A coke float in the Gulf

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 9th
Not the cold treat, a floating bale of cocaine.

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I. 630. Here on Monday. A man and woman from Arizona died after a police chase in traffic accident in Osage county Kansas. It happened Saturday Night Live 354 miles south of Melbourne east of Emporia. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol police spotted a stolen car on I 35 and the chase began the car went out of control. Rolled into a ditch near the intersection with K 3123. Year old Sharon Nikkei Canon of Tucson Arizona. And twenty year old Anthony cross it of Mesa, Arizona over announced dead. At the scene. A teacher with USC to a 67 has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary and aggravated sexual battery. Cedric county booking records say Robert Richardson. Was arrested and booked into jail Sunday morning Richardson is a technology instructor at Indio high school. Authorities say a 21 year old Kansas man died while trying to walk across interstate seventy that crash east of Manhattan forced the closure of I seventy for a couple of hours after it happened yesterday morning. Kansas secretary of state Chris co Bockwoldt not represent himself during the appeal of a voting rights case. This time around the attorney general's office will handle the case Kansas has appealed the ruling that it cannot require document Terry proof of US citizenship. Such as a birth certificate US passport or naturalization. Papers to register to vote. In any MLB AG said that it is committed to vigorously defending the constitutionality. Of the law. US district judge Julie Robinson's decision last month came into consolidated cases challenging the Kansas voter registration law. After the ACLU of Kansas had filed a lawsuit. Rodney price Kay an SS news. A helicopter crash slipped at least one person dead in Williamsburg Virginia yesterday Virginia State Police sergeant Michelle and I yacht. The confirmed fatal if not the pilot confirmed fail it's not we don't know if the male or female that's gonna take some time. We're still attempting to update information on the pilot that the aircraft itself and if there was any passengers. The helicopter crashed into a townhouse starting a fire millions of people are now affected by wildfires and scorching temperatures in the west. Fox's Alicia Kuna reports from Los Angeles. One of the top priorities is the Clements on fire burning at the California Oregon border 72 structures have been destroyed and 600 homes are in its path. Three communities are in this area along with two power plants are also threatened. Which brings us to Colorado work so far more than 200000. Acres have burned in recent fires that's combined. One burning near the mountain town of assault which by comparison to some of the others are smaller. That's 6000 acres but the threat here is the people who live in this tourist region. And you chop many homeowners not so fortunate about eighty miles southeast of Salt Lake City dozens of homes were lost in a fire. That has slowed in growth but not before taking 48000. Acres. Salina police need the public's help identifying suspects involved in multiple cases of prescription fraud. Police say that on Thursday June 28 street different women tried to get pharmacies is Salina Sam's Club Wal-Mart and the local villains to fill prescriptions. To pharmacies grew suspicious and refused to fill them. Wal-Mart surveillance video showed one of the women getting into a maroon Dodge Durango a short time later a black Dodge Caravan park next to that Durango. At the villains location the female advise the pharmacy she'd come back in later time but never returned. Investigators say the same suspects also passed fraudulent prescriptions in both Manhattan and Junction City. Anyone with information about the case is asked contact crime stoppers at 825 tips any web Kay an assistant. And a look at the forecast with K and is his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can boring then good morning an area of high pressure is stretching from the desert southwest in the central plains throughout the mid Atlantic. And that gives us a very typical July weather pattern sunshine mid eighties by a lunchtime at 92 for the afternoon hides tonight's lows 73. Hello in chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and 920 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a partly cloudy 68 degrees we have a south wind to three miles per hour. 634 now Steve intent here on KE NS estimates the name of that city serving a just look at this morning. Have you taken yet to save the era holding him back for a little bit on I took the sporty yet but what an evil ones. Which I'll works is that you project which products serving you know ego there it is. Bills liberals built is gonna talk about OK get the mayor come up an hour from now. Which the mayor Jeff Longwell and will we may go ask him about that and be something. Good to talk about this morning on this date July 9 1956. Dick Clark made his debut as host of bandstand. On a Philadelphia TV station the name was changed to American Bandstand and went to ABC. Was it that show on Saturdays for years I Washington as a youngster and I. Their words in Saturday's stalwarts. So I think channel twelve had high five hop. And older brother Don appeared there a couple of time really he was on that show for our view. It was too young OK you know. I was eleven years old ten years old so yeah I was it. Generated some John are across country and yet do an easy shorted on TV locally. This gets in kids in their rackets themselves in a way you go some records. A fun thing to do and in the course. Dick Clark came to Wichita to for the miss USA pageant several years no one point five years. And I didn't meet him but I got see him on stage while I was helped the judge the content Dick Clark. American Bandstand. And not a place where I worked. Re here we've we've had Dick Clark on yeah. Relocate the auto we can show. Police say a toddler who somehow made his way out of New York City home