Connecticut police capture "mystery pooper"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th
The woman blames her lactose intolerance for the several instances of public defecation.

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Pouring down 9713. 38 and as as Valentine's Day. 2018. Yet 42 degrees right now I'm guessing we have contributed to transpire and southeast Wichita that fire reported around 430 Tuesday afternoon. In an abandoned building would join an amusement park property. Our crews were unable to fight the fire from inside the structure due to the possibility of collapse. Cause of the blaze remains under investigation. Mayor Jeff Long well back in the his familiar scenes in the Bristol City Council chambers Tuesday after his trip to Washington DC Monday the city cal. All unanimously approved industrial revenue bonds for Textron aviation not to exceed 434 point eight million dollars. Since 1991 the city is approve bonds totaling over one point three billion to Textron and that's predecessor Cessna. In other business account for the photo requests for a temporary street closure during the next month NCAA men's basketball tournament at Entrust bank arena. The council heard comments and concerns from citizens and businesses about the courtside on commerce the Alley to a tribe with a bit. Councilman Randy Johnson from district one ask for a deferral on the motion to allow all affected parties more time to review the plan. The council voted unanimously to defer the motion to next week Ronnie Price KM SS. News the Kansas state board of education has approved an audit of house state funds are distributed to public schools. Following questions about the allocation of transportation bones but Topeka capital journal reports the board accepted the recommendation Tuesday. From education commissioner Randy wants them. Reviews expected to begin within two months that we'll examine whether funds are distributed in keeping with the State's school funding law. A legislative audit fed in December a calculation used for decades to distribute transportation funds through school districts wasn't authorized by state law. If said the state spent an additional 45 million dollars over the past five years due to the calculation. The board agreed to the broader audit after we check in a push by some legislators. Then deputy education commissioner dale Dennis Dan O'Neill KM SS news and other federal judge rules against president Trump's decision to end baca. A US district judge in New York's ruled attorney general Jeff Sessions was wrong when he concluded daka is unconstitutional. That judge granting a preliminary injunction requested by state attorneys general. Last month the US district judge in San Francisco ruled doc has got to stay in place well it's being litigated. President trump announced last fall he was ending Dhaka the deferred action board childhood arrivals program. But he gave congress a march 5 deadline to come up with a replacement. Doc has been protecting from deportation about one point eight million immigrants driving in the US as children till I know Fox News. An attorney for a chemistry instructor who is fighting deportation to Bangladesh. Says her office is considering all possible options give him released from Hawaii detention center and home to his family in Kansas. Regular Sharma Crawford says immigration officials. Good voluntarily returned Syed Ahmed Gamal to the mainland US that they don't her firm will ask a federal judge to order his return. To bomb go off a flight to Bangladesh in Hawaii Monday after getting a stake. President comes personal lawyer has revealed payment. Was made to a porn star who claims she had an affair with president. Sponsor news has confirmed president comes personal lawyer Michael Cohen paid adult film star stormy Daniels 130000. Dollars when he sixteen. But insist the funds did not come from the Trump Organization or presidential campaign. Cohen tells Fox News he used his own funds to make a payment to the adult film actress and that it was lawful and not a campaign expenditure. Cohen also tells Fox News quote. Just because something isn't true doesn't mean that they can cause you harm or damage I will always protect mr. trump in Washington Shumlin told Fox News. It's a pretty simple process put your bag on the conveyor belt for security to stand at one woman. Called casino where the checkpoint in China it was like a scene out of a movie a woman refused to be separated from her handbag and a train station in China. She did not trust security staff with its or its contents are believed to be wads of cash traditionally given away as gifts for Chinese New Year that you got our way do X rays ashore on all fours are riding through the scanner bag in hand. Stunned staff was speechless did not stopper on the other side as she ran to were trained. Kevin battle Fox News has just done now 634 Stephen 10 in the morning here let's take a look at the weather winds. As happy neurologist Dan Holliday. Good morning low clouds are moving from west to east simple stick around for awhile and released mid to late morning. And the clearing sky temperatures won't really jump this afternoon mid to upper sixties by the time we had a lunch. Seventy for the high later today and cloudy and breezy overnight Tarlow in the low fifties. And another warm day before a strong cold front moves in tomorrow Thursday's high in the low to mid seventies I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. 634 now Stephen did in the morning 97 and thirteen thirty okay and is just happy Valentine's Day to all you listeners out there saint Valentine's Day and saint Valentine's Day. Andy Bentley has a dubious distinction she's the first known. Believe and I read that I've got the wrong material Connecticut earlier police Connecticut state police say they finally got the scoop on what proved. State police said they arrested a 43 year old woman in connection with a human excrement deposited it on three separate occasions in the middle of the same cul-de-sac in east Grand Prix. Hollow below me it was charged with misdemeanor breach of peace she lives a few miles away technical the second Sims Mary. Troopers say a motion activated cameras set up after the second incident in November recorded belongs car okay. Push him Malone told them she's lactose intolerant. But sometimes each dairy products and she stopped in the cul-de-sac because he couldn't make it to a bathroom in time police say she has apologized. So she stopped at the very same place at the very same cul-de-sac three times because her lactose intolerance Leunen. Now holly went up by and the stuff you have some sort of mental problem then I'm gone out there. There's so little more complicated than