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Monday, September 18th

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I'm for the Wichita State soccer volleyball Koji show with your head coach Chris alama. Brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas your hometown Chevy dealers the Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group. Delta dental. Comfort Systems and aging in sports bar and grill. Now let's go live to JJ's sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth in greens intro and what you're most might activity. A slam coach land alongside these factors coming off quite a weekend. Two matches with top twenty teams that shoppers with 831 victory on Friday night. Over Creighton ranked eighth at the time. And then the shoppers lost 302 Iowa State on Sunday afternoon Iowa State ranked eighteenth going into that match. And it was not your typical 30 match the second set was 3937. Iowa State I think we have determined that that is the longest set ever played by a Wichita State volleyball team in terms of points. And Wichita State served nine times for a set point in that went before Iowa State finally want it. The latest rankings are out. Shocker opponent Oregon eight this week Creighton fifteenth Iowa State eighteenth the chapters are 24 moving back into the top 25. Former tally opponent northern Iowa now 22. Cal poly team shocker play that week and a half ago 29. And Missouri State in the valley 35 just threw some familiar names in the news so. Congratulations night that's not certainly would be a good chance to move back in the rankings and no that's not a terribly important thing you right now it's it's kind of a nice thing and it thank you Hannah. Well. We we believe that. History history says that it is easier. Well he used in the poll used to give a full point if you can give hopeful. Once companies start nice conference. Almost like we've got to get the few times to get out. Like your protective shield so to speak to be unit and you know we're always sit there wondering if you for the year what you look like and I don't think anybody can do. The dual hard on the community you know we've been there before and you know being ranked team and I elected. There and take everything you can do that and the publicity helps recruiting you'd get the word out and election. And you know like we put that together with these last four matches going in the conference. Once we found out about cal hall who currently there. Better be prepared foods that those last four and that it happens hopefully you get on issues we simply don't want to. At cabinet biggest one but I have gone ahead and made the statement that I do believe that we're. Most complete most physical. Team that we see and I would say that an organ system fairer way. From being top tier team and they just let's face in my opinion. You don't want to. We're we're this calendar word something relative to about their positions. Just one notch below. We've been Nebraska coaching wolves played him agreed. I know what I can be surprised organs. At the end of packed hopefully. Per second ethernet that surprised. And you've completed your nonconference schedule the record of 83 set on the show last week and if you had somebody told you B seven and two after those first three tournaments away from home would have taken another thing certainly 83. Same way given the quality of opponent you've played all three you lost to are probably going to be somewhere in the top thirty years so in the RPI rankings so. All right we'll put some real perspective to create everything won't lose the rest of the year I'd probably. If it is one I love all the film could lose two more times. Crave dot com winning percentage and seven except there's that merit you know age two or 72 periods of great schedules. I think waiting that that's that's tough point five in my view it might be cut him. Topic team went in that stuff matters so that's going to be us. At Marquette is very likely be a top fifty caliber wins he'd get a couple of those you know to hang your hat on now on them. Let's go to Miami of Ohio some of the people you play this they have a chance to at least the top 100 may be looked to me that top fifty. Before it's also I agree with you look Lidstrom a 66 right now on they may not lose again. So they don't that's really Timor and put themselves. Toward towards six or something that there topic it. And also. For people to do it here at would you came by after the match on Sunday yesterday against Iowa State. He made the comment that you thought that might have been the best you've played actually all season even though you lost it means you've made that comment to Christy Johnson lit the Iowa State countries he said definitely knows the best they had played this year so it was a a very very high level match 30 I don't think. Truly depicts what kind of matches. Right and happened above all the time soon when you're losing three but it but let's look at the scores. And I'll look at the numbers and we you know the fact that that team that is who abducted 4% of the balls they hit that's been something that I've been. Grinding on this group about got it more all got to be smarter about. Yeah executing the game plan scouting report and put yourself in position to get a couple that give away a couple of that was a big step in the right direction because I've told the team based on my. Eight C analysis that I I think there's an opportunity here to beat deep deep deep deep sense of humans conference. I don't want me and I thought we won I thought of that team week to agree I was so sure REIT for. Great in Iowa State. Through very physical teams that we were able to keep numbers down and certain players that we were targeted to keep them down. That was a sign that hopefully good things come like. And it had a chance to ask you about this afternoon match yesterday that I thought it was