A Crime Stoppers success story

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 25th
A Crime Stoppers update with WPD Detective Wendy Hummel.

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Is this station Wichita turn. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. O'clock Pacific he loses forty. It's dead I'm sitting back in time. One man and injured in the shooting just forming itself these Wichita. We've got the story I'm on the prize firefighters battling a large blazes and jail Sunday morning five KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday we've got some much needed rain across which it's done south central Kansas between one and two inches in some locations. It was the rest of the day looked like a complete forecast is coming. Police are investigating a shooting is supporting himself beat Wichita just after 1 AM a man called 911 through forty had been shot in your area and baton. 911 received several reports of shots fired along with a description of the car. It's been seen in the area. The victim was taken to via Christi Saint Joseph for the reported wound to his leg. Four people were injured in a shooting Saturday afternoon in northeast Wichita. Police sergeant Jamie crowd says it happened near Harding and fourteenth. There's some type of gang related activity. A fight that was going to occur at this location. There are several. Gang members. The information that we're getting that we're hanging out this. Location awaiting. Some other people have a physical fight with. Police say a vehicle pulled up near home and shots were fired several people were inside the home at the time of the shooting. One person was hospitalized in critical condition at three others with less serious injuries firefighters from Wichita co which mount hope that we setter Bentley. And the Newton fire department's assistant Cedric county with a large fire in and day. The fire was first reported sunny morning around 545 at Saint Joseph Catholic Church flames and smoke or visible from the road for the structure was the first units responded. Crews went into a defensive mode as a fire was reported throughout the attic they also battled low water pressure and had to have water trucked in from valley center. And Dell police urged residents to when the water use so the firefighters to battle the blaze. EMS transported to firefighters to via Christi Saint Francis hospital what burns. An official cause of the blaze is undetermined at this time but a possible causes a lightning strike as thunderstorms were in the area. Morning masses were helmet and a high school. Ronnie Price KN OSS news. Finally a bit of relief that the gas pump oil industry analyst Shelby Lundberg says the average price for a gallon of regular fell six cents during the past couple of weeks to 95 at. The low price in this survey of cities in the lower 48 states that Charleston, South Carolina. Too 44 for regular and the highest happens just go. 379. Its first price drop in nearly four months but it's not likely the last OPEC says it is limiting oil production going forward. The Pentagon is preparing to build temporary camps for immigrants. Defense Secretary James Mattis says he's been talking to the Department of Homeland Security. They have come to us asking us to build. Al. Temporary camps on to acquire bases. That is what we have been asked to do. The details are being worked out between our debt to get things how much. After they need at the bases. The Pentagon last week said it would make space available for men as many as 20000. Unoccupied unaccompanied migrant children who were detained after crossing the US Mexico border. The new Kansas law goes into effect on July 1 legally protecting good samaritans who break into vehicles to save overheating children animals and vulnerable adults. Several groups are I need to get together today in Spring Hill to talk about the law and show Kansas how to exercise that right. The event highlights the dangers of hot cars with planned demonstrations showing temperature rise in a car and how to break the car's windows safely and easily. Taylor assessed is time now so. A little 5:5 minutes past 7 o'clock. To pause 29 annual stop on the gulf tour wrapping up yesterday was some extra action that we'll have highlights coming up and sports. South Carolina congressional candidate badly injured in car crash. That story coming up stevens' death on Kate in a sense. Kagan as his morning news even did now 7088 minutes and 7 o'clock. Oklahoma is open governor's seat and whether to allow medical marijuana atop the ballots in that State's upcoming primary election. Election officials hope the top billed races will drive turnout among. Oklahoma's more than two million registered voters polls were open to a Tuesday in Oklahoma. Despite being involved in an horrific car accident a congressional candidate is expected to make a full recovery. South Carolina Republican congressional can indicating Arrington completed surgeries on her abdomen into repair a spinal fractures Sunday a campaign spokesman says. Despite the complexity of the surgeries she won't have any neurological deficits or limitations. And is expected to be out of bed and walking as early as a few days. Arrington was a passenger in a car that was hit by a wrong way driver on highway seventeen south of Charleston Friday night the driver of that card died. Arrington isn't giving up her congressional bit. Rob Dawson Fox News. Already this year there have been eighteen. Confirmed child vehicular heat stroke deaths in the US every year on average 37 children die in hot cars in our country last year. 43 young children died. Kansas information at birch nick Joseph snell. Talk to someone about what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to your child. Amber Rollins rich kids and cars dot org says it's important to look