Cooking Healthy & Balanced Meals With May Abraham Fridel

The Good Life
Saturday, July 15th
Guy's visit with May Abraham Fridel continues in segment two. May & Guy discuss utensils, techniques, & tricks for cooking healthy & balanced meals without using processed foods.

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Yeah. After a welcome back to the program that we're talking about Indian food but some things that are coming up Sierra Scott's gonna join us here she just came back from Florida after. An area partners task of winning. Being crowned. This woman USA. It says several I think there was over thirty other contestants Ronan for this and with her platform reports of her experience the courts. Issue and she wouldn't but I ended. And she's gonna join us to talk a little about her platform and what she's going to be doing it this next year other than being in busiest. Prominent advocate this year's two like but it should be here in a bit. Also got a great line of the week we're talking about Indian food in one of my favorite lines to have with Indian food is is a riesling. It could be bone dry and I asked that it can be soft and subtle with some. Off dry him some semis sweetness. But it goes great with Indian food and my guess may Prado of course she's a food literacy advocate author philanthropist and founder and C ago. Organic spice company where you can get a lot of the spices we've been talking about its passion for spices dot com. May let's talk a little bit about that the first section of the local course. Has everything you would need to know about the spices or at least get to a start and and that's really critical that we've already thought about. What about cooking utensils and you know I'd love to have a pandora be able to make some of the flat breads and tandoori chicken but can I get by without one. Yeah the idea is to. Happened very tight and it and it acts and let me get get. You in and then get meditation technique is important that. Oh lead in each that you don't. William Mac marinate overnight lead and shocking that matter technique. Then you get in India and and bashing it. There is. A little bit of and he had to do I gave bid 88. Monday that it would. I have a little ebitda is it high heat temperature only like not only. And then get that shipped. That it we get that beautiful. In total get on our net and you can immediately create re looking. You all. The IR and making that point. And that they are good and England and let. That act and a delay in the imagination. And it showed in yeah. Lemon juice and Tibet and that I and then you'd Libya meant that I haven't technique is on. Technique we get into the island and the meat. But try to and that you know I don't want. I will do that. The book has a lot of recipes to your new touch on its cut party breakfast. Give me breakfast ideas. Appetizers snacks and street through ago always fun soup and dolls. They are. One of the things that attracts me is what can be done with vegetables than a lot of people one don't. Normally include in their normal diet. Eggplant pronounced a mine. These are so many things you can do with the right spices and a right cooking technique. You know aid clamped in Collie flower and chickpeas and spinach and admit that that really makes the Indian table attractive. And it propaganda and economic and and it can be cook missed and did eat it and and like V bet and breaker that they agree. We have built and indeed and I think. I have given you up there. And dusty have you had planned and of course it and in the the actor and advocate and a man like that you just bake it in the Alvin. There I have had done that and against a great it fresh coconut he can get a goal to begin market. Actually they could buy that and then just put a little bit of Q but if you that I can and kind of from right at. Well tablet like. Al I grew up XP should be back and making the in the haven't. Li B practiced. And get in Asia like. Because that tactic and make EDT and have to eat yeah it can do you hear that jacket yet. And why aren't you detect TDs and act and kidding me you know you can you would advocate the dish can legally and and moved him Blanton went what the actual case and extracting bishops like it actually looked at Hillary not hear that and and and even the drink talking about clean it up about why I'm going to show you that it should it be beautiful and I need to just like lemonade can debate and make. And I get had they that commerce even that needed. The dog and cat in addition we still. Well that's good but in the end you know for example and I ended up making them happy. An attack. I'll be at apple and the only. I think it's really. The nation's imagination because its neatly labeled Nintendo. He can make in 98 in the will get them going. And then having that night and into the top college China that that. Well either the joint book looking Aaron back to learning the art of looking back like I'm doing the bulk. Make people. And more comfortable. And begin as to even Katyusha do you think my I mean that the peace. The only aid every one and to make your life much more I and and. Well let it. This one is one of my favorites. Of course I was introduced a high quality Indian cuisine while I was an England and one of the most popular vision and always was chicken Tikka masala. And yet. This is a very cream be anxious rich. In what did you do to make this. More attractive for someone whose career diabetic. And I needed it more yoga. In the building and don't they. Add to make sure what that did you do it 88. Big eight in China that it obeyed. Exactly mean that you'll get though it Levy Levy is. And then you want to add more passionate and avoided. A ballot could not illegal it not been. Out mainly. So I'll be happy and not earning all you. And I don't question yeah. Who would buy so guard me and that if you look you may be that it is the book and be able. And in the debt debt and that and that and they give him via Turkey. And poem. Whether we have an advantage but I want to show mention about it politically because Canada and Atlanta and these are only different. Eight electable he is. Yeah they the many ash and that what he can get I usually you like TE vegetable and that and that actually elect will be app. I think when you're talking and so are you proud of what caused the and then get beaten like he basically. Eating him why I'll bark and and that coconut and achievement and you can eat a court order in the field. And be perfect but he did a lot of fight not a vitamin and that and packaged ice and. Yeah I have a did you stay loose for two more break I want to talk a little about. There's so many great sections and a book but I kinda edit. I like some of the desert issues that are put in the book and Andy's or not only healthy but pretty and perfect for this summer programs. Folks we're gonna to a copy of the book right now gotta do caller number five you know the number it's area code 316. 86. Weigh 869. Don't know. A chip. 86913. Thirty I start that they thirteen 3869 no W you know diets like today here. Call now Colin or 586913. Thirty we'll give you a copy of made book the Indian cuisine no away will be right.