Crime Stoppers is looking for suspects involved in several burglaries

Steve & Ted
Monday, April 16th

WPD Det. Wendy Hummel talks about several early morning liquor store and bar burglaries.


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Is distinction which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Which talks number one yeah. Who's talking and what their station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this is the king in his this morning news was even dead thank Steve Macintosh. Which is on teen dead after vehicle crashes into the think we could fire severely damaged an apartment buildings and left several people homeless. Coalition strike against Syria called a huge success. On pit look toward those details just ahead. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday for the first three weekends in April we've had temperatures fall below freezing. Do we warm up at all today our forecast is coming. Fans as breaking news seven inmates have been killed at least seventeen others seriously injured. Amid fighting between prisoners inside a maximum security prison in South Carolina. Prison spokesman Jeff Taylor on. Announced the grim outcome after state law enforcement division agents helped secure leap correctional institution. Around 3 AM today that in Columbia south kimberlite at. Tim Hudson know officers were voted after multiple inmates. Fights broke out at 7:15 PM Sunday since seventeen of the injured required medical attention outside the prison. Wichita teen is dead after authorities found a vehicle submerged in the I'm a one dispatch received a call from a passing motorist at a car was submerged in the 9639235. In West Street. Officers found the body of eighteen year old lexis the news of Wichita in the vehicle. Here's a news spoke with Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Thomas case. Preliminary investigation revealed that vehicle one was traveling. Eastbound on K 96 run on reasons why not throw away. Hitting striking a guardrail and then vaulting up the embankment into the river. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused it could each lose was not wearing a seatbelt. A two alarm fire caused extensive damage to an apartment building in west Wichita Saturday afternoon around 3:30 PM firefighters were called to the announcement park apartments in the 8400 block of west central just east of Tyler. Arriving fire crews reported heavy smoke and flames coming from one of the structures Wichita fire chief Tammy snow says the windy conditions didn't help. Under normal day in the wind isn't guessing the way it is we probably manipulative mitigated her hand. Held it set in and checked at the apartment the actual apartment that it was that. The fire eventually spread to the attic area causing the roof of the structure to collapse this force part recruits to fight the fire from the outside. Snow says all sixteen apartment units are a total loss and the Red Cross is assisting residents that are displaced. Investigators believe they carelessly discarded cigarette on a balcony caused the fire. Damages estimated at nearly one point five million dollars he'll hold a brand Kagan SS news and north Wichita business was robbed early Sunday morning. It happened around 640 officers responded to an armed robbery call and transport Jay Rodriguez. In the 300 block of west 21 street north. If female employee stated and announced suspect in the business arm with a handgun demanding money. The suspect took the employee's keys purse and vehicle. The vehicle take it is a great 2004 Buick Rendezvous bearing Kansas tag 834. EEP. There were no injuries. The suspect is a white male around thirty years old with a tall and did bill. He was wearing a brown work jacket dark gloves and armed with a black handgun. Rodney price Kay an SS news. Powerful storms hammered Carolinas yesterday causing airport delays and dropping large hail on the north and South Carolina. Jim Westmoreland a city manager for Greensboro he says they have at least one death from the storm. This is a very significant storm. I've been with the city of greens from now for eighteen years of experience when other event similar to this in the 2007. Timeframe. These storms take a lot of time to recover from. Strong winds knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. White House spokesperson Sara Sanders is a coalition strike against Syria was a huge success. They went out to destroy critical chemical weapons infrastructure in Syria. And they did exactly that and they also sent a strong message to Syria to Russia to Iran. That wind at this president has a red line he will enforce it. Sanders made those comments in an interview on ABC of this week's Sunday. The joint US British French commission came in response dedicated mission response came in. In response to the Syrian government's alleged use of chemical weapons against rebels in that country. Fired FBI director James thome has tossed the latest stone in