Dead cougar found in man’s luggage at Las Vegas airport

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

It is not a crime to transport game that is legal to possess via airlines, however, airlines reserve the right to tell passengers they do not want to transport certain items.”


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on us. 630 Stevenson in the mornings feedback because Ted Woodward Twitter has arrived in force in Kansas and across the United States. Bitter cold weather has taken over much of the northern US and is expected stayed put for days to come. Forecast our forecasters warning of. Hypothermia and frostbite from Arctic air settling in over the central US and spreading to the east. The National Weather Service reports International Falls and giving Minnesota set record low temperatures Wednesday. International false self proclaimed icebox of the nation plunged to 37 degrees below zero. While having bottomed out at 28 below. Now look at our forecast with KE NS has stampede realm just damn holiday good morning Dan the good. Morning with temperatures in the twenties here early on it will actually find ourselves above freezing later on this afternoon at some sunshine by late today with a high 39. Clouding back up tonight are low in the upper teens. Forty for the high on Friday but another blast of cold air will put us into the deep freeze for the last two days of the year on K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday doubled. The cloudy 23 degrees the wind chill right now he's eleven. A high speed chase for the man on the streets of west Wichita Wednesday morning deputy police chief Troy Livingston has a resident some mail being stolen. And followed a man and a woman to a business on north. Gilda the male suspect fired shots inside the business and then fired more shots outside at officers in the parking lot. Which helps these harsh returned fire the suspect and we later learn the suspect was shot once in the lower jaw. And have no reason to believe that that wound was self inflicted. Police say the suspect and stole a car fired his gun and an officer near I 2:35 in central. And swerved and an officer trying to put down stop sticks in the road at maple in meridian. Some reports indicate chase reached speeds near eighty miles per hour the suspect crashed his car at maple amazed he was arrested with a couple police dog. All five officers involved with the shooting our veterans of at least eighteen years with the department policy. Two of them been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. The Kansas bureau of investigation is looking into this case the female suspect was arrested. At the scene there on north Gilda. And police say they are familiar with the male suspect who has a criminal history he's identified as 21 year old Eli Joseph Martinez. Or to dumb. Wrist left a car running unattended for just a few seconds Tuesday morning. But that was just enough time for somebody to easily steal the vehicle. Police officer Paul cruise says a police sergeant from the patrol west bureau spotted the stolen car Wednesday morning. Located. The Chevy Silverado. And around 6 AM as it pulled in school parking lot in between 800 block of west central. This supervisor. Pulled in behind the vehicle. Into the parking lot and after a short foot pursuit suspect 24 year old male. What's sickening to cut custody without incident the vehicle was recovered and returned to its owner. The Wednesday another very cold morning Wichita police responded to three calls of cars being sold and with their motors running unattended. On Tuesday evening crews were called house fire in southeast Wichita in a neighborhood near on me into the canal route. Lieutenant Jose okay eighties says heavy smoke and fire was coming from a detached garage the rear of the home. They were using a wood burning stove in the garage and also they have a campfire. Later Monday evening time frame also bet wasn't completely extinguished we wanna remind everyone the importance. Any type of our recreational fired to make sure that date it is. I'm extinguished completely. That's fire took place in the 2500 block of east Kincaid. Kansas is delaying the launch of a new computer system or issuing driver's licenses sort of. It became less than two weeks after a state audit raised questions about whether the system would be ready. The system would replace say decades old system that was initially to be deployed an early 2012. Department said the latest Elaine won't be only quote a matter of days or weeks and that the offices will remain open. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. After two terror attacks in two months New York City is taking extreme precautions for New Year's Eve. Fox is Bryan Landis who reports from Times Square we expect a little more scrutiny on rental car and truck rental places. And around the city to prevent a vehicular terrorist attack we also expect truck restrictions and around Times Square to be more strict than ever before. Parking garages in and around Times Square more of those to be shut down and also vapor wake dogs will be in place. They are trained specifically to sniff out bombs. On people and in the air there'll be extra scrutiny on office towers in hotels overlooking Times Square at all of this on top of checking every single person who comes to Times Square and all the trash cans and manhole covers will be got it taken away or sealed in a 25 block. Radius. Controversy a mayor is denying White House aspirations but making comparisons to past leaders. York city mayor build a blind zeal making an appearance in the early voting state of Iowa last week leading some to think he may be considering a run for the White House he's come under fire from members of his own party who say he's too progressive to get elected but the blondes you've doubled down by saying lots of strong leaders of the past have won against many of the same struggles he believes he's facing. Every time someone tries something or doesn't work. He didn't validates anything else they might do long for will tell Thomas Edison Madden Henry Ford then you know tell mop my Gandhi and there's no leader who hasn't had set. Pacts to blahs you had told reporters before he spoke in Iowa but he's not running for president and will serve all four years of his second and final term in office. In New York Mike Kantor Fox News received