The Cult Of Food Personalities

The Good Life
Saturday, December 16th

Guy’s visit with Bill Esparza continues as the two converse about the growing “Food Truck” culture and the various food personalities in the L.A. scene.


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I've got. Can't access to the good life got lunch hour every Saturday noon one. Congratulations to pat Graham issued issues a lucky fifth car out of a hole but protocol. Which is every large number of callers on the way and she gets a copy of meat had gore wins the science of great barbecue grilling he graduates of pat. And those of you don't remember course pat Rambus was. The queen of the old Tom farmer of market. And did so much for the community in so many things still going on her live where and Holdren though of the year who growing great food and anyway pat analysts graduates with computer from the publisher. Now on the phone with me is Villa are Isabel has put together book called LA Mexico on a rescue people and places. The book of records relevant Amazon there's a link and good luck god dot com if you wanna go there first. And bill. Before talk about some of the the people view you highlighted who. Are making such an impact finally MB recognize that is as as top shelf. Cooks that happened to be of Mexican descent. What about food trucks I know that I've been in Venice Beach and and and and along the coast there and and had some of the best. Simple street food off of food drug you can demand. Yes yes we we are at notre culture here. He's you know. The decay and trucks were first adapt. He adopted a Mexican community. I mean this is going back. Cheney's party into the sixties. Maybe you or that. But the well one of the original in LA area it was the really really popular part talk coaching called king taco and the start of the truck. And you know these these. Obviously a lot of construction site had. Workers coming from Mexico and so these catering trucks started to go kiddies. Sites and they were they were cooking area colleges hamburgers but they also have Mexican workers for the that Latino workers as well and this is where it all started to serve the match community but what's very different about. Matt traditional Mexican taco truck that Newark wrap fancy trucks is that. Arts to understand one place and be there every day where. The more modernized. Twitter right struck. Around every day. Yeah Twitter I like that and you should call and it should be in the dictionary. Yes when you when you did this first off. You you must have great contacts in and around the LA community and I'm sure. A couple of elaborate prudish you met some of the newer went to you hadn't met prior telephone about some of the personality you met and how that differentiates their style based on where they came from their roots in Mexico and where they live in LA. Yes well Carol. Yeah you're that sparked the personalities and I I I would stated. With the exception of maybe two or three profiles in the book I parity new had a as strong relationship with. These that the people of the book. And so it was really that that that this was not hard to put together. It was pretty easy go up the hard part was. Having to leave out so many great people and you know as far as. A really interesting figure I think in this whole thing is in West Africa. Who also adjust you know cookbook and and he's got a putra called. Wrote Archos. And you know he has the he you're seeing experiences as myself. Growing up Mexican Americans and all the kind of living in between the communities not having fluent Spanish. I didn't learn Spanish I was in my thirties and and so. She he came up rule you know French cooking you EU he wanted to be you know. To be the best kitchen so he worked what Walter Gretzky who has a very very partnership of us. And the and I actually the United States had so he worked with camera. Steadied in. And in France he went to some really. He leaked culinary program. Part one of these French masters and there were run by French master and and he's worked his way to kitchen but really cooking Mexican food viewers here ship was never. Appreciated by the ship community even a key spot so it you know it made to kind of look away from your own cuisines and I think she was. Doing he was noticed one little he was so working on you know kind of odd jobs helped shepherd here there and he certainly. Tacos for coming meals. And that's really inspiration for Borough Park was there and and is deciding it would have enough money and needed more works on this site to start a taco cart. And he set up because again these acts in American. And and has ceased to experience is heated set up in a traditional label but he went into the arts district. And Trevor. I get their copy shop and so it was. Really reaching out to a mixed crowd. And really I would do that within. But he started really calling in on its dial. And you transform. Tacos for everybody and I talked about both sides of the border. And the his approach to doing fine dining now reports Kia and it is thing is you've been. You can put. The