Colorado man tries to buy SUV on Craigslist

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

The man selling the SUV... a sheriff.  It did not go well.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 6 o'clock this is the case and that says sporting news receded to edit and Steve Macintosh. Kagan as his breaking news police are looking for two male suspects. After the robbery of a presto convenience store at thirteen. Oliver in northeast Wichita. It happened around 5:20 this morning witnesses say a young male was armed with a handgun wearing a hoodie and a scarf. Over his face the two suspects ran from the scene. A car plowing into a crowd and a major Australian city and police say the incident was intentional. Australian media reports up to nineteen people have been injured as an SUV drove into a crowded pedestrian area outside of Melbourne slender street train station. Witnesses on the scene say pedestrians were physically thrown by the impact. They would get in Wichita courage saint. Compiled these two words what sort of oops throwing into the air and that was colliding noise squeeze duck. You know we're I looked at things. The driver of the SUV has been arrested. As well as another suspect in the incident the surrounding area in the Melbourne central business district shut down as authorities investigate. Mike cancer Fox News. A 29 year old man died after being trapped in the collapsed trench at 53 and web but in Bel Air crews recovered his body from the trench around 4:15 PM. Cedric county division fire chief Keith Wilson says the recovery was extremely difficult. The victim won't was. Located approximately 143 down. Inside the trench we Ed extreme difficulty. Trying to locate the victim we we. Had an idea where he was bad but deed to the condition of the soil it was a very muddy clay soils so it took a very long time force to be able to get to him. Officials with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA are investigating. A probable cause affidavit released Wednesday details a case against a woman and her boyfriend. Both of whom have been charged with murder in the death the three year old have a number at a self. Which it all home haven't remains were found September 2 inside the Wichita house where his mother once lived the affidavit says that while property's owner was cleaning in the utility room of the home. He tried to remove a carpet covered platform had tool boxes stacked on top of it. When you remove the tools carpet he found a large block of concrete on Caster wheels. Easing the sledgehammer he were to break the block fearing and Amber's body could be inside which turned out to be the case. The affidavit goes on to say the evans' body was too badly decomposed to determine the cause of death. And other items found in the concrete structure with evans' body belonged to but Diana Miller. Evidence also includes video a physical abuse against Devin. Amy well and K and SS news. The federal government baby on the verge of shutting down Friday at midnight unless lawmakers can come up with a budget plan to keep going. Foxes Alison barber has details. Republican leaders and the White House say a shutdown is absolutely not going to happen. Behind the scenes felt rank and file Republicans do not seem as optimistic. You talk congressman Chris Stewart told one of our producers that the continuing resolution would never going to be as easy. As party leaders expected. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi right to Democrats urging a no vote on the CRE says. In port Democrats want to see funding for veterans' pension. And support for the DREAM Act which would clarify the legal status for hundreds of thousands of immigrant. The house rules committee meets again today in the hopes of the coming up with a compromise deal firefighters are still battling that Thomas fire burning through Southern California. The dry weather has made it difficult for firefighters to get the upper handle those flames Brendan Ripley. A fire behavior analyst says dry conditions are big factor. If we do not receive any rainfall. By the end of the year by the first of January this'll be the driest march. To December period on record. The Thomas fires left two people dead and destroyed at least 750 homes. The Kansas bureau of investigation is revamping its crime data system which debuted in 1993. The Topeka capital journal reports the agency be and then revamping process this past fall is expected to lasting 22 point one in time for new federal guidelines on indictment reporting. The system provides unspecified data like the total number offences. Reported by each agency the research analyst bill reigns as the Kansas bureau of investigations. Routinely get more complex questions from lawmakers and others to 440 law enforcement agencies in Kansas don't necessarily report. Statistics the same way which can affect the way this system provides information the first half of the new database is expected to be online by fiscal year 2019 and it's cost will be funded by more than 570000. Dollar US Department of Justice bureau grant. And this information networks Steve always helps. K and as I used on now 6055. Minutes past 6 o'clock. 