Christmas with the Mayor, body cameras for more WPD Officers

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Tuesday, December 26th

Mondays with the Mayor... on a Tuesday.


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This station Wichita. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget talks number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Morning Keith Macintosh Ted Woodward the a couple from Lewis for the northeast Kansas celebrating fourth Christmas miracles. Caitlin and Josh Hartman are preparing to bring home there for helping babies from Overland Park regional medical center next month Kansas City Star reports three year old. One boy were born views on November 17. Doctors say they are remarkably healthy for quadruple its. And Alex the forecast with K Unisys step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning you'll likely want the heaviest coach you've got any heat on high on the drive into work this morning. Another blast of Arctic air is moved Dan and temperatures today will be in the mid teens by noontime cloudy later on this afternoon the windchill near zero to five below it's cloudy and nine tonight tomorrow sunny and 24. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy fourteen degrees north wouldn't wanna giving us a windchill at. For the low. How has Kansas new open carry firearms law impact of law enforcement. Which the police chief Gordon Ramsey tells K Unisys news. You know we're seeing an increase and shootings we're seeing an increase of you know we called point naming incidents on the roadways of road rage you know where a lot of people may be used to. Give someone a certain signed with with a hand gesture now we're seeing people are going on a gun in Korea. So. It might be society's changing I don't know the answer. Ramsey says he'd like to see some research on the impact of changes in firearms laws. Kansas city's secrets into Saturday again this time focusing his annual good cheer on kansas' capital city. It reporter for the Kansas City Star tagged along recently as secret Santa fault as long tradition of handing out 100 dollar bills to strangers in to pick the places where they're hurting and downtrodden gather including a shelter Andy thrift store. Local police in Kansas attorney general Eric Schmidt accompanied the secret Santa Schmidt called it a heartwarming experience. The secret senate tradition began years ago with a man named Larry Stewart. But stir was dying of cancer yes the current sensitive carry on the mission he has done so for eleven years. Is that Campbell came Unisys news a white Christmas in some responses made for dangerous conditions in parts of the Rocky Mountains. Several inches of snow have triggered avalanche warnings in parts of Utah and Colorado. Forecasters say the dangers hiking the mountains of northern Utah and echoes for all of the Wasatch range including areas like Ogden Provo Salt Lake and Park City area mountains. The Utah avalanche senator actor says conditions are especially dangerous because life can be triggered from some distance away. This type of snow is powdery it's wet and prone to give way. High avalanche danger through Tuesday morning was in place for parts of color products including Aspen and Vail and summit counties particularly above tree line level. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. North Korea had harsh response to the latest round United Nations sanctions. The UN Security Council voted to crank up sanctions on the row Communist regime is the first set of sanctions against North Korea's long range missile tests last month. Which flew higher and longer than any in its history. Pyongyang responded in a statement Sunday saying the vote was akin to war. Forty yeah. We define that sanctions resolution written death by the United States and its followers as an act of war caught violating peace and Steve Phillips at the Pentagon that he's Tomlinson. Fox News congress has a long to do list when they get back to work in January. It will include funding the government and fixing back. Fox's Chad peregrine has the rundown. It's just going to be eleven days when both the house and senate. Are in place and they really haven't dells the flood the flames that were still erupting before Christmas time they haven't changed any thing. And they really have less time these are the same intractable issues they have to fund the government. They have to figure out a longer term spending plan a for the Pentagon they also have to address something could CSR score sharing reductions. These are these health care payments which present trop canceled in October for the poor. Republicans will only have a one seat majority in the senate after Alabama Democrat Doug Jones he's born again. Kansas students will have to undergo CPR training to graduate high school starting next fall. The Lawrence journal world reports the state board of education approved the new requirement earlier this month tells a good idea to me or does 734 now Steve intended is Tuesday December 26. The day after Christmas a lobster man in Maine has carried on his tradition. A given away lobsters to those in need on Christmas. Noah aimed set up his pickup truck in a parking lot and Thomas to Maine Sunday with a sign that read. Three lobsters today for families truly in need. He started the tradition for years ago to shortage children at Christmas. Is about more than president wish lists he says it's kind of gotten bigger than me in one hour he gave up 400 pounds of lobster. He provided 100 pounds that he called in on his own boats. While the rest was donated by other laughter governance of their luster people he also accepted donations from local family with the young girl who has cancers so. Lobsters. Tunes and good things this time here my wife of saint Shelley's love love. It laughter. Double to abandon me for life. What do they have the you don't have big big old clause cause it's a all right it's a 735 feet into it and at diaper. Mondays with the mayor on a Tuesday morning course Monday was Christmas Day in and that we were here in the in the near here but these are today give more Internet