Could Carl Perkins have been as big as Elvis?

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Friday, January 19th

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Odd turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 8:30 because of the morning team Macintosh Ted Woodward. Authorities have released more details about a crash have resulted in the death of a 26 year old man near derby Wednesday night. The center county sheriff's office says that Joshua Howard was driving on 79 street south near 127. Street east. When he crossed the center line and left the road. His vehicle struck a culvert and mailbox and then treat. The crash happened at around 10 PM sixties to derby Howard was pronounced dead at the scene. Passenger 25 year old Austin young suffered critical injuries and was taken to Wesley medical center in Wichita. As of Thursday afternoon he remained in critical condition. The cause of the crash is under investigation. A family friend said in the face but post that Howard leaves behind a wife and child Amy web KN SS news. Now look at the forecast with Kagan as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning to Anna good morning as we start to move into late January a looks like a much better scenario forests in the Arctic blast we had earlier this month. Sunny and breezy today we should get to 55 for the afternoon high a few clouds tonight windy and 36 and in 56 for the high tomorrow with a few showers popping up Sunday and near sixty. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Mostly cloudy 28 degrees Kansas plan to have the nation's largest private prison operator. Build a new state prison is in limbo after several top Republican lawmakers backed away from the supporting the project. Governor Sam Brownback canceled a Thursday morning meeting with the legislature's top eight leaders to seek their final approval. At least three Republican leaders have grown less comfortable with a project in recent weeks. Wichita has unveiled street sweepers with a new eye popping design the says mayor Jeff Long well. So officially today they're not called street sweepers in the longer they're sweepers of the clients. But they have a really cool really cool what's taught flag logo on the and we think that that's going to be a real hit. The new sweepers are on the streets nearly 24 hours a day five days a week key equipment came up with a flag design and install them free of charge. The sweepers clean Wichita is arterial streets eight times a year neighborhood streets gets swept about twice a year. There are photos of those newly designed sweepers along with the news story on our website check it out take in as as radio dot com it's crunch time for congress says the federal government gets closer to a budgets shut down tonight. Democrats in the senator calling for a short extension of a few days to come up with a deal on how to protect young immigrants from deportation. Some conservatives what a long term spending plan to help stabilize the military. No matter what happens Republican senator Lindsey Graham tells Fox News the American people don't like the process. The public pays the way we do this discount man. This chaos is gunning and I'm willing to keep the government open days not weeks to get a deal that we should exact a year ago. The house has already approved a short term spending plan to last another four weeks. A woman was unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicles he was traveling along an interstate in Georgia. The state trooper took quick action to stop her and get her to a hospital fox five Atlanta is Laura Neal has the story. If not for Georgia State trooper Asher grace quick action there might not be a woman and a hospital to visit so observed today and I she'd be driving left shoulder. Fallen partially on the wall it was then trooper gray did something he'd been tots that never performed a technique usually used on the bad guys this night was used to save a woman's life using his car to push the woman at TV to safety. Back seat to the pro windshield she was actually. Heading for the ocean but that's part of this woman is alive at the hospital being treated. 834 now Stephen and candidate 35 seat until the morning Don Kaye in SS journal Friday morning January 19 28 ET it. It is entertainment style we call the water with Ted boomers tests. Taken out and get ready to sit down at the NBA all star game. Not. Around we'll take to the court with his hip hop rock band any RG often does nerd. That's why bother to play music you headline halftime show 12018 NBA all star game Los Angeles next month also on tap to seeing it. The star spangled banner. Assistant that is sending them Fergie and Canadian rockers. Thank you ladies who performed the National Anthem of their home country. If they're very eighteenth came to Staples Center will air at 8 eastern on TNT with actor and comedian Kevin Hart who didn't tonight. We shall Paulino Fox News. Let's get an up close look at Jerry Bruckheimer and twelve strong and this is from the towers and carry them with the. More drama twelve strong is based on the true story of the special ops team sent on a dangerous mission in Afghanistan just after 9/11 and it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Effective we brought it to the screen is really something that I feel very proud of and he's proud of these soldiers they went into battle they had no idea who they were gonna meet up with their 100000 dollar bounties on there and there are way outnumbered and the fact did they accomplish their mission and they came back alive. Stars Chris Hemsworth and Michael Pena spoke about the incredible challenges the soldiers space to. So impressive about the fact that wont to do is present in a new nothing very little insult and you have to horses is that this is that we thought and I doubt in the Balkans is so much special forces so gross. And there's a reason Bruckheimer leans towards these kinds of movies I like to make movies about people and make a difference in your world the end. Thanks her films they'll always be remembered. Actually the far end Fox News. Media mogul and rapper Diddy says he still wants to buy it at Carolina Panthers appearing on The Breakfast Club on how 105 point one in New York. Pushing to by the Panthers to give the black community representation. In NFL owner. Ship they have to consider. You know. Some black. Ownership right now with 80% 70%. I'm the Indian African American. And it's just time did he was among a few celebrities they came board interest in the purchase of the Panthers after current owner Jerry Richardson announced he would sell the team and an investigation into war place misconduct allegations against him. Man a volatile no Fox News. The weekend for heading into new movies coming out let's take a look at the box office preview going into the weekend. I'm Michelle Leno ninety minutes or their country and its overview will be the first ones in the twelve strong tells the story of the first special forces team. Deployed to Afghanistan. And right after nine elevenths under the leadership of the new captain of the team. Must work within Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban. Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon stock. Yeah. Right Indiana thieves Gerard Butler stars in this gritty crime saga. Which follows the lives of and you leave unit of the LA county sheriff's department and the State's most successful bank robbery crew. The outlaws planning seemingly impossible heist and the federal reserve bank and so it's. Looking for a little romance this weekend it forever my girls should be on your list as a country music star after being gone for a decade returns home to the Levy left behind. I find this special bonus. That's spots on film on Fox News. There's a problem in Los Angeles are trying to find a way to ease the traffic near that famous iconic. Hollywood sign another Hollywood sign it could happen and that's one of the suggestions from the study seeking ways to ease traffic near the iconic sign in Los Angeles gave its bill the second son on the other side of the hill when faced toward the San Fernando Valley the LA times reports some other ideas include a shuttle is very visitors to trails near the signed an aerial tram for bird's eye views at least Hillis Darren Fox News. Longtime National Anthem singer and the National Hockey League Boston hanging up the microphone. On. Yeah goods on them. You know that's Renee rancor perform in the star spangled banner at TD garden for the Bruins first home game and Tony thirteen. Following the tragic Boston Marathon bombing. Bruins announcing Thursday that the seventy year old will retire at the end of the season. After more than forty years of singing the National Anthem at Bruins games brand court crowd favorite with his signature fist bump at the end of the anthem along with a salute to military servicemen and women. Record himself actually served in the US army in the 1960s. Not sent to Vietnam instead assigned to we GI traveling show after winning a singing competition manned Apollo Donahoe Fox News. Let's check in with some of the late night the funny guys how bout the Jimmy Kim reliant on ABC. In the ponson dissing the website port hub which is the site. Oh you noted that. Really chart showing that traffic in Hawaii before and after the missile alert on this in the chart so when you. Oh god dealer though they're gonna die traffic going weighed down went down 77% from usual but then after they got everyone found that ozone okay. It shot up from 48%. Above the law. Five you've got the all clear text by 901 they were all clearing their browser history. That it's open I'll. The Jimmy Kimmel last night. Well is chicken with Conan O'Brien on TBS professional race car driver Danica Patrick is dating again. After breaking up with her previous boyfriend a NASCAR driver. Yeah out when asked why that relationship didn't work out Patrick explained we were just going in circles. Good. Appropriate react on Conan O'Brien last night happy birthday to actress to be head during an. Most famous for being in a couple of Hitchcock movie the birds the birds and Marty Marty yeah. TP header in his 88. Today. Whose whose mothers that Melanie Melanie Griffith mom and I don't you explain where are you intending. She's okay in those movies or. I'm not some people think she's just been awful actors act that's kind of what I'm thinking. I don't know for the there's a method to her madness there's been different schools volunteers and Marty see this if she does have some sort of psychotic yes. Married to Sean upon a man who is a rich get weird little movie and and our streak you're strong car and on T did you see just. I'm awful I. Have been let Hitchcock liked Erica I know on an idea of moving forward again go 15188. Today. Ten years ago today that says Suzanne push yet passed away. You know now what she was in the bird's. On you that's right I'm afraid that she was a dark jealous yeah. So she interviewer and birdie you get a medal connection right there about that hem and Iraqis in the end of the Bob Newhart Show yeah San did you insult Obama favors she was only seventy when she passed away ten years ago today Arabia didn't think she was a heavy smoker and I have Evans prize and and I heard details on a set she just swore like a dead GeMS say I've been surprised me there. It's funny I was pretty well like very talented hitters. And it was twenty years ago today that we lost one of the great voices in music for this one. Do about the show. We even get rid. Carl Perkins first break Carl Perkins and passed away twenty years ago today he's only 65. Course there's always that Carl Perkins Elvis connection yet with song as well until they they were the Carl Perkins and an Elvis were both. Some records guy's gun rights and they were both. They were both threw just one. Huge rising stars on their way up charts. Rockabilly your weather and and Karl is on his way he was traveling to New York City to be on Perry Como shift to sing this song that was number one in charge who rallied shoots. He got into a traffic wreck car accident. Karl ended up face down in the in a puddle and had to be safe from drowning. And he'd never appeared on the Perry Como Show and of course had to recover and do rehab and Bali was in the hospital Elvis. Recorded blue suede shoes accidentally you know Elvis mania three year four or five different national TV appearances all law Carl Perkins was in the hospital now. He never know it fate had been different what if Carl Perkins had been the big. Elvis type guy and Elvis would have forever been kind of in the shadow what are is every day drive carefully I know that. And Carl Perkins might have been a huge rock icon of all time but. It's happened and still Carlson Karl's injury rockabilly starry passively twenty years ago today entertainment news in the blurred brought to you Larry good friend defeated John gender you are open Monday through Saturday eleven and 10 PM a right there on take fifteen to 08 south Baltimore Pete John van der 44 Stephen did it addresses. Ohio on the way trouble in the possible bright your future forward my company. Phil who still thought about it Stevens in the morning on eight and as an.