City of Wichita budget to be approved today

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Tuesday, August 14th
City will add 30 police positions...

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Secures have made their case against Paul manna for the former trump campaign chairman charged that tax and bank fraud men if Fortis pleaded not guilty. It's still unclear if he'll testify or did essentially been call any witnesses before moving on the closing arguments. Last week the star witness for the prosecution written gates a former man afford business partner who struck a plea deal spent days describing how he and metaphor used phony loan applications. In offshore counsel Heidi incumbent on the IRS. But gates also admitted to an extramarital affair and embezzlement trees and questions from the defense about his credibility. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News. So well known office supply store fighters a manager for falsely accusing a pregnant woman of stealing in North Carolina Cheryl Bates was paying for back to school supplies and a staples in pine hill North Carolina where a cop came over hatter stepped aside to explain what was under her shirt. She replied twins that she's 34 weeks pregnant expecting a boy and girl. A manager there apparently thought she was hiding something under there to steal but the cop took a step further not believing you are and they are left upper shirts. The manager Lou since fired apologize in refunded her purchases Bates says no mob should ever have to go through that. Can Duffy Fox News now with the forecast with Kahan is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning day and the good morning we're seeing areas of scattered showers and a few thunderstorms around us and what weather is likely throughout most of the afternoon into this evening today's high 82. Showers and storms move on off to east tonight Carlos 68. Clearing Wednesday with a high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy and seventy degrees we have a south wind at seven miles per hour. Take an SS weather is brought to you by the monarch. Open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon on Sunday the menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch. In Plano is Tuesday August 14. And 82 degrees our high temperature yesterday normal high. About a 92. National Weather Service folks reporting. Spotty rain totals across Wichita some places got all know almost nothing in some places up to an inch. We had some very good range in Riverside at my house for a couple of hours it just came straight down it was very very pleasant right. Agassi on Twitter there's a little area north of the Emporia that have received three point seven inches of rain in the last 24 hours really. Yeah that's a good bull's eye right there and it was taking a quick look at the Candace has weather center radar for. Past hour to Wichita has been kind in the middle of up. A big gut dead spot no arraigned on on a year or north employees of their Teddy and it's showing up on the on this on our Kansas weather center the radar there's and its. Spots up there now we've got a huge area to the southwest. And west of Wichita moving in to as covering. It's Kingman county and now looks to me like on the radar its covenant as southwest Cedric county so. This can be during their commute this morning lets me like you're going to be some brush or school console you drivers be aware of that latest but it. Yeah it's 735 dollars on this date August 14 1945. That the president Harry S Truman announced that imperial Japan had surrendered unconditionally. Ending World War II great celebration. As the big war came to an end there and yeah. Vijay Dana cult that was VE when he really into the war in Europe of the Tuesday. And making. Think that he is sporting a bear it like to have bears story and a lot of bears a lot lately yeah this is a bear walks into liquor store now is not a joke. They're really did pass in Bristol Connecticut the brunt. Lumbered into the hundreds of crazy Bruce's lakers. Turning to censor that opened the outer door that appears to bear did not want a beer or anything else. This has spent his time just wandering around the foyer. Probably a little curious what's gone on and hear what are trying to find a picnic basket. Meanwhile an employee locked and inner door keeping the bear from advancing any further. The Hartford current reports the bear eventually left and state wildlife officials were contacted but. Just to bear who's been almost gone there and just. What the goals that. Crazy Bruce's Lilly's received just seeing if those low low prices for booze early that on there aren't legit again. All right two years. Lot of talk about. The stadium course have been talking about this week we've with the mayor along with and we talked about and the new stadium where is being planned for. LD stadium Leuer Lawrence Dumont been in place there in central part of which offer. Ted since 1930s. Lucent WPA project I think it may be in. The government's project group the government money helped element during the depression. And it's been there for all the be all my lifetime it's been there and ended the place to go to see a ball game and whether it's NBC either. Or Minor