A crowded field of KS gubernatorial hopefuls gets a bit smaller

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

Business talk with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal ...


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97 to thirteen thirty KM. Morning around 745. A pretty big thing. American women capture a hockey gold at the Olympic seeing Lucas Hernandez who stepped bomber arrested on child endangerment charges. It's icy conditions bring more closings and cancellations. Of south central Kansas. We've big things even dead on case and it's. Euro Thursday morning we do have some bringing news right now we have a report lists of Immersion. And eleventh street north end of north river boulevard it. Discovered a nice we did have a car slide off the roadways. And and perhaps into the river at one point report was car was sinking. That person that was in the car did get out safely to car apparently is partially in the river the driver did get out in. Health scene of the city crews are calling for sand with a C. Sand trucks to come to the roadway and make sure that they are on the scene near again that. Very icy situation corrected or anybody else goes into the river that looks like that driver has escaped and no engine. Very minor injuries there. Car went into the river near eleventh and river boulevard traffic update from cape and it's as as radios and execs say it is. Yeah of their winter weather advisory until noon today 30% chance of freezing rain and drizzle. With a high of 36 degrees mostly cloudy tonight BR 1928. Friday partly sunny and warmer tomorrow night up to 46. Now cloudy 28 degrees we have an east wind at six miles for our state and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America by the urban reviews. Located at 979 mr. Douglas in his story delay you know the monarch. 747 student dead he's. No we didn't get that done looks like we got that power restored in downtown which honestly Westar Energy did pretty good job to get metal back on solar power outage in downtown has been. Defies a kind of weather where you kind of be you begin to appreciate not only those those folks who operate that city you. He'll be trucks for the salt and sand and also all of your emergency responders police officers. Fire firefighters busy busy busy in this kind of weather does at all and things going on. And we appreciate about their dead. And his suspicion if you're fighting a fire occurred just analytic got a cannon next week excessive alcohol use could increase your risk of all types of dementia. Particularly early onset dementia according to a new study this study published in the journal lancet public health. Looked it over one million adults released from French hospitals. Between 282013. Were diagnosed with dementia. A clinical syndrome characterized by a progressive deterioration in cognitive ability. Using data from the French national hospital discharge database. The researchers found that alcohol use disorders were diagnosed. In sixteen point 5% of the men with dimension. And 4% of the women with dementia over twice as much as in those without dementia for both sexes so there's a a new study that says. Too much drink and could have a negative effect on. Unknown your faculties as you grow older. We headed down close on Wall Street Wednesday. Wild swings in the market Dow down 167. Points he had to be down fifteen and the NASDAQ down sixteen. The Federal Reserve released its minutes from the January 30 fed meeting at 2 PM sparking 157. Point rally in the market's turnaround thing. 332 points after traders thought the yield on the ten year treasury rose to four year highs. The minutes indicating that the majority of fed members to further gradual rate hikes on a stronger economic outlook. But they didn't warrant that imbalances in financial markets that emerges broken lives on the floor in New York Stock Exchange Gerri Willis Fox News. Florida's main pension fund for state workers and teachers. Has a half million dollar stake in the company that makes the rifle. Used in the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school the teachers in Florida. They're fund has stock in that rival who Wal-Mart is launching a new online home shopping experience in the coming weeks. Will let shoppers discover items based on their style. Exactly is your style Wal-Mart wants to know and they want to tailor something just for you silent. And Wal-Mart. All right just it's that time and that kind of weather where acts list yesterday afternoon. My wife made some homemade potato soup which was delicious. We had that for supper last night but it is so. And also what she added a grilled cheese sandwich forming just to make a little better but it is a kind of weather. Good zip potato soup whether good chilly weather. A good chance for unit. Cook up something it'll warm your bones. On this cold cold Afghan of course as you've been listening this morning to schools were out again the second time this week. In the in them but also yet to cancellations of many organizations and people just. Don't wanna get out and and brisket on the ice the icy conditions out this morning. 750 now we Stephen Ted. And it's time to take a look at business news editor bill Roy the Wichita business Sherlund that talking about a little bit about politics and business Wichita businessman. No longer in the governor's race. Right bill. That's exactly right Steve good morning hardly a wink Hartman has said that he made his decision after a weekend forum. Says his message in candidate Chris cool box messenger about the same. He's throwing his support behind coup Bakken says he'll assist soapbox campaign. Anyway he can co boxes at a press release he appreciates Hartman support. The president of the what you have over Wichita company has bought in downtown building. Jason Cox runs aerospace parts company Cox machining recently purchased the 28000 square foot building. At 333 east English it's north of Kellogg in west of interest bank arena. He's not revealing his plans other than to say he would probably develop that as commercial space. And members of the bastion family are making a one million dollar donation. To the construction of a new business school and I have master in family owns fidelity bank and operate the bastion Family Foundation. Fidelity bank president Erin master and says the innovation at Wichita State creates an environment where it's supporting. So far eleven and a half million dollars have been raised toward the new business school building that's for the money will go. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role it. Air and bash in here on this Stephen did you just couple weeks he'll talk about something he was do it and now you know in the bastion family form many many years that that's a banking firm that it. Nose goes back a couple of generations here in Wichita absolutely my wife at one time worked for for the disclaimer there. Yeah I counted too good spam can deal I bet that he is national Margaret Reid today. Alms the most common tequila based cocktails served in the United States the Margarita is a cocktail that can just have to keep up. Triple second line or lime lemon juice a key ingredient is a freshly squeezed lime juice. The United States the most common lime is the thick skin to Persian line. You know all this dirty care. I did not know that I do have a favorite Margarita recipe though it was given to me by. A friend of tendon. And mine and probably great Patrick Jones. He gave us gave us a Margarita recipe that was out of this world. Now what user's secret to mean it does I can go over to dealers get Margarita mix threat that should help. It's got a couple of other things and at that. It really tasty and and I must say really potent tool okay. I guess eight. Today it makes me more charming and attractive Bashir had to human health plan and funny here yeah money here in the invisible. Oh it's also its national Margarita David I want to bring this up but especially for you'd Ted today is be humbled. Brandon. As you know for guys like ups. This is talent. Round. Everett under the path that somebody's got to take eased out of play you're not the it's worth it. Yes it's more it's more difficult for summer. Eight artists that they you know it's there's that you realty shares of mobile mobile. Which for me I've got take Shelly who keeps it up then I don't get away with anything eagle eyes and I know with Gretchen she's due to give it immunity. Now look down a tank all the time out right so celebrate today. But be humble about it but cook yourself a nice Margaret outlet and margaritas. At play and you. Absolutely are you you make it down it is Margarita Thursday and down their business here at all area are we got the machine going if we assume John. And the party pass. Happy with a very good hey take answer we'll check we met in the next hour 755 state misty did get in the 8 o'clock hour. We'll have an update on the Florida. High school shootings. Congressman feels they heat from comments he made after accusing another basketball in which doctors and Ted Woodward as entertainment news in the blue earth. State weather was seated dead and 8 o'clock hour Stephen that the voting on in assess.