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Saturday, May 26th
Guy & Virginia discuss the misconceptions about southern cooking and exlore the many facets of "Southern Style" cooking & receipies. 

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Good afternoon welcome back to the program every Saturday here on thirteen 30 AM and nine DA point seven FM it's flew one them bunkers it's been going on perk. A long time put dates than this but you know the programs started Miami. In 1988. Some of you were born man. But it continues today in the gold courses to enjoy food and one from the Everyman prospective. With with minimal opinion although I have. Very big opinion. It matches my stomach. The big part. This book that we're talking about today is with author Virginia Willis. It's called secrets of the southern table and Virginia you mentioned something here that is really important. And and one of the of this script or one of the folks that mention use said the U you can spin a story and tell a story and and and and words that. Make you wanna keep reading and you've done that and so many ways. Associated with the people that produce and make an influence. Specific. Micro regions of the south that become popular in. I think that's a chuckle part it's not just. A cookbook author of great recipes and partly it's it's a lot more than that you can you can sit down and pick sections and read. And learn from much more about that area courts and after like media and you look at the pictures ago. Let's go to the store. What's gonna blow go to the market and get some fresh ingredients. What would you tell someone and they said. Virginia what's the difference between this book. And any of the previous books that have been written about southern Quincy. Well I think that this book is different and that backpack. He really tests the rich diversity in the house and it's different than I am previous books. Com that focused more mine. Traditional southern aids. On that I am really proud diet really really proud of the stories and it was my intention to. Feature the unexpected. I have traditional more traditional story have a woman making hand in Kentucky unions need them. Com but the other story from Kentucky is Laura petition Ramirez. On the what hock an American. That makes on these incredible corn tortillas. And they water their Mexicans in Lexington. Many Mexicans need to that area. To work in the horse racing industry Sorkin and the thoroughbred industry. On in my opinion in and what I chair in the book is that. In this that the falcons haven't stated this sort of living breeding grilling changing fame. And it's like consideration that. That that the clock and tortillas that's what modern southern hated king. As well as the country and it's you know where it's. We're better. This posting to this topic now Benson and I believe that we have to sort of embraced. Comment briefly different that's that's new and old ethnic conflict. Well and I think it's I think it's happened. On the down low you know I know people that. Or older than me that I'm born and raised in Miami and and watch the influx of the Cuban population in the growth and the first Cuban mayor in the first Cuban governor and and how they impact of all of Florida but in particular. The southeast coast and it and then you. You combine that with the influence. A someone Noor of Norman van make him you know or the Caribbean food and and and all these things that have happened and it kind of just happen gradually and yes those of us were more in tune to polluter enthusiasm about it have seen this and enjoyed it but other people just kind of take it for granted and don't think about it. You know it. He had that the secretary of economic and ethnic pat compact ergonomic speak about it in in my introduction. On. And I feel like they're people that are understanding it and embracing it and then. Out outside the capital and I don't think that people are at or at that we're at it and ended it for example when I read it. Unlike McEnroe probably your pick and you know that. The common refrain has. 78 but it still healthy. Or less southern states that while it's brighter. That is said that it's about you. And then my answer to that is yes we do have a chicken and we do not and we do have to try to keep stated we were to look at. It is only only fried chicken as stated without but the very one dimensional view it's Lou what you're saying with Norman and make all the difference. I'm influences. You know that's all part of it as well. The book is laid out an aide. Kind of a traditional cookbook way again afforded me a reduction are worth the cost of the book but then. Chapter one is from the garden and you have not only beautiful par three but some real insight into. The rejuvenation of the land of people that are taking care of of soil though it's been mistreated in and bringing it back and and planning fresh things in contributing to the farm to table movement that kind of thing. The second chapter grains grits and others but starchy goodness. A lot of people don't realize how much rice's. Raised brought up in. In the southeast. The chapter three is so cool it with seafood. Beef and pork clambering up chapter four. Gospel birds and game birds filed suit against news biscuits grids and okay desserts. You gotta desserts. I don't wanna go back to the garden. One of my. My dad loves to cook and he did of course Black Eyed Peas that was. Of several times a year remotely for new years and he made the best Collard greens in court to use him. And I look at your