The Chris Lamb Coach's Show 11-27-17

Monday, November 27th

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It's time for the Wichita State soccer volleyball -- show what's your head coach Chris alama. Brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas your hometown Chevy dealers. The Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group delta dental. Comfort Systems and AJ sports bar and grill. Now let's go live to age eight sports bar in drill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth in greens mature and with your analyst Mike Kennedy. And welcome once again a case than a chance to get together with Lambeau it catch up on a few weeks of shocker volleyball since the last additional over that stretch Wichita State finished out. Perfect twenty and oh conference record in their first the American conference and so. Going into yesterday's NCAA selection show you do you were in as the league's automatic. So that was not a question or an issue. But some speculation that there might be a chance to be a number one seed and host after your RBI had jumped to mind the previous week. Given the way he's studying all this stuff that your previous experience with on this how did you see your chances of the net one seeded host. Well straight RPI it was sort of rule who gave for several years and then. Some strange situations were some obvious top teams were below sixty in the RPI. You know people out there realize though appears not perfect. And yet it sort of established precedents that can follow it. So the days finally came several years ago when. Way to these guys that are some of the two best teams in the country potential water to see in this autopsy team PI. And they're winning the Big East Conference penchant for example. So you know it it's it's true right right I take pride in RPI up like you are can I get it in a scheduled for it and we executed but it. When it comes out of picking the top sixteen teams you know I don't necessarily think you should follow that should matter. Like top 25 points out if you land them unless on bad losses than most elected by people can be. But you know right away witness on the first board to give him the one seeds you know one Nebraska is that more companies and anybody. And they. Our winners of the Big Ten the Big East Conference with confidence in the word and it. So all you can really say it was loose this committee seems to be our peer friendly a few things happened for us I don't feel. Bad about it is you know we just got yourself in position to catch a break you. We finally. You know Colorado had lots of matches down the stretch and I'd like to have a lot. Obviously Kansas they had it in an injury situation. Who lost their better players for a few weeks it took a couple of its and they've put themselves out in terms of the RPI case. You know some kids that Kansas is that top fifteen top it is team would not that kind of RPI. We have that kind of February. You know be achieved through one team. Just be so. The committee's gonna have to look at this stuff and probably have to stay consistent that they can bounce roundly established that for the Nokia. Deal affiliate Kentucky and Florida SEC teams. I mean neither have more than one top 25 wins since September. You know the first weekend and granite. Florida lost out of the hurricane one up and play this state. But you know. People really want him you know into that season 67. So you know it's just what the committee's gonna go to war and we've put ourselves in position to look at appears to implement. Other things went our way I was expecting. One you know conference. Aren't our nonconference schedule to do it in some places but I don't that was great lives have been turned out to be. The win and thought it was East Tennessee State in the win in this league and I actually thought the world little below it. I actually thought RPI have been Ireland and non com. But we have we did enough in. Here we are in and I apologize. For getting hosed him locked people up their chemistry and for now but I think what I thought of Mike I don't know about tracking it. But I think management teams that you midshipmen used agency. My little town wanted to do other you know public schools and tries to approach roads to private school that would that this sixteen seeds are usually the power five. And then take your particular private. You know not a mid major and you know once in awhile somebody some of these states you know northern Iowa got one time we're giving you one time I just. I'd run really glad that you know probably it's one of us put ourselves in positions voters lined up for instance went from surface. Let me ask you this question because my first year associate with you directly was it 2000. Find that team got left out of the top 25 ranked team. Teams and only lost three matches on New Year's third of those in the championship game your conference tournament and you get left out. And I thought that was the biggest travesty ever there was a big outcry has that lit him up with some other incidents to at least a better system normally used to be right. Well I mean my Edwards at that meeting his NCAA chipset that joined us and look at our coaches meeting they came to sort of explain things they introduced the idea team sheets and it puts pretty big wins and losses and the 1525. And top 100 it gives you kind of waiting to see what wins look like you're