League Baseball that's been the place deal and I have the they're gonna tear it down. The thing or says it's you know they can't the structures to all the countries not good we can't build on top of it anymore we're going to have to replace everything. And that's been you know and there have been watching this and think intimate well what what comes next. Now begins wait for to get to a minor league team that's got Major League affiliation. And nowhere are they gonna come from maybe from another city negotiations. Apparently well maybe it would have to come from another said listen they created. Fred there is no there's not an expansion knowing there's any other than normal got help from somebody else actually got to keep it quiet their guests in and it's going to be. There's talk of having a complex there were maybe. Some retailer or whatnot would be in the new stadium don't know where that is well of course that's kind of the model of this funding from the state that. Kansas City, Kansas following they built. You know the NASCAR speedway in the baseball stadium and a huge shopping complex basically out of farmland yeah operated that out of nothing of a North Kansas City he has that star bond and seen on some of that same financing at Wichita is hoping to. Capitalizing used for development in that same vein I think what we've been told they're looking at a multi use stadium would would not be just be baseball that. Maybe football soccer isn't perfect city league football games and for all concerts yak it could be concert venue how many seats that we need. A lot of questions out there it's all part of the equation. And this point I don't even know that there's. Any artist's rendering architectural rendering anything. Apparently this is a I don't think we've seen in the assault on between city officials and as somebody in Major League Baseball and it. And it's just none of our business and it certainly be going at a very snail mail and news. I think it's rank rank calling a few people. The analysts there's no doubt it is a so it has to be so secret every time government does something that's to be socially. Interstate I think government would like to talk about it I think this is a Major League baseball's deal. Now there's somebody you know is a lot of money involves a Major League Baseball in the control all of that the right. They gonna tell us all right serious that seems to be kind of what the interim order and and we election have a team for ten years and will take him and will run off to you know. Someplace in Arkansas where we go again I mean look at this big courts of that Minor League Baseball on which over the years. What was for from the Indians. Against the Braves need a variety of safety grenades and arrows came along in the early step seventies and eighties to be for long time there was no. Affiliated baseball all the arrows came along. And then whose behalf. And there are and there's a break and in he had the pilotless eyelash wranglers that our rain delay a nice twenty year run in double it. And in Manila then after running and doing debts of and try to come along and filled the gap and and god bless their hearts have been a terrific job in north divinity all of tenant for the stadium for the last eleven years at the independent level. So here we are after all these years. With a kind of a spotty record all the DN BC World Series is gonna have more than a play next year Ted legal albeit Wichita State next year as a won't have stadium them. And a sudden somebody about this the stadium I think it oh fill Hillenbrand who virtual prizes that he's of what somebody who hit a ball it. That that bounced up then that Baptist Church over that it you know far partner and that would be a ball was hit about 900 feet while suppose. League Joseph Carter hit one that bounced once and hit the church. I don't believe that's now that's I don't know is that heavy urban legend that's 500 some black and baby it is it's undertook a high bounce and then they say shirts on a state Mickey battle pitted him 500 feet maybe she's. But that's I've I've played on up there and they're usually a softball field. It between the outdoor pets and the parking over there it. As I play that's awful it's a long ways to that this to the masters. Online but. You know Johnny Joseph probably got all wanted to take a bounce on the concrete. That would be Helena and great for digital effect they prolific prodigious shocked. Of course the longest home run in history of baseball was struck right there in the stadium to. Like yours are here when he was playing in the NBC ropes or is right right. If the ball landed in a freight car and the tracks out there were behind a big field and at the ball and all the way it worked well loaded up and Lamar Colorado and I. At five out of my element. A lot of there's a lot of tradition down there and it's going to be fun to watch over the next couple years what happens with that with the baseball stadium right now we just gonna have little patience. And wait for what happens at 742 now Stephen did here on the pianist as hate editor bill. This is filled coming up and don't just talk about. Does not give her. A new baseball. I would to get more news coming up with the dead on it and it says.