you. A Maryland woman who claims to be a psychic okay and they've been convicted of scamming people again Gina Marie mart has. Who worked under the name Natalie Miller. It left with a multiple counts of felony theft or stealing 340000. Dollars from five people who sought help with the troubles. Currency markets and a good scam artist are said she would return all the payments she got to maintain her Sharon who are real. 08 police learn of Marcin Tony sixteen of the moment paid march for a loved spells. But got suspicious when the charge you begin approaching 80000. Dollars. Marsh pleaded no contest and guilty to similar charges in between 2009. All and didn't when he can again Florida. And guess that a lot of hard. Swindling people out. That that it's illegal. Until the all time if if I. It's fraud before an indelible there will be if you're willing to fork over the money for that. Don't it now you look. Should be put. We really don't wanna protect anyone from psychics do you you've got a few got a soft spot spot. I think I'll let their guys I'm doing Cohen and psychic hotline or 900 I invited data I'd say Neil. I visual I'm seeing had a partnership people about this that it. The tradition you have and I'm I'm gonna pay you any migrating your aura of that right now elk expert insight on you're my New Orleans mile. I'm looking at right now and I'm sick I'm getting a lot of anger here because you have to work a long day. And it just it's probably knew something good something Valentine's Day because after work club I'm seeing the anger and feeling that unless a little bit of the psyche myself. I don't know maybe as intuitive. Maybe it's not anger me an email I think you prior art can be absolute discussed it yeah there you go if we did that aura is almost the same color on those two now. OK so why wouldn't you want to fake psychics in jail and they don't care and I don't care what they do a trend that has some of these dumb enough to pay them for that let's say out of I'm a little empathy for anybody via. Blaming and integrate them wanna go so well they wanted to love spell let's upon them and talking about somebody who's really. Asking for it. About City Council member Pete Meissner. We decide he's going to run for Cedric county commission now about that yeah we'll pay we know one thing it pays better okay that's true said Tuesday he's got. Campaign. For the seat that Dave Andrews had for so many years days I gonna run again. I have that isn't external imminent yeah maybe so well good account of those kind of I regret that is that they've been I think it. Good called voiceover voice of reason now there's always been very very good but thus so. There's a primary. The first district August 7 of course and who can and my two mobile take on the former state representative Steve broke. In the primary there's other guys it's been involved in local politics there we go in peace prize months till the primary. Pete I'm gonna get amused by psychic powers right now. Which we have some funky music that I'm gonna say repeating it went. Martin doesn't see what have what kind of a psychic I really am. Well I think he'd here's my prediction you're going to hear from the broad campaign very soon resumed negative say that guy if he did get charged real fraud but at what. Practicing quite you know psyche and analyze exactly what. All right at 630. 39 LC the dead dive for the commodities up they would Tom Loeffler of what we're commodities going Tom. Good morning Steve. You can live cattle feeder cattle traded mixed the Brooklyn new highs for the week for a lot of cattle and I'm Peter opposing Romney makes federal component contracts being on the positive side of the ledger. Look quiet session for the Telecom play. The dog could remotely negative yesterday include negative. Today is expiration of the February lean hogs at the closure critical given Clinton physical. One more than seven sparks fears 40% total 14727. And it only holds a dollar timlin took 1094010. It was they thought in my opinion dry weather confirm. And continue to. You want to be named because removed from the upside in going to be important you know future. O'Neal for the second straight session amid a new contract. And also yesterday had a record large trading volume opened corn futures. Closed negative yesterday. At the moment Marge can he went three and three quarters and forward forced seven and three quarters arch Cornell a penny and a quarter 365 and they have on soybeans down to three quarters at 1009. March crude oil trading 39 cent orthopedic even. April gold three dollars and eighty cents at thirteen 130 point one. One more to compete eleven and three quarter point fire complete 73 I have watched dollar index forced into. And 8953. Mart bedroom futures up other than 35 point between 400761. But monetary night marking the Ryder Cup replica commodity. On the program. Red white giving it simply don't tend dom. Now I've met your wife Linda she is just a delightful person. She's sweet she's attractive. You all good things good or too big question is why. Why why are you her Valentine get anybody. I am really given a lot of thought he'd now. Much run independent like they have really he would rather I didn't something new personal choice. They don't spend my daughter. Can tell you don't shed New England. I don't know that blue director Becky of course we should maybe step. Could take up the trash and you were taken out the trash in. That's pretty simple you just put his bag thing in there and you throw out there never afford health program. Both the current state. Well food a ball that most my possessions are trash to begin with and so. Bob do you when you do these shores for your wife who's been a look if your little personal but do you dress and some sort of up. April and norm Procter and getting. No I don't because. That's the right answer. Are a I don't understand what it's third I have I know that it's disturbing. And but all the eighth client and just trying to help in and your Valentine's Day no no no they got word diapers have over. Well maybe maybe some things that stockings and high yield would look good with a group. Got you in trouble now they listen you know I have a great valentines it's okay I'm proud that comes buddy today at 8642. Stephen dead and by the way. You know the women's affairs can have this weekend as it is in fact Saturdays Friday Saturday and Sunday and then there's entry to and sending more 9/11 you are going to be going to. Front and center baby I've got a pair ticket right now if you like notable women's fair or just even dead 869. Thirteen thirty is the number and eyes 642 trying to find a good traveled field on granting the FB. A lot of drag her all the way Stephen Jen long canyon SS.