into the morning on Kahan is at 635 down here on a Thursday morning December 28 dead only. Four days left and 27 team and we start a new year. Yeah yeah we go police say a hundred trip home hit a snag in Las Vegas. After security screeners found a dead cougar in his luggage lol. But they carry on no crime was gone because demand at a hunting tag. But police lieutenant David Gordon says transportation secretary as security administration agents TSA. Hell demanded McCarron international airport to confirm the validity of the year talk hunting tags. An airport spokeswoman says the men and that shipping the cougar carcass on not on the airplane. Gordon says it's not a crime to transport legally possessed a game on an airline flight. But he says airlines can't refuse to transport certain items. I think there might be some health concerns to have a decaying. Animal carcass in your bag on a play. And they out of this team it's that makes sense. At a made it great how much would that surprise you looking at it through an X straight man you know Leo TSA pursuant. Well I closed closed him but I do that they're dead human body. Yeah you hear her career I yeah we got a Mountain Lion over here on aisle four. Well. TSA may be funded interview some of those people to answer portion of the weirdest thing you've seen and go to the TSA they can't talk. Oh Sedaris William shipping written. Transferring outline their people and in itself somebody's driving that. Progress the shipping and it probably goes on a plane to be shipped it right right what's the difference is I go directly make senator Jack crowding in record revenue in western Kansas about a thousand. Take an honest. On a flight to yet city fund. University of Minnesota facing criticism after its agriculture college. Headed out a memo that listed Santa Claus and Chanukah symbols as an appropriate holiday decorations. Where does this stop. The star Tribune reports the memos distributed during a lunch meeting of the college's students faculty and staff and warned against. Decorations music and food at campus public parties specific to any religion. Spokesman says the memo is not school policy and was an ill advised attempt to spark dialogue which. We did it apparently it now sparkling apple that was its intent and somebody over they get via mentioned Madonna politically correct and vote up there. Let's putt. And 637 now Steven did in depth dealing with the cold weather this morning yeah. What my thinking and first of all. On these cold mornings like this it would be best of our morning show host total sleep until about 9 o'clock yes and it and it's somehow. A beautiful hot breakfast was delivered some point during the morning the morning show this to do something with you just something tasty and warm yeah. But best I gonna happen to be nice and sent a eggs and sausage and bacon and hash browns arrived at some point during he's it's not on your. Like Tom weaponry I think he calls his. He should show and from debt from Denny's or simply. Dealing with over extra blanket is a good idea right Anchorage again and get the car ready and I brought up a heavier blanket last night down your car have maker's safety cute in their so when somebody steals at table. Have a way to you know just starters up right. And I think into right counting the big Bullock Chile. This is only letter you've already moved on the launch that I thought beyond planet in anyway. It's cold and in the couple days it's going to get back colder it is yeah be ready for a very frosty. New Year's or into the year weakened Elena 638 now time for the pianist has commodities update. With a mr. Tom left of left or commodities point Tom. Good morning Steve and we are not reporting from beneath it says that's. So but like cattle feeder cattle future experience excited trading on Wednesday. We make new ice for the week in which closed on the mixed side. Fed cattle king did not sell any of their cat owner Joseph list yesterday we've yet seen any rubio or offer them our New York police dog teacher at some context and make new life for the week yesterday. As they traded and closed Munich. At the closest that they have cattle 47 cents lower at 121 even mark speaker ever worked 37 cent higher at 14170. Keep in deadly dog they don't if he sent that 71 of two. Soybean complex are the social on the trading when it. But ended on a negative note despite China by an uttered in their commitment the US soybean wheat futures closed spot they indicate he we've made in the lives for the week. Stirring from short covering ideas first noticed state for January green teachers' contract at the moment mark K we have a penny and three quarter. It worked 43 and two reporter art court battle opening at 352 and three quarter January beating them three and three quarter denying it he won in three quarter. That you recruit well the morning trading at buying lower at 950. People work that you were gold three dollar park 12190 or forty market and the Q and amp points higher point 688. Our dollar index seventeen cents lower at 9244. Mark stepped on speaker 38 point tired when he 4008. One point six or commodity trading are marketing advisory contact for commodity on the vote on the web like you'd think. 8660. Cute doll. You're way way over there in Munich gusted here in Butler county and a suppose it's. Is the temperature and is it any warmer over there than it is here in Wichita today it would I don't think. Rock probably. How you deal with a cold weather and our unit in the lovely mrs. left Purdue dealing with a cold weather. Don't try to do we know really NC just stay indoors. Yep scored a lot of my day is spent in Dorset got a bit you know period the markets people that a lot meal lot of opportunity you know outside. And of course you know it gets dark at 5 o'clock. You know soul. There the other two sounds like your life is really kind of boring. There really. Ever excitement that you do. I just respectively in the life that he would on the excitement it's just it's overwhelming okay. And he had a good Tony seventeenth. But it here you know we had Purdue and UT's depth look at port of corny things are you really. Well I hope you don't get disappointment. I. Topic is there and until 640 one's even been on the way I'm rip CFB thumb money records. Duncan talk about a changing those unwanted gifts. That's coming up Stevens at the morning on CNN cents.