just back from. Sort of like cup's definitely security for people who notes that. But. You know effects of so you're saying that two teams in the country to live to Los you give credit for a top 25 win beating us a lot of credit for being an athlete I think. And it was just crickets in the room. Think they've realized by hearing it that way that something wasn't right at you saying what a travesty that we did in his hand but compared to what you. Don't know about RPI have been known in women's basketball. And I guess what let's have a follow understand that that year I never got any idea. You haven't seen anything like that the top 25 I will give in and and and you won't even be considered as anybody below 55 probably have gotten it. Maybe once or twice in the last ten years of users crazy things. Obviously exciting for your team it and certainly don't know that it it. It has to give them some optimism that you're not going somewhere and knowing you're going to immediately faced maybe the number one national seed like that is him. Cavalry about that we get there I just. Game those huge one game at a time I read from the Bahrain and we watched from Bradford to do watch little bit peculiar Missouri tomorrow. And you just come nominated to be put in the practice a smaller players felt said there are pretty tired today gets a little too hard. Yesterday some back up today and hopefully can have one more. Good ones maybe tomorrow and then back to. And caddies and I hope you do. You're a very realistic guy analysts look at things very logically statistically and so forth but if you've been able to gauge. If you get much of a live playing at home when you've got. 3004000. People in the room. And no I haven't I have. I've seen our team play some of its best volleyball at 10 AM over the religion but nobody unit on the road somewhere and we've been at home like given my enemy and I know seen in my emotions were filled everywhere bid. You know I have. I'm kinda out of that business like ahead but I just don't know lower equipment figure jobs and keep doing my job commodity watch tape. And hopefully hopefully hopefully hopefully you know these guys have been released to you about something compete regardless of how the crowd. You're listening to soccer and volleyball coach Chris landing shoppers will host first and second rounds of the NCAA tourney but on Friday and Saturday we'll continue our discussion from AJ this afternoon. 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Or visit their website at Comfort Systems that now. Comfort Systems proud partner of shocker athletics. You're listening to Chris and show with Mike Kennedy implied that AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which room. Welcome back to me Chris Plante show again Wichita State ended the regular season on Thanksgiving weekend with a record of 28 at 38 pregnant and went over Memphis to wrap up the regular season twenty wins. In a row what coach. You see that coming into the segment this you know it really expected to go undefeated in the league certainly this year the league. Buys some recent standards was down a little bit injuries played him some of the top teams that still to go twenty and knowing any conferences hectic enough. Well and I ain't. Got that from a lot of people even including coaches and in the lead. And in the wind 92% of sessions. Between 65. Cents to one Cynthia. That's one thing that I know looking back. So impressed and proud with with this group it's night and raided by the linkages throughout that. Does seem as an exception that. Haven't you talked about making adjustments it seems like. You've been in the matches were maybe someone has challenged you in the first century haven't gotten off to a great start. That was pretty much yet from that point on you've got to where you need to be really to. Yeah and you know one topic what. As that you can go to that in the Tulsa coach. The last week. Second to last regular season they vote that it. Pretty similar name it they've both to different parts of the conference Wilson middle in this news in the top. Did innocent he retired about not being consistent against them tough there are teams until some time about our society in the middle wondered. And here we were being extremely consistent. And that's you know concede that the energy level. Wherever he went on your talents that you have war. Keys to either of these guys and we're back and really really thing. And I know that you don't like to try to head analyze emotions and those kinds of things that confidence is kind of an emotion and do you feel like this team. Has settled into a system and way of playing. With adjustments here and there that there is that confidence that they know what they're doing it kind of. I do I mean I'm. Call that left map for Memphis a bit of an outlying areas I thought tears in his eyes still in the second serve. Because of senior and I have been thrown that out there it. Yeah I think. I do think that this team can settled settled down search find something and exploit things aren't you can come. And speaking out that day I know this there wracking for coaches to get through a senior day and especially with as many as you had this time that. You're always happy just to get through it and went and so forth that. But they can you look back on it but it's all said and done and enjoy the emotion that was disclosed that a pair of