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Wednesday, December 20th

Special Guest: Columnist Bonnie Bing


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 8 o'clock this is the candidate for you isn't even dead thanks Pete Macintosh. Wichita City Council postponed action on fireworks ordnance we've got the story behind the wheel brands Wichita police are looking for a man wanted for. For questioning in connection to two recent bank robbery. Senate approves it tax reform bill. I'm it would work those details just ahead on KMS has meteorologist Dan Holliday. Today is the last full day of fall with the winter officially arriving at 1028 tomorrow. And just in time much colder air moves in and we'll talk about that and our forecast coming up. The Wichita City Council had an extensive discussion. And a possible new fireworks ordinance Tuesday and took public comments from residents. But the council took no action. Mayor Jeff Long wells says the matter cultural more evaluation from staff. We know there are folks that one of being. Celebrating. Let's see if we can accommodate them and still do a better job of enforcing because what we're doing today is a work. What we're doing today is not working. We've got to change something. Staff members will look at the matter further and present to council with you proposals sometime earlier early next year. Wichita police are asking for the public's help in trying to locate a man wanted for questioning in two recent bank robberies. Police are seeking the public's assistance and attempting to locate 31 year old Mac Coleman junior Coleman is wanted for questioning in connection to two recent bank robberies in Wichita. The first robbery occurred on Wednesday December 13 that the fidelity bank in the thirteen hundred block of north wood on. The second robbery occurred on Tuesday at the wheat state credit union in the 14100 block of south will launch. Coleman is described as a black male five foot nine inches tall 230 pounds and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information on Coleman is asked to contact the FBI 911 at the WPD robbery division at 2684518. Or crime stoppers at 2672111. There's a photo of the suspect with the news story on our website at KMS us radio dot com fill all the grand K get SS news. The senate has approved the GOP tax reform bill by a 51 to 48 vote house is expected to vote on the bill today. What's in the final Republican tax reform bill. The compromise legislation has seven tax brackets with most income earners paying a lower rates including the highest earners the corporate tax rate is set at 21%. Rather than the 20% in the house and senate versions. The standard deduction nearly doubles the tax bracket is standard deductions sunset at the end of 20/20 five the corporate tax rate is permanent. The tax reform bill also repeals a federal mandate requiring people to buy health insurance keeping the provision in the senate passed bill. In Washington racial Sutherland Fox News. At least a dozen people are dead after a tour bus carrying Royal Caribbean cruise passengers crashed in Mexico the bus was heading to Mayan ruins in eastern Mexico when it flipped over on a highway early Tuesday seven Americans were injured according to local officials Royal Caribbean Cruises confirming passengers from two of its ships were on the bus the Miami based company says they're doing all they can for their guests including assisting with medical care and transportation. The State Department and the US embassy in Mexico closely monitoring the situation the cause of the accident is under investigation Steve Rappaport Fox News. Kansas is now experiencing regional influenza activity whether increased flu cases in most regions of the state. Outbreaks in long term care facilities have been reported to the Kansas department of health and environment. Four outbreaks have been identified so far during the Tony 172018. Season. Amy Worthington is with Katie HER. Starting to see an increased rate that influenza and can't that it. Not too surprising that time I hear typically influenza season peaks somewhere between December and February enchantment though it is expected to start seeing more influence that the higher the year. Katie HE urges people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their family members from the flu while flu vaccine can vary in how well it works. It is the best way to prevent flu analysts. And don't are employing will include a fever cough sore throat and just general muscle aches so any combination of those that fever it really is that the main symptoms that you're inexperienced with Lou. Untreated influenza can result in related complications such as pneumonia. Dana says it's time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. But the closer Coleman expected to the shocker men's basketball team last night we'll hear coach Marshall on some highlights. Coming up in sports still looking for answers after a train wreck near Seattle. That story coming up on the case and is this morning news even Ted. The Kansas sporting news is he content down 877. Minutes after 8 o'clock. An attorney representing Kansas in a school finance lawsuit says lawmakers should come up with a funding fixed by the beginning of march. The speaker capital journal reports Arthur Chalmers told an interim legislative committee Monday. That the solution needs to be reached quickly to get the State's attorneys time to develop their arguments. Lawmakers have started work on a response to a Kansas Supreme Court order in October to boost spending on public schools. Two days after the deadly train derailment in the state of Washington officials are still trying to piece together what led to the track. She Washington's governor Jay in sleep as promised answers after talking with the NTSB we should have confidence that we will. Find out what happened in this. Graphic of that now into the second day of the investigation NTSB board member of bell legends are says it has been found that positive train control braking mechanism. Was not operational on the rail line. The locomotive what's in the process of getting PTC. A system PTC installed but it was not yet functional the locomotives are being moved. For a closer look investigators plan to be at the scene for seven to ten days colonel Scott Fox News. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson Methodist Canadian counterpart in Ottawa Tuesday where he reiterated. The United States policy of maximum pressure against North Korea trying to force him to give up their nuclear ambitions. So we continue to find ways to advance the pressure campaign. Against North Korea to send North Korea of a unified message from the international community. That we will not accept you as a nuclear nation and nuclear weapons nation. And then all of us share warm policy don't want you know there's the full complete verifiable denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has shown no signs of giving up its nuclear missile program. 810 mountain and it's been updated like this even death. Yes we've got some congestion on Kellogg now we're looking especially at this time on Kellogg it. In the area. Washington street helens Washington looks to beat west found this. And just very slow traffic. Lower than about forty miles per hour focusing in their right now again that's a westbound Kellogg. At Washington street traffic update from Kate and SS radio on jets' season and now the forecast we've gained as a staff meteorologist Dan the holiday good morning Dan and good morning we have an area of high pressure toward north. Low pressure towards south of that is what I keep cloud cover around for much of today. Temperatures in the upper forties by lunchtime 52 this afternoon cloudy and breezy tonight are low 43. Been breezy tomorrow with a high near fifty before a strong cold front moves through during the afternoon. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan holidays. Now fall to missed 45 degrees in north and east wind at five miles per hour he announced he'd intended. Five days till Christmas I've been instructed by mr. Woodward not to say five shopping days until Christmas. But that's right now we have an expert on shopping and many other things. Wichita eagle countless money going good morning Bonnie that morning. I know a guy angle that. At one point in yours your storied and very career. You're an instructor of physical. Education yes I glance at them pleasant valley yes pleasant girls in your eyes that's how long ago I know that you probably have been net. Maybe offering your services who's the coach at which such statement basketball when he well I have an offer my advice from wrote their. It loudly very loudly yeah and and last night saint ET coats coats. Technicals technical fouls all. If they could've heard me I would and it. While real couldn't get a little as head and he is shaking his head I was hanging out. Waiting on you you generally behave yourself quite well in. General. There are other people in your counsel like mister Lehman news well I watch human. Now audit he has been well behaved because he keeps seeing gifts under the tree all boom yet. Well it's a time of the year we've been having. Local celebrities if you work if you will coming on at 8 o'clock rate in the top we had. The city manager mr. Layton was this Monday in and he knew your team and the snow was this as a cheap to about it north you know. My actual mathematics. Not my sat out my. And Allen got Bonnie withers and Bonnie and you've been it doing well in your. Semi retirement idea it's very semite. And liking or tighter if you've got it. I'm having a great time good I'm having a really good time and I still get to write for VIP which time magazine. And for the Wichita eagle. And that you still have that royal manual typewriter. Actually I F I L I write. My dad gave me this is you know what that's a subject of course that he is Christmas and reduce. One did and she if you needed your memory or two with this we're in this is the unique position I think on radio which Rea. Three people on the air right now we're basically native which since we and in the other patients can now that we won't leave we. And ethnic no matter what they do we will leave our cards while. The what point of being able to Tampa very final and we are here we're stuck up but ideal and it is that one thing straight. He this and in over his head Ted Woodward is at Woodward in his Christmas the red outfit I'm here to tie he doesn't like. My seats it. But if you do go to all a big party was boiled shrimp is called a shrimp boil that's right yeah we know right here yeah. It's OK I got a better than four aren't so I would I didn't watch the Elvis movie clam bake that's about an extent they're my exclusive Vienna. What's it what specially hypocrites what you remember cute kid and growing up in north Wichita what would want him or to your fondest memory. North which time or other than you were when you know when you were growing up I'm still am yelled get that anyway. I think that the thing I remember most is just getting so excited about having people opens up that you think. When it feel like to wonder though like it and you know when they open that even if they got. It they Latin. Just nice yeah yeah like your month when you're about nine or TN I remember saving and fading. And where this purse. And I'm I'm manages about twenty dollars an extra set out I love it that is so thoughtful. And I could now she didn't tell her yeah he's their android or I pick up ties her dad who pull. Yeah bond that's a good. This in I have aero lord again. Even if siblings or 1 yeah I am your brother I've got a brother. Read community group you grunt did you ever had this in Latin my older brother Mike. Was the worst it is he would get under that tree at the president were there at her and he could figure out how to get the tape off a unit and find out what was in there. And put it back just so that could do that it might. Am I grant long. I'm wow my brother and Mike Graham on QB sneak speaker. While an. She's at approximately. And and I guess my brother said granny that's not free in just curious to pretend. She was a wild on and I bet that you it's great article but yeah. That's bad to expand and eight used to be you know you just couldn't wait for the present and now. I don't want anything people come to our house Wednesday. Opining should've brought just usually and you know and take something with you continued salt and get to that please don't. It is I don't watch stuff. MySpace and the selling much lobby and much more fun again. Yes it it takes us about what sixty set. Yeah. It's not a kid in the picture Quinn Steve Martin says not one more thing well maybe to spell it hit yeah maybe there file. But. No I think we're all really blessed I think at this time of year is it time yet. I note that Thanksgiving is when you're supposed to give things that I did it this whole season I just think. I'm so lucky my family so like you we have settlements to be thankful for and I mean it's embarrassing to see it the presence under the tree even though I am an excellent rapper. But the number. Presents you think only guys in. You know we just need to make sure that everybody gets something is there a way you can tell that a man has raptors as high as opposed to yet. Can use approximately. 