97 to thirteen thirty K and as esteem and Ted in the morning now. Six and 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And right now and traffic things looking OK out there and not seeing anything slowdowns yet at this time and particularly in the gasoline prices haven't. And seeing much movement this week in the gasoline prices we are under NC seventeen gallon. At the low end in this day. So we're seeing so far this morning traffic updates from. State and has as radio and catchings had a look at the forecast now we came into his staff meteorologist Dan the holidays good morning dance. Good morning cloud cover slipping in the south central Kansas once again today. We should get to 52 early on before the strong Arctic air mass makes its way in by about noon time full of gusty northwest winds this afternoon but the thirty miles per hour. Windy and cold tonight are Luke 26. Breezy tomorrow with a high of only 37 fund KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now Paula diminished 46 degrees of south wind the dead ten miles per hour with an office that 374 behind tomorrow. But mostly cloudy day across Kansas Wednesday which is nice which does high temperature yesterday was 52 degrees. The normal high for the date fourteen to. Or four days left until Christmas. Ford they still Christmas and winter officially begins at 10:28. AM central time this morning. Missed about. Three and a half hours from now. Or half hours. Today is a Thursday December 21 when he 171. Day of winter on the state and 1891. The first basketball game devised by James Nate Smith is believed to have been played at the international YMCA training school in Springfield Massachusetts. Finals or does experimental game one to nothing. And if you don't the rules that bounce the ball every time except. And jump up a ladder and get the ball out of the peach basket up there apparently one of the things they didn't tell him was that. The big thing is to put the ball in the basket to basket in London I think I have nothing. Well. Renewed it don't notice you didn't expect it but you'd think he'd love the ball into a pitch better and pretty easily bit. And got it probably hammer it probably football pro that you didn't like content something big that's what they were trying to avoid when Macon game now in 1937. On the state Disney. Released a movie Snow White and the seven dwarfs its first full length animated film in color. And when my first grandchild was born I got me if I got a copy of that so we can. But to watch it together and watched that the ultimate grandchildren and it's a fund its act the great old cartoon I just I enjoyed every time I watch. It to go those seven little nit wits end run around the bald heads. That's Quaker group well she should always have a good idea. Who you're dealing with on Craig's list that's true any transaction but even more so when you decide to do something like offer pot is legal tender. And it's doubly true when you are offering the illegal pot exchange for an SUV. And that happens to be owned by sheriff app. I'm kicking all the boxes here for things he can go wrong. That's what went down in Colorado Springs. The gazette newspaper reports a sheriff got a text from a band in bay hill offering to buy his vehicle in exchange for illegal homegrown plot. Suspect and a woman arrived for the swap. And were promptly arrested authorities say. The couple's car contained four pounds of illegal plot and of course charged with possession with intent to sell the sheriff says. He's no longer offering the SUV force say he'll. Get a my understanding is pot is legal all over the state Colorado that obviously is not. Strictly true well in the early habits you have to it. You know he can't do is grow your own yeah that's a problem that gets around the visited but taxes if taxes yet that's what the the people who are into pot deals over the years it now we don't want government involved in this picnic picnic he does drive the price. Be harder to buying. 615 now what Stephen did on Cain is hey it's it like to sit for days to Christmas. To undeveloped shop things trucking program went on last night. With one of my children and uninteresting image. While cables we got going in Alaska judge has approved bay hill. With the electronic monitoring for former governor Sarah Palin's eldest son after he was shard of assaulting his father either. Track Palin's attorney asked that his bail be lowered the judge declined to allow for electronic monitoring. A mental health evaluation and other requirements police say the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee told authorities Saturday her son was freaking out. And was on some kind of medication. Now officers that her husband Todd was bleeding from cuts to his head. Palin's obtained a court order barring track from having it kind to mechanic contact with them and their children who live with themselves. Some really ugly things going at the Palin house. But they get that straightened out well now. At least right now are right does the Stephen Ted was shoppers dot com poll this week we're talking about it. At christmastime frets are on our web page K Unisys radio dot com. And so far the there was a five categories other is getting 9%. Lay M comes at 3% and you put lamb on their Internet lambs