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The Chris Lamb Coach's Show

Monday, October 30th

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It's time for the Wichita State soccer volleyball cookies it was your head coach Chris. Emma brought to you by blue cross blue shield of Kansas your hometown Chevy dealers. The Kansas Department of Transportation. The Carnahan group. Comfort Systems and aging sports bar and grill now let's go live to age eight sports bar under. Kelly on the corner of thirteenth in prematurely. With your most of my sanity. Good evening and welcome once again in eight days. Or sterility LER a third coach's show of the night as we talk shocker volleyball and that's been our regular Monday night show for several weeks now chapters are well into the season twenty and three overall on the year. And still undefeated the American athletic conference at twelve and oh. Joining us tonight. Representing the shocker coaching staff is Austin hot stove first year. Assistant coach for Wichita State program Chris slam with some obligations tonight the boosters and so forth and so Austin makes his debut on chapter radio. And Austin I thought we might start. Within a little bitty your background your background and volleyball in the fact that there you are part of that seemingly never ending connection between Grand Slam and Wichita State in the Arizona program. Yes. We we are actually back to back to Arizona that's on the Internet in which. Adjustments about five years we're in theaters on staff. In the indoor and outdoor volleyball programs. And that kind of elected accuracy he's it hasn't coached there and when I was looking certainly coaching career. Steve rubio a head coach the Ritter's opponents that they like you definitely want to do this and spent time over which such secrets of the great guy and he was condos that. That name that I heard as as a manager in indeed. Jim. With. McCain this guy's got grace that sex ideas and we wanna be. Now suddenly he's doing and learning how to look at the game in the successfully and he's doing it so I'm just honored to be here be part of this coaching staff and learn from these guys. And and you mentioned that that reputation. And you worked for one of the best coaches in the business and Dave rubio in Arizona. But one of the things that could slam is that he is very unique view you might comment from somebody coming in not having experienced him previously just some of this. The things that he does some of the approaches that he takes that are pretty unique against him yes some questions you did you have your kind of standard. Ways of playing defense that was playing offense and you see the same things that you see in big leagues like. Pat Bolden over here in but the date to be conferences that plane but on. With Chris it's a whole different world that you have you with him offensives in different ways and learning things that are going to be you have to successful. And it's not just notes that a entitlement it's let's get his growth opportunity to get on the ball and heated defense and look at how can only company be successful offense or defense in a way that other teams aren't going to be doing. And would you say that that his approach is to look at the particular talent and the skills that he has on any given team. And then the system can develops from that rather than having any system. And being able because of some of the power conferences you're going to be able to have a system and recruit athletes that can play and it's this absolutely so I mean. Let's take outs and for example out of the girl that is. Is actually touching highs than an engine. But she's still a great athlete and she gets involved fastened in their hand on the ball quickly and so we develop an offense and we're constantly develop office referred Michaela. You know we actually came through issues approaching for a little while McCain some some of the issues that law and protect the mountain kind of do that with fish is phenomenal athlete and it feels. This is anything at me. Petty mindedness. Wanted to heights we think enough of them work through it and so being able to. They both the fast paced office at least through effective all involved it also makes sense of the focused on law. She's going to be successful and we literally looking at what this growth good at doing. And it's been so how can we make XP successful on and it's it may change week to week it may change based on refining. But it though is let's try to make it count that we have successful. And hearing something assistant developer. Canada this year what it the challenges if you will to good problem to have that she cabinet claimant a pretty exceptional player and an. And a person that can really score forty do a lot of things. But then there's the element of awe at what we do to take. The best advantage of her skills and what she can do. But at the same time not let that minimize any one else that can also contribute absolutely that's something we definitely have to look at our do not want to. Do you wanna do want that yet. Saddam Hussein might happen happen before at the same time because it's gonna it's particularly. Things have happened we don't owes you that she's the great hitter. So that's a facade and you look at and I mean you always wanted to give the ball at me. Why would she she's sitting about 500 and in conference play that's ridiculous streets at the middle to be doing that consistently we believe that we so. And that was something that we we're looking and kind of make sure that orders for getting equal distributions when Buchanan but also utilizing the top that we have had. As we can. And you mention that this week to week. Certainly you may have matchups that change how you approach things and how much is all actually commit to plan you guys got a lot how much to the matchups affect the one that she decides to do it. So with Abby and that doesn't always. Come into play and it's not something we talked about but without that they have a big race side. That's that was something we look at com. It's fit for us it's more about how to they're blocking scheme work and out of the defense worked so it. If we have some really unity don't want you know we don't sit out on fastballs and after getting involved on the line. The defendants that that your. And so how we set up. Where where are we going to be hitting it and how often read an equally featured players. To utilize them to the like up most of the potential. You everybody I know happens once and