before you lock by checking the vaccine every time you get to a destination and estimate to remember to do that is put something you need when you get where you're going back there. Also be sure a clue in anyone who may be watching your child in the summer months. Parent also liquid mix American daycare or at eighty you wanna make a policy without and that if you're going to show up at hand and they would call me when. It's another good idea to keep pace stuffed animal and baby's car seat and place it on the front passenger seat as a reminder when baby is in the back seats. Can assist used on now 710 and 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. And this morning we've got a report of a water main break so watch out for a a potential traffic hazard there that's Ed edge more north of central. Gasoline prices and which on the morning on the scene or on 255 a gallon. Traffic update from Kate and SS radio I'm judging Amber's now decay is in storm trackers are forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Katie western Guevara JD. It morning but it pretty good shower come through here earlier this morning how much rainfall bids are they saying we got here. Officially eyes and our airport we got about an inch and three quarters are all it amounts. That was just this morning and yesterday Gupta about thirteen hundreds of an inch so loads a good shower this morning on. Yellow ticket deathly gonna help us out those drought conditions OK so what's forecast today it. While the rains pretty much out of here walkie just a very small chance or maybe some than spotty through the afternoon looks like most announcing north here. Otherwise we'll just get disease and increasing sunshine the afternoon some muggy conditions and breezy winds and temperatures look to top out in the mid eighties and go on with 85 for which it but. The putting and Allen classic hero and not be a little bit cooler but today is definitely the nice day out of the next week cool compared to the rest of Adam as. Hillary got tonight and tomorrow and so tonight Erica and does that 68 degrees on mild night but tomorrow we jump up ten degrees so we're gonna and a high of 95 for your team. OK so and instead got a top there we're gonna be a bloody good about a hundred on Wednesday of think. We'll deftly at least some clothes especially with the humidity I mean you know your heat and actually easily exceed a hundred for Wednesday and Thursday will be up probably closed about a 105. Well and we've had a couple of very nice days here for several days and now I guess. Time to get back into some Arab. Yeah pretty much she got to enjoy today while outlasted that looks like they heaters is taking over for the foreseeable future. Thanks Katy that is CK us in storm brokers report camp with Kansas City be urologist Katie western right now and cloudy guy. 64 degrees in west wind at nine miles per hour 7:12 here on Monday morning we Stephen did time of the crime stoppers update. With Wichita police detective Wendy come to morning detective Knight to hit you with us this morning. The morning are you all I'm five stand right yes that listening and he got to the Vienna featured prior to tell us about the sporting. I do he each and actually the past week that happened back in November of last year. What could happen whether the vehicle that was broken into what part of a lion C. Are not. And purse stolen credit cards only allow you being. A word. Early this year ended February beginning of march. We had one of the cart Dolan at least a hobby lobby or unknown what cited him three separate times. Really great video capture the the same Ellen all three incidents in two different email. A good candidate I was notified that we can't from the detective that I've been neat picture out featuring it. All of the individual and all of these investigations. Aren't going. Our our our week is pretty astute all week well I'm. And whether or. We think now people call and it really don't think there are. Well sure sure it to us now are you say the detective recognize these people. Men and has been detected. I guess I won't take a or in the car and week out toward the end of last week and I don't know it could be helped by somebody called me and then and information about these individuals work. And that's the way it's a post Merkel and Iraqis are exactly. All right so again just a for those who don't know about crime stoppers. This is not government money this is all a privately financed it through people who are interested in solving crime right. It went under and it's a lot. And if you call in on somebody you're going to be remaining anonymous you guys have several. Steps people have to go through just to make sure the dental anonymous nobody knows who. Who is making the yeah. Who's making the tip right. That's right and you know every month our power to period in now toward. You know and and both acute and dollars and report many people Cullinan. Greatly dipped as reward and that the that they really don't port. And the website you've got a lot of archive fueled new look and there ABC is a crime is the discount weeks or months ago named insult that went to resolve to go to the website and as always don't forget the phone number 2672111. 