The Chris Lamb Coach's Show 12-04-17

Monday, December 4th

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Her volleyball competition with your head coach Chris Allen brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas your hometown Chevy dealers. The Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group delta dental. Comfort Systems and AJ sports bar and grill. Now let's go live to age a sports bar and let the LE on the corner of thirteenth in Greenland throws with your analyst Mike Kennedy. Good evening welcome to KJ's and two it is unfortunately. Our final. Probably won't show of the season which Utah State's season ended on Saturday night the 31 loss to Missouri in the second round of the NCAA tournament echo arena. But that's not the only negative is the outcome that we could possibly talk about 829. And four season second most wins in the history of the program. Thirty in 2008 is the only better record. And posting for the first time posted these second best attendance total of all the 161. And second round sites are slightly behind Nebraska. Well I had a everybody up like I don't know how many years you. Go back fine so pleased that I have to I would guess that would be. The White House that's been a long time so is her second place them might stand up for a while. Let's talk for just a moment of that Saturday night's match you know first of all I think everyone should be aware that. Missouri returned a lot of key players from a sweet sixteen team a year ago and I got off to a slow start they've now won ten out of their last twelve so they're definitely playing their best volleyball of the year of it. How much credit do you give them and how much did you feel like you just work quite where you've been seeing the last month of the season. I was seven matches and only one time I thought they look suspect and was floral things that it touches. I'm a few losses. You know I I think I've got the appointment it's been normal for a while you're valid profit that I think Republican better athlete and playing well. Then you know I can understand the outcome. And south of athleticism over there they were certainly playing well by that I mean they were serving past pine and they were making attacking yours work release. Giving him much and you know we just. Not to put names on it but it really had a couple girls to put up good numbers and that kind of expecting him. Course measures can have a lot to do with the top blocking teams the country in the pressure was on. That said. Clearly two plays that could have on us to force that go and qualified fifth game after. When three for an act but a lot of pressure on them. You know it would have been nice to see if that what would have happened then but I have no regrets. With the outcomes of the case we're proud which dropped so in which it was told. I was still people on certain committees I've been look because it hasn't had to put you put things. Please we that would draw. And it's so. Which country. You know and it just occurred to me looking back he only lost four times all year and really the only one of those that you could say it was some what decisive was the lost or yeah earlier this year because. If you look at cal poly your serving like six times seven times for match point swings to win and that when that wind gets away you had Iowa State and a 3735. Game that you were serving to win several times and they finally end up winning that match and of course. The other night you're serving for you mentioned set point to the attitude to it get to business. Well there and I don't mean this against me or my staff in any way but what it would if I told you all right you're gonna got hit left handed him and it wasn't until you sort of hitting right handed that you. He played well well we were trading system all spring and up. To. The Iowa State game we went we've got on the company's Wii when it sort of back to some basics so to speak after that so. Yeah. So what you think cal poly. Didn't see is at our best organs certain soft and that the system like that that whole that whole way in in favor of violence they immunize. I felt like once you put out the back of the witnesses and different things Kayla. We definitely win without him at that point. We we were different and been better team. So you know I just would love a few of those other matches that way consensus in the European. Some network for a but I don't have regrets. We did pretty well let's bring doing it that way. It was just a lot easier for perhaps needed. Sort of do which he does and then just learn how to sort of get this line if you remember rightly about him right side. It was good but it wasn't great but it also meant we have some other she's putting her back I mean it's sort of are completed and at least here in Pakistan. You know that that line up got B ones. We'll talk about certainly some of the individuals. Some very special people that are going to be leaving the program at the end of this season also. Talk about what that means for next year but while the other things one touch on for sure was first year in the American athletic conference. And admittedly the league was down a little for what it's been in the last couple of years because of some injuries and other things. But you go undefeated in the only twenty you know win the conference going away your first year. I think people will be gratified you know some of the the comments and observations you've got some coaches around probably just done. Coming in here and this place in this atmosphere itself. Well and while like I can't tell you that I was friends with many of these coaches prior to that flat out just to know. You certainly can't know each other we talked a lot as a wanted to share. You know to shake hands and walk away I have conversations throughout the week. Coach