that starts anyway particular roles in what is your principal role during a match so in this coaches that I am. I am working with the passing serving in defense parts that are that are our game and you know Chris and I kind of taxing the defense viewers about the offers and more with the speakers and that we're in position that we need to the end and making adjustments that you need. Making time. And also there serving them on the one penalty you know with those. That's the passing defenses or. You know this will set up our our blocking schemes were certainly a minority that's were certainly so do you want answers certain part of the quarter Burton won the you know picking up later because you get tired and just talking to this replying that's a primary role is the work on the defense society are passing. So overseas. And giving us opportunities offensively we definitely have. And you just mentioned something that I was I was gonna go to next when you mentioned maybe getting someone hired. Do you look at sometimes even if someone is a good passer but there that teams principle let's site hater let's say it's a but it really like to settle lot. Do you try to go after that person in service just in force them to work harder to keep them this year may be taken out of risen to get to where there's spots that they like there's way yes so for us that's not know is that I'm that there's something you see in. International volatile lot when you're planning. Generally really long matches we've been very lucky and we put a lot of three set match at the cedar. But. If concert in you ball every time that your record you have to go attack it makes you tired and so that definitely plays into how they're gonna perform when there. Running for their coach that's it that's. So it you know we there's a lot of ways of doing not wish deep green short you know have to adjust their coach a lot and yet he put all the focus on one person they're gonna get tired. That this year hasn't been a very big focus for us we've been a lot on Twitter that there office breakdown when he's there. Who is that the best passers and so we're looking at that more than making them tired but they're definitely times and you CF we started this in a little bit and and occasionally airplane but it. It comes into play. You're listening to shocker assistant coach Austin Costello this is the shocker volleyball show and we will continue from AJ sports filthy Alley that if it is. Hello shocker nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that TH EY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger smaller our service is Hussein I promise. 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Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. You're listening to the Chris Lance show with Mike Kennedy lie that AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which room. Back on the soccer volleyball a show for vacation this week by assistant coach Austin hostel and the shocker is. This V8 Monday. Found out some important information today like where they're ranked whether RPI is that the RPI more important in the rankings but those things that. Kind of steadied out over the last couple weeks 21 to you ABC hateful for the third week in row eighteen in the I don't look at the that you guys checked very closely as soon as we get to the end of the weekend is. How your nonconference opponents did because that's such a big influence on your yeah. Absolutely so we actually have kind of a ritual of the coaching staff on Monday is looking into the office middle. Our white board we have it all written out of the nonconference record in the conference record. However it seems to me again this this frequently went to notre those numbers we saw that are on com. When he prisons and its 64 point 7% which is great. And so for us playing in this conference you might have teams that. You know this weekend we had USF Venezia who want the highest in terms of their record in conference. But. Comparing that with an on time we did really well this weekend. So that kind of evens out and kept this update eighteen and asking and coaches that did not play this game sometimes. But where do you think we ended. We are pat ourselves right around 81817. And it turned out to be eighteenth on places that I think for the great job. And and that's one thing it did people tend to I think maybe overlook it matters to head coach lab learned that a long time ago as hatton had it figured out this hour yeah I think it. It's it's happening wins your opponent's skin it once they get into the conference it does matter quite as much. What conference area or what competition they're playing if they keep winning a lot of matches that's Oakland and it. Yeah absolutely so when you think about it on principle it's gonna all turn out to Washington agreements gonna win and lose. And so it is total number of matches and you can play everyone in this in this matches so. Out of arts when he when he gains and confidence. Eventually that's kind of kind of almost washout so it's really how well we do in non com. And how well it was scheduled to get teams with a lot of them are on schedule that they kind of who's RPI as we continue. We definitely stuff to perform and I think our conference schedule and do our job picture that are practiced performing. But if we're if we're scheduling loan taking care of our not this thing. That's kind of hope to get him it's instantly thought into the turn. And at this stage of the season you're 23 matches in does tend to change a little less of me being at eighteen is it unlikely to fluctuate a whole lot if you keep winning it and basically kick up again which you expect this year. I think it's an is less likely to change now but I still it's still if if if he doesn't have a good week that's when you move up. So we know as a Latina who are the teams ahead and listen in RPI. How did debut this week and so Colorado had a had a pretty good weekend and they stayed above us on you and I'm used to be. Well up into the air behind it now they are. 48 near yet so it it can definitely fluctuating changed but it's you know as we look at it week to week. Are what percentage goes up we have a better chance this that's kind of how we look at it if we stay at eighteen. Not content with that right now what we're always looking to increase aggregate them and and certainly. You get to this point in the season you look at the conference race and it's little little more important this year. Because there is not a conference tournament in