"Cool Greens" looking at opening franchises in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says the "healthy options" restaurant could open in Wichita as soon as next year.


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Like the direction that our country is had been. I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country but I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. Seven and thirteen thirty K and as tennis. Wheelers he's been dead in the morning at 745. Voted Tuesday three big things in the CBS TV host Charlie Rose. Apologizes for sexual misconduct seeded Wichita city manager says police will likely cut back on years of cameras to write traffic ticket slot. Tyson chicken plant for Kansas on the whole the as company moves forward with a plant in Tennessee. Three big things Stephen dead on king innocence. This stalled out vehicle in a traffic accident both net debt. See this is Kellogg. He's founder and try to round them all over watch for slowed down there he's been telling that Kellogg as Oliver. Also got that traffic accident reported at Harry and McClain. One person apparently seriously. Injured in this traffic accident. And death apparently was thrown from the vehicle you're gonna wanna avoid that area in the Terry and the flames. Traffic updates on CNN has brought you by Joseph the province Carl's Goodyear tire. Let's get it down telemarketer and Waterman C east Terry street Moline on money grows tired dot com home of the 3495. Feet. Becoming sunny and breezy today with a high of 56 degrees after Monday's high of 64 go to law forbids. North wind at nineteen to 24 miles per hour clear and cool tonight. And I mean really cool profit down to an overnight low of 23 year. Wednesday sunny tomorrow's night's 49. Now mostly cloudy with a north wind at three miles per hour. And forty degrees. Did you know that forty to 50% of your body heat is lost through the top of your. And it seemed a great selection of warm winter hat that's for men and women at Hackman Jack's. At the clock tower in the lane all hat and Jack's 6010 west Douglas opened. Six days a week. I Kia has re launched the recall of 29 million chests and dressers following the death of an eighth child. CER a large CEO large Peterson says the company wants to increase awareness of the recall for several types of tests and drawers. That can easily tip over if not anchored to a ball. The death of the California toddler who was found trapped underneath an IKEA mall a Dresser inmate. Has raised questions about whether IKEA has effectively spread the word about the recall. Which was first announced in June of 26 team. In a survey of 387. Employers. Bloomberg a law found that 97% of employers will provide paid time off for all or most of their employees on Thanksgiving. While 78%. Will give employees a fully paid four day weekend how about that way to go still. The nationwide survey found that one in three employers will require at least some employees to work on Thanksgiving encapsulated. In all its its employees idea. Responsible for service and maintenance or security and public safety support. Are most likely to be required to work on Thanksgiving the survey found that. There are certain jobs that have to be done here yeah get a feel most of the league any dairy farmers are. Probably not unit for gold milking their accounts for a day gap. As an example they won't forego that dinner probably. Good stuff there are good national account in course is funny retailers out there that are open display wanna do well. Talk about the last details gallon last night into a life and on my daughter in law on about a shopping. And now people are gonna be shopping over Thursday and Friday. US stocks rose Monday as a mix of smaller US focused companies technology firms and banks climbed it. Drug makers struggled which limited those gains realtors in smaller companies rose for the third day in her role. As their latest quarterly reports have investors feeling better. About the US economy. Standard and Poor's 500 index picked up three points while the dowel. Advanced seven points NASDAQ Composite also. Advanced seven points. And auto safety group is asking the government for recalled of Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Over complaints at the engines can stall without warning and can be bad. Center for auto safety petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Monday asking for an investigation and recall. Of 150000. Minivans from the 2017 model here this model year. Group says over. Fifty people have complained to the government. About stalling and Fiat Chrysler has not be able to fix the problem for them some have complained that the advance of stalled several times. Somebody entities the yen Chrysler. Pacifica. Band and we're talking about here. Nebraska regulators have approved a keystone XL oil pipeline route through the state. Breathing new life into the long delayed eight billion dollar project. However the chosen pathway is not the one preferred by the pipeline operator. And could require more time to study the changes. Janet Yellen has a bit her resignation from the Federal Reserve board to president Donald Trump announcing that she believed what her successor is sworn in as Fed Chairman and Colorado Colorado regulators. Have issued an eight point nine million dollar fine against numbers parent company. Were allowing employees the serious criminal or motor vehicle offenses to work for the company. As drivers. In assist you time now 751. Stephen Ted in the morning. You're on a Tuesday November 21. It's a time for our out. Which is a business journal update is to build with a suit yet okay. Bill Roy of course with a stiff talking about the Tyson chicken plant missed some more news about that coming up this morning right departure. And that's right Steve hello let Tyson chicken plant in Kansas on hold anyway. The company announced Monday that it would move forward with a plan in humbled Tennessee that's about 95 miles east of Memphis. A Tyson spokesman told us that the company may still have interest in chances. But those plans are put on hold while the company focuses on the new facility in Tennessee. A fast casual restaurant chain taking a look at what to talk play Carlson as vice president of franchise development for Kool green's. That's in Omaha or rather Oklahoma he says the company would like to move into Wichita soon perhaps in the next year. The chain offers healthy options like salads wraps meanwhile bulls and flat beds or threat flat bread sandwiches. Carson is from a heart Kansas City. And Textron has been back of 500 million dollar loan from the export import bank two years early the ten year loan authorized in 2000 Imus to help find aircraft exports from a facilities in Wichita and the bell helicopter sight in Texas. The funding enabled them delivery of about 150 aircraft. Local breaking business news every day on can't assets under which it off this external dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Bill of course Thanksgiving Day right around the caller what two days off now right now and Al Gore for thinking about delicious Turkey stuffing that is none original part of Thanksgiving dinner. Now whether the cut chooses to stuff the bird with crust of bread onions celery herbs and spices or prefers to prepare some Kurdish alongside the Turkey using. The droppings to voice in the dish is personal preference. Differences my first is called stuffing. The latter is referred to as pressing. The dressing him interest thing iron about that you are a lot of sense a lot of great things can seduce you into a valuable. Valuable and tries. Seeing get a little undressing. Headed in it we did an interview of course and our. Mondays with the mayor with. Mayor along well and one of the things he stressed receptive the city in and everything you're doing they're they're looking to recruit talent thesis. The looking to find people out there in the business world who who would like to come to Wichita and a talented people. As if we don't. Have enough talented people here already with people like you and me well we got a bunch but we've got plenty of room for more or more talented people would come in and take positions here that's this is the thing about went with talent. And we're using this term or you know. People like us are cut above everybody feels. Right of course are going to talk about the metallic there's always room for talent. We'll find out where right. Absolutely. How some whose emotional ought to retain them to do who's been broadcasting talent the most talented broadcaster you never know. Who is it a home like god holy smoke nearly eighteen is a wide open to Abbey National too you know how much Charles Bosnia if somebody asked if you are meant Charlie ousted by the way yeah did he and Clinton in a speech up in north central Kansas I'm adamantly speak here to talk several years ago. Used dreary this guy Davis ignorant I had him sign a baseball for ions and if I had sent a photo from me. You know we're. We're we're we're just like twins or something you know insane I think so twins who Margaret I think. You'll check again with you you the next hours to come up on 755. Now Steven's dad. 8 o'clock we've got the key indices morning users to you to the complete look at today's news including. The fire forcing an evacuation of Modesto nursing home. That's coming up Steven dead in the morning on K and assess.