Congressman Estes talks about government spending

Steve & Ted
Monday, February 12th

Special Guest: 4th District U.S. Representative Ron Estes R-KS


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The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong only has departed from South Korea can get John departing here and have brought us private jets after a landmark visit to the south the the first by a member of North Korea's ruling family since the Korean War. Gives every public may have has been closely watched as she attended a series of Olympic events with South Korea's president knew. The pat also had lunch at which came invited me to visit the Knowles and he gave a cautious acceptance said he bush if the conditions were right. According to a report here in South Korea North Korean state media describing the trip as meaningful. And sold sign in LA and Fox News. The Kansas Highway Patrol says a man is dead after crashing into a semi truck Saturday. On I want 35 about three miles northeast of mound rich. Tony five year old Tyler Loomis of McPherson was headed north on the highway went for an unknown reason he went through the median. And crashed unit into a semi of the collision sent the semi to a guardrail Imus was announced dead at the scene. Two of the vehicle sustained damage in the crash but there were no other injuries reported. Israel launched military strikes in Syria over the weekend saying it was responding to Iran backed threats. Northern Israel is returning to normal after the incursion of you know running in drone on Saturday and a massive Israeli reprisal that resulted. One of Israel's F sixteen fighter jets being shot down prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli attack dealt severe blows to both Iran and Syria. He told the Israeli captives today that it has reaffirmed Israel's policy to continue to strike any attempt. To strike us ran as a close ally of Syria and has sent both equipment and troops. To support the regime of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad the Syrian observatory for human rights since Israel's airstrikes killed at least six Syrian troops and allied fighters in Jerusalem David Lee Miller. Fox News. And now look at the forecast McCain is his stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning another cold start of the day here in south central Kansas but we do warm well above freezing this afternoon at upper thirties at lunchtime 42 for the high today partly cloudy tonight Arlen 24. Breezy and low fifties on Tuesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays partly cloudy eleven degrees southeast wind at five miles per hour 734 now seated in the morning as you heard. Just a moment ago we're talking about the president Trout about to unveil what is believed to be a one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan. With us this morning is congressman Ron Estes abortion rights had to us this morning. Good morning or uterine I know you probably have a thing or talk about an assist it with this real quick that is a big big ambitious says. It says to me a million and it's a truly been an am I can't even I don't know how big it is but that's a lot of money. It is a lot of money and what one of the things that he talked about order a sport that is do a lot of public private partnerships so that the federal government doesn't have. Spin that one and a half trillion dollars and so. Looking at things like the only have been told coastal bridges things like that that. We see a lot more in some states more so than others would come down to him like matching funds are insulting and local. So certainly it would look at that also things to look at that of course not just highways and bridges but also would CNET. Brought billions and we're rural areas. Water wastewater treatment facilities things like that that you don't deserve a certain countries and structures he didn't I went to a quarter investment there. Gathered just not just the roads and bridges okay pace listened. Also look at that does the possibility of well they're he's going to release said the details on next year's budget which is going to be four trillion plus and I know is it. A fiscal conservative your probably have. We have a few qualms about that that tilts up but it. Had a do you have it in you know last week when we voted in. Oh couldn't and and funding that and that was. That was that was one of the compass spoke actually I've taken in the in the almost. As an. A lot of good things and there we we will fully funded that the it's going to present crow bar at a heated. Also provided by the world community health centers. In more payments for world doctors and hospitals so there's a lot of good things to their. Bad thing about it was that it did start two have blown the good and deficit a larger and so we've we've got to get serious now about the deficit and when they come up with that victory but it there's some of these you know we Tuesday here on the on the budget and we've got to look at. Making those tough choices. That we may want to spend money on all the different programs that. But stick awards that are most priority and that provided adequate for the bought in. What went there and not put as much. It is AB how you how you feel about. Hilly streets say. Reaching across the aisle and get some Democrats on Borden and that it may be passing some. So met some good legislation and budget I think Europe optimistic about that. And unfortunately. I haven't seen a lot of in my time here. And and particularly now with this year being election year. Local synagogue elections as well though all of house members. It's it's almost gotten to the point now where. Every decision as many of them want is is meeting like so I'd like electorate. Yeah well I really don't expect much help from the that we haven't gotten so far back you know we should shut down because. Senator Schumer want to have to accept a political statement. Wells could see a site on Fox News last week and if they vote was taken and it's due to government go a little longer. That's that's right in there it is an in the facility that's the way we in this is. We we had a boat last week to extend its poor and at what point third. There's a little bit of logic behind that which sometimes you don't you logic but we shall we raised. The we didn't I don't understand. You know say it which programs or re spin them the care. But why. The score with a cup back to this discussion with him in March. Are Italy including how much money that would immediately go and I wanna get out of this process or do movement among dealers need to get one year's budget with corporations out there are so that we can we can play and it. And which has ever been that at that and the ideally all we should maybe two year budget has never been a tour for your budget. I confess I don't know. There hasn't really been a. The local level but we did. Last week was spoke to the senate budget caps for two years we don't have to come back in and talk about that now. The federal government really does a two step process as we didn't play a budget which is okay this is the maximum amount we don't want spin but it doesn't say which programs is indigo. And then we come back in the second step with appropriations process. And it did apply which programs work world we understood that many games so it's that second step that just. Doesn't get done and they'll last year 2017. The house for the first time in in over a dozen years. Approved all twelve appropriations bills and the senate never did take in the Obama. We've got to get sent at the pick up you know we we get past twelve appropriation bill would in war next year 2019. And it doesn't that take those up so we can stop this lurching from the month. We got to roller coasters going on right now one of me and Kansas weather in the other the the stock market what's your reading and at how's your house your 40 and eight eagle there congress because if. Well you know it's a whole lot better now than when you're. Yeah of you know. As the economy starts to grow we would I don't own conscience to present tramples. Elected because people salt that regulation we're gonna go down that we're gonna get tax reform. And so they started putting in. We're probably the publisher who had some more ups and downs last year it shall now works. We're getting a little bit down the last couple weeks attended two upset that and and not so this morning that. It's about Brady bill backed up against the midday today. What did you gotta have a correction or adjustment every now and then just have to. But that's right because you just you. Can't be eternally optimistic as. You don't situation straight in a maybe interest rates opening bit which makes it different decision don't buy stock Google Bible and bolts that are. You know it's not like to Steve intentional where every day is better than the last in tomorrow's gonna get better right. But that's right we always. This thanks for me when as we appreciate your time as more congress are right rate the port district representative Ron Estes says talking about it may. Whatever happens today that they've been the the president is gonna go with a couple of great big deal. Stories with teens and for trillions and it is it's scary but there it is that's that the world we live and and your big budget for infrastructure and and Russia federal budget kimono as well later today. We have warmer day across Kansas Sunday which does high temperature yesterday was forty degrees is nice normal high is 47 them on the on this date in 1899. Wichita set an all time. Record low of 22 below zero. As an historic Arctic outbreak continue to grip the great plains the high was eight degrees. To produce a daily average of seven below the low as minus 22 point two and Harry got daddy got down to like forty below in Nebraska and seventy below in Montana as if I was a bad bad. In his national 1999. When what people and not have. The central heating no you may have a wood stove or something but that area asked over to Oklahoma. I've always says Google. With my my grandparents of civil on the playing some western Kansas. That before the turn of the century no it said that. Was one hearty group of people off on an eternity and he December nickel when it's done. 742 and now Stevens head. Coming up we've got Bill Elliott who has taught business journal a big gathering of local women learn about business mentoring going on there. Bill's gonna tell us all about it Stevens head of the morning on K and assess.