recipe. And I can't wait to try this we have. Chunks in the high greater chunks of armor Sean grind. That we can you know bill fuses and soups and things of that nature and I never thought the put them in Collard greens your vegetarian collar agree recipes. Is a beauty. Isn't it gorgeous I love that photograph and it taste. Equally delicious and of course that that that TM hot that you would normally you're that would normally and the talk green. It's packed a lot of debris mommy and there was an apartment on. And and I can imagine. You know the richness of that the thickness and and I I think. I put white one in there instead of water torture I used some chicken stock and use them. And usually it's because I'm having won them with him. Route but it just. Camp with the trial that you know the addition of tomatoes in the parmesan cheese beats Oakland. Work on that. When you're put this together and it was there any specific. Part of the beautiful SE that or horror films technique or ingredient. Combinations that. Even caught you as they season woman of the south they caught you by surprise her. Yeah on his back time historian introduction of that some years ago it and he's ten and I was losing my train Amy Adams and attacked her because bankrupt and isle Louisiana I text her that I want to go eat crawfish. And she texted me back Asian our cajun. Public one and it. Oh we went to the patient profits now. And what they do is they take cross hairs they've been boiled with creole seasoning. And then on top of that they add more garlic and lemon grass in changer. And how happy news and it is labor exploration. And that was really sort of an eye opener for me. To take those flavors and I I. I took that trip that flavor profile. And created a dish foreign. Cult spicy Asian cajun architectural and I'm using Trenton and across the speaker stripper more readily accessible to people. I'll bet that was an eye opener and I and I remember being in the restaurant and eating edit them byters running down my you know Rick and looking around and they're the Mexican family and there's the Vietnamese Stanley and there's rustic and from the oil we began. There's some cowboys and town's from the radio and others that the African American lady coming in from church and and it was like the UN you know it's like a little bit every body and I just remember. Sitting there eating nasty taste in an incredible flavors and this being overcome with its wonderful. And nation that this is my south T that's what I'm trying to show in the book that this mr. rich diversity. Of people and quickly. You know and and no one would think of this means QB. That the Greek population north of Tampa my brother moved from Miami last year two ratings and beach and and my aunt. Lived in a so to lose absolutely. Up near carpet and springs and all I remember having lunch there with her a couple of crimes in Greek crispy limit her potatoes. In that don't like oh that's. What's so exciting about that make it. Yet. That's exactly it straight and delicious. That execute pre population and are constrained and on that means there are. Initially we're working in the sponge industry. And there's another there's also a large Greek population in Birmingham. Detonated there to work in the steel industry. And that's bad that it happens. That the Greek army and happened in 1980. Confident populations has really affected the local speedway. Well you know and and of that come through at the picture of the sweet potato. It's on page before. And have a good friend to lobby holding you. Have a good for in the said. I don't like sweet potatoes yet I picks them for her when we were on Phoenix's past couple months ago and I like nothing better than just just break. Not wrap and 40 not do anything to it clean it off compellent peoples' skin and Beckett and then. Pop and put. Okay them but Choi used some Carlo open water. And it works really good but this one. The Soyuz centrist way is for the sweet potato. Is so cool and it's my wife makes this but she slices them and oven roast them and put this glaze on top of the same recipe so. And wow and that wreck either a wonderful. Barbecue restaurant an Atlantic a Maryland barbecued. And Katie NG on our competitor and Katie. That used to be sort of white tablecloths outside audit classically trained casing shaft. And beyond. Simply that he's still market force feed into the Ritz Carlton. Table and the economy protected downturn. And eight gators a year and day. Opened a barbecue restaurant and she is Korean and he and from originally from Texas. And they have that it's not fusion to get regulatory fusion is a little bit misleading but it just. Wonderful mash up. As Texas style barbecue and she has these different Korean. I'm recipes but hurt the flaw. Is that has the Korean and expiration and then this glazed. Com which is so it's up and sugar and aren't include and peppercorns and it just like this sort of sweet sour salty. Wonderfully better. Avery. On clay she served that on. Tried to detain and on an iron I love and brisket baked potato I decided to. Cheered up recipes from eon but on average it's it. And there are so it. At you know it we could talk about so many other recipes that we have to have three hours and you'd be and you can go on but. A so many great things there in the seafood section the steam muzzle and you know right now today reckon with in three minutes or where I speak. It's a Costco. And they have not always but regularly and you can call ahead. Penn cove muscles. And they're good in there that are