in the league and they certainly extremely complimentary when when Boller won't rally scoring. You know not that it's a 5050 proposition like flip of the coin but it sure got a lot closer. And get through to about 220 you know what to do we went back to pursue it's that's been played. You know that she confesses to be really consistent and high level for a long long time. I think that's something. Clearly number from this this is how well we've prepared how we made it to us and so he can come to. You were sort of a leader you have Melissa stokes in your days in the Missouri Valley Conference and trying to get some coaches to do some things and egregious thing that you felt like it was good for the league good for volleyball again Roland. He found some receptive and as for of this group of coaches and some ideas you have to maybe do some things can help the American. Conference schools let out silly analogy but back home services do we have this. Beta breakers for marathon and there's always the senate eateries and abuse like get that when he team members are more. And you can't win into the final guy here he crossed the finish line so the bottom needs to keep up at the top that's the argument that we use and you know all the dialogue which trusted users state not just from year to year but he got to play overall three of us were knocking on the door to be in the tournament. And we just need some things to be different than Ali I know all the basketball people around here that you know. Marshall would say look Kolb invaders while we're a major basketball program and a mid major conference. Well the Bible please understand that too and that's that's the message that I carry with me to keep city for the final hole we have coaches meetings. You know we can say look at some of these come on I'm out aren't going to be favorable to your philosophy. We're gonna maybe even take your pick and I knew if you wanted to start scheduling it. In this and that was it that that's the reality and it's just been proven anymore Maury everytime we go through this the conference is to keep that's the message. You're listening to soccer volleyball coach Chris land and our wrapup show for 2017. We will continue to from AJ sports silicon Alley and just a moment. Hello shot. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incensed for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best inning later. 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Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. You're listening to Chris and show with Mike Kennedy lied at AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which room. We're back with soccer coach could slam as we continue our volleyball show from AJ sports grill at the Alley Wichita State finishing at 2017. Season 29 and four. Undefeated conference champions of their first years the American conference eleventh trip to the NCAA tournament. In fourteen years and winning your first round match for the seventh time in eleven appearances. Anything else that you want to picture we million years we discuss on this. Well up like this that seniors come to mind and it's obviously a team effort if every thing but I am older I get more right. Sort of feel like it. Talk about them it's my last opportunity. And just he just you know they solicit it tells you can create one of the greatest players here against the biting givers superstar status. That it will tell you that she's the most low maintenance superstar than I've ever known. And to have three more of the list and they just have three young women and it. Did look at you like you train them because its freshman wide. And listened to every everything we're telling them all and there's never been an issue. You know commitment issue about anything. So we're. It's just the past and that. Obviously things on the about it laudable that music. It's I can say that the choice but what. Let's talk a little bit about some of those seniors first of all we've talked about this over the years chances overall is not any. Hotbed of volleyball in terms of seeing a state like somewhere there's just tons of college prospects around the state. And likewise being at Wichita State which still was a little bit of a mid major profile recruiting wise. You have to really find some players that have been under scene ABC some people you see something in that other people haven't noticed. And I'll start with having labor whose scholarship opportunities for college sports was easy division to basketball scholarship at Pittsburgh state. She answered it the second four time all conference player in your history of probably a three time all. It. Correct and you know without you lose you know you can you can find tall humans all over the place but how many of them are powerful how many of them. You know how some sort of volleyball. Talents or or skills aptitude babies that are word. And I'd you know I saw some things in adamantly that. Going into her senior year she just looked different then. The senior year I saw her play for you as a junior because. I could see of oil some of the lot having. That was planned you know it's open for the the tall kid down the street valuable player but just wasn't there and then. You know summertime ashes of the campus the o'clock in the morning have you guys in front of me and I've just seen her move around differently. You know it was elections pampering the volleyball or stuffing the volleyball it was just she looked more athletic stronger powers we're gonna use it. And I just do that things were heading the right direction. We find some clippers do of course it. But yeah I agree that it is in the that same list of notes are Lundgren rags to riches on awkward questions about it. Emily Hebert it's hard to save somebody's been a three time all conference performer