City and Police to review swatting shooting

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Monday, April 16th

Monday's with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell


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97 and thirteen thirty and incest. Steven good morning Steve back it's off Ted Woodward. The trial of three men accused of plotting to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali refugees in western Kansas. Is drawing to an end after weeks of testimony all sides have rested in the federal case against Patrick Stein. Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights. Oh Wichita liquor store was rob Saturday night. Around seven officers responded to an armed robbery at don's liquor store in the 900 block of east hairy. Two unknown suspects entered the store and one pull out a handgun and demanded money. Money was taken from the business and from a customer by the suspects who then fled the scene on foot. There were no injuries the first suspect is a black male in his twenties five feet ten inches tall what they did to medium build. He was wearing a gray hoodie with white lettering grey and black pants. Black and white shoes and was armed when they silver and black handgun. The second suspect is a white male also in his twenties five feet ten inches tall with a thin to medium build. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie Ronnie Price KUSS news court documents filed by a prosecutor working on the Lucas Hernandez case. Said sheds light on what happened defy general Buddhist. Before he disappeared from his Wichita hole mall's two months ago. The doc gives the widest most DTL views so far the investigation of his disappearance seven pages long the document describes a dysfunctional and violent household. It alleges that Emily glass Lucas his stepmother had difficulty controlling her anger did bipolar disorder. She was thought to be targeting Lucas because she was that that was his father. Between February 2015. Of the day Lucas disappeared the Kansas department of children and families received at least two reports from people worried about bruising. The possible abuse in the boy. Another report was made New Mexico after Lucas was seen there were two black guys. Two of the three cases were eventually closed the last is ongoing Lucas disappeared and you had Kay and SS news. Minnesota residents slog through a mid April storm Sunday that dumped two feet of snow on parts of the upper midwest. Coated roads with ice and battered areas farther yourself a powerful winds and tornadoes before plowing toward the northeast and mid Atlantic US. And so far and that these three people have died in the storms. The US plans to slap new sanctions on Russia for supporting the Assad regime in Syria. The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on FOX News Sunday that Russia will soon see more penalties for what the world views as its role in the most recent deadly chemical weapons attack. Sanctions that are continuing have to have and which you'll see again on Monday. That lets them know this is not good behavior. Yeah he says the sanctions will hit companies tied to Syrian chemical weapons use Haley says this will come on toppled a strong military action from the weekend. Which Russia openly condemn they've also accused the US of making up the chemical attack. As an excuse to strike by ear colonel Scott Fox News. Kentucky's governor has issued an apology video after he said children were being sexually abused because they were left home alone. While the State's teachers were protesting last week. For those of you who understood what I'm saying thank you appreciate that you do but clearly. A tremendous number of people did not fully appreciate. What it was that I was communicating or what it was that I was trying to say and I heard a lot of people many people have been confused or hurt or just misunderstand. What it was that I was trying to communicate. That's Kentucky's governor Matt Bevan the governor's controversial comments were part of a statement criticizing teachers now look at the forecast with K and assess staff meteorologist Dan the holiday good morning day. Good morning another chilly start to the day here in Wichita but his high pressure slides are away from the Rockies that's going to help warm us up by later this afternoon's sunny with a high 62. Partly cloudy breezy and 44 overnight. Been windy and warmer Tuesday for the high 82. I'm meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 21 degrees in the south wind at seven miles per hour Tony won today. Eighties you know Martin. Act and now. You don't windy chilly weekend across central Kansas which is high temperatures Sunday was 49 degrees normal high is sixty Lleyton which is a record of wind gets to 41. Miles per hour silly not to a quick trip to Kansas and we stopped the largest of spend the night with a friend there and went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and Lawrence the mad Greek. I gather on Massachusetts where you can get really real. Genuine Greek food at a great time. Very nice Edison sets 7:36 early Monday morning. At me it's time for Monday's with the mayor which is -- mayor Jeff Long Will study which dog won't answer. Good morning good to have you with us this morning we yeah aid to Cheesecake Factory up there and people keep him to eat cake factory in Wichita. We are hurting thing about this weather we might go wandered that we need one. Even. No well yes some great local. But that cheesecake factory's popular diet. I don't think it than the planned anytime soon. So let's get serious for just a minute. With the conclusion of the investigators now is that Tyler barest wanting cases that these are closed now set have we done with that if. Our as far as the district attorney's concerned it's closed then and the reality is he has. The only one that can file charges then and that's districting. As far as the criminal case now we we put out information on our next steps mean we will do our own internal investigation that via. You violated any of our own pulse feature didn't follow. The training that was played out war you know do we need altars and training so we've now lives I don't have those it well Eric again this week. Tomorrow we get the City Council meeting and another round of industrial revenue bonds for presbyterian manor correct. Nests there wanting to use. Do some some. Check alterations to some of their operations and so we're going to be offering as a fairly simple are already. Yeah I'm. You know institute does not get taxed and so it doesn't really impact. Austin. And in the eastern that line. Nobody else is on the agenda here come up on Tuesday in the exciting I've. A little we have some conversations whether. You know the convention and visitors bureau of watchdog group that are on the agenda or this week and should be. Good conversation where and named it continued to. Shell which is on there in charge of spelling. Which is our bench and over. Country and and so being good discussion. I've got to hear it since the peak later this week that's always say it up on trip puncher. Will be working on what they hear them. You know various different cities are of course or represent. Earlier Kansas municipalities. And so we will Ayers. And governing body institute and speaker Friday and Saturday and hopefully we'll get lots of good things. We know and I think to speak of fun is the word I you'll Julia. Well. And speed probably our age you know because an old Indian word meaning fund said he did you know that. Was at his that have been based I'm not sure. So I haven't haven't talked you guys firth for a week and haven't talked a reason reasons gridiron did you enjoy gridiron show at least. Your part and I guess I saw sack. Great time and had absolutely integrity. But. There was a really good show on and they can distant sound of media people they. Always impressed me and they're building that they've they've worked there spell book critic of that so that but it a lot of upper. They really do and you did too I details. You might. Yet he sang his own sultan yeah now that reminded me of Mel Torme. Double fault his parents' day. It's cute to be the velvet fraud. Stuffed. Congratulations on your stage debut. Eight dated such good job and you know. Great artistry. It more mature. And train people up. Novel like this and there's no training for journalism. Show up and start asking stupid questions at the way it works. Don't work out so blurry. Picture because of that fact. That. And I featuring journalists. Nice to talk with you again on this Monday morning you have a great day in the wee hours that we don't have a leg of course we had great buzz recently for the NCAA tournament in downtown Wichita but mr. mayor there might be a bigger buzz this week with the deal Marconi award winning Stevens heads appearance at and T and SS night at the baseball state ads right Wichita State in case you on Wednesday night. Rarely enough yeah that. Our mind and now you better having to put nonissue attract a crowd control everything for this. I am no doubt that we are going to be panel workshop had been in this month to cover all of NCAA tournament what we did right what we need to change. Should be an interesting network's commitment the end of the month. Yes all right thank you and did like in two peca teach sound we owe it. I Sherlund. Maker thank you mayor Jeff Long on Mondays with the mayor with Stephen's head. And this us. 740 now he did 741. This season but here for rough but give him a whole bill android and W and a visit I don't know. He's gonna talk about Freddie is expanding in south Wichita. Keep it in the morning on K and assess.