data others. Morning to you however how was Christmas at the at the long wells. This so we we have about thirty people. Our house on Christmas Day and they. Started coming over about 8:30 in the morning and I think the last guest did not leave until about 1030 at night owl now. Are these just released just. Your family or the year at all I am also am all spam. You know I would suggest next year may be impolite invites and campaign contributors to that the I don't I don't thank or else all normal. Yet tallied a pretty big you're crowd over there. But that was a great. Christmas story just shared about giving them a level that people are. Understanding what the meaning of Christmas says it's more about giving than receiving so we had to. We had a great time and a houseful of spam like a lot of and played. And Domino's and eight all all day long. Totally agree great day at that at the long wills that would just re yep I interviewed the chief Ramsey B of the day and a you talked that we talked about body cancel police officers and he was it telling us that. Price tag on those things about 380000. Dollars a year. And apparently said he hadn't he hasn't got that written into his budget what's gone on that. How we can. Hello or. They'll figuring out how we can continue to add about. Seven the op term over the next year's course are training center open up this next week and well start a new class of officers as can be trained at the news. Which are considered territory training center there but innovation campus going to be great. Well we'll get there as a matter anymore officers on the street of course we have the new motorcycle cops are out there. This last week or so and so he might wanna be a little more care or driving. Streets of Wichita especially some of those high accident areas that were there when Rick concentrate on. And forcing the speed limit all them. The would be first time in many many years it would have motorcycle officers back. Street Louis Andy one of our police. Horses. Died over the weekend champ. And it apparently of bury it into the use of torture is that we used them extensively. Or is it just something in those those situations where the police the you have got a crowd and they get this big animal that really gets people's attention. Is it how would you dreaming about that. So we used them and a lot of different situations where they know they're gonna out you know. Crowd gathering forces Serb a great way to navigate true you conceal over the crowd easily and using that spot. Potential issues when you have a large gathering. Multiple times a month that new austerity. The horses out on various different patrols and and then they also use them for interaction with the community because there. Two great way for kids not to feel so intimidated by we boxer's bill and come up them. Wanted to enjoy it a horse or at the horse and them. Give chance interact with the police and our chief Ramsey you know he did against. I even heard and stay on your issues shows Sunday morning that. They may take most pride and that is that the interaction that placed or that would community. Yet he also said one of the things said about that was that. Because they're stamping right now that the police officers are so busy answering calls and don't have a lot of time to do that to interact shrine and so primary. That's why we're in the process that I ever beat the whatever. Really large classes are probably January of this or that the nutrients and or and that's going to help provide some relief and then these movements and staffing or only hiring and civilian so that he can get or Archer's back end goals were they can do the most good and I think that's a Smart strategy and so where. We're going to see some some immediate relief that's next year. Yeah I saw those motorcycle cops I started flashing back to 1979. Buds on Ponce were pulled me over plucked from their. A bunch are. Well listen when you worry kid day going up and running around in west Wichita without any issues that you. Every did you desire to be a police officer or a firefighter a common thing for kids in those days. You know when I was growing up. There and let's switch it off my mother likes the state that I was avid desire to be a preacher and a race car driver. And using nomination pretty pretty good combo right there course you know now like you to reach a lot and if we're. Race is much as I would line that damage right around that limo was elected and Natalie is going to give people. All am. I the mayor as well and year old kid around with a with a hell of on the votes time right there. Area only had a busy year ahead of us though that a lot vote on the new training centers if I opened up group finalized yeah. Baseball team and get that new stadium under way event as an apple and we are bringing new team here and you know there are core or were getting ready to work her way through this old entry to an engagement process. Meeting Wednesday morning that. We'll have that folks come together do valuing the proposals on on the secretary engagement process so look that's look like so we've got to. We've got a really busy throwing eighteen and has that back and then oil well shoppers last year. It sounds like his is a lot of us more can be done and you're selling your really excited about getting to hear that I community. I'm ready and I only eighteen going to be a great year and we'll get to share it on Monday morning as well at all your lest there all right we did we appreciate your time is all it is is somebody council meeting really call you crazy last week. Am I didn't have a few emails that. Pretty pointedly may be called me out on this I'll let up on about fireworks right. All. There was a few fireworks you know and then of course we've got to work our way. After I think necessarily a particular time as always Mondays with the mayor Stevenson exclusively with. Which the mayor Jeff Long Will right here on K and SS seven minutes. Forty tune now. He's been here for the Wichita business journal update local manufacturing firm is expanding. The news in the morning on CNN cents. It's just a minute with Dale Carnegie.