was the league center of the year this year was maybe a little bit underrated or under noticed that in a couple of times this year you express that you felt like. Unfortunately that might have been the case a little bit just because Evian so that it was getting so much attention but that Emily Hebert just a special place else. Quote you can't run away with setting numbers let's just some incredible figure incredible server credible blockers don't find that with. I've been having offensive numbers are outlying areas. And you know setters don't happen but I will tell you all these names but I have several coaches in the conference. That voted heavily for players here in this conference it's whoever gets the most total void votes is that there is a clear view down. Pump within the organ coach I don't see a better senator Paul here conference that's the pact well. I was on the phone today with the guy that places players in Europe and of course I vehemently. And Kayla are on the list and it was gonna go. Find a home somewhere if she chooses you talk about Perot. She's just a bit enemies justice that actually sitting position. First of men learn how to become center field like that area. And one thing that people may not realize it's a little bit unique about her. When you watch percent of all. Her hands are not as consistently in the same position as a lot of relief centers every time she sets it but the ball always gets to where it needs to be in the same fashion as. Right Baghdad called her about her she's she's not a girl to take to the Plavix to safety with this when you do it that way. Her follow throughs. Please note that some of the balls come out bleeding if you know the way she does some things but you're right athletes make plays and you know we've actually had joked about some of the ways that are hands get the ball the way it goes through the ball. But it got to a point a couple of years ago when I stop I stop going when the season violent with. You know being a being a leader directly because I realized that. I was asking for you know very good paying job but it was still they call him a bit of the results was still there and the ball is getting you know like you said I can't. But that would write and record new youngster Cora. You know I had just that it should look we're gonna do we do these things but you know tossed it behind heavily watched uses these days that's silent on. It heavily and I joke about it all but. They a lot of batters in the box differently but but so many of them the battle looked right don't do strike zone. And that's exactly it's in the book it gets out of those names in the weird things happened seconds after that but. Like that it in now Paul can't get there's something you'd some consistently. She's god. That was the end that actually the he like analogies like I was gonna crash and the golf swing maybe easier and more true that in baseball swing re looking guys breakdown of swings in. If they can look completely different until those left last footers so through the hit the next club face constitute did squared the law. Tonight I've never hear Freddie couples ages ago saying what I know mice away a couple of those grants him. Those words that would put them and how children. You know the supplement through which they knew about it what glacier that significantly cues that. The other thing is a center in volleyball kind of like a point guard basket on whatever scanning your coach on the floor and are the ones that have to know where everyone is what everybody's doing. And then there's also there's the psychological part of if you will and she's got a great demeanor. She's attacked him. She makes a good set somebody misses it she's not gonna glare at him she she makes everybody feel good about themselves and keeps things moving when there's a little bit of adversity. Right and I and it all the time that I could do here I've never once worried about. Her being distracted. Even if she wasn't playing well she did she's had matches this year where she did it. Play well she's made a couple of mistakes I felt bad about it but I never saw her past. Was she never seemed distracted using them task. In terms of league team and just having the right personalities it that he had just rocket Gibraltar. And the killer rats that you mentioned this a couple of times been kind of the teen mom never sent a resident and youngster just. An incredibly mature responsible young woman who. Does things like making sure everybody gets their bags off the conveyor when we've go some where in Iraq largest everything she does well that way these. When I first on the Kayla wanna hurt but her coaches the front of my pack my efforts volleyball idols such. I around him in Vegas at the big tournament there guys and they went about this is first reaction was inactive US UV maybe surprise. But I wonder about what a great person she was. And then. You know through the career I was those days with Caylee you know you're the black person that I have ever met like this meet them but let's not the right word and I'd say. Caring that I think normally have and it's not only is that his. She'll let some people you know their job boards and let us through you you know cute and then I finally figured it out. It's it's considered that in my my my friend Darren had a huge Japanese bomb those races was that a person I ever knew. I realized this year but Kayla is at least tied for second. As the most considerate person and I have ever matches everything that we're doing she does consider. What everybody else path it every single day every time she says thank you after every practice you'd let me know what you see that again. You know that says it every time. At so that that's probably an ailment that these wild excuse that offers. That's not a bad thing to say about us. We