Council approves bonds for Wesley Medical Center

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Wesley plans to hire 66 new employees as part of this investment.

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8713 thirty K and as serious student of the morning now Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward at 730. The celebration of life for a five year old Wichita Floyd whose body was found months after he disappeared will be open to the public. The family of Lucas Hernandez says the memorial service will be June 30 at 1 PM at Wichita State Eugene Hughes metropolitan complex. The funeral announcement as a family wanted to offer all those touched by loses short life and his death. The chance to say goodbye. Fire officials asked residents near a biofuels plant in southwest Kansas to evacuate their homes as they fought a fire at the plant. Ford County fire lieutenant James warned key said the fire at the EGE plant near Mineola was contained to the plant after about four hours Tuesday. He said crews were waiting for the blazed a burnout at the plant Mineola is located about 150 miles west of Wichita no injuries were reported. The Kansas Department of Agriculture says the plant manufactures additives for fertilizer that are designed to keep fertilizer from drifting into the air and also might work with ethanol. Warned he said there are fewer than ten homes in the four mile evacuation radius around the plant the cause of the fire is under investigation. Phil pulled a brand Kagan SS news. The Wichita City Council approved up to 100 million dollars in bonds for Wesley medical center at central on hillside. The bonds will finance the cost of remodeling and equipping portions of the facility. Wesley plans to hire 66 new employees as part of this investment. And an average annual salary of 60000 dollars in its annual policy making meeting in Chicago the American Medical Association acted on doctors demands. To take a stronger stand against gun. Violence many AMA members are gun owners themselves but as the San Jose trauma surgeon told the group there's a place to start this should be. And members voted to press for a ban on assault weapons by a vote of 446. To 99. The AMA still has a lot of clout with congress with a quarter million members billion new urgency has gun deaths mount. 40000 a year by their count including suicides and rising. But members also voted to encourage better training to teach doctors how to recognize patients at risk for suicide. And guns are still an also ran when it comes to health threats heart disease and cancer killer over 600000. People each year. Lung disease and alzheimer's over a 100000 deaths each even diabetes takes twice as many lines has guns Terry's Crowley Fox News. And study says the prescription drugs people use may cause depression and they may not even know about. If you are feeling depressed you may want to check the side effects produced by any may June may be taking. University of Illinois researchers have been studying medication use of more than 26000. People. And say they found more than a third of people are taking drugs that may cause depression or increase the risk of suicide. And because these drugs are so common and have nothing to do with the depression. Patients may now be aware of the threat. The researchers say more than 200 common drugs like blood pressure medication and message some painkillers. Have depression her suicide listed as potential side effects till NATO Fox News. Good weather helped boost attendance at last week which of river festival which stuff festivals link president Internet service tells him SS news how attendance is measured. But we view it here for things like concerts will take over at pictures and news groups and child and another thing. We either replacing process. You know no person shall execute court you know what can I think some event we used quicker and specifically count everybody coming out. It would serve our side. Professed attendance estimated at 460000. This year compared to about 4101000. Last year. Now look at the forecast with Kate and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning the wheat harvest is underway in south central Kansas and it looks like the weather pattern certainly going to improve. Over the next few days to get things done we may see shower or thunderstorm early on that. Cloudy throughout most of the day with a high 89 tonight's lows 72 and his high pressure builds in tomorrow will be windy and 96. And KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 72 degrees we have an east wind at three miles per hour. She did in the morning now it is 734. Today is June 13 2018. At one EDT on this date in 1966. The Supreme Court ruled in Miranda vs Arizona that criminal suspects and be informed of their constitutional right to consult an attorney and remained silent. Many of the officers maybe still carry those little cards in their pocket Paloma just read into the Persian. Verbatim on if you memorize I'm sure that does. Ebert commenting earlier this morning about cops when they filled cups. Here in Wichita. The those that the fox TV series. That everybody has to well people were being. Arrested by the police on its they'll have to sign a release so that that you Gilani right. And you're saying that the police told you that. Nobody ever nobody else nobody ever says not don't want sign that waiver they all signed that waiver on don't be calling me on TV. Team me. Is everybody must view TV if there I guess fifteen minutes of fame even if it's because you knew that because your being arrested or rent your being run. Police are chasing you because you try to sell drugs and any running from the law to basically the fox. Should always play out that was the part of that shelf the entire plot right there. And former driver who booted two kissing women out of his cars had his slippery license suspended the New York City taxi and limousine commission called his behavior ridiculous. The women were on their way from Brooklyn to Manhattan Saturday when they exchanged what they called up back on the lips. They said the driver forced them out at a confrontation ensued. A cell phone video taken by one of the women shows a driver's saying kissing isn't in and Hoover is illegal. You can't do this. In the car the virus that driver's eyes on the road just does not illegal one of the women response. Why are not allowed to kiss and over the driver responded it's disrespectful. Hoover has behavior rules and on regional section cars but nothing to do with kissing but Hoover says it does not tolerate discrimination. Yes is this guy looking in the bag in her view manner you know wanted me to keep your eyes on the ad drive on the destination and trying to plan and you need to be. Paying attention to what you're doing there especially driving in new York and New York I would think it would be a bit of a talented someplace sometime but it. By the way just a reminder that the VIP Wichita magazine is on the stands and newsstands right now the don't stores. And you get a copy absolutely free of charge a drug familiar with the IP which starts a magazine this as. The deal photos. Of people are doing fun things in which audited the VIP was this. This is June edition has had an ad for Steve instead in there media and you can you can beat up cup Daniel had year old. Private personal Stephen Ted photo. It out yet suitable for Fred it's the swimsuit edition to review an apparently. That's true but we don't we're not in swimsuits and found not us don't let that hold you back here where nuns from suits and 737 now Steven and Ted and we did a quick look at this radar gimmick innocents mothers generator. A total wash it this morning dale or C it's an annual rate in the air a little spotty or buy show on food way down on the southeast corner of Kansas and and that I don't see anything coming forward out of northern Oklahoma there was something down there it is kind of don't know there's not much going on. A little cloud cover and and that's about it we're following my hips up the last night but it never did material Nelson though happen. My wife is hoping that would rein on her flowers disappointment that didn't I was hoping for a mother nature Karl watch last yeah didn't get to some of the bird doo doo yeah car there but it didn't hand and get it. What are. Stories from of the police. Over night and in this morning involves. A woman who was basically. And gunpoint. She gave somebody ride which was you know a stranger. Which is the first mistake going to the police. And this a person in another version gotten involved now the woman is at gunpoint. She is take into an ATM and gunpoint she removes. 8000 dollars on account. And when these this man and woman take off. It's at all for the hearings now to me you know come on guys. That's the loneliness of low that is going to be you know somebody's got to see that name. And again they're getting bigger and elusive and I predict that won't take long. Because even you know even criminals and just took somebody's what is. It maybe maybe there's no honor among fees but on the other hand you know would you take no wedding for prize you know I guess they think it's a real. We'll biased answer whatever in net and they get some money for it but the so we're looking for a couple of people who took somebody's wedding ring and 8000 dollars and a we'll have more on this story as it develops and remember the woman who did passed away. Can drive through in Saudi stole her wedding ring a few years ago they never I don't believe they ever found that when I don't remember that anybody really arrest somebody for the for the case. But that ring ring and his family lost no leading to. Just get that ring back to in never I don't think it ever surfaced. That a person who puts in analog urea don't. It doesn't mean much to me on the other hand my wife is here is the opposite. It's keepsake and it's something very dear to her wedding ring any tendering your something like that. And is Sylvia this would be devastating for earth something like this happen that's pretty that's solo. And though and I'm on and end and on the other hand let me let me just say this real quick capital street Smart. Don't restrain your ride is he. Any time as you never know what definitive. The thing trolley thoughts used on somewhere nice for someone that thing that people don't understand that I just. The economy con man or compliment somebody who's a criminal. Can really talk a good game knowing now there's an act that their sales people but they're serious selling crime there's bigger take advantage. And that's why it works because Hitler and what these people that don't happen that are right this this is going to be solved like predicted at night. Hope within a short period of time with Cuba for a right to it. 741 now always Stephen did major renovation plan for Wesley medical center. Editor bill Roy of which stuff business journal is standing by. Weather update that's on the way things that the morning on K and as fast.