47 yards of paper and I am. Edit and a half a roll the tape and they're all real good corners are known you know what he's corners he's got an app it's the ribbon I gave him a few stick on boats as Celtic on those treatment. Her favorite favorite Christmas movie. They've Christmas and in the and won't know until the Glen an Angel and the guy and I love and that love actual. And I really. Ice. And then when it's three different stories now all that. Easter Mac for loop on that money you completely unfamiliar with you are not you've seen and senate talky. Galveston but I'll also like this silent movie that you starred in which cancer. There. Rebecca sunny brook farm. Are right and it's darling. Tell about your favorite song rivers thought about favorite Christmas song isn't as am I really do love Christmas music and I think white Christmas. Beautiful and I low IQ that maybe. And we had a we have one over its Austin not white Christmas with. Tammy snowing as threats on her favorites when we act that was the last Amos yeah I don't pay you back. Why Chris as we have one in Wichita about every seven the year he definitely might get a dusting and he blew out what. And flight oh and other the see if there's a dusting and you get the effect without having to shuttle. I saw us through it should be decent yes I just now got the leaves are now. I'm on Nokia and it didn't Riverside you've definitely got leafs hey Bonnie thanks for being with us in all harvest you and your family as for Christmas season. Love avenue in which Donna the anger good neighbor to. Especially in the fourth of July you don't you fireworks and Al I now. Get upset about fireworks we just all have to be very very. Grateful. And mindful this time. Thank you Bonnie have a great when Byron Davis is Bonnie hammer I think anybody coming in today 818 now was Stephen dead in its attack before the tip liberty. Getting in analyze exactly what happens with shocker basketball last night they really should have Bonnie tell. I probably had a better view wrote there pretty safe this he gave at and T gadget join those technical fouls less than anything. Dot com Jack Morris Rosen kind of mood in coach Marshall had his jacket off patties Allen is fluids that Arkansas State radio guys are all of certainly got a warning that is weird I headed guy got a technical how long time playing basketball I instructed to reference that he should do it. Blow the whistle and a supplement. I'm okay be attacked again and if I can't I would let the analysts acts. Announcer I countries have the magic word. And he beat yet they weren't in it Christmas. Not yet. Eleventh ranked Wichita State last night taking on Arkansas State at Coke arena. Socks found themselves down by nine points early in the second half. Could they come back and win it might Kennedy and they've all had a solid game on 103 point seven KEY and if that right Kelly backhand shot wide open three and a quarter. Then. In the why it opens up. And seven points and what did not state leads by seven with a little bit. Some months taking Jones had the big you know big shooting team all around him dissect that. Don't put up by the red wolves. And reach him and had a big second half Darryl Willis had a nice game shoppers come back and down by nine they went 998980. Shots when they're 44 straight nonconference game it Coke arena streak goes back about seven years now after the game soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. But I am glad we are nine and two. What more to go before the holidays all you fans and people who wanted to close games and you were. Article and all else I got curious and I sure where. Now well it was entertaining last night shocks went to 8980. Wichita State's ninth win of the year another home game on Friday for Christmas. Late night tonight for Kansas State men's basketball is they are in Spokane Washington taking on. The Washington State Cougars K state is favored by nine and a half. Going on the road tonight that'll tip off at 10 o'clock tonight and that's nationally televised on ESPN two last nonconference game. Of the slate or Kansas State and go their tenth win of the season. The Wichita State women are on the road tonight there last nonconference game visiting South Dakota State. Doctor ladies won their fourth win in a row Steve strain we'll have all that went live coverage at 645 tonight on 97. And thirteen thirty K and SS. Hockey last night 4300 fans were on hand downtown in trust bank arena. The thunder going for its sixth home win in a row with that did not happen Tulsa. Visiting Wichita the first time this season knocked off the under 420. Snapping which it costs five game home win streak. In BA basketball last night Sacramento Kings went to Philadelphia and beat the 76ers 10190. Iowa. Coming off the bench for the kings as the sixth man. But you peel who played at sunrise Christian academy he had 24 points. And in the seventh man off the bench for the king's former Kansas Jayhawks the rookie frank Mason had sixteen points nice road win for Sacramento last night. Campbell football news for you with three members of the Kansas City Chiefs were named yesterday to the Pro Bowl roster rookie running back Kareem hunts. In his first year in the league makes the Pro Bowl. Return man Tyreke hill is in for the second straight year of approval and tied him Travis Kelsey the pro bowler for the third straight season. Three chiefs on approval roster and speaking of the chiefs. Happy birthday to data former chiefs quarterback Rich Gannon is 52. Today. Sports with Stephen to educate and SS 22 now all keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes Sean wants to see an investigation of Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information. Stevens in the morgue on K and a sense.