best quizzing in the world. And the best ingredients and techniques and still make it a traditional. Mexican salad dock with the you know what the Mexican American touched and so are what is. Is stand any put a Rite Aid on on my on the top there was like some praise to meet some court some micro greens any put. Friday on top I a look at Alice Alice got like misty you know because of like car and up. Being afraid it would occur he has such a Mexican never liked. A Mexican American bigamy and you know Mexico everything is scramble. Eight and for the power it's always scramble scramble I mean scramble. Are or he'd never can write eight. And and so it's it's a small little thing bush. It's yes it is brought that experience it to somebody agreed that they put it coming from out that it worked you know the that we ate because we were. We grow up Americans but we always but the an hour or so what ever we want it went up to eat some Bologna. It was going to America or the apple for a score on anyone regret. And the fact that at. I'd argue baloney taco widget blah. Don't get whipped up a very important he's that he's early as this bridge to. That that's modern style of doing tacos at that even in speed arm. Followed in Mexico Mexican chips for the first time. Are pretty tackles rather than you would not in ten years. And so like I think he's he's the liberator of the tackle. Well at school and the knowing watch in my hand doing in my own kitchen. You'd you can make do you know it you don't have to have ground meat and crispy Cochran show from purchased or. I love and pride I like my corn tortilla it's simple. And it and you could put anything left or stay leftover pork left over chicken. She is no achieves. You can become one of the ones who love cilantro and other food do not I love cilantro in like thousand. You know and. Yet for for anybody out there who who just you know like they make you put it in and it is intimidating to them just get a get a walker corporate Kia. Cut up some public about it would cheapen themselves for America that. A little bit of salt and that's going to be one of your talk about fresh cheese like fresh. You know castle Pasco. It's going to be one of the best aka juror ever have your life. Yeah it that simple but that I look at some of these recipes in one of the things up I love to see because I think have have the fondest memories from. Family run places and there are several of the people that you. Profile where it's mom dad and daughter son what you know it's a tough family operation. I think that makes such an impact when you go to that place and you see that. They're making food that they grew up with that they developed to work specifically in their restaurant with search file. And the enthusiasm is contagious. Yes. I mean the Brooklyn. Is that is so and so wonderful spamming like that where. There are the parents are out there understand. And the kids cap you know advocates go way to school they come back in May they help their parents sort of in a very. Dictating traditions but also able to reach a bigger audience and you know do little social media build web site. And promote their their families culture. And a cure ever had to bow out of but it but it's a round. Torque I was with Kerney doesn't side of it really stiff spread from. Firm that's capable to do what our hand they covered in this despite the fiery. Much of it out of all of south that you know it never has taught you want. But it's it's an amazing talked about. And and that places separate report and their daughter has continued that tradition and I think you know I think her kids will keep that restaurant alliance it's wonderful and other world is gonna out. Back quit being here in Los Angeles. That's so cool. You know that we as today it's been a lot of common little. These books and or it was the first time that I had mocha at. You know in this is. Lovable like. You would use as a mortar and pencil but yet they put such great booted it comes out steaming pot and and stays hot for a long time and luckily for us here in Wichita. We have our restaurant and and over bits specializes in mocha at budget and it. Shrimp beef chicken or combo of any of those and it is so cool you know. Comes with everything being rise blah blah blah. Little silent but just to net steaming bowl and in the assaults the sauces Olympia based and so rich and and and it's just the beauty. Yet that the original arc all. Boy and that the tree. That would wanna couple quick questions of the but we've got to take another break could be stay it was just a minute or give away a copy I wanna come back you've got. Some need drinks in the back of the book and I think that's early cruel also. Would take a quick break we'll come back we'll talk more with my guest Phyllis Florida. Coming up after bill. Would you hot Sox with the producer the mastermind Lawrence we'll. But. Don't go away now the time to get the phone now. You know the number 31686913. Thirty call now we'll give you a copy. Of bill's book. LA Mexico arrest these people placed that call now call a number five.