2672011. And thank you detective pummel for being with us again this week. The crime stoppers update the detective windy animal. Monday mornings right here we Stephen Ted Owen came in essence I'm tough on abroad got memorized they've been doing this of these guys for several years now. 2672011. That is Monday June 25. Funny eighteen in a this is a several several big things happened on this date and the year let me share. One with you right now and on the state in 2009. Which would be how many years ago Ted agent nine years ago and Michael Jackson. Died of cardiac arrest of Los Angeles. At the age of fifty. Michael Jackson of course he is only fifty only fifty. And he first came on our attention to what the in the seventies when he was just that he was this big the kid of the what Jackson 5 five in the had a couple of huge hits on. On top forty. And hugely successful group the Brothers and then he branched out result I actually got see him in concert. An arrow head stadium in Kansas City in the eighties. And put on the Michelle I'm not a huge Michael Jackson music Meehan but I it is Amanda put on one heck of a show. He was very it was very very talented entertainer. Sauces kind of old TV clip now maybe the Jackson 5 on the Andy Williams Show or something some some old. And you could just tell even when he was just seven years old that just he had talent just weeks loading on his body could see it yeah UC Davis from a even Weisel kid yet. He had it India very very tolerant man 2009 a mistake Michael Jackson. Died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles to aid fifth and who died that same day night and I don't have that our boss. Oh that's right I did have that Farrah Fawcett died of cancer on this team the same day that she was sixty. I saw that a while Illinois I didn't mention that Farrah Fawcett of course of one of Charlie's Angels. I Ted it's and with beautiful hair but the 717 as the dead bats go ahead take a look at those sports this morning in detention and tells about the the great. A golf tournament had wrapped up in an exciting fashion now. Yesterday right to it came down to even some extraction the draft annual Wichita open in supporting Wichita as youth finishing up yesterday crest view country club. Three golfers ended up tied it at the end of the fourth rounds than yesterday's actions only had to go to sudden death playoff holes. One golfer dropped out after the first toll when played eighteen again what the final soon and you heard all the action of course we had lives. Covers all weekend long on Saturday and Sunday right here on KM SS Mike Kennedy and and here's the big finish of yesterday's tournament here on tape and assess. Abbott. You got to keep I mean you know would you rate now they're at it again. It all the gallery at what they. Over a couple of well all right now not to be polite. What if finished radiation L 33 year old native of Spencer Iowa played his college golf at the University of Nebraska. As they're regular on this tour off and on since 2010. But his first ever win on this tour and goes birdie birdie. On media play off with two other golfers here to win the 2000. Eighteen which atop the neo lets hear from the winner Brady Chanel. It was just a lot of fun like. I just I did have a I have a sense of home today apps are. They felt like it was it was my turn even though on battling two guys that have spent playing time on the PGA tour. I just I just I felt good about today and I think that translated into. Me and not being as nervous over shots. Successful tournament again for Wichita force we got blessed this year was unbelievable weather for the timing really dense and task lucky there out. And the crowd responded to crowds all we can along with the Wichita open up Christie country club. And just kind of you know. Putting this into perspective to force guys on this tour trying to make it a PGA tour and have success so money doesn't come through which it's not done that. Including this week's winner on the PGA tour Bubba Watson who competed a couple times in the Wichita open. Bubba Watson wins the travelers championship in Connecticut yesterday on the PGA tour he's the first three time winner on the tour this year. Andy gets one point two million dollars for that victory. NASCAR racing yesterday on the road course in Sonoma Martin Truex junior the winner Kansas native Clint Boyer and another strong effort finishing in third place. Plant's fifth top five finish this season and yet he drops in the overall standings he was leapfrogged by the guy that won the race Truex. Boyer in sixth place in the overall NASCAR stands right now. Major League Baseball action yesterday the Kansas City Royals in Houston taking on the first place Houston Astros. This game got out of hand in the second inning on for the royals who heard the game on the debate. Next pitch. What god had filled with time of the year and do the left and John. Home run. If you fall behind. You're asking for trouble and you fall line with the bases loaded and no where to put theater. Well he's expected to pitch. In particular spot and thrilled got one and he blasted it out of Grand Slam home run an eight run inning for Houston. Yeah. Oh and the Astros won the game by 81130. Was the final score. Royals faulty three and eighteen and you're in the month of June. We have a brief one game homestand for the royals in the middle of a road trip the royals are home for one game only tonight. Hosting the Los Angeles angels and gamely got rained out back in April so it's a makeup game and they will play at this afternoon at Kauffman Stadium. Live pregame coverage begins at 230 this afternoon game started about 315 and that is on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. And then pro baseball the Wichita wing nuts winning in North Dakota yesterday beat the Fargo Moorhead redhawks Korda won taking two out of three in that series. We not have won eight of their last nine. And they continue even further north for the next three days taking on the Winnipeg get gold eyes up in Canada. First game of that series at 7 o'clock tonight. Wing nuts are only three and a half back in the south division in second place right now when he plays in second place in the north of it. Sports and Stephen said Kate and ass at Simmons what to do now keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update liberals global warming on polar bears that's coming up Stevens had in the morning on Kate and SS.