will come back for the final segment of the show and it is time to look ahead to 2018. And in fact that process will start in this Rick talk about that. Now your long range winter forecast. Warmer than average we are below normal Baltimore. Almost no less very snowy weather warmer than usual or normal. Temperature and there you have it it's going to be colder and warmer with more or less snow than normal winter weather outlook and don't forget about logging on you yeah. Yeah I mean yeah. I know its alumni. Whatever that is this winter when you need your nose depend on your severe weather station that's up last year offensive. Thirty you can SS another smile power experiment brought to buy delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are skiing all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as an hour. A thing it deserves delta delta the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. 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This is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group think TH EY again incentives for the past forty years that Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger smaller our service is the same I promise. You're listening to Chris and show with Mike Kennedy lie that AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which rose. And welcome back to our final Chris Lance show of 2007. Team we have kind of wrap things up 129. In four years it is time to. Looking ahead a little bit to next season and this will be one of the bigger challenges you've had to go violent terms of just being very young early next year end and as we've talked over the years this is a sport maybe as much as an ethernet. Experience and some sanity and some haven't some veteran players is a real key to being successful. Correct and your right to start praying. For a few stars and these spots. Happy happy freshman class coming in that I think is is complete. And ready to go is indeed. For quite some. That you know that's good news bad passes it's even that. You know it might be starting so. But you know I'm OK without fail I don't expect that. You try to try to keep the road about a high level throughout most of ebbs and flows you know that. I can continue. Leave my job coach they gotta do their job he coached will play hard. You know this spring will offer up we've got to train for coming in. That I suspect obvious starter next years and do that we did hear it here at Sylvester Stallone can pocket a few others were still. We're still actively recruiting for next year at the same time recorded got a commitment from. The two dollars and ninety class switches to a wave you through those committed. But. Yeah I think we've we've been kind of messed around they're polite word was some things just for fun when she's wearing this around it. You know everything yarder that would give it my equity to do with Seles was on I would say it this way for him to do celebrate because that everything went right did it right they did it right. And let's not forget that part of the process that. You know my my my dad had every manufacturing. Think he'd he'd he'd be manufactured computer printer ribbons back when cartridges verges for coming. Wizards you know we. We read read we rebuild things you can do things here in the most important thing is the process because the final product that's happening so what's the most important. Here's what's here right now what we're working on that in half that's what it is think of art images we're just a manufacturing plant. We always keep it that way it just in front of the process knowing. A Friday Saturday night for our conference now Friday and Sunday afternoons. You know we've we've sort of find out bill. What happened my brains sort of looking at it that way this process of infection. The development. And trust my instincts and things that you know. He started out with two all conference players. Tapped the ground in Georgia TV Ted do you have a couple of young vandals true freshman this year reps this Richard freshman ever ride concerns. Some considerable playing time. Chase Jackson started to see some time on the outside toward the end of the season than. He had a couple of decisions to make literally be able to keep chorus calling it negative test later on Red Shirts and so. They still have four years that he would get the experience of playing practicing. Well that what nobody's listening is gonna one money here but it about a month ago we were saying it refused planet making halfway there. We're a better team that in races ago. But I got to hope that through. We got that far into the season. You know I just wanted to register at that point it now they're big conflict here and I'm hopeful it will never come off the floor securities. Right that play there that's a look forward. She's points or that this team this year could use of solar electric doing well reaching farther. And we've got a freshman coveted race Berkett that fits the M one wool walk in the door as well that the bodies start to cost. So. That's the job that. You should step aside from that everything else falls. Congratulations. To agree here it's always fun to work with you and and what a way to end it was 7000 plus building and it just the best. Another stupid if you think you better it is for all things considered. There's and again has got suspected. That's it for Chris land for this season and we'll look forward to 2018. Pedigree here. Cup soccer volleyball thanks to create what is AJ and yeah. This is in the Wichita State volleyball coaches show with your head coach Chris slam and Mike Kennedy. Brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas. Your hometown Chevy dealers. The Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group. Delta dental. Comfort Systems. And AJ's sports bar and grill at the Alley.