the American athletic conference if you could wrap up the regular season title and right now you have to match lead over the next closest contenders. You don't have tournament to worry about somebody getting hot for one weekend when the regular season that's the automatic bid the American conference yeah that's something we talked about that happens a lot. We ask them hey how'd we get into the incident would turn and slip well we've got to win. So. For us coming out of a conference has had a conference tournament and not not having won three. Are talking and all the other coaches conference files what we wanna do it kind of talking about that conference tournament. But for us the only way we can guarantee that we're going to be in the instantly turn right now as the winner Hoffman's since left their outlook. We don't and we went every game we win our conference we're gonna be incidentally that's all we're focused on right now. It's one of the more beneficial things that happen from that standpoint this week the fact coming out of the non conference schedule. Being in this conference the American conference. The RPIs of the the other RP IX of the other American conference school was little disappointing Cincinnati had a key injury and they have four nonconference record. There was nobody really up there very good position. This week at temple and Essen you have both moved into the sixties which is the best of the conference's look so it's. Yes that's simple that's that's the essence these 68. And we have these types of other coaches about scheduling and trying to get there are ya but it's also for us it's just we need to get out there and if we're taking care of our job. From both the conference an appointment on conference a point that's that's all we can really control and so he. We are looking at it is when you to a winner conference not covered it and it's the accidentally. But the thing the conference honors come out every Monday at the layman who was the offensive player of the week in the American conference last week that the offensive player this week she agreed offensive numbers again that they gave me the defense toward averaged almost one point nine blocks per cent. Yeah that's something that might sound a little weird coming from middle blocker that you actually have to play some defense this week and it's serving. So you don't want when I bought this that's that's. The really huge influence and no PowerPoint totals racked up. And so you know you imagine how are ridiculous you getting from everyone's human service aces service aces and to be pretty low number. And then you have that one point nine blocks this that's really an influence that Ireland and get us ahead of our own so it it's surprising to me. That a Middleton when the defensive. Player of the week but it looking how she bought the suit and it it doesn't surprise. And jerky TV says when there were three other types of attackers of what happened four times the offensive player five times we'll be back for a final segment this actresses to coach Austin hot stove. Right after it. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sentence with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekends wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are seeing all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. 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Last day you can enter to win tickets to the trans Siberian orchestra and intrastate arena Friday December had no purchase necessary to Windsor helped save lives by keeping blood before maybe we'll. Healthy blood drawn from Baghdad at Nissan haven't got a short hop to a better and can. Why yes. You're listening to Chris and show with Mike Kennedy lied at age eight sports bar and grill at the Alley on the corner of thirteenth and green which room. Back on the soccer volleyball shows assistant Coach Johnston hospice sitting in for Chris lab this week's shocker it's coming off two wins on the road Central Florida and South Florida at home this weekend for you come on Friday night second place temple on Sunday afternoon. Going back to the trip for just a moment Austin. We talked about after the match on Friday. You get to this point in the year you get to this point I think any sport. They're they're gets to be what. Everybody calls the dark days of the season tickets to be a grind a little bit and it's tough to always be at your very best and when your first place especially. Teams are gunning for you UCF that he was some talent that was lay in Florian really easy Annika the battle on Friday. Yes that's something we talked about with our athletes early in the season. You know we're gonna go out all these schools and we're gonna either suitable match we're gonna be the team that they're looking at the time ranked number one of the principal. We we lock indigenous people definitely are hunting for us so. At this point and then in the business conference play. We have teams that are looking at us says what their number one and we need to go to defeat them to help us out so. This weekend I feel like we kind of were at the point where girls have been a little fatigue. It's been a long long season so far and we we definitely train hard and keep the girls working hard. On but kind of part of that was managing. We're tired we needed reforms though and how to eat how to do that so that kind of caught up up up with us a little bit UCF match. You know went to fight that's the first time we've gone to fight this year. And they you know they walked out with a pretty peaking plants dresses well I feel like they had an idea of what they needed to do to try to stop that you little bit what they need these stuff are outside and they performed well that. But I think part of it was sausages we weren't necessarily a top. Soccer volleyball team that we've been on but it's still. It was fortunately it needs to just wasn't for this facility so. You know that's something that we have to look at how to refine and get prepared for this upcoming beacon temple and you comic routines that we can take lightly samples of the great team that has always been really well. This year with. Managing. They've they've lawsuit that starting out sites this year to injury. And yet they're still performing really well against BT's. So we look at them teton. We have to figure out a plan going into action how we and our Arenas they successful against them. And inevitably we or is talking about. The kinds. Maybe let downs if you will here in the air maybe not being at