his ongoing feud with president trump. Komi took to president trumps usual output Twitter to outline the premise of his book a higher loyalty coma he says it's a book about ethical leadership and a three presidents are mentioned within it. Two bit help illustrate the values and one as a counterpoint. President trump has blasted call me on Twitter calling him slipper in referring to the memos called me kept of their meetings as self serving and fate. Three house committees are asking to see those memos to assess any inconsistency. With what's in comb his book which hits store shelves on Tuesday. Colonel Scott Fox News. Spin is as used on now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Soccer baseball action yesterday at Eck stadium shocks trying to avoid asleep at the hands of Connecticut we'll have highlights coming up in sports First Lady Barbara Bush in failing health. That story and more news coming up. Even death on Kate and assess the gay and us this morning news receive a dead now 7088. Minutes past 7 o'clock our leave Germany. All former marine who made a career in Hollywood playing hard nosed military men like. Gunnery sergeant Hartman. In full metal jacket has died of Hermes longtime manager bill Rogen says he died Sunday morning from pneumonia related complications. Kansas native was 74 years old native of Emporia Kansas. Current CIA director Mike Pompeo is up for the jobless secretary of state on CBS's face the nation Democrat senator. Tim Kaine of Virginia explained why he will not vote for Pompeo. I don't wanna secretary of state who is gonna exacerbate. The president trumps tendencies to oppose them diplomacy you've seen president trump tried up under fund that you State Department in USA ID. Not appoint key ambassadors tweet out insults about foreign leaders. Back the United States out of international agreements and organizations. We do not need a secretary of state he's gonna. Exaggerate those tendencies we need a secretary said is gonna stand up for strong diplomacy. Former Kansas congressman Pompeo could be the first secretary of state nominee to failed to get a favorable recommendation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Former First Lady Barbara Bush is in failing health now declining more medical attention Barbara Bush. Just said to be in failing health that's according to a bush family spokesperson. The treatment for the 92 year old will now focus on what's being called. Comfort care. As the former First Lady has reportedly suffered from a series of hospitalizations. For lung disease. And congestive heart failure she married former president George H. W. Bush back in 1945. They've been married longer than any other presidential couple in American history she said to be surrounded by family and appreciates any kind messages or prayer. Tom Graham Fox News. SS news time now 71010 minutes past 7 o'clock. And so far this morning things in traffic looking OK at the moment just starting to get some much. Heavier traffic volumes and a couple of spots out there not slowing anything down the gasoline price in Wichita this morning. 252. Gallons of down a little bit after last week's jump up. Traffic update from K and SS radio I'm jet chambers now the tea sand storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bannon good morning Laura. Good morning happy Monday. And it is now why it is so cold out there we are breaking records and carry them remarkable also were in the middle of April our record was broke in its. That set back in 1953. Of 29 here in the metro we have a current temperature out the airport a 21 and degrees and rheumatology chipped out cold it is I'll Ana winds or light that's nice pleasant tree out of the southwest at seven miles per hour will keep that trend going for today's sunny skies. It will turn out to be a beautiful day despite the cold weather working with here this morning I'm calling for a high of 63 and it and as we go to the next several days were kind of I'm much more ups and downs that were headed toward a summer tomorrow how pop not stuck. Just don't really unusual. Us brings so far with Ali's wild swings in temperatures that the most part we look ahead to the end of the week we're in the sixties and seventies or next storm system comes on it in for Friday to Saturday now actually looks like it's going to bring us some meaningful moisture. On top of that and it looks like we will stay. Above the freezing mark so we're missing in liquid form but that will be nice welcome relief but we just have to hang tight for now. On to a Dallas cold weather on here's a. Rattle off there on time for runners are joggers you like blood every day NC. The temperature fluctuate 45 degrees from Monday to the next is a challenge and. Yeah you know and it's it's a it's a shame you I feel like our weather pattern is just kind of stuck in this rut and it is all the bad weather happens in the colder weather happens on the beach in time for us kids. And chase something about that it's a it's a ball I think we got a prospective events at rescheduled the greatest so coldly got snowy got the wind on top of ads and just really not a pleasant weekend overall that you at least we have one. Whom so you're looking for a high today of 6360. There are warm up forty degrees this afternoon and a. Yeah I'm well yesterday asks Allah are today this morning rather yes a good momentum. 