brought in overnight. They have them for a day or two and then of regard for four days element. Another bachelor Rodman there are so good and you've got a group which Bieber. All kinds of seafood and who one of the pictures again that. We need a scratch and sniff that is the Nashville hot grilled chicken. He had good to the national that Philip it would typically have a hot fried chicken that are dictated that the that the battery is steeper spicy. And then extra the kicker on it is they take them hot oil. And out of fried chicken with the pot spite C. Hot heat oil on after it pride and partially in an effort to lighten things up and parsley an Africa decent slightly different I might transform that recipe to a grilled. Chicken recipe protecting it. As a little bit more friendly I'm really trying hard to make my recipes accessible. To people to make it happened. Well everything in this recipe is easy to come by in fact. Most everybody probably has that. You're like me there in the freezer but it much you can. Pick up a four pack of almost on the chicken grows and and your underway and it's just the the sauce the you wanna eat some of that chickens and get the bottom where the Jews lives and then have some. Omid bird. And as well. What. Hoch takes. Corn bread corn cakes corn on Johnny cape. You've got to really core recipe for that and that is a that's a southern thing from several different regions and from the my grandmother used it. He had quite a tremendous sense southern K in cooking and actually would predate biscuits if you think about it what people think of that it's the ultimate. Southern city but it wasn't until that eighteen hundred's that. Reliable baking powder reliable sources and baking powder where we're available. True. Corn rant with a just spin as simple as. Corn meal and then as simple as people with water and a little bit of cat. There's a recipe and secrets at a table four Brown's daughter. Whole grain corn bread but time titan and I in the liberal. Sprinkling of black pepper on top. I'm Matt left corn bread if you'd been nice kid a whole grains corn bread. So delicious. And you can put stuff that I mean you know you can get a fresh warm green Chile you can. You can S must sign that the way you want and then I find lace corporate creeps. I think Anderson pretty evident from my dear friend on Rebecca lines grandmother. She it's a very south Georgia. Type recipes so it that there are specific to outsource or where they. Predominately use fine why cornmeal. It's been editors like court of course you know in yellow corn and had been hit in south Georgia Tech predominately evil why you're fine and that's that's required to that practically they want it be mr. Could speak creole like wafers that are delicious. Crispy in Lebanon. My dad's best at fish or any kind of fried fish recipe was a combination of 52 of the white and yellow cornmeal. Not in any different my little different little flower laden among the dessert section all of it is so good the book is. Probably another James Beard award winner unit with Ayers. Come on. That I have to ask you okay it's a you've been working on this book together. You've had great success with all your books what's next. At you know at heart from me that answer that because I do you have this extensive tour playing and and I'll be traveling in deep into the politics. IE and I'm not quite ready to work and another. I Wii ware and pre production for a TV Asia has. Can match this and we sort of we really didn't put it we came up against I'm finding options. So I'm actually typing on ethnic that when this split is about the moment it is Viet feel like yep that would make it could be shattered and putting that out in the universe. And to get this Gillick there's so many beautiful wonderful stories. To tell about people who are making in dealing in. These these are some of the site for the accuracy. Traveling across it and and writing these stories on that they could make great television as well. Millwood. It in fact I'm surprised that the funding wasn't there it Oakley. As you continue the tour and it take a break little amateur was. Exactly what fun. Well thanks so much for your time you know I hate to interrupt the end of your very busy book tour and but the book of where that in there and it can't wait to folks it. If you have the opportunity to buy any of Virginia Willis produced books I would do that but I would certainly. Hunt up go to Amazon wherever you shop and or support your local bookstores and secrets of the southern table food lovers tour. Of the global south Virginia thanks so much. Pat thank you Democrat I mean people on taking get in my web site which is Virginia Willis dot com and there's a bunch of different options I'm happy to stand. People on a fine but please and thank you so much for having ammunition. And then of course she got FaceBook and Twitter it is the follow it learn more and get rest Beason. Yeah I had a great. When technology has influenced the food and wine and one part of our they're pretty good way now folks if you wanna get a copy of this book and you'd sooner or not paperwork. Country is always good. The publishers allowing me to give you a copy of secret for the southern table if you bill longtime listener you know how this worked you've got me on speed dial. The numbers area code 31686913. Thirty caller number five at the standard that. Give back his stuff and we'll ship fewer copies of Virginia will losses secrets of the southern. Quick break while you call in in the movie Batman movie quantum fund don't go.