interesting because if you look at both teams defense team numbers. And and the numbers in the common opponent you'd played in turn that against Creighton. You would have anticipated. A low hitting percentage kind of matched to score and you cannot the first set he would like to eighty Sutton. At 450 something and in the second set you were. 230 something they were just over 200 finally the third set that was the only one of the match that was kind of low hitting numbers and and kind of turned out to be the kind of playing time I see. I mean we were talking about it near the end of the first. They were hit for something we're down by. Two or three and it was 2125 salons but. Los before Bruce supplements herbs and success fix it package regional makes that factors in it. You know they hit factor and we often force it you're you're not happy who's in this that problem. But is encouraging and that I can hit that again we're back an error this much and this will come back and it did came back to the closeness that that I think I've been part of the war. You know the other thing too and I asked the Taylor outset about this for the match at Creighton on Friday. There was appointed net match for the look at each other going. You know. We can win this weekend were hanging with these guys we can win this match had and how important was it to get that kind of feel over the weekend because. Really against Oregon didn't quite feel like that through most of the match and obviously they're an outstanding team that was this weekend being in terms of maybe developing some confidence developing some belief that. You know we really can't hang with a variety. Yeah no no doubt about it they had told you three games look great that you're there surpassed numbers were. Ridiculous. You know I thought that was going to be. Scary proposition watching us chase balls around online and in fact of that together loose just. Pretty big part of what we're vulnerable when it and then the other part was. Keeping our big percentage even with. Stayed at this deal goes through so much firepower and at that time going into that act as you know are we going to get scoring from. Few people know that before. McCalebb something he could sit we've got treatment announced it certainly imagine five. And you just feel like over time and budget cutter. Reduced down statistically if we keep up with so much but. In that via their blocks. News happen how heartening yours there's no blocks and some would be set for you know 11 block hitting out here ratio. But it's another thing when it's just overwhelming. Fourteen blocked streets and blocked five game. But that's why the right to mine blocks computers sold out for it physically. Blue blockers take one spot you're going about it Nelson. You feel like move over to you as much as she is you know thirty balls and in three in three sets of tennis that that's outrageous. So you feel like Q school there's treatment shown to block him tells block. You kills your stuff so I don't know if proposition. Spiral out of petroleum and second and I'm sorry that that third set some of the keys that's that's how I think about what happened almost. You play for an hour and a half like two hours and almost that of its prices. What happens flopping in the sort of basket and that's when I noticed that. We will continue to shock her head coach Chris slam again the chapters now ranked 24 in the nation can head of the weekend and heading into their first. Ever American athletic conference's let's talk about that later couple individuals gonna talk about as well one who has won a weekly honor when we come back. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the current hinder you think JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. 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Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. You're listening to Chris Lance show with Mike Kennedy lied it AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which rose. Welcome back to Chris slams shows we talked chalker bobbled ball Wichita State 831 win over then number eight and that number fifteen Creighton on Friday night and day 30 loss number eighteen Iowa State. On Saturday to shoppers number 24 themselves they were. 23 two weeks ago tied for 26 devoting last week back in the top 25 heading into conference play. You mentioned. You found a couple of things for macular outset that an established another attacker in the match with Creighton and maybe most encouraging about the weekend was the fact that she came back and he was even better against Iowa State nineteen kills three sets here to 96 to 95 to two matches and against two teams of that caliber certainly seems like it's it's more than his. Fool's gold whatever it was that you found there. Let's hope so. I would say that. You know so so much of you know what goes on with. You practice and training in what you do has to do with. You know you can try to. Hold on the strength of people perhaps is always to think that they bring to the table but trying to grow the skill sets and no we kill. But Kalin is always. Wanting to get to this it's the ball quickly to she she's. Moving like he wants to play fast. So it's encouraging Saturday when it out there quicker but the issues can she. Control that ball that gets to a quicker on hand sort of all evolves vertically comes down. It's easy to hit when the ball's going left to right here your approach angles and you know. It's almost like an X and Y processors so the ball over the very small window right parties shoulder when you got me contacted. So what kills what kills what speed in the package coming downhill constantly. Encourages a faster campus I think it should control so. We've just we've worked out shortening her approach and putting the ball on a different spot a little bit for her. Also we've basically. I get a fighters and cool which instantly if you can't go