and wandered the streets in the middle of the night. And has been reunited safely remove family police have been alerted around 2 AM Sunday that an unintended child. Was spotted in the Bronx near the Fordham heights neighborhood. Officers found that nearly two year old boy wearing a teacher to the diaper. Toddler didn't seem injured bit. Was taken to a hospital to be checked out as a precaution a relative had been Terry for the boy. Once apparently learned he was missing and called authorities the family was reunited no criminal charges are expected to. Those toddlers like is that national news. Tyler the United States in this happened about one today it does it's happens pretty frequently here in the Wichita area probably happens hundreds of times today in New York City now lives that. A normal. Just if there was there's a line web site use the opt outs and then it's I'm not usually what that's national and it is a national is that is something people ought to think about. And I don't know two year old can get pretty far pretty quickly sure. Coke float and you on before you say he has been so I went on to say yes and some of what kind of cope we're talking about her authorities in Florida are trying to find out who was responsible for the floating bailiff. OK owned now that was recovered in the Gulf of Mexico. US Coast Guard release says more than 75 pounds of Coke which. Apple did the package yesterday alone league most men are tied yeah but Lisa isn't it around in well. Reese does a good samaritan notified authorities of the package after spotting of bobbing in the water south of Pensacola Sen. Those are the areas turned and turned up the drug well. You're probably at a place right there raises. There are people are shipping drugs into the country all the time a little boats what I'll link. Newton got open a link he was he about to porpoises swimming sign down while. Pork place pork boy who Carlos. And it sounds good rocket musical people get ourselves Alexis hadn't had a couple days I don't Andy's get a Coke float in you know the companies often ice decided to do some honey do stuff round now. Now they want about mid day in the afternoon we didn't do too much in the afternoon but about mid day. It began to get a little close out there by brother Jerry came over the saints all. The big log in my backyard woody to up to do we kind of this law and take to get to the blog via. The pieces down and play my son's house in derby. In Jerry's picked up so we have some firewood wow look at you busy the next day I got involved and trying to replace a dented downs dollar might. Near my back corner in my house. Where Shelly it's in back of a garage and hit a couple I don't know smash like that. So I got involved about half win and it's an eye color to Jerry and get it you come over here and help me with us and actually it took two of us. Getting that thing cut down and and pushing it together the pieces together in a list injured. Yeah they don't fit they're going to look at things very simple things are gonna like why does this fit together now for a guy does gutter. Reliving a silly but they probably had a special tool around them surely do in its slide and right. Which area and we had we rest lifting her fifteen minutes in the heat it's a well also let me get it done just detectors are little more or possibly Friday or Saturday morning. Saturday at had a little rain anyway so our thoughts and yeah. Yeah I kept busy. Yard Merkel Candace what do you and and I got them that there for the rescue gala westside got a little ray Alley and rained at all on the east side ethnic descent US got to go alone not much not half Antony was in that game get it recorded at the airport and Reagan but. That's pretty much it was. 639 Stephen did time for the Cain is just commodities updates but mr. Tom Loeffler of Butler companies reporting Tom. Good morning Steve. There was some 112. Hour 114 dollar case cattle could not a knee jerk on Friday would that lead to expose higher than the previous week. This case straight political life Kevin Peter cattle country to new highs for the week but the closings were on the negative side across the board. No intention traded mixed Friday but closed mostly admitted to be on the close rugged slide getaway and change the world 637. On this Peter stem 37 until 115 to twenty. Obviously no sixty teams didn't flow would have to 542. Up front in the US and China kids were connected. Should have been no surprise wasn't that surprised wrote about some pretty important to recruit enough wheat corn and has been accomplished this whole. Large upside on closed Friday last week that it would keep simply do and 25 cents for the week. November soybeans gained fifteen since December corn gained 10% for the week. Third biggest monthly US heating supply and demand for pork that the most important little profit taking return. The camera can can we stand by opening up simplify those revenue they have assembled cornyn fourth quarter 368 and three quarters. If I remember so we've been down by in the quarter led 880 I than a quarter. August crude oil trading in the coal fired 73 movie but I was going to embolden them the entire 1216650. The Therese. 2773. The term the dollar index rookie since throwing 9349. And within those introduce evidence doesn't gunfire couldn't pinpoint certain types 63. Commodity trading meg Markkanen advisement on their corporate commodity bump over on the web by using 866 games tend to well. Tom have a talky for a couple of NATO Ted has been due. Yemen exciting fourth of July amid Cuba. Well well fireworks a lot of good food. Yeah it would have been nice to improve have been useful for the camera but it looked until they had. Bill Polian and the time in Kansas. You did on major save you didn't bowl finger offer news anchor. Yeah they're all very candid about you you had your regular eleven whatever. I know what you mean all right they answer exporting one Stephen gently coming up we've got done dressing up feet. He is the money for after talking about any rewarding careers diagram on the way feet until the morning on CNN cents.