molesting him played once you're getting a blockage in the final killing the match him. And indeed inaction tears of joy that is. Yeah could be happy here Janine picked I always wonder about the last few years potential 62 with some big advocate of opportunity annaly and getting religion. The issue you know injuries so what it took her out of being an attacker later too about the Beryl slash little slash DS and she's never steals that to be a starter in animal for her to be only their also. Pass and places the it's happy to see that progeny also yeah that that that those things actually finished it perfectly. That's definitely run right. Speaking out this group and I think we talked about this briefly after the match that had this group of a fifth year seniors came around except that if an exception to what about that fascination team and his flight. Through four years literature here was always more of that and outgoing personality. But the rest of this group were not as quiet as it gets what they were true freshman in. Little by little have evolved into players that are not only outstanding on the court and become leaders within the team. No doubt I would say Taylor's. The team volleyball team bonds and Malia. Patently mean. Different approach to leadership to do pretty calm kind and they'll find ways to sort of get their point across and have a problem more than one. We'll do more boisterous than in the if need be but you know us against complimentary. You know older players in and around campuses. Competitive leader. Cannon gun issues you were there with whatever whatever we decide is important is important that instantly. Here's themselves the right way and I think the other players in the program and it mentioned in the nineties the united. You know you starters so you're spring season is infection pre season and in August Olson. 567. Of these other individuals who show up and I can't leave their contributors mechanically of their distractions we really don't know what that's going to be. And that is if it just happened in August and for the most part I think. Those guys went from being a little bit of you know silence him sort of hiding in the corner to get involved in. Now sort of school is. And a worried about homesickness in. Just more part of social. Component fabric. Cartoon it feels that definitely I'll be home. And in talking about the younger players and we've talked about this on the show I think once before it you know your TV today is adams' view redshirt freshman. Comes from a completely different cultures languages so forth. But she has really blended it and become yet another element with her sense of humor and and GA thinks or cancel some kind of things and mix well with the older players and just answers and personality it was a recipe. Yeah I would George she's gonna probably. Handle the extreme and she's gonna. She's gonna say the most outrageous thing you say the funniest thing she's gonna give the most negatively can give them most excited look. If you wanna see life legendary Zulu of everything. And is this team one of the best that you can finesse to it flooded just a mix of personalities of people filling different. Yeah when I would have gone and have been asked to provide for them come back sort of look to do have bad. There's eighty people can sort of involved at the top of the key things that this group picture. You're listening to shock volleyball coach Chris Flanagan Wichita State. Through the regular season with 28 in three and for the first time in program history. Will be hosting NCAA tournament first and second rounds on Friday and Saturday. At Charles Coca read that tickets are on sale by the way through the shocker ticket office or online because shoppers dot com look for tickets and now also issued tickets are available. For what will be three matches at the arena Friday and Saturday nights and we'll talk more about the field in the upcoming tournament. Right after this. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no Smart he got command and I can't believe this contract. Great now with asthma he got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with delta dental. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. 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Temperature and there you have it it's going to be cool brand warmer with more or less snow than normal winter weather out and don't forget about logging on you yeah I. Yeah I mean you're right now it's a loan not. Whatever that is this winter when you need to know depend on yours severe weather station and left up left very effective. Urging dirty you can SS. You're listening to Chris man show with Mike Kennedy lies that AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which room. Welcome back the shocker here coach Chris left Wichita State. Will host the NCAA tournament first and second rounds on Friday and Saturday to show actors who play at 8 o'clock on Friday evening against Radford. And these previous match at 6 o'clock will be Kansas. And Missouri tool border rivals and a lot of different sports of course former members of the big eight to big twelve announcer in the SEC. And you mentioned in an earlier interview that as a participant the end. That in volleyball it still is regionals are as regionals they could make them once they designate the top seed they try to get people that can drive so you've got. Bradford flying