63 minus 21 would be to then carry the one. About you know like I give it a general rule when it comes it's easier now radio app that's an analyst you don't do math on the fly it. Really that is up for plot and yes you for failure I'm terrible with math yeah I give me a calculator it yeah. Thank you are the Kansas KS and storm British report as with Kansas today meteorologist Laura ban yesterday's high temperature in Wichita. 49 degrees normal high of 68. And we recorded. The wind gust in Wichita yesterday of 41. Miles for a so good breezy in uncomfortable but if you might say it is 713 now appear at a Monday morning. And it means it's time for our crime stoppers update. We detective Wendy humble good morning detective published to have you with us this morning. Aren't hiring now I'm fine is whether to hold Korea opened on the allergies are gone nuts doesn't act. I have a good time today has tested yet what are we got there what to get sheer force as far as an unsolved crime that the crime stoppers may be offering a reward on. While weak were actually featuring a crime trend that the eerie. Not residential burglary. That section of the department is investigating. Several. And Orton. Or all. Cases is very similar and they believe that there are linked. There was one case that was an attempted burglary they didn't actually make it and topic what happened there. Suspect or back in the cases kept breaking into businesses sometime around 430. AM and explain. They think heading alarm fire located typically out by the witnesses. And steal the DVRs one there when there are available so that they can't get any put them. They're also captured the businesses. Most of the business has that been targeted. Those vending machines and the money taken from them as well as other part that. All of that. Bar at first and that there are old that we got documented. Occurred between four and march and April. Who and so what bit if we got anything to most of them obviously no surveillance video right. Right we had no photograph that people on the way. Or odd thing that we've got all and then was the topic good. If you would likely pupil we've got kicked key members. The name to the bars and that have an idea quick statement says that are. Have been have been target it. I met at the you mean because of this crime transit they're having up on would be even more proactive and going out and contacting didn't on their peak. To let them know what's going on helper. From being an admin and one of the things that the burglary action offers is that stepped I'd say. At camp or crime prevention environmental design though any business or even home that matter what. Doctor. Look at trip is that the interest at a help you prevent prevent you from being picked and they can certainly need to making sure that number if you look at the number. Are they would be that they. 414. And that the league see without what property department burglary action. Are seeing any geographic pattern here is it to him in city north by east singing that Saturday scattered all the players. So far. Incident are all located. In an that the target capital and battered. Actually it looks like it's the type of businesses. And it looks like there's India access and now they're all competed in that and an area that quick to get in and out. The kind of things did this might be a helped by the kind of things that they're taking up but cigarettes. Lose one of the taken. Well nightmare either cash from chief usher that Christine. And like that all of the businesses and that the that the patient how to see you talk. And like I said before cute they're also taking the DVRs and the case that an album. Well all right so if you know anything about it we give you call 2672111. Right. Right and just a reminder Wendy that this the money you use or crime stoppers uses two to pay the the media rewards is all privately gathered its private money eight. Right 100 per cent donation being that when people get paid. Reward for that they provide that all coming from the community. Here's a fund raiser the masquerade whodunit coming up may fifth 2018. And that's crimes covers. Fund raiser embers that birds are going to be at Merck and stables. It amber and stable. Year crime stoppers but I really get. A great way to contribute to crime stoppers. All right for more information call 267123. Fives are right. Masquerade whodunit and just not a lot of fun and a good way to to raise some money for crime stoppers but he is always thanks for being with a check for you again next week. The drive stoppers update