Citizen committee on the future of Century II to meet for 3rd time

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, March 20th

Next week the committee will discuss solutions to the problems facing Wichita's iconic aging facility.


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Yes yes I am because this. Standard deduction is W and that's a huge. I need seven to thirteen thirty KM answer as of 745. Now. We Stephen tentative in the morning need three big things screen bringing gifts and his first responders some relief from wildfires. Kansas lawmakers reconsidering education goals after court's latest ruling on school funding. One former basketball star has Wichita this latest homicide victim. Three big things deep in debt on CNN cents. And this morning out there in traffic. Remember we've got some. Road construction going on started yesterday now this is. Out on Kellogg watch for slow down as they. Close some lanes. And that is Kellogg it. West founder. From the major roads to a hundred in nineteenth street traffic update from K and assist radio and head chambers. And becoming sunny today with a high of 54 degrees yesterday's high was fifty and mostly clear tonight the overnight low thirty one's. Wednesday mostly sunny tomorrow's night 64 degrees. Now cloudy skies and we'll win the and 22 miles per hour and the 39 degrees. Take an assist weather's brought you by the monarch. Open at 11 AM for lunch Monday. Eight through Saturday and noon on Sunday menu can be found at monarch which is not dot com the monarch. In the Plano. Thomas this morning from cape and it's as FaceBook Arizona police. Say self driving Cooper's strikes and kills pedestrian. James says. Well that should put an end to this self driving car BS. Probably won't vote. And the story Pompeo and Tillerson meet to discuss transition of course Mike Pompeo. As CIA who's going to secretary of state if approved in Tillerson leaving secretary of state. Tammy asks. Who's got the pool on how long Pompeo lasts before finding out he's fired in a tweet. Comments from K in this. This morning if FaceBook. Kansas Facebook's even dead poll question on our web page K Unisys radio dot com. For increased safety should teachers be allowed to carry handguns in school. Yes. 94%. No 6%. Of people visiting our website are overwhelmingly in favor. Of teachers. Pack in heat in the classroom to. About the same margin for the question we had recently should be NRA bring its national convention to Wichita. That was I don't know about. Eighty year night when that about ninety to date for some and not in favor of the website director Cain is just radioed outcomes even Ted. Poll questionnaires every day you'd be if you can be in there involved in our poll every day. While the S&P 500 index. Sank 39 points Monday its biggest loss since February 8. The Dow fell 335. Do lose during today it fell as much as 483. Points. The NASDAQ Composite gave up 137. Points you wonder if it. Just again a little more adjustment in the stock market has done so well over the past few months just kept going up and up and up about well. At some point the usually visa indexes have come down low against the index is reflective of just some major stocks on the market. FaceBook plunged to its worst loss in four years only. Leading to a rout in technology companies a social media companies. Stock fell following reports that a data mining firm. Working for the trump campaign improperly obtained data on fifteen million. FaceBook users. Facebook's stock not doing well. And let's say eight years seven a 48 now what Stephen did this the square and checked. I would bill Roy Andrew would stop business journal he's gonna talk about local businesses that are signing on for a community vision project a morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted 69 companies have signed on to support project Wichita. The initiative was rolled out in February. It's to be at tenure community vision springboard built on public input the project is being led by a four co chairs. Aaron bastion of fidelity bank debt began a Spirit Aerosystems. Scottish Wyndham and of lubrication engineers and Justin Wyatt of the boys and girls clubs. Of south central Kansas. Wichita has a big decision ahead what to do it century to a citizen steering committee is some cool going to recommend a solution. They're scheduled to meet for a third time next week. There are eleven people on the committee it's led by the leader of Wichita festivals Mary Beth Jarvis is scheduled to meet on March 26. The committee will eventually submitted its findings to the Wichita City Council. The word that happiness to people live wallet wallet public. Surveyed American cities to find out where people have a positive mental state. A healthy body social connections to job satisfaction and financial well being the happy this place is Fremont California. Followed by Bismarck, North Dakota and San Jose California. Wichita ranked 129. Local breaking business news every day on king and assessing it which obviously colonel dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. So happy happy places I think what you write which I was pretty happy over the past few days of that. NCAA basketball tournament on under do you absolutely you know that that's all the reporting we've found is that everything went really smoothly and people had a great time. But I hey you fans did anyway I'm not sure shock yeah an effort to enamored with the weekend. Mail. Well here in which an art director deaths in Afghanistan against the it was in San Diego. Today is national egg day. And we recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture across the United States. And of course I think nobody can deny that the importance that it the folks down the farmed things they're doing there but. And you know Nancy it I don't think anybody there are a lot of people don't understand where that milk come from the winds up with in the dairy case it. But captain I think probably more people in Kansas than saying California you know war. Port under ten and but I know your from your from Kansas City but it it did you have. Did you have any experience as a kid on the farm anywhere. Not really on a farm my mind. I have cousins in strong city outside of Emporia and kind of get exposed to livestock and things like. Yeah but not on a farm did have a team I've seen you in overalls bill one that I'm assuming you had a farm amber background. And overall in the big straw hat with these after I am now my mouth yeah. He's kind of a wannabe. You know yes going to be I wanna obviously it's right there now. Layup. I have an uncle had a farm it out near a place called bush ten. Witches which is very close to classless. That which is called down that that terrific. What a basketball player Jackie sake styles and but they have been it was agree bush in about a mile west on this this little highway. In this enormous house. That day had a built I don't know back in the eighteen for twenty simply is just enormous house had collected there were 44 cousins in the family. And they were I was told that dent their family my uncle's family. Had it if it had an inherited are bought bought this land. And bright on the property line to the west just west of that property line was see that. Huge oil and gas field okay oh boy now so if they didn't you know if their farm and got like another thirty feet. They would've that would've been just richest as skunks out there the bride erosion I would love to reverse city kids we love to get up the farm goods are. You know we go out play in the fields in this broadcast field mice do all kinds of fun stuff to put up. Army are places are fun place for kids and the partly the barn we would play in the barn two hours and hours on end up there today. In the end it my brother says it would go berserk and it's so you know. But I hit a little farm background but that's about all and I've also milk. Not to cal before and know Ted as you metric I did not think so celebrity Kellner looking in depth at the state here. I know I know bill has indeed. No doubt try and I didn't do very well mail it eat into its a neck you know an incident yeah fixable practice aren't are now unveiling at the same thing in the. Family farm out but by Oxford Oxford yet and the next the farms. Next door had oil on them that that guy had oil and you know my great grandfather tested for oil on his property and dry well. You know what to. You know what that famous spies said mr. Barrett are that much. She snapped my Nigel but thank you it's seven million in the Ewing family who defend and just you know it just kind of Woodward's. David Harris Stevens jedi gigabyte for the 8 o'clock hour we'll have a story about a pedestrian killed by a self driving over a few big east. Update on the killing of former basketball starts in an off switch atop bar. Ted has the latest sports plus entertainment used in the water. Even if the 8 o'clock hour was even death on Tuesday and assess.