your very best on any given night that difference between net. A pretty good season really good season a lot of times comes down to on those nights do you still find a way to grind it out and win as she did Friday night at UC USO BC FA came alive down taking down for a lot of and we need to understand system enough can only be successful in offense. We did eight. You know our defensive numbers have consistently gone out and they played this conference season. And it. If a lot of it was making adjustments that need to we do pretty good job with that. And making sure that we have a plan is as they're making their adjustments that we read that kind of make our adjustments with them. And so UCF with a team that it had to get plan dignity do consenting. And yet they they also have really good athletes that we have to have a pre planned to stop number five and outside. And bring heat into almost any part of the court and can we find a way to stop that. So. Impressive looking and you know how how if that's a defense that is just profits that the not a team that's coming out with a lot of good. Plan for that she's been talking about those adjustments one of the things that really stood out about the US debt match on Sunday. And it's happened several times this year or maybe in the first setter Q you don't record that many flotsam and all of a sudden the blocking really picks up at what kinds of things you look war. Two to try it to change that up would be more effective blocking. Yes so we we are looking you know where are they attacking how high about another day attacking what are they looking to do with this morning. And so. You've had a girl who's looking to utilize the block as a tool and hit it. Obsolete and I try to get her while apparently in that situation order or we think it's those trying to hit the ball down into the middle of the court so we're trying to get in front of that. Block that. Com it's it's kind of a battle for us defense that do we think we're going to be more successful walking with successful speaking. It can't we dig the ball they want it and so let's look at it and they get on. So used yet there's a little bit of that going on number five with a crosscourt return that there ticker cost or time. In the US that is the settlers would story you know we have a defense that set us up well for their throughout sites that. Constantly hit a little bit more in line and so utilizing her locked in their defense you know latest and get policy where we want to defend them. And also technically maybe the laws that you want him or let them that the laws that it. So we can be successful. And and people need to understand I think that that blocking is not yes. Timing as far as the job and so forth a lot of that is reading anticipation. And an Abby is obviously a major force in the block that. Another couple of other players it is significantly improved as blockers which you know our center really surprisingly content blocking. In my green. She's she's been really tough to assess them. Being physical they're blocking and David hit it should still kind of hang up there and throw it down on this side on. Out of there isn't really really great blockers he's very physical and he was a tremendous walker is really kind of an audit haters it. If she actually some pretty good tight ends. Not something for me coming from insulin or background. That I'm pretty used to. You've known you see it in one solid ball but just not that music stand sometimes hesitant to use the extended him a little bit higher recently further. But. You know the it was a really great job with all that and so we'll train we train all those things and can he can see where the ball's going on this. And reaching grab a caller do we want just kind of take away his own letter defense is that are they're not behind it so. It was easier for UNICEF is a little vulnerable in perspective let's let's lock these ones that definitely let them they hit that wants to date. And we talked about this weekend and at temple. One of the things that's been impressive about this American conference season is how they have overcome knee injuries in their right through this and you tend to right behind which custody while ago. That you can't go back to the other conversation which is Ted about that time the year and certain teams. There that team that there's no way to figured they'd be three and nine at this point in the league and are incredibly dangerous for a team that hasn't cataract. Yeah you know Chris I thought about McConnell law and B we really look at. We follow he'd come more than almost any other team and be it it's surprising to us that they're not a little bit higher in the conference we thought when we watch them. People who play them that they would be a team that we've really struggle it and you know they actually were easy to do the we went pretty decent day every set them for the time. There's been written but it still with a lot of points in the game so simple. Has overcome a lot of injury there at CNET. They have a great coaching staff who develops it plan and they have athletes who can do lots. They're right side. Is it real real nightmare for us attended and if you can hit almost any room or keeping it part. So for us looking at a defensive. Standpoint it's pretty difficult to prepare for that we're definitely and I have have a work cut out for us Washington State in the teach them benefited. We don't wanna be there. But have lost as much and I think certainly despite hitting middle. I'm there there there there into the hitters at the middle that's up now with the senator is it. Streets that are in front of the Saturn can do really well load and have to do upsides to we don't know a lot about what we're learning about them. And they're there's been great actors capable people are so. You know we we definitely look at what we need to begin with a lot of defense and also you know our offense is a huge part of it was successful we have wanted because we had the biggest night. Hitting differential conference and so that's something that. Shows up you know we're we're told no but we have the biggest city and our company we get more kills her on the. Ice. I was just thinking great debut in the future. Boston Pops and it's not soccer volleyball show. This is our last show OJ case for three weeks because of Monday night basketball and travel will be back right after Thanksgiving AJ is that this portrayal of our money. The damsel. Comfort Systems. And AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley.