County Commission looking to do something with the Greyhound Park land

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 20th
Businessman Phil Ruffin tells the Wichita Business Journal he will bid on the location.

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Any good. He'd say if there's an unknown just for a game. Came in and says being in the morning now. At 70. As we hear all the way they normally need. The big thing. We diversity council take steps to improve the north junction of highways seeing a man arrested in shooting in northeast Wichita. A little motorcycle riders killed himself Leftwich talked ran. Pretty big things even dead on tape and assess. Kind of. Strange we have stalled out vehicle potential traffic hazards out there and both on Iowa 135 both the 21 street one of them is that south found that. Since SUV type vehicles there and the other when the north found it Kia sedan car fills. And both of them again NASA I won 35 and 21 street north and southbound. Traffic updates from Davis has radio line judges. Partly cloudy with a 60% chance for mainly morning rain today in a high of 84 degrees 30% chance for rain tonight the overnight those 65. Thursday partly cloudy cooler 20% chance for rain tomorrow and a high of 81. Now mostly cloudy southwest wind at seven miles per dollar and 66 degrees. 746 now Steve until the morning on Cain and assess bald bull cars. The first major auto maker to abandoned cars powered solely by internal combustion engines is officially opening its first plant in the United States. The Swedish carmaker aims to make 130000. Hybrid or all electric vehicles a year. At the South Carolina factory. Once it reaches peak capacity. Mobil's officially opening in the plants today in ridge bill. The first redesigned S sixty sedans should roll off the assembly line this fall. Why they always open in North Carolina and South Carolina I don't know. That's the only place we can make Garcia he's populations. Company officials say 15100 people should be working there by year's end. And 4000 by the end of 20/20 one. So Volvo opening a big pat plant in regional. South Carolina. Something in of the about those workers in south in the general population centers good manufacturing dead people babies like to do the board yeah sure that there are good corporate incentives must be more such yeah. Stocks ended in the red again Tuesday. The Dow finished down 287. Points 24700. The NASDAQ Composite down over 21 at 7729. US and 500 down eleven at 2762. It was materials and industrials that came under pressure Boeing caterpillar 3M Dow DuPont. And United Technologies all led the Dow lower. Boeing was down almost 4%. After the bell FedEx and oracle reported. Their numbers and both beat the street. Moving lower after hours that Starbucks after the company announced it's cutting its dividend by 20%. And closing some underperforming stores on the for the New York Stock Exchange Nicole pedal les Fox News. Verizon AT&T sprint and T-Mobile have pledged to stop providing information on US phone owners locations to data brokers in so doing. They're stepping back from a business practice that has drawn criticism for endangering privacy. Sharing information. New York City is in the midst of a plumbing repair job of monumental proportion portions. This is it is amazing to me hard hat workers. Toiling underground. 55 stories beneath the Hudson River 55 stories under ground so blunt about. More than 500 feet right. They're trying to eliminate gushing leaks in an aging tunnel at Terry's half the city's water supply half of the city's water supply. Over 85 miles from the Catskill mountain Reza of course that's where New York gets a fresh water wow. Using a cylindrical space rocket size borer. They're carving through solid rock. To created two and a half mile bypass tunnel around the worst of the leaks. When they finish the one billion dollar tunnel in 20/20 two of the entire Delaware aqueduct will be shut down for months to prepare whose version. If they don't write New Yorkers turning on their faucets will never even noticed that's the most amazing that. Yeah we don't do this through and make it all smooth and it yet. So that's where New York City it's our water from the from by the Catskill mountain reservoirs and a I didn't know that and just never thought about it much but it's a an example of C amazing infrastructure that's. Buried beneath major cities all over the world. And it's all I mean New York city's been a long long time collectively out the city's been around for hundreds of years and you think about some of that infrastructure. Underneath all that and of course the making sure that you have a good water supply is crucial to every city in America that. Including Wichita we've been over this animated top analysts right we've got to have a good fresh water to as a Zain as civilization. And so we're looking Italy's old pipes into ovals and try to make repairs. 750 now Stephen Ted on K Ennis says. For sale land at the former Greyhound park editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve and Teddy anyone thinking about bidding for land at the Wichita Greyhound park we'll have to go up against the billionaire businessman Phil Ruffin tells which dubbed as the external. He will bid on two tracks of land that include the former Wichita Greyhound park location the auction scheduled for July 17. Cedric county commissioners voted in November to sell pork. Comprised bank has hired a well known with two top banker killed Trout left UMB is now leader of them prizes commercial banking division. He started a new job Tuesday trial was CEO view on these Kansas region and vice chairman of the company's Oklahoma locations. And prize chairman and CEO Matt Kayla says travel is a great fit with his things culture and values. And participants of the WBJ's career women programs say they place a lot of value on emotional intelligence. Several members took part or roundtable discussion Tuesday saying that effective communication and management. Starts with each individual the important qualities are adaptability. Empathy and conflict management. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess it Wichita business journal not comp but the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy but you called it emotionally intelligent emotional intelligence on exactly within beat then well it's being able to deal with a situation. You know well with a clear head and moving forward with the solutions. In other words not of you don't punch the boss right well that's against good start and and have a good start. The higher right hey listen the bark park is attempting now for a page but ten years. And guess who is the building you're certain to stare down out there and north of Wichita linemen and like you were saying that they wanna get this. This lens sold it get get on with a project. That. Gavin tried there's 77 north and I want 35 there's already some infrastructure layers so that might be. Might be attractive to a developer but again mr. Ruffin wants attract a crack at the land to not sure what he uses for bit. We've brought against something you have in mind these of well I'm pretty savvy guy a guy you bet so they you know. Today is national American Eagle today. Set aside to honor our national symbol. Raise awareness for protecting the bald eagle assist in the recovery of their natural environments. And take part in educational outreach. The bald Eagles both the national bird and the national animal the United States of America and appears on its seal as you know. But it onetime. Is not always the but these most popular well those the most popular choice but there's at least one person. In the early days who thought maybe another animal should be a national bird fed right that'd be the Ben Franklin wanted to have proponent of the Turkey. And wild as they are more as a more fit. And at this and I ran out on legal. Wild Turkey nothing to regal about it and it's a symbol of what is of Turkey is symbol of here's latter years we've animated Turkey is symbol of that the all that's not a good about people or. You know that guys are trickier that's really a Turkey. But hey it pretty tasty at Thanksgiving time of data. Sets that's a symbol to me is slicing that Turkey and get and smash then isn't management it is that it may be the mashed potatoes should be our national something in. Yeah I agree that it that the national. Ball eagled eight and we've seen I haven't seen this year Allen Doyle sometime at date date. Messed up their right twin lights there was several years ago and we talked about the several years ago jargon down. Right by oak park village down there you don't talk around in Riverside Drive and a part. And you can achieve this bird flat audits of its tip it's unmistakable it was an eagle. And it was just it was that is stopping just watch. It was really inspiring and they had some amazing where twin lakes out the island and when makes it funny first and evidence. They had some nesting out there so in theory the Eagles not a stranger to Wichita that's for sure right. Gilbert thank you 755. Now Stephen Ted stay with Stephen's head in the 8 o'clock hour. We'll have the latest on a fatal motorcycle accident in southwest Wichita. Tip we'll have a look at the sports right Ted that's right pro am today if the golf course getting ready for the Wichita open tomorrow plus entertainment news on the border with Ted Woodward that. Entertainment items coming your way at 8:35 this morning and the latest weather with a chance for rain at least in the forecast even dead in the 8 o'clock hour on K in a sense.