across the country that did two other strong team right here on here. Well we're we're always told every year that they get to play sixteen teams see over the long they get sixteen flights. After that got to make everything work with them for 400 mile. Drive and if that can't or and I guess that allowed. A couple of flights so it is about his regionals a convenient for soccer fans this is why you. CS in Lincoln most of the time. You know hopefully I told our players all the time. Maybe when their daughters are at this level will be 32 seeded teams with them until until the championship itself makes money it's not gonna grow. Which means he's gonna do but it shell had hit T beefed up Illinois council or take its first thing. And we talked about this also that maybe that's one of the things and also made your venue attractive because you or here's the number ten drawing team in the country right now as far as average attendance. And I think we can expect either a lot more than the typical average for those matches this weekend that you would hope that. That helps determine that at itself but also maybe helps encourage him to look at you even harder the next time. Well we hope so I mean I can remember years ago president base thought we would host because we were a top ten and you know like and they see that there's absolutely zero. So. Is the case volleyball it is in the teams that are with the European or like that in a couple of cases. Just kinda tough or too but there clearly topping this house. Period. Let's talk about the the field a little bit. Kansas in Wichita State just don't play on any kind of regular basis that you have seen them a couple of times determinant here. One trip to the sweet sixteen went through Kansas in Lawrence his views and those few years ago. Two completely different rosters. Got a couple Americans over there are three perhaps. Senator writes a player and really get outside hitter. Yeah I just. They sit there to their top ten ish team it hit a rough path with the health. Any any good and it does it well it over the top like I was still like dealer lot of detectives at Kansas so. They just kind of had that tiny bit you know top top ten in his team that slipped on the RPI a little bit. Missouri I don't know misery much this year and beyond view. Watch them on tape tomorrow but it you know from from all the time and here she is experienced here. No that is certain to be Kansas with the people out there that can sort of deviant happens company. So of that movie we some action going on formats that present structure and freckles user yeah. Don't know. The wife is as well and our first name but. It had coached there. That was in the studio room only new to them much but it. Reputed Don it was one home player in the vicinity of confusion you know. When I was on the helmerich media actually be pictures on the company's centers. Yeah I recognize that these it was with a good team. For those who may remember when he cracked blow was a very fine basketball player Drake and Missouri Valley Conference late seventies early eighties played a couple of years the Celtics and he and his wife have coached the misery volleyball program for. Many years and Chris Shannen had known them well over time. And fun. Also Bradford. Not unlike some of the teams that you played even this year and and played pretty regularly it seems like determined that since the beginning of the year quality opponent it's not as well name isn't the end. Hogan went and alive I got pac ten win the pac twelve win last year you Cali. He won this year others on also beat South Carolina. Only four losses to which of us are too high point so. No oil off three different teams it played very very clean little air team and look at the stats they do your job sort of passing game. The we need to we need to not have any. Cheaters and come out. And be ready to play that these guys are balanced and depleted defense. He imagines that your earlier talking about. They're a team that should be kind of playing with house money did you feel like. You're on team is should be do that a little bit playing at home getting these things that. To fall their way that it never happened before that they should go it loosened feeling like yeah that's. Well my guess I'd like to tell you that I it is noted these guys that some pretty high goals for themselves. You know they're still sort of blocking that outline how right you. I can't tell you that practice yesterday in practice today questions before the show. Selection today afterwards I can that there. June 9 loose fun company time pattern and a practice and I for makes me comfortable. They can speak for everyone and saying it's it's been a great year already that I think a lot of people of god. That the general make up that carry it these young women now are rooting for him do rent is not on us. Yeah I don't wanna give me any time refused. That the blast him. Who would you Durham. It was CU Friday congratulations and I think senator Chris lash out. 8 o'clock in the NCAA tournament poker arena Friday night. Thank you we'll. This has been in the Wichita State volleyball coaches show with your head coach Chris slam and Mike Kennedy. Brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas. Your hometown Chevy dealers the Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group. Delta dental Comfort Systems and AJ's sports bar and grill on the Alley.