City officials to decide fate of Clapp Golf Course

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, July 10th
The park board voted to recommend closure.

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Chairman Kim who realized I had and fifteen years down the road when his country is change. How responsible looking American people more and believe in our current event. Kim from Wichita and loose in Park City. Those two women have appeared to be easy to achieve the attorney Def leopard cubs in July 16 that interest thankfully read courtesy of Stephen did and that. Got more than giveaway tomorrow he received into. Now holes three big things. Also soccer players and their coach now free from mad cave in time and they Guatemala City. Two workers injured as house explodes noble playing the line president truck Dominic Fred Cavanaugh to Supreme Court. Three big things he's been dead on K and a sense. And this morning coming up in just a few minutes from 9 AM until 3 PM they're gonna close down two lanes of southbound I won 35. Up around 29 street north. They're going to do a bridge inspection and a possible repairs on that bridge. And again that's today and tomorrow may be more from 9 AM until 3 PM. I want 35 southbound lanes to them are going to close between entry north. Traffic updates from Janus as radial lines yet. Agree aid mostly sunny hot again today 10% chance for afternoon rain it. And looking for a high of 95 degrees Mondays I was nine times. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 72. Wednesday sunny and hot tomorrow's 996. Now partly cloudy comb. And 74 degrees. Coming of the 9 o'clock hour this morning Glenn Beck. And is the first are going to be talking with Ben Shapiro editor in chief of the daily wire of the topics. President trumps Supreme Court nominee Glenn Beck program coming up at 9 o'clock this morning. Here on king and a sense starts flying to the other markets Monday as concerns about. Eight tensions between the US and the rest of the world took a backseat. The calendar for upcoming weeks his full vote corporate earnings reports and the expectation is for another road quarter of strong growth. The S&P 500 rose 24 points the Dow jumped 340 big jump there and NASDAQ. Gained 67. Officials from Panama and China are meeting in the opening round of talks to reach a free trade agreement. One year after the two countries established diplomatic relations. Talk started it Monday in Panama City they're expected to last through Friday. Google's YouTube says it is taking several steps to ensure the veracity of news on its service by cracking down on misinformation. And supporting your organizations. The company says it will make authoritative news sources more prominent especially in the wake of breaking news events when false information can spread rapidly. Kroger warning customers about a fake coupon offer. That is going around the Internet the big coupon is being found on social media. Offering 250 dollars off a shopping trip to Kroger Co. says it is not an actual promotion in a statement. Kroger says in part this giveaway is not affiliated with or supported by the Kroger Co. our team. Is actively working to address this this year and of course Kroger parent company of our our Dillon stores here around south central Kansas. 849. Now is Stephen dead federal prosecutor says a rabid hatred of Muslims and 26 year old man to set fire to a southeast Texas mosque. Prosecutor made the claim yesterday during opening statements in the trial of mark Vincent Perez. Presence charged with a hate crime also with use of a fire to commit a federal felony. In the January 2017 fire that destroyed an Islamic center in Victoria Texas not good federal law enforcement officer testified. Earlier that an informative Perot is believed the centers worshippers were terrorists. If convicted the hate crime charge for is it could get twenty years in prison. And a tragic story out of east Texas where authorities are investigating the death of a ten year old girl. Who apparently electrocuted was electrocuted as she reached behind a clothes dryer to retrieve her kittens. The parents of green Lieber he said she was trying to rescue pets Saturday at the family's home in new Boston Texas. Ortiz back in the home yesterday investigating the girl's body was sent to Dallas for an autopsy. Looks like she electrocuted and it was kittens that says sad story I'd steer things up now with editor bill Roy the what you business certainly talking about. Financial services firm that's growing in which a dog a morning. Good morning guys you have a heart claim credit union has plans for a second Wichita branch. Heartland is based in Hutchinson and it has a Wichita presents for the branch near 37 and maize road. The second branch will be located near Kellogg and wed. It's a spot they used to be home to a merit trust branch heartland as customers on the east side of Wichita who had been asking about an additional branch. Which ties it sure when the final decision will be made on clap golf course last week the park board voted to recommend that the course be closed. That recommendation now goes to the Wichita City Council. Clapp was lost more than 600000. Dollars and 2013 and 2017 alone. It sought 235000. Dollar loss the agenda item has not been scheduled. And Allegiant air pilots are threatening to strike the pilots union has voted to authorize a work stoppage. The union says allegiance scheduling system goes against industry standards. A strike could force flight cancellations. From hubs such as Las Vegas and Phoenix both destinations from Wichita is Dwight. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and what to top business journal dot com but the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Thank you bill it's intent the other night my friends and I've gathered at the monarch yeah offer an evening of fun and one of the topics came up with the closing of the lap. Golf course that park golf course what did the all the U wanna not either deciding Zumiez Mensa club decided that we. Why do we just now find out that they were losing money. If we don't that could we have done something to augment what was going on down there or you know they they thought we should have the taxpayers citizens should have known earlier. There was a problem. While I said hey what Bartlett brought this up four years ago we've known about it four years ago and and there's a gap of four years there. You do I know about it they didn't know well we should listen to KMS accurately reported on that's a problem. Well integrated. Apparently they're for some people wanna keep that golf course opened and speaking off notices that the things lose money hand over fist jump. It's not you you can't do it's it's it's my huge money greenery here. Speak 53 Steve intent and a weaker us some company wants to stand up and say hey. We'll give you put out there clap golf course sponsored by enterprise banker and I am. You know gonna take something like that and 853 Stephen did you governor golf course yesterday were to Christie country club. Whether friends from start key and for the annual start he golf classic Jamie open and a good friend there and a color mechanic. From start to tell us about the the good things they do the folks throughout their playing golf raising money for start you. The development of learn developmental handicapped people that they help and all they do great great work we were happy to be there and help to hand out the awards the prizes like his stuff about it. We gave which it. Yeah on the staff and Christie was great speed in a bank southwest national banks of Biggs yeah three bats or sponsor so our thanks to them and for all the help they give stark in. All the folks at stark you do a great job helping. They help 500 no more than 500 families in Wichita area every day every year the national Pena allotted day yeah. This is a drink made real Brohm and Q coconut pineapple juice and it today went very sweet it's a sweet Drake for this kind of time of year I guess so it's national. Kenya a lot of 855 Stephen Ted coming up. Can't assist news at 9 o'clock this morning Alltel soccer players and their coach have now. Then rescued from that cave in Thailand on and I assess.