with detective Wendy animal don't forget the phone number 2672111. You know something about a crime. You could actually that little reward money there it's 718 now with Stephen did ten years ago on this date. The Supreme Court upheld 72 the most widely used method of lethal injection. And allowing states to resume executions after a seven month halt. And CoreStates did many of them but Kansas. It says that we we have a we have capital punishment here I believe but nobody's done anything since about 1965 that regards. We haven't usually subject there it is that was a mistake ten years ago. Today 718 now Stephen dead it is sports time. We Ted Woodward about baseball is more erect it. Wichita State's playing baseball yesterday on a cold windy day at X stadium trying to avoid a three game sweep at the hands of visiting Connecticut. And the shocker on a mission to get that done yesterday it's going five Iran's right away in the bottom of the first inning. That lead was only down to a run by the time we got to the seventh inning stretch but the shocks had another big push at. Plate again in the late innings Mike Kennedy had a called game yesterday. As the twentieth ranked shoppers were in action right here on Kate and. As tense in the 12. Driven toward right center ball's gonna say it's slicing away the rights center fielder drops in for a base hit two runs will score. Over to third on the play Dayton do god. A slicing liner toward right center just out of the reach in the center fielder Stefanski. And it big two out two run single for Jordan Boyer in this Packers now lead it by a score of four to one. Shocks would go on to win the game fifteen to seven it was the final score. The guy batting in and last in the lineup the nine hole center fielder Travis young went four for four yesterday and drove in four of the shocker runs. As Wichita State gets the win avoids a three game sweep. And shoppers are in eighth place in the American conference yet they're only game and a half out of first place you see how tightly bunched all those top eighteen czar. And they'll talk about it tonight on the WSU baseball coaches show with head coach Tom Butler 6 o'clock tonight some 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS right here. Broadcasting live at AJ sports grill the Alley thirteenth in Greenwood. Dinner with coach Butler and Mike Kennedy tonight at a eight days at the Alley go to jail. Major League Baseball. And was not played in Kansas City yesterday the angels and the royals postponed because of cold temperatures. Economic data in late June the angels so with that result the angels get a three game sweep the royals we'll take a five game losing streak. Into a week long road trip this week first stop this north of the border the royals visiting Toronto Blue Jays one of the better teams in the league. 6 o'clock tonight royals jays listen to a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. NASCAR racing yesterday in Bristol Tennessee they tried it only got about 40%. Of the race finished three times they had to stop for rain. It finally just called it. No pride to finish those last 300 laps today but there are as more rain and snow in the forecast for Tennessee. At the moment Kyle Larson is the leader Kansas native Clint Boyer in sixteenth place. If they can finish that NASCAR race today in Bristol Tennessee. Hockey last night game one of the playoffs downtown Wichita in trust bank arena. First playoff game for the thunder in five years the thunder hosting the first place Colorado Eagles last night. Wichita got a goals or seven minutes into the game but then did not score in the final 58 minutes of competition and ended up going over time. Colorado got a goal. About seven and a half minutes into the overtime and there's your game Colorado wins it 21 in over 22600. Fans on hand. Too bad for which he talked goalie sheen's Garrett he was pampered in the goal and had a great effort with 37 saves. Finally let one through in overtime. I'll Colorado wins it 21. Game two of this series is right away again tonight at 705 downtown it in trust bank arena. To talk trailing one game to zero in this best of seven opening round playoff series on home ice. That's sports with Stephen Ted KNS. Tests. And a coming up two nights from now we got take an SS tonight at the ballpark right soccer baseball as they take on the Kansas Jayhawks on Wednesday night at 6 o'clock. We'd be giving away pairs of tickets to our listeners have about two more. Pairs of tickets right now on gutsy tickets to go to the game plus a throw in a twenty dollar gift card Freddy's frozen custard and state workers. Stay calm me now at 869. At thirteen thirty will take collars for and I have a to go to the baseball game on Wednesday night Kagan SS not the ball apart at 723 now to that are for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Mexico is really mad at president for. That's coming up Stephen Ted in the morning on KN OSS. For the couple the commander.