David Koch retiring from Koch Industries

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Tuesday, June 5th
Breaking local business news with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy

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I don't think I have a series new center to talk about. I think anything that. It creates a discussion anything you can talk about with other people that you can exchange ideas without. We're doing angry at each other and you can share opinions and write your own. Write your own thoughts on things sending president the pessimist. Like seven and 3030 KM answer as Stephen did in the morning now. 847. On the three big thing. To Westar Energy workers dead after a fire at the State's biggest generating plant in northeast Kansas seems to. People injured in vehicle fire in the west Wichita line. Police report on river past first weekend. Just a few incidents. Three big things Steven dead on eight and a sense. The Kansas turned. I'd seen that. The whole plaza the hate tag lane only at the told laws. All of the Kansas turnpike and east of Wichita at that Kellogg. That lane that Kate tag only lane is going to be closed for the rest of the week or repairs. Breast of those lanes are open. But and yet they tag only lane and closed for the rest of the week. Traffic update from Katie and assist radio and. At chambers sunny today with a high of 89 degrees mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 68. Then on Wednesday sunny with a high of 94. Looks like you're pretty good weather here for next few days as we head into mid to river passed into the end of rivers says and if we can now partly cloudy. 69 degrees we have a southeast winds at nine miles per hour. A 24 year old Wyoming college students say she stole more than 101000 dollars in store merchandise. Because she was doing research for a term paper on clapped Romania. Now she's been sentenced to five years of supervised probation. Lydia Marine Corps may need. Have pleaded guilty to two counts of felony shoplifting and two counts of misdemeanor shoplifting. Khomeni was arrested at a Wal-Mart June in June of Tony seventeen. With a cart full of nearly 2000 dollars an unpaid items to boom time the Gillette college student told officers she was working on a paper. On the emotions people with cup immediate experience. But off he discovered she was only enrolled in a biology class in its oppressed and it and that it by the story yes and and rightly so. The Miss America Organization is dropping the swimsuit competition from it's nationally televised broadcast. Saying it will no longer judge contestants on their apparent usually do this once before Austin awhile back when they drop the swimsuit. In the ratings went. In a toilet they brought it back I don't remember that but doesn't seem like a very I was timing. For me it doesn't seem like a very good idea that it Gretchen Carlson former Miss America is. Hit the organization's board of trustees made the announcement this morning and Good Morning America says the group will make changes in to the evening Wear portion of the competition. Adding it will not judge women on their chosen attire. Okay the changes follow an email scandal in December in which former leaders denigrated the intelligence and personalized. A former miss America's. That led to a shake up at the top and that group's top three leadership posts are now held by women changes we'll start with this year's broadcast on September 9 you know. Good idea. I don't think so but I like that it's I guess it's sounds kind of sick just on a cow like the glamour. And the glamorous part of that did the appearance means something to me I don't know. Is Miss America it's not it. I still suspect there will be plenty of glamour in vol okay. The state will be able to Wear nice downs or when proves that they can organize it can't be judged on the quality of I'll settle down. That will not be part of that judging process. All right 851 now Stephen Ted. Stepping down from responsibilities of Coke industries editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steven chin yet we just got news from Coke industries that David Cook is going to be retiring and it's because of health issues. We have a letter that Charles Coe the chairman and CEO and David's Brothers sent out to employees today. It says in October 2016 David announced that over the summer he was hospitalized and is now suffering from declining health. Mr. cook says unfortunately these issues have not been resolved at his health has interior continue to deteriorate. As a result he's unable to be involved in business and other organizational activities because of this. David will be retiring from his responsibilities that cocaine and other organizations once again reading from a letter to employees from. I'm and CEO Charles cochlear deeply saddened by this as we miss Davidson insightful questions and his many contributions to Coke industries. He was instrumental in building our chemical technology group 1000 fold from a single product business. This guidance and loyalty especially in our most troubled times has been unwavering. David is never wanted anything for himself he hasn't earned and is sold desires always been to contribute. In recognition of his irreplaceable role in building Coke industries where naming him director emeritus so once again. News from coach industries today that David Coke who has been. Now in leadership and on the board. For a long time obviously with Coke industries is going to retire. And it is because of health issues. Mr. Coke. Ends the letter to employees by saying it has always been a fighter and it is dealing with his challenge in the same way. Please respect his situation in your contacts with himself. Once again David coach who is retiring because of health issues. From Coke industries in Wichita and we will have more on this throughout the day. Other news Wichita downtown development corporation says what you talk port area added 181. Residents from twenty sep seventeen to 2018. The population downtown in the 67202. Area code. Now estimated to be 2319. Friends says new chief financial officer burn until these will be in his new job June 27. Angela Park has a new Tom Clark has for the past four years and product development manager at ambition. She is now director of development for a start up company in Pratt Kansas called ad Astra. Local breaking business news every day on can't assassin at Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm too old boy billionaire relation Coke industries and Charles Coke. In of course still there. That it boosted the driving for me news. It is very separation of how they do things there was news to had to do it moss two headed animal there was Charles and David. Our driver David was in charge of different parts of the business and a Charles of course is the chairman and CEO payers. Dave. Roberts who is the president of industries and it and so. There are other people obviously it's huge company. And so lots of people on charges of different parts of the yeah of the division. Aren't. We which changeup a little bit here and talk about. National veggie burger day I don't know if you're a fan of the veggie burger I've never even tasted a veggie burger I haven't had one that really. Was great form a sense I guess there's I don't know what is the point there are supposed to tastes like beef so what's the point again now. All right so you're not going to celebrate veggie burger edit pro am afraid not that are well. Anyway that's economists say. It's. Yet the process the vegetables into a burger form what's the point right now but. I don't celebrate the what kept our guys 855 now Stephen Ted got a McCain insists 9 o'clock here the top of the hour news. More homes destroyed in Hawaii volcano eruption that totally Stephen tip on taken SS.