got 3%. Beef got 12%. Turkey at 30%. Tops pork. 45%. Or pulling the bill the ham I am not in the majority and then Christmas hand which wouldn't drink it what you go for being ripped work Turkey family you're Turkey for him okay. Didn't get enough of that things you know got to have one more around on more out of Turkey. And surprise. She should did you take Turkey and Cambodian your family and care for him. Nom not really OK the of course Turkey yields cream Turkey. And some left up to great and we ate so much Turkey at Thanksgiving we did not get creamed Turkey's I'm hoping that somehow let's cream Turkey. The rest of the Turkey and mom president makes up a cream sauce. And then she Bakes little little mini pie shells and we pour it in the pipe should never heard of that that's of a tonight's tasty stuff. You know. But be out of out of life your mom principles by your he had didn't didn't make it on Thanksgiving so most of Kennedy years since I've had cream too or cream a Turkey gets mixed. Have something but does that sounds really good. And I we got it. You know two more days. Stephen did shows before we go we take the Christmas break there and where he ran from Monday. To talk about. Christmas songs today OK in that in the 8 o'clock hour about two hours from right now at 810. Christmas sheer will be shared with Chris slam. Volleyball coach which busting your arrogant. A couple of coach slam I have I think I've met him but I've never really sat down and talk to you say he's he's a lot of fun to talk to them. Is it easier very interesting guy OK now I'm looking for help we have some good Christmas stories I hope so often we've had some the last the first three you've been terrific. 618 now Stephen dead leadoff sports with Ted Woodward and death again nothing but suits by massive case David Leadbetter out late. Night last night out on the West Coast trek X they might still be in plain and you've got in the work this morning. They stayed on the road in Spokane last night taking on the cougars of Washington State's. The wild swings in this one case state had a seventeen point lead in the first half. And that was gone that they were down by eight in the second half. Then came back to one at K state nominee ten overrun in the final two and a half minutes. Came back to beat scooters 6865. In Spokane. Gary Brown had 23 points for the wildcats including a big run at the finish their. So Kansas State is finished up ten and soon in nonconference play and getting ready for the big twelve. Mean senator twelve in the nonconference. Tonight we have Kansas basketball also late nights thirteenth ranked Kansas is in Sacramento tonight taking on Stanford. Stanford is coached by former Kansas Jayhawks player Jared pass. That'll be a the late night that's also at 10 o'clock PM tip off tonight. Live coverage pregame the jayhawks begins at 830 game tip off at 10 o'clock in you can listen to that all Sports Radio KF 81240 AM at 975. FM. He was a sixteen point favorite going out west jayhawks are nine and two on the season this is their nonconference finale. In the third game in six days for the playoffs we welcome Christmas break coming up. Kansas women are nine and two they win on the road at Iona yesterday seventy to 58. Who NBA action last night the Toronto Raptors go on the road because Charlotte hornets won 29 to 111. Coming off the bench for the raptors former Wichita State point guard Fred van believed the couple three pointers and had eight points six assists. Four rebounds another win for the raptors. As they have won four in a row and ten of their last eleven raptors right now one of the top five teams in the NBA and Fred van bleak. Doing a great job off the bench. Also in the NBA last night the Oklahoma City Thunder at home beat the Utah Jazz 10779. Nick Collison former Kansas say off off the bench for Oklahoma City with two points and a rebound back to back wins for Oklahoma City. Who are right now on the number five spot in the Western Conference with a few birthdays today. Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny de thieves 29 today of course he's the opening day starter for the royals this past season that just pollutes our. Buddy over it KFH on the drive every afternoon in one of my co host on the soccer locker room showed Jeff pollutes his thirty fives today well. Don't just most of his life a nice guy he's 35 a and this week. Seventieth birthday for Wayne at Holman of Wichita. Wayne is Wayne's daughter is Brooke. Who's married my brother Randy. Well our wings daughter Brooke is my sister in law weighs one of those west cited around you know you've known at home in San Daniel hit homers for many many yeah Dwyane that turned seventy yesterday. 18 happy birthday to wind Salman enough they're like ready you know birthday leak into and it's gonna get around very good I believe so all right I haven't heard of leading the contrary. I think Wayne now lives a wonderful life there you have enough like George Bailey yeah happy birthday to those folks get birthday today. That's sports with Stephen said hey and ask as it seeks to anyone now given you for Fox News commentator dot stars you're gonna talk about that major tax overhaul. That's all the way Steve intent on tape in a sense.