here here here we just go here. That kind of thing that it just kinda surveying the game than the normal path selected menu as we call it. We just said but let's just play this way you your physical your highs get up high. So let's not try to have every trick in the book let's give you a couple places. That you try to score we'll help you with what's going on the side of the net and in the short time who really a couple of days before we played great. And here let's go here and put. It's been great. For your edification that an issue you'll appreciate this she said after the match not for I. That. You know that's just this program and to you and it's it's the way you coach. That at times it changes you've made any of the things that you you let people to do it can be a little frustrating because it's different for what. Is there norm. But if they'll hang with the and it always works and and she appreciates the fact that you're willing to take the time to keep working on things to keep changing things to find what works best for everyone register and everyone now. Well my consider all the time clinics camps coaches clinic from me. It would love it for side which it is. Folks nobody expects through holes that. What can you gonna have to give it a minute here is I knew you were headed out to figure this thing good. Yeah he got to look at some revisions. If you work out for him that if I do appreciate your patience the thing that. The other player that I wanted to be sure to mention. Today is to review TV to the redshirt freshman look marrow from Milan Italy who averaged seven. Point 866%. Five point two. Percent for the years she is now 22 in the nation actually five point 542 in the nation but almost seven point 9%. Against two of the best teams in the country she's the American athletic conference offensive player of the week that she really kind of took it to another level over the. Well end. This kind of throw this out there again we we finally got to a point this season were a little bit less time assessment which that's the little bit more times opponents. And preparations to go along way yes I do feel like I've finally been able to hand these guys defensive game plan. And it's. And for good for him it differently than good for sort. It's I think you're gonna see several peoples' homes go up from the floor. I might mention to people like this you know that. Language pack was a little bit of an issue right there for Churchill when she got here but she has always did. Interest if she's always been a true volleyball player who wants to know things just wants to learn things and ask questions and and certainly your system your styles and different Arab and she was a pretty free open you know system type of player. In Italy's lose it's taken a little more discipline at times on her part but but certainly she's always been willing to learn an interest in what she can do to learn the system. Right at him so just to go back where it started that we literally riding on the white board right out sentences you right back. We couldn't exactly speak to each other everything. In the beginning at no longer an issue that's so far she's come. You know and another thing is sees it sees us she loves to read should see a lot not a robot idea again readers. And indicated that you know it's like she's trying to place that are field. They have their ways we've got other people over there. And of course she wouldn't herself to the right read that one little deflection on the block well balls in where we have anybody. We have a people here's here's how the ball and he said. Been getting her to sort of play volleyball with a system. That is that sort through the figures certain accidents are now and each element that she. Something else that I haven't talked about her about her with you on here anyway is. Your best team and more of the things that I have experienced that kind of ignorant your program. Your best teams have been the ones that can play out of system that's probably true for anybody that is if you could. Make rallies and score out of planes for years you're not him it in the united stake in some of that has to do with people other units that are being able to assess it and get you points and she's averaging over. One point three assists percent which is really good for any kind of that's not assistance center. Right and she's takes chances you saw that nine point run that we've you know had chances to win and she's. She put a couple balls up and it recruited here it they get kind of live and die with her trying to be aggressive. And give us of the best in the scorched. A couple a couple happen at the workout rooms. Now she's complete players that great on ball accused of exceptional hand eye coordination. And I assure you some leadership on average user Barca. Which. You know some things she's been helping people she's an elite athlete well. We will continue to moment the shocker volleyball team won't make history this weekend but be the first Wichita State program to play. American athletic conference advance with previews trip to temple and you can't we come back with Chris plant for AJ exports grew Lithia. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. 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When it comes to comparing the ownership the equinox there is no comparison to keep yourself a Chevy dot com slash equinox see your hometown Chevy dealer today. Go to shady dot com slash equinox compared important limitations and Wi-Fi standard for three gigabytes for three months which accomplished. 21 century has found media getting social so much lots aren't yet with millions of choices bend down. Stages you only need one KMS ask local news that's important to me joining us. Active with exclusive news contests are contests and more products and openness it's fine I was happy. Great then there just click on the links and McCain has this great young. Gone you're listening to the Chris Lance show with Mike Kennedy lied it AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which rose. Architect Chris Plante show for AJ sports grill at the Alley we are here every Monday night 630 to they're not be an adjustment in that schedule coming up relatively sin because of Monday Night Football but but for the most part every Monday 630 to seven and that one mentioning handling other producers and studio listed. Force we appreciate that. Coming up this weekend which Packers travel to Philadelphia to play temple on Friday evening at 6 o'clock central time and then. On to the University of Connecticut on Sunday at eleven. Central time. To open their American conference schedule and they will be the first Wichita State program to play. American conference advance add. It's it's really kind of the unique situation obviously teams change from year a year at a conference that your head people graduate new people come the end. But you at least know some of the personality your New Year's so you're going into this season which pretty butcher type of schedules like playing a whole year of non conference in terms of preparation and so forth. It is that's sort of what I. And I know that when. Conference and know that we talk a lot about it. Know the value of it throws something to all that that we're doing and I think gives sort of wrote more electricity. To it and I hope that he can keep that attitude. Throughout the season. I've I've told the gals do you know like. Evaluation. Loses you know maybe this was pretty physical conference at what point scoring but it no I don't know. I fasting for plane how complete teams are your views of opportunities for us defensively in the conference. You know tomorrow will be. Tomorrow we today it was more about breaking down stuff from last weekend. Tomorrow. These are often iron giving up as soon start cut the tape evaluate. Offense and defense and partners with with temple and excited to get to that have have seen nothing yet. And I don't want to get too specific here that. You know obviously video is available at the work off that. Are there going to be some of these teams that. It may be somebody Belichick coaching profession I have a relationship where there's somebody in the valley or whoever maybe that's that's playing. One or two of these teams that maybe you can get a little bit of insight from people who have actually seen them faced today. Yeah I'll probably look at it that well I'll certainly behooves those things happen every week as you know and blow we'll we'll do our best group. I just personally just want to. Just wanna watch your cake is right and I said it for the gals who I consider myself to be kind of a volatile social butterfly and yet. There are so many coaches in this conference I want who I don't know but I don't know I've ever seen. It's just interest if I think I know a lot of people and I appellant company you keep your hands of people introducing myself to. I ask you this question before Sunday's match you were kind of and it began kind of the new routine this past weekend replayed on Friday night and then on Sunday afternoon. In some ways because of the important to put on preparation. Practice of those kinds of things do you personally like the fact that you're gonna happen day in between. Where you could kind of flipped Friday night match behind you actually have time to really prepare for the next match Johnson. But it needed to answers from me and you know it may not gonna like it but if it's just about. The volleyball it's just about the competing. That of course I would say if you do get some rest of the canals. It's nice to be able to retool its attack at some stuff. And you're prepared but week to week I just don't like him from saying and I've done. But what what one of my years at Arizona we did a Protestant. You just feel like it's just that the most of them culpable potentials schedule ourselves as human because. That means Monday you when the course of data from athletes and it just makes for all the other little things that go along in their lives is that typical to. And I tell coach of women. You know reliving this is gonna do around them every day telling me elective electric bill there that select take care of their past the advances that are. Their home in the world and they don't. It is with a schedule like this there's just no time to. We'll win our league and he did the laundry done when are you gonna show up when I again. You know do whatever it is you do I don't know there's many guys Figaro with a lot of much about it but I mean I do feel it. And and and we're feeling I just I just think it's just part of athletes to not really. So. Well well I guess everything else that's. Chances that the tradeoff is you have maybe two and half three hour flight the East Coast of temple or whatever. But it instead of the nine and a half hour bus ride to one of the valley's nights. But. Revenue and you get back on from the valley trips it 5:6 o'clock in the order of times on Sunday that it had some date. All day to rest to recover whereas you get back at midnight from Philadelphia they got to go to class on Monday so obviously there's some major trade notes and we're gonna really learn and we go yes. I'm well thank you all for joining us that you have the Graceland show this week we will be back next Monday or they case. Talk about the first ever American athletic conference trip again. Next match for the shoppers Friday night at temple 6 o'clock central time thanks for joining us on the Chris Plante show from AJ Cynthia. State volleyball coaches show with your head coach Chris slam and Mike Kennedy. Brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas. Your hometown Chevy dealer they Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group. Delta dental. Comfort Systems. And AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley.