal situation. Yet to have all three teams that at optimum level. Well. I certainly would have welcomed the fourth team as certain try to get it same thing happened last year. We could feel over there and nickname she kind of she worked hard she could sign him for the human. You know it's what what he wants to join that sternum and there's only so many out there and they're probably all book for her tournament as. That's all I can get and I have no doubt. Libya for the next here. And it's great to see so there were several that owed her returns. But we couldn't line it up and I would take important livelihood you worked out to be this way. We decided spread it out as. Iowa State did last year. And we don't know. Yeah its for the help of the athletes and for preparations. That's a nice. Sounds like we're out of time right thanks Chris said that that's our show for this clinically back here next Monday and we will be incorporated Friday night degraded the shoppers. And Creighton. And shocker volleyball class. This has been in the Wichita State volleyball coaches show with your head coach Chris slam and Mike Kennedy. Brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas. Your hometown Chevy